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Greetings, Friends, and Snitches this is your local neighborhood SPOOK hacker alias Agent Freak Nasty broadcasting my PIRATE SIGNAL from DEEP behind enemy lines., I realize I don’t have enough time to do weekly Intelligence reports so I am going to change them to monthly reports. That way I can get you that #SPOOKPORN fixes you need and crave.  The current state of affairs isn’t really looking any better since the last report. They are still pushing the vaccination con came hard on the MSM and the FAKE BIDEN President Biden and his whore Karmala are still in the open in power. And with that note let’s get into it. If you read my previous reports you will know that SUPER SPOOK Dr. Pieczenick tweeted that the website was dishing out that GOOD INTEL SHIT. Translation? One of the top CIA operatives in US history is saying BELIVE what you read from that website. Here is their latest post.

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  • The man who calls himself president, Joseph R. Biden, has never set foot in the real White House, Real Raw News can now report. Immediately following the results of the 2020 presidential election, the U.S. military assumed provisional control of the White House amid concerns that Biden and his Deep State allies had indeed stolen the election.
  • The military has evidence proving that the Biden campaign not only had knowledge of but also encouraged Nakion’s intrusion into Dominion voting machines. Dominion provided election equipment and software to 28 states, including battleground states where Trump’s imperious advantage shifted in favor of Biden during the wee hours of the morning. While America slept, the military watched.
  • RRN heard but cannot confirm a report of a brief firefight that occurred after Kamala Harris had ordered the Secret Service to storm the White House. According to the report, two Secret Service agents were killed and one Marine seriously injured before Biden’s forces were repelled from the grounds.
  • Inside Actor/Producer Tyler Perry’s 300-acre Atlanta estate sits a three-story stucco replica of the commander-in-chief’s residence, which he originally built as a set piece for a television show. Perry, a Democrat who endorsed Biden and funneled millions of dollars into his campaign, allowed Biden to use the faux White House as an operating base. Although the replicant White House is built to 80% scale, on television, and in images, it’s indistinguishable from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Biden and Harris have been using the facsimile to feign leadership and impose a despotic rule on the nation. It is from there that Biden’s criminal press secretary, Jen Psaki, delivers daily press briefings, and Biden hosts foreign dignitaries. Alas, the whole of the mainstream media, including Fox News, abides this fiction perpetrated on the American public.

U.S. Military Holding White House for Trump’s Return


There are many reports of the white house being empty along with the FBI building being boarded up. Also, we have the Arizona audit looming with representative Wendy Rogers stating they have enough evidence to decertify the election along with Georgia and Pennsylvania looking at doing full forensic audits. From everything I have seen I believe that Trump will be reinstated as President within the next several months, but only time will tell.

I called out the Corona Virus SCAM a LONG TIME ago If you don’t remember read this written March 24th, 2020 by me.

The Corona Virus The Greatest Psy-Op In History

And this:

Agent Freak Nasty’s Weekly Intelligence Report 5-9-2021

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And Mike The Mouth Matusow wonders why his dumb ass tested positive for CON JOB 19 while his friend who didn’t fall for the brainwashing is perfectly healthy. Also JUST today the CDC came out and said the PCR test is a SCAM and can not distinguish between CON JOB 19 and the flu.


Scientists from 7 different Universities using ELECTRON MICROSCOPES each tested 1500 samples of supposedly POSITIVE CON JOB 19 samples and found that ALL OF THEM were FRAUDS and only had Influenza A or B, in other words, the normal flue. It’s no wonder that JUST TODAY the CDB BITCHES banned the PCR test because it could not distinguish CON JOB 19 from the flu.



This info was found by my TRUCKING BUDDY Nukepro. Courtesy Link


Now you know why the same Prosecutor Google [Mark Lindquist the Grand Wizard] the same POS that filed fake criminal charges on me, was one of the first DOUCHEBAGS offering to give out FREE TEST via his Lawfirm @herrmannlg . When is the last time you saw a LAWYER do something for FREE????



