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Wholesale CBD Products From Organic Products

Dedicated to presenting you exclusively with premium goods, we place paramount importance on the meticulous curation of our CBD flowers, CBD resins, and wholesale CBD oils. To achieve this, we embarked on a journey to establish solid relationships with our suppliers. Our quest led us to connect with potential partners and personally explore their farms located in California, Colorado, and Oregon.

Through this process, we identified collaborators who shared our unwavering commitment to excellence. As a result, we are proud to offer you the finest wholesale CBD products available in the market, all at unmatched prices. Our offerings are entirely derived from nature, void of any supplementary terpenes. We refrain from employing any artificial means to portray them in a more favorable manner. Our dedication to product quality remains unyielding, embodying our steadfast work ethic.


Optimal Wholesale CBD Merchandise to Delight Your Clientele

Bulk CBD Tincture Oil

Tincture oil is a liquid oil that is dropped using a dropper underneath your tongue. You normally only need a couple of drops, once or twice a day, to receive the full effects of CBD. Tincture oil is a popular choice for those who don’t like the taste of CBD and want to experience CBD without any hassle. Bulk CBD Tincture Oil also has the added benefit of accurate dosing, so that you can stay in control of how much CBD you are using. Here is one of our favorite wholesale CBD Tincture Oils, although we have many more across the Redemperorcbd.com website.

A reputable brand with a wide range of products available on the Redemperorcbd.com – this product has 1500mg broad spectrum CBD to treat a wide range of health and wellness issues. The tincture has a dropper for super precise dosing, and the product is fully lab tested.

Wholesale CBD Gummies in Bulk

CBD gummies offer an enjoyable and user-friendly method of consuming CBD. They present a delightful option for those who aren’t fond of the natural CBD taste, as they can be completely masked by flavors like tangy peach or refreshing mint. Gummies are inconspicuous, convenient, and can be consumed discreetly at work, during public transit, or while shopping, without causing any disruptions to those around you. Additionally, the advantage of precisely measured CBD content in each gummy eliminates any confusion about dosing. These versatile CBD-infused treats cater to both older and younger adults, boasting a diverse range of choices in the market.

Wholesale CBD Capsules in Quantity


CBD Wholesale

For certain customers, incorporating a daily CBD capsule into their routine, perhaps alongside their morning coffee, is an appealing option. This method is particularly convenient for individuals seeking precise dosing, a swift intake of CBD, and a means to avoid the distinct taste of CBD. CBD capsules are available in a diverse range of potencies and sizes. The number of capsules required is contingent on the dosage per capsule and the intended use of CBD. Many individuals dealing with chronic pain find CBD capsules to be a favorable choice, often discovering comparable effectiveness to conventional medication or complementary use.

CBD capsules offer a discreet, straightforward, and adaptable approach to integrating CBD into your lifestyle.

Wholesale CBD Skincare Products in Bulk

CBD has the potential to significantly enhance skin conditions such as acne. Instead of resorting to abrasive chemical cleansers or medication, many individuals discover that the innate calming and restorative attributes present in topical CBD creams and facial oils can effectively address persistent skin issues. Moreover, CBD’s potential extends to alleviating discomfort in muscles and joints. Those grappling with arthritis often experience notable relief and a heightened sense of comfort through the use of CBD-infused balms.

Explore the realm of Bulk Topical CBD Skincare and unlock the potential of natural, soothing solutions for various skincare concerns and pain management needs.

Frequently Ask Questions About Our Wholesale CBD Products

Do you ship to all 50 states?

Yes, we ship to all 50 States.

Do you ship Internationally?

While we do offer international shipping, please note that our website is currently not optimized for processing international orders. During this period, customers from other countries are encouraged to place their orders directly through your dedicated Account Manager.

What are your minimum order quantities for wholesale CBD products?

We have eliminated minimum order requirements for raw materials, including cannabinoid ingredients, and offer a variety of budget-friendly unit sizes for your convenience. When it comes to White Label CBD Products (unlabeled) packaged items, the minimum order quantity is set at 100 units. For Private Label CBD products, the majority of items require a minimum order quantity of 250 units.

Can you help with my label designs for my private or white label CBD products??
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What is the legal limit for THC in CBD Products?

The legal limit according to the 2018 US Farm Bill is 0.3% Delta 9 THC. We do not ship any products with ANY amount of THC above 0.3%.Accordion Content

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

This expression pertains to a comprehensive plant extract encompassing the complete array of primary cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes. To qualify as full spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil, a minimal presence of THC is requisite, as the plant inherently synthesizes THC. Put simply: the notion of “Zero THC Full Spectrum” hemp oil is essentially nonexistent, as THC’s inclusion is intrinsic to the full spectrum nature of the oil.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD ?

Broad Spectrum constitutes a hemp oil distillate that encompasses a diverse array of phytocannabinoids while entirely omitting THC. By deconstructing cannabinoids and terpenes into their distinct compound forms, they can subsequently be reassembled into diverse formulations with meticulous control and accuracy. This empowers our company to tailor a unique blend of hemp oil distillate, providing personalized solutions to meet specific needs.