How to open a dispensary in most states for less than $50 dollars.


In most states opening up a marijuana dispensary cost more than 1 million dollars just to get the door open due to expensive licensing fees, security requirements, excise tax fees, product inventory, and employees. There are many stories of mom and pops stores that were muscled out of this new market due to corporations backed by millions of dollars come in and pay up to $25.000 just to APPLY! However thanks to the 2019 farm bill you can open up your own hemp Delta 8 THC dispensary right from your home for less than $50 dollars using the Red Emperor Collective Affiliate Program.


Our Simple Dispensary Business plan

Delta 8 THC is one of the hundreds of compounds that derive from the hemp plant, but unlike CBD, CBG, and CBD, this compound gives you a high similar to Delta 9 THC which is derived from the cannabis plant which is still listed a schedule 1 product by the federal government.  Because of the farm bill, you are legally allowed to sell Delta 8 THC products just as you are allowed to sell CBD products, unless your state has made Delta 8 THC illegal which some have. However, as an affiliate marketer, you can still sell to friends and family in states that are legal, whether you live in a banned state or not. You can start with a few products and sell them to your friends and grow from there!

Stage 1 Online Only Dispensary plan Startup Cost $49.00

For only 49.00 dollars you can start earning money on social media and the internet by telling your friends and followers about our CBD and Delta 8 THC products   You receive an affiliate link that is tracked by our website and whenever there is a purchase you receive %10 percent of the total sales price. You can also recruit other friends, family members, and followers to join our affiliate program and you receive 10 percent commissions on everything THEY sale also.


 Stage 2 Home Based Business Dispensary Plan Start Cost $249.00

This includes the entire above, plus

1 Delta 8 THC Disposable Cartridge 15 49.99
1 Delta 8 THC Vape Caridge  11 39.99
1 Delta 8 THC Red  Emperor Gummies 49.99
1 1000 MG CBD Tincture Bottle  my cost 49.99
1 CBD Dog Treat 29.99
1 CBD Anti-Aging Cream 59.99
1 CBD Pain Relief Gel Roll-On 39.99
1 CBD Pain Patch 24.99
Total Value   $ 344.92


This plan is for those who want to make even more money selling directly to their friends and family members. How many people do you know who like cannabis and understand the benefits of CBD?

You will also get access to our wholesale price list where instead of making 10 percent commissions on each sale you make anywhere from 20 to 50 percent commissions per sale directly.  Plus on top of any Internet sales, you make from yourself or your affiliates.

How much can you earn using our Dispensary Affiliate Program?

Number of Affiliates  Sales Per Month  Total Sales Commision Earnings Per Month
10  $                                           1,000.00  $                         10,000.00  $                                                   500.00
20  $                                           1,000.00  $                         20,000.00  $                                               1,000.00
30  $                                           1,000.00  $                         30,000.00  $                                               1,500.00
40  $                                           1,000.00  $                         40,000.00  $                                               2,000.00
50  $                                           1,000.00  $                         50,000.00  $                                               2,500.00
Number of Affiliates  Sales Per Month  Total Sales  Commision Earnings Per Month
10  $                                           2,500.00  $                         25,000.00  $                                               1,250.00
20  $                                           2,500.00  $                         50,000.00  $                                               2,500.00
30  $                                           2,500.00  $                         75,000.00  $                                               3,750.00
40  $                                           2,500.00  $                       100,000.00  $                                               5,000.00
50  $                                           2,500.00  $                       125,000.00  $                                               6,250.00
Number of Affiliates  Sales Per Month  Total Sales  Commision Earnings Per Month
10  $                                           5,000.00  $                         50,000.00  $                                               2,500.00
20  $                                           5,000.00  $                       100,000.00  $                                               5,000.00
30  $                                           5,000.00  $                       150,000.00  $                                               7,500.00
40  $                                           5,000.00  $                       200,000.00  $                                             10,000.00
50  $                                           5,000.00  $                       250,000.00  $                                             12,500.00


Those might seem like lofty goals but remember the average recreational marijuana dispensary in a medium-size city does an average of 1 million a month in sales. See