Video Emerges of Hunter Biden Smoking Crack

If you haven’t read my post on the Hunter Biden Laptop contents that were released on a Chinese website you might want to give it a gander. Among all the corruption and pay for play, there are videos and pictures of the following.

  1. Him in rooms naked with minors of around 10 years old.
  2. Him having sex with Maliah Obama, That’s right, Obamas Daughter.
  3. Him Smoking crack with Lady Gaga
  4. Him getting a foot job from Angelina Jolie and much much more. See

Agent Freak Nasty’s Weekly Intelligence Report 11-06-2020

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Judge Joe Brown Calls out Joe Biden as Extreme Racist.

According to Judge Joe Brown while he was an intern in the 70’s he PERSONALLY heard Judge Joe Brown say that President Biden said that Black Children are like cock roaches and if you let them integrate into schools you would never get rid of them. See:

DEA  Agent arrested for COORDINATING Eh Hmm I meant participating in the January insurrection.

It’s common knowledge to those in the intel game that the entire January 6th FAKE insurrection supposedly done by Trump supporters were all coordinated by the DNC FBI, and now we know DEA BITCHES…..que-

H/O: DOJ: Mark Sami Ibrahim DEA agent arrested for Jan. 6th Capitol Riot - 106913776


H/O: DOJ: Mark Sami Ibrahim DEA agent arrested for Jan. 6th Capitol Riot - 106913775




I constantly have to remind my friends and fellow Patriots that LAW ENFORCEMENT are NOT YOUR FRIENDS. You have been brainwashed since birth to BACK THE BLUE and worship law enforcement. I am not saying all Cops are bad there are a few good ones but I GUARANTEE you all the top in every department in the US local and federal are under deep state blackmail or control. You can TAKE THAT TO THE BANK. Let me explain in detail so you don’t get too upset.

The Top Law Enforcement office in the country was run by Herbert Walker-Hoover beginning in 1935 and didn’t end until his in 1972. How do you think he held such a powerful position outlasting President after President. Why? because from the very beginning he was under the control of the mafia who had pictures of him having sex with men and wearing dresses. Herbert Hoover INVENTED political blackmail by making sure anybody who had any position of power was under control. In the video CIA agent Robert Stelle repeats the same statement. What made it even worse is until Trump gave control of Government background checks to the Pentagon the FBI was in control of it. This means NO ONE who was squeaky clean got access to the highest security clearances unless they were under FBI blackmail.

J. Edgar Hoover Was Homosexual, Blackmailed by Mob, Book Says



Author Anthony Summers writes in his book, “Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover,” that top organized crime figures Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello obtained photos of Hoover’s alleged homosexual activity with longtime aide Clyde Tolson and used them to ensure that the FBI did not target their illegal activities.

There long have been rumors that Hoover was homosexual, often arising from his sharing a bachelor house with Tolson for years. Hoover was an FBI director from 1924 until he died in 1972. Tolson is also dead.


Now you are probably wondering what does that has to do with local law enforcement. Well, ask yourself this question, How many of these so-called GOOD COPS became whistleblowers for 911, Parkland, The Bosting Bombing, or the Las Vegas Shooting? EXACTLY….. You see in order for them to continue to commit mass crimes like steal the entire election from Trump, EVERY STATE would have to be under deep state control and that includes all the major law enforcement departments. The same fools who enforced the unconstitutional lockdowns and mask mandates will take orders from their masters like lapdogs. Still, think cops of your friend? EVERY single one of them will throw you or your child in a cage with murders, rapists, and child molesters if you choose to ingest marijuana into your own body. Or any other drug for that matter, but alchohol and cigarettes are no problem. Shit you could drink Gasoline is Rat Poison and it wouldn’t be a crime. Do you get my point? They BLINDLY enforce laws that are written by CORRUPT politicians and lawyers and violate the constitutional rights guaranteed to the citizens without question or remorse. Most of them brag about it. The ENTIRE drug war was initiated and invented by the Nixon administration in order to target black people and anti-war protestors. They KNEW it was illegal from the beginning but they didn’t give a shit. As long as they collect their paychecks and pension, fuck you and me, and fuck the constitution.

