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How to use CBD Oil For Pain?


Cannabidiol or CBD, as it’s more commonly known has grown in popularity over the last few years. But it doesn’t come as a surprise, since CBD is one of the most versatile substances and also one of the safest available. Unlike its sibling tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is the active component in marijuana, CBD doesn’t have a psychoactive effect, that is,  not produce a high. One of the most popular uses of CBD oil is to relieve pain, but sometimes we just don’t know how to use CBD oil for pain.


What Is CBD Oil?


To begin with, in simple terms, CBD oil is a highly concentrated compound primarily containing cannabidiol. The way of making CBD oil is to extract this cannabidiol or CBD from the cannabis Sativa plants and then mixing it with a carrier oil, usually coconut oil or hemp seed oil.


Many of the studies conducted on CBD are focused on the potential effects and benefits of CBD on a wide array of health conditions, both physical and mental, like stress and anxiety relief, acne treatment, or even palliative cancer care to counteract the harsh effects of cancer treatment. Results have been promising, but right now we will focus on the use of CBD for pain relief and how to use CBD oil for pain.

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How Can We Differentiate A CBD Oil From A CBD Tincture?


If you want to treat your painful condition with CBD, you must know that the most popular ways of doing it are either through CBD oil itself, which can be taken orally, either sublingually or in capsules, but you can also use them in a vaper. CBD tinctures, on the other hand, are made by mixing cannabis extract with alcohol. Usually, the flavor is enhanced with oils like citrus-flavored oils.


Tinctures are taken orally, either sublingually or mixing with food or drinks.


How To Use CBD Oil For Pain Relief. How Much is adequate?


CBD oil is available in liquid form or in gel capsules. CBD oils also come in forms like vape cartridges, so users can vaporize it. There are several ways you can best use CBD oil for pain relief.


Sublingually: Taking CBD oil under the tongue is one of the fastest ways to get relief. Sublingually is the fastest way in which the active ingredients are directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Relief will take between 5 to 15 minutes. The only con of this method is the flavor, which is a bit harsh.


Orally: You can use CBD oil by adding it to food or drinks and consume it orally. This method takes longer for your body to process it, depending on your metabolism or what you’re eating. It takes from 15 minutes up to 2 hours. You can also take oral CBD oil through gel capsules, which can be taken just like vitamins. You just have to take one capsule with water.


Topically: You can mix lotions with CBD oil so that they can be applied directly to affected areas. By applying it locally, you can reduce pain and swelling. Therapeutic salves are also available, which are also applied directly to your skin.


How To Use CBD Oil for Pain: The Effective Dose


Usually finding the right CBD dose will take some trial and error. As a rule, a patient can start with a very low dose, 2.5 mg, up to 25 mg. But it’s advised you start with a low dose and increase it by 5 to 10 mg till you find the ideal dose for you. Depending on the intensity of the pain, some people might require up to 200 mg per day. You can also try with full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains less than 0.3 mg of THC, nevertheless, some patients report that both substances work better together.


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