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Greetings, digital marketing experts, affiliate experts, & SEO Experts, My name is James Baines IV, the owner of,,, and boy do I have a  UZI of a story for you. Agent freak nasty is my HACKER ALIAS, one of the many I have gone by ever since my cannabis business was robbed by DIRTY COPS in Tacoma Washington in 2012. See  

Ever since that day I have been spinning and falling down a rabbit hole of REAL INFORMATION that I think every citizen should know. I knew the mainstream news would never tell you what’s REALLY going on so I use search engines to forward my INTELLIGENCE REPORTS to those citizens who wish to be woken up. Here are two examples of my Intel Reports. To Make a long story Short I am inviting you to join our Delta 8 THC / CBD Affiliate Program where we pay you a 15 percent commission on every sale you bring to our site. Our URL cookies track the customer for life and this is the first time in HISTORY products like Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC can be sold legally online in the United States and probably many other countries where CBD was legalized the Trump Signed Farm Bill. The average Marijuana dispensary in legal states has sales in excess of 1 million per month. Think of this as a NEW DISPENSARY but instead of being only able to sell in your local area you can legally promote our products in most states. States like Texas, Alabama, Florida. Some states like Utah, Colorado, and Mississippi have put bans on Delta 8 Products that produce a high similar to marijuana, and more are expected so TIMING is critical. Some states like Texas, Florida, and Alabama have made it completely legal. They are still giving American Citizens life in prison for marijuana in some states while other sell billions a month. See:

The best thing about our program is it doesn’t matter WHERE you live on the planet you can start earning money in the emerging legal CBD, Delta 8 THC, and cannabis business. As long as you can get a Paypal account and have access to the internet. Our website translates automatically to 100 different languages and we soon have an affiliate referral commission coming. Soon worldwide legalization will hit every country now is your time to get in. This is how you can do it with ZERO start-up cost. Look at the chart below, this is the average sales of dispensaries in the same state where I got hit by DIRTY COPS. They have specifically targeted minority business owners before the retail got state legal for that reason. If they were paying you 15 percent commissions out of a million dollars a year that would be more than  $150,000 a month! You see they have to pay the state 30 percent excise tax. Instead of us paying that to the state we get to transfer it to YOU. Every dispensary starts off with zero customers. How many can you bring in through your marketing service? Plus by being online we are not restricted to a geographical region which means access to more customers than these local shops could ever hope to have.

Also for those who are website owners please link to any articles pages or documents on any of my sites. Actually, I will make that requirement to join if you are a website owner.


Averge Month Marijuana Dispensary Sales

Average Monthly Dispensary Sales In Washington State

The Red Emperor Collective. The BEST DISPENSARY IN THE WORLD, and if you don’t believe me Google [Danny The Worlds Dumbest Snitch] and watch for yourself….#Agentfreaknasty


This is a global protest against the following crimes by the government against law-abiding citizens.

  • The Illegal Drug War
  • The Con Job 19 Scam
  • The Violations of Freedom of Speech
  • General Government Corruption WorldWide 

Do you have friends who live in states where cannabis is still illegal? Why let them risk getting lifetime criminal records or in some cases have their children taken from them because they smoke a plant? You will be doing them a favor while at the same time earning residual income. Since we are an online store and do not have to pay crazy state taxes, employees, rent, physical employees we can provide BETTER and products to your friend at a lower cost. Read more again about our affiliate program here:

One is, What Really Happened on 911

Agent Freak Nasty 911

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The SCANDEMIC Intel Report By Agent Freak Nasty