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For most of our lives, we have been told that marijuana makes you dumber and kills brain cells. This has been enforced by Hollywood in movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, mainstream news articles, and many governments information sources. I personally didn’t start smoking cannabis until about the age of 30 and I will have to confirm that I believed in a lot of things that I know have found out to be complete fabrications. If you want to do a deep dive into the rabbit hole, you can read my weekly/monthly intelligence reports located in my blog here.

The use of Government Population Wide Mind control weapons is so bad they need to change the constitution to include FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, Dr. Robert Duncan former CIA/DARPA Scientist.  DARPA Insider We are on Verge of Cataclysmic Discovery ! – YouTube


Does Marijuana or Delta 8 THC Make You Smarter?

The pilot study included 24 participants, who were studied over a three-month time span. Unfortunately, only 11 patients returned at the end of the testing period. All participants were patients with medical cannabis authorizations for either anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and sleep. Though, most of the patients had two or more ailments.

After three months of cannabis treatment, the patients took two different cognitive tests. The first is called the Stroop Color-Word Test. This test assesses thinking ability by measuring how long it takes for a person to name a color of a printed word that does not match the written word itself. For example, black.

Patients also performed a trail-making test, which requires them to connect numbered dots.

The three-month scores were then compared to their original baseline. After herbal therapy, the study found that patients were faster in completing tasks. They also did not make any more errors than they had before.

In addition, patients self-reported improvements in a variety of symptoms, including condition-related symptoms, sleep, and overall health.

“After three months of medical marijuana treatment, patients actually performed better, in terms of their ability to perform certain cognitive tasks, specifically those mediated by the frontal cortex,” explained Gruber.
Study participants also reported improvements in their specific clinical conditions, sleep, and overall health as well as a decreased use of conventional medications, particularly opiates.
“We saw a 42 percent reduction in opioid use,” reported Gruber. “This is significant, particularly for those of us in Massachusetts and other areas of the country where the opioid epidemic is ravaging so many. This preliminary finding certainly warrants deeper and broader investigation.”

But this is not only for patients seeking for pain relief, because many patients have also read about, for example, the benefits of drinking hemp oil or the success of taking CBD oil for OCD, and they’re now trying cannabis as an alternative treatment.

Besides, similar findings have been reported in other surveys, such as one with 271 respondents published in February [2017]. This study found that 30 percent of respondents preferred cannabis to opioid pain relievers. More research suggests that patients see cannabis as a viable alternative to pain relievers.

Still, Gruber wants to play it safe on the subject until further researcher is completed. She says,

As a clinical researcher, I’m not interested in exploring only the good or the bad, I’m only interested in the truth. That’s what our patients and our recreational users have a right to know and a right to expect from us. People are going to use it. It’s up to us to figure out the very best and safest ways in which they can do that.


But science has since proven that marijuana does not make people stupid. It actually does the complete opposite. Although it might be a bit controversial to say that marijuana makes people smarter, it does appear to increase awareness and open the doors of perception. Trust the SCIENCE BITCHES!


Does Delta 8 THC Make You Smarter?

Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC, along with Delta 6 THC & Delta 0 THC all have similar properties to Delta 9 THC which is found in regular marijuana. And since already know that regular marijuana makes you smarter, it would be safe to assume the other compounds of the cannabis hemp plants does the same. Delta ZERO THC which is the latest product to hit the market is reported to make you three times higher than regular cannabis, could that mean it makes you three times smarter? We don’t know yet, but here is some information I found around the net on Delta 8 THC and Intelligence.

Delta-8 inhibits these effects because it can bind to the same receptors in the brain as THC does. Despite being processed in the same way, its effects are significantly different. People who use the compound have reported a high that is unlike using THC. They feel clearer, calmer, and well-composed. You could even think of it as a lighter version of THC.