Washington State Top Recreational Marijuana Dispensary By Monthly Sales

Stage 3 Your Own Brand Website and Physical Hemp Store

Federal Marijuana legislation is right around the corner, and now is your 1 in a 100-year opportunity to start your own brand and enter t is a new exciting, and highly profitable industry. With Canada being fully legalized and Mexico recently legalizing marijuana on the federal level is only a matter of time before the United States does the same thing. In between, we are in a sweet spot with Delta 8 THC & CBD. Since many states have not legalized recreational marijuana like Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama there are not allowed to legally purchase regular marijuana and can subject themselves to prison, fines, and even loss of their children. Not with Delta 8 THC, if they have not put a ban in place it is 100 percent legal to sell possess, and consume JUST LIKE CBD as long as it is under 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC. This means you can open up a physical hemp store in Texas and begin selling legal CBD THC 8 & 10 products today.  Thousands of entrepreneurs are doing exactly the same thing all around the country now. See:






How to Open A Dispensary

CBD & Delta 8 Dispensaries are Opening up Around The Country. Start Your Now!


When you have your own store you will have access to our bulk volume discounts which will give you an even higher profit margin, and along with this program, you can start your own brand of CBD products with your own website you can sell products to people all over the country. There is no additional startup cost for this plan just purchase as many products as you need from our wholesale page.


Stage 5 Your own Brand Website and or Physical Store

Learn More About Our Plans

Kick Start Your Business With Your Own White Labeled Products On Your Own On-Line Store. Make Your Mark In The Next Billion Dollar Industry.​

DIY + DropShip

+ $220 One-Time Setup Fee


  • White-Label Your Products​
  • We Supply Your Inventory
  • Fulfillment & Shipping​​
  • Order Tracking Platform



Instant CBD Store

+ $599 One-Time Setup Fee


  • We Build Your Online Store
  • White-Label Your Products
  • Payment Processing
  • We Supply Your Inventory
  • Affiliate Sales Platform
  • Fulfillment & Shipping


Best Value

Instant CBD Store

+ $1250 One-Time Setup Fee


  • We Build Your Online Store
  • White-Label Your Products​
  • Payment Processing
  • We Supply Your Inventory
  • Fulfillment & Shipping​
  • Affiliate Sales System
  • Wholesale Pricing Platform
  • Auto-Ship Functionality
  • Abandoned Cart Automation
  • Live Chat Widget
  • Lower Cost of Goods
    *Higher Profit Margins




You’ll receive your share of the profit on every sale. Most customers who buy CBD spend an average of over $120, netting you a commission between $60 to $70. However, you can set your prices and make the difference between your cost of goods and your sales price.


No, does not engage in any multi-level marketing forms of direct sale marketing. We do not participate in dropship programs; all commissions are based on actual sales from your customers.


No, literally everything business and fulfillment related is done by us. Your only focus is to drive customers to your online store. We handle the processing, shipping, taxes and payouts. It can’t get any easier for you.


We review every new affiliate application within 1 business day. Make sure to include what website or marketing methods you intend to use on the application form, for faster approval. We will send you a Welcome Email and instructions as soon as your affiliate application has been processed and approved.


Payment will be made via bank transfer or check to your account provided in your back office, in US funds. Sales made from the 1-15th will be paid on the 16th. Sales from the 16-31st will be paid on the 1st.


No, our programs are not like an affiliate program out there. You will receive your own website to market. Our platform even includes your own white-label products. So you will be marketing your own website with your own CBD products.


We offer real time statistics on sales through your management dashboard. Simply log in on your website and check the sales and statistics information within your dashboard and you’ll be able to see every single order, customer, commission earned and so much more…


Sending an email of any type to those who haven’t asked for emails is known as SPAM. We do not allow any type of email or newsgroup spamming. We include non-opt-in mailing lists in our definition of bulk email spamming. Should we find out any affiliate accounts are involved in email or newsgroup list unsolicited advertisements, we will shut down the account and void all pending commission income. We encourage our affiliates to use any form of online advertising they wish to use, with the exception of bulk email and newsgroup spamming.