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The First Virtual Online Line World Wide Dispenary That Pays Commissions To Its Users


  1. Your First Step is to fill out the registration form, If you do not own a website and plan on promoting products via social media then enter RedEmperorcbd.com when it asks to enter your URL.
  2. No matter where you live in the world you can start earning money now through legal CBD and Delta 8 THC sales. For now, the only Country we are selling in is the United States & Canada, but as more and more countries legalize such Mexico more and more will follow.
  3. Payments are made Bi-Weekly to your Paypal account.
  4. What If I live in a state that banned delta 8 can I still participate? Yes, you can just you have to advertise our products to friends and family members in other states.
  5. Click Here To Register now and become a part of history and earn a great income by promoting our Delta 8 THC and THC products.  https://redemperorcbd.com/affiliate-area/ 
  6. All Affiliates should first create their own link in the affiliate area after registering post the link on your website or social media platform click on the link and order at least one product. This way you can come back to the affiliate area and track your own sale to make sure you were credited and paid correctly. If you live in a state that has banned Delta 8- THC then order a CBD product such as a tincture, pet treat, sunblock lotion, or any of the other 40 CBD products we have available.
  7. Our Affiliate Software program tracks your customers for life. Every order they make you will continue to earn a commission for some nice residual income

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