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HHC Disposable Vape Pens

Wholesale Disposable Vape Pens


What are the Physical effects of Bulk HHC Vape Pens?

Although the vape pen has just been released, the feedback and reviews have been outstanding. The HHC Vape Pens are not like other cannabis vapes. They do not cause paranoia or cough-locking effects after use. Most users report that HHC vaping is very similar to Delta-9, as it provides euphoric effects and relaxation for the mind and body.

How are our HHC Products Produced? 

For many reasons, this cannabinoid cannot be made in a laboratory. For safety and compliance, the equipment required to make HHC must be kept in a laboratory. HHC hemp-derived cannabinoidal products are made with a certain amount of hydrogen. This alters the chemical structure. A metal catalyst is then used to react with the compound in order to create HHC.

What reported conditions can HHC products help with?

  • Anxiety Relief – Are you feeling a little anxious about your life? HHC will help you relax!
  • Cerebral & Body high – Are you ready to reach new heights?
  • Happiness is possible if you live your life with a positive outlook. Get your HHC vape pen!
  • Pain Relief – As we age or play too hard in our lives, our bodies may need to use HHC to relieve pain.
  • Relaxation – All the effects of HHC combined. BLISS!


More effects of HHC Disposable Vape Pens 

User Kevin Brown describes HHC ‘s effects as “a feeling of happiness and increased energy [and] a low level of euphoria.” But, he does not believe it can compete with cannabis (mainly delta-9 THC) in terms either of its effects or medicinal benefits.

Brown stated in an email that they are currently conducting a survey on reported effects based upon the product people use: 25mg Gummy of HHC. It is only anecdotal evidence that mild psychedelic cannabis cannabinoids are responsible for the reported effects, but there have not been any published studies on humans.

Gerdeman stated in an email that HHC was less potent than delta-9 and possibly less potent than delta-8. However, this varies “because of the inconsistent chemistry that creates HHC across all methods,” Gerdeman explained.

Brown stated in an email that HHC is not able to bind to the endocannabinoid receptors in a different way than THC. It’s not about being more potent or less potent. It’s about the different effects and potency measures.

Russo states that HHC can cause unwanted side effects because it is synthetic.

Russo states that the endocannabinoid system is extremely well-tuned. “THC is too strong on its own, so it’s called a weak agonist at the CB1 receptor. This means its affinity for this receptor is low to moderate.

Russo says that synthetic agonists or CBD HHC Disposable Vape Pens are stronger than those and that side effects can be very common, even before the benefits.

Gerdeman says that HHC has one advantage over THC: stability.

What are the additional HHC products that are available?

Red Emperor CBD, a Georgia-based company is pleased to announce HHC as our newest product! We now offer HHC Distillate Liters and HHC Gummies and HHC Tincture Drops in addition to our amazing HHC Vape Pens.


Ingredients: Hexahydrocannabinol Hemp Extract, Plant-Derived Terpenes

Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 1 × .25 × 5 in


You can buy HHC Vape Pens online from Redemperorcbd.com. HHC Disposable Vape Pens  provides a euphoric effect and should be labeled accordingly with clear ADULT-USE ONLY instructions on the packaging.

Keep out of reach children. To purchase, you must be at least 21 years old. This product conforms to the 2018 Farm Bill. It contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THCa and THCa. The FDA and any other regulatory agency have not reviewed or approved this product for safety or efficacy. This product may pose a risk to your mental and physical health. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to get pregnant, do not use this product. You may fail a THC drug test if you use this product. Use of this product may induce intoxicating/psychoactive effects, which can be delayed up to 1 hour. After consuming this product, do not drive or operate any machinery.

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