Agent Midnight Rider Weekly Intelligence Report 5-08-2022 Pincer Movement #informationware

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This is probably my most important intel drops yet. You really need to understand how deep the elite’s plan was to enslave or exterminate the rest of humanity. Dr. Robert Duncan says we live in an information bubble. The rest of the REAL world is being hidden from us to keep us pacified. This week we see three huge intelligence bombs being dropped on the public at once. This is why we call it #informationwarfare. There is no way you can make the right decisions unless you have the correct information. For example, would Joe Biden be president right now if the MSM didn’t hide the contents of his son’s laptop? Would you have taken the Vaccine if you would have known it contains graphene, nanobots, and self-aware alien creatures? Would we be in any of these situations if law firms like Perkins Coie spied on Trump’s campaign and set him up with fake Russia disinformation? This week we will look at 3 BOMBS of #Information designed to wake the public up. This looks like the white hats have gone on the offensive using a three-prong PINCER MOVEMENT to wake up the public. This is a GOOD SIGN.


A. Pfizer documents drop reveals Vaccine is a Bi-Weapon

B. 2000 mules debuts proving beyond all doubt the election was stolen by Biden

C. Durham Traps Perkins Coie Lawyer Susserman



85,000 Pages of Pfizer documents prove that the Vaccine is a BIO-Weapon

This is damming evidence of outright fraud, genocide, and crimes against humanity, even the BLUE CHECKMARTS on Twitter are retweeting this information. Observe

Turns out Justin Trudeau family owns 40 percent of a Big Pharma Company that creates the M-RNA, Can you say conflict of interest? I have a friend in Canada I was just talking to this week about why Canada out of all the countries got hit so hard with lockdowns mandates and restrictions. One reason just like Australia is because they have no gun rights, and it was a test bed for the rest of us, now we know the other reason. COMMIE BOY was lining his pockets.

Noble Prize Winner Dr. Zelenko tells us it was a depopulation Bio-Weapon from day one, JUST LIKE #Agentfreaknasty told you three years ago. Your telling me I can figure that shit out three years ago with no formal medical training , yet this MF DOCTOR with a Nobel prize didn’t say shit until now??? How much money do he think he shorted on BIG PHARMA before coming out with the truth ??? COVERING ASS TIME… I’m Just saying….Agent Freak Nasty

7 out of 7 Nurses who took the Vaccine Lost There babies. #PLANNEDparenthood

Notice how the Nobel Prize winning doctor says that people who enjoy child and adult sacrifice were responsible behind the vaccine. He is telling you the Khazarian Mafia or Alphabet People or the Gay Mafia is responsible.

Bill Gates Father was President of Planned Parenthood, a known eugenics abortion company who’s founder typed Our goal is to eliminate negros. Bill Gates is no genius who started up a Billion dollar company that nobody else could figure out. He was a CIA plant from day one. They ran THE SAME playbook with Mark Zuckerberg. They put them in Harvard to make you think they were genius and then had them as puppets to FACECROOK and MICROSOFT while the entire time these companies were CIA controlled surveillance operations. read more here on Bill Gates, His Father and background. here






Pfizer documents: Over 1,200 people died during Pfizer vaccine trials – The Counter Signal






They can remotely program your husband or wife or child to blow your brains out while you’re asleep.. CIA Scientist Doctor Robert Duncan



2000 Mules a Documentary of Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election

Trump let them cheap at the election so he could run a STING and catch THEM ALL. This becomes obvious when you watch the documentary 2000 mules, that used Cell Phone Ping Geo Fencing data to track 2000 people who dropped 5 to 10 ballots in multiple drop boxes across multiple battle ground states. This is the SMOKING GUN on election fraud that we all knew occurred in the first place. This is one of the most important videos in American History and highly recommend you watch it. You see the President installs all the Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, federal prosecutors like that bitch Jenny Durkan and heads of all the three letter agencies. FBI, CIA, DEA, DOJ,. If the #GAYMAFIA buys up all the votes what do you think they are going to do to your ass once they get in power? Rob Steal and Kill That’s What. You can watch the video for free here.. Dinesh (….. EVERY PRESIDENT since Kennedy except for Trump were installed by the CIA including THE GIPPER.. Who do you think they selected into important positions? Judges and prosecutors who would investigate THEIR crimes???? Wakey Wakey….Intel Courtesy of ….Agent Freak Nasty 




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Ukraine War Update 5-08-2022


Planned Nuclear False Flag In Dondass Region Ukraine Update 5-08-2022

NSA Analyst Reports Nuclear Detonations Video – Red Emperor Collective (

Before Russia Invaded Ukraine there were reports of dual nuclear explosions in the DONBAS REGION of Ukraine. See my report with 4k video in the link above.

The CRAZY part is Oliver Stone a KNOWN CIA clown tweeted this week to expect a false nuclear attack in the SAME AREA. What are the odds of that????… Agent Freak Nasty


nuke blast


You ever get Combat PSY-OP War PTSD or is it just me????….Agent Freak Nasty 


The Durham Investigation Traps Perkins Coie Attorney Sussman

Perkins Coie was hired by the DNC to do opposition research on Trump before the election. Instead, they manufactured fake evidence and then sent it to the FBI, CIA, and MSM to put out in front of the world as truth. Now they are being investigated by special prosecutor Durham. Sussman tried to claim Attorney-Client Privilege ONLY PROBLEM was when Sussman gave the evidence to the FBI he said he was giving it to them because he was such as good fucking citizen and wasn’t working for any client. THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID…. Agent Freak Nasty > We also learn that MOSSAD CRYPT KEEPER Diane Feinstein and MOSSAD FLUNKY Adam Shit For Brains [Watermelon Head] were in on the scam.

Adam Schiff Just Busted BIG TIME In Durham’s Investigation – Conservative Patriots (


Terminator Are Here Today


My War Against the Deep State Started in 2014 and connects directly to Obama












Well, this concludes this week’s intelligence report. Follow me on TRUTH SOCIAL @Agentfreaknasty for up-to-date intel whenever they get their site together. Also, don’t forget if you know anyone who needs Internet Marketing or Online Reputation Management us at We pay 15 percent commissions on all referrals. As always you can find my other weekly intel reports by going to BING and typing Agent Freak Nasty. Share with your friends….Q-