Agent Freak Nasty Bringing you That GOOD INTEL SHIT, you would ALMOST THINK I was NSA Agent Huh???? NSA.GOV, says YOU CAN HAVE IT, IF YOU WANT IT....que-

But as John Ehrlichman, Nixon’s counsel and Assistant for Domestic Affairs, revealed in 1994, the real public enemy in 1971 wasn’t really drugs or drug abuse. Rather the real enemies of the Nixon administration were the anti-war left and blacks, and the War on Drugs was designed as evil, deceptive and sinister policy to wage a war on those two groups. In an article in the April 2016 issue of The Atlantic (“Legalize It All: How to win the war on drugs“) author and reporter Dan Baum explains how “John Ehrlichman, the Watergate co-conspirator, unlocked for me one of the great mysteries of modern American history: How did the United States entangle itself in a policy of drug prohibition that has yielded so much misery and so few good results?” As Baum discovered, here’s the dirty and disgusting secret to that great mystery of what must be the most expensive, shameful, and reprehensible failed government policy in US history.

“The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. Do you understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or blacks, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course, we did.”


Every Prisoner in jail in the United States should be released IMMEDIATELY and compensated with all those ILLEGAL drug taxes the states are stuffing their pockets with taxes from the sale of marijuana.

Do you see? The ENTIRE drug war was based on a sinister plot by the Nixon Administration to target its OWN CITIZENS. And every police officer, judge, prison employee, etc are a part of that system till this very day.  Now, do you understand why not one SINGLE Vegas Police officer stood up and did the right thing and became a whistleblower for the Vegas shooting? By the way, if you really want to know what happened in Vegas read my Blog here that has been VERIFIED by Naval Intelligence and CIA Agent Robert David Steele.

Las Vegas Shooting By Agent Freak Nasty



Remember the Epstein PEDO black main entrapment ring was just one of 50? There are 50 MORE, one for EACH STATE to control all your police departments, mayors, governors, politicians, lawyers, and prosecutors. Sounds Crazy? Well, how in the FUCK do you think they were able to steal the election for Joe Biden if they ALL weren’t under one central command of deep state blackmail? Here let CIA Agent Robert David Steele Explain it to you: Also notice he says ALL local police departments are COMPLICIT with CIA/MOSSAD/FBI Pedo blackmail rings that are operational in each state.


Couple of important things to take away from this video. First, he says that the only way the CIA blackmail rings can operate in this country is if they have the cooperation of LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. The other important thing he said is that they control all Sherriff’s Prosecutors etc. Now if some of you remember the DIRTY prosecutor Mark Lindquist who set me up with fake marijuana charges was accused by a POLICE DETECTIVE of ignoring child pornography crimes, and that Sheriff Ed Troyer the DIRTY COP who covered up the robbery of my business by the DEA was in Las Vegas on the same day as the paddock. Are you connecting the DOTS yet rookie????….que-

Ed Troyer The Doofus

Mark Lindquist The Grand Wizard REFUSED to prosecute a child pornography case brought to him by HIS OWN DETECTIVE, but he sure had enough time to prosecute my black ass for growing marijuana when I had a business license from the city AND was paying taxes. Can you FEEL what the ROCK is COOKING????


Image result for the rock gif smell

Nissen became so frustrated with Lindquist’s actions, including firing a longtime deputy prosecutor and refusing to prosecute a child pornography case Nissen uncovered, that she complained to The News Tribune publisher in an email and asked the newspaper to investigate Lindquist.  See:







Ronald Reagen Was A Flaming Racist And Flaming Homosexual According to Judge Joe Brown and Taped Recordings


Also, I bet it is a BIG SHOCK to you that the GIPPER was a straight POS racist

He was referring to Tanzanian delegates at the UN, who had just sided against the US in a vote to recognize China and expel Taiwan.

Reagan – a supporter of Taiwan – called the president the next day, telling him: “To see those… monkeys from those African countries – damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!”

Nixon can be heard laughing loudly after the comments.

You remember NIXON right? The same motherfucker who illegally started the drug war on black people….que-

You can listen to the actual audio clip here.

Also, take note that after Racist Ronald Regan became president he passed the 1981 & 1994 crime bill pushed by GUESS WHO? Joe Biden,  the same motherfucker who called black children roaches and had planned on putting them in zoos.

The Biden-Thurmond bill increased penalties for drugs, including expanding civil asset forfeiture; created a sentencing commission; and eradicated parole at the federal level. It sought to limit access to bail — a provision denounced by the ACLU for “revers[ing] the presumption of innocence.”

Biden shaped the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, which curtailed access to bail; eliminated parole; created a sentencing commission; expanded civil asset forfeiture; and increased funding for states. Biden helped lead the push for the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, which lengthened sentences for many offenses, created the infamous 100:1 crack versus cocaine sentencing disparity, and provided new funds for the escalating drug war.

Eventually, with his co-sponsorship of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, his long-sought-after drug czar position was created. These and other laws lengthened sentences at the federal level and contributed to an explosion of federal imprisonment — from 24,000 people locked up in 1980 to almost 216,000 in 2013. In short, these laws increased the likelihood that more people would end up in cages and for longer.

Update 8/8/2021 Reagan was an FBI /CIA asset in Hollywood.

Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton as FBI, CIA Assets
Meanwhile, the FBI and CIA infiltrated union, student, academic,
business, non-profit, government, and other centers of thoughtleadership during the 1960s, both in the United States and abroad,
according to many books, articles, and reports of recent years.
A solid case has emerged that Ronald Reagan advanced his entertainment, union, and political careers in significant part because of his longtime secret cooperation with the FBI and its outside allies.
Reagan, together with FBI leaders at the top of the agency, opposed
suspected leftists in Hollywood, at the University of California, and elsewhere. Breakthrough documentation comes from Seth Rosenfeld’s three-decades of litigation to obtain 300,000 pages of secret government documents. Rosenfeld published his award-winning book
Subversives in mid-2012.

Quote from Book Presidental Puppets




Karmala Harris is Skank Whore and CIA Agent.

Most of you know she’s a hoe that slept her way to the top, first with San Francisco Mayor Willy Brown and with many others detailed long ago in the LA Times. What you probably didn’t know is that she is a CIA Agent, If you have read my previous reports you will know that Both Obama and Bill Clinton were CIA agents before they became president and of course the Bushes, and as you know now Ronald Reagen a homosexual who was under the control of former CIA director George Herbert Walker Bush.  So LOGIC should tell you that the current President Biden is CIA BITCH so it makes PERFECT sense that he picked Karmala Harris as Vice President ANOTHER CIA CLOWN.  I had no clue until Dr. Pieczenick started posting the hashtag #CIABABE after he talked about her past, then I started digging further.



Karmala Harris CIA Sex Trafficing Ring


Look! From the link above A ENTIRELY Different source saying Police are involved with child abduction. SICK SICK SICK! Police Kidnapping Children


In conclusion, this was a pretty damn good intel report. As some of you know I use to own a marijuana dispensary before I was robbed by DIRTY COPS and charged by Mark Lindquist with fake marijuana charges. So the drug war is near and dear to my heart especially when I see the majority of white-owned marijuana dispensaries selling billions of dollars freely while black men in Mississippi are getting life in prison with no parole for 1 ounce of marijuana not worth $200 dollars, and then seeing parents getting their children kidnapped by the state in Alabama for doing the exact same thing that is legal in half the county. See:

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