Additionally, delta-8-THC has demonstrated analgesic, antitumor, antiemetic and neuroprotective properties in research settings. In all these studies, delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol stood out the most among other forms of THC, providing important information about the potential benefits of this compound for health. Moreover, this cannabinoid has already been successfully tested as an antiemetic in pediatric oncology. Delta-8-THC was administered to eight children ranging from 3–13 years of age with various hematologic cancers who had been treated with chemotherapy. During the experimental treatment with the cannabinoid, vomiting was completely prevented and other side effects from chemotherapy were dramatically reduced.

Better Focus: Certain users utilize marijuana to help them concentrate better or focus more effectively. However, things can go out of hand when they use Delta-9 products for extended periods. Several studies indicate that prolonged use of such products can severely impact our neurological systems. The Delta-8 variant allows individuals to concentrate or focus better without suffering from any of the adverse effects of marijuana.


Improved Brain Health:  Research indicates that such products can do heaps of good to our central nervous system. They possess Neuroprotective properties that help prevent nerve damage while also stimulating the brain. Such products inhibit the action of adenylyl cyclase while also regulating the levels of necessary salts, such as potassium and calcium, within the central nervous system. It also promotes neuron growth and production, preventing degenerative damage and improving overall brain functioning.


Does Marijuana & Delta 8 THC Stop Government Mind Control Weapons?

Around 2014 I started training myself in Psychological Warfare and Mind Control Techniques after I got into a war with the DEA and a dirty Prosecutor named Mark Lindquist. Before I started using marijuana at the age of 32 when my ex-wife started me smoking I still was a Christian and believed in Jesus. As I started doing more and more research I found out that RELIGION is a weaponized government mind control weapon in itself. I then started doing a deeper dive and discovered Former DARPA/CIA scientist Dr. Robert, Duncan who completely shattered my illusions of the world that has been hidden from us.

The Use of Government  Population Wide Mind Control weapons is so bad, they need to change the constitution to include FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, Quote by Dr. Robert Duncan.

I am not going to go deep into Mind Control weapons here but here is my research blog on Dr. Robert Duncan and the true capabilities of government mind control weapons. Here.

Here is a CLASSIFIED picture of a Population Wide HARRP mind control device that is still probably being used on you as we speak released by Dr. Robert Duncan

harrp antenna


I go into a deep dive on Religion Psy-Op here

Sorry Christians, Muslims, and others but you have ALL BEEN PUNKED!!!!


Here Judge Joe Brown explains how SLAVE owners made their STUDS into PREACHERS so they could find out which of the women were in heat from a 17th-century Slaveowner pamphlet. This is a great video to take your time and watch, He also explains how the Bush Crime family inserted CIA agent Barak Obama as President. Are you STARTING to CONNECT THE DOTS YET????

See the source image


NSA Counter PSY-OPS….#Chocalatemidnightrider

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'oH, YOU'RE TIRED OF MY ANTI-RELIGION POSTS? WHY DON'T YOU PRAY FOR ME TO STOP? LL'

Does Marijuana and Delta 8 THC Stop Government Mind Control Weapons?

There is one thing that is clear to me, the Government does not want you to be smart, they prefer you to be stupid sheep so they can fuck you every chance they get.

It is even clear in their hiring practices. Did you know that if your IQ is too high they WILL NOT hire you to be a police officer?? Why is that do you think???

This is NOT rocket science people.

Forty-five-year-old Corrections Officer Robert Jordan believes he has been discriminated against after the city of New London, Conn., deemed him too smart to be an enforcement officer and denied him employment.

After he filed a lawsuit, the federal judge dismissed it, ruling that the police department’s rejection of Jordan did not violate his rights. Jordan strongly disagrees and tells CBS This Morning‘s Thalia Assuras why.

“The effects of marijuana on the brain are not conducive to mind control, because it actually opens neuron pathways in the brain.  It expands thought.”  – Cathy O’Brien. Now, remember what European Business news said earlier about neuron pathways?

It also promotes neuron growth and production, preventing degenerative damage and improving overall brain functioning.

Cathleen Ann O’Brien (born December 4, 1957, Muskegon, Michigan) is an American who claims she is a victim of a mind-control government project named Project Monarch, which she said was part of the CIA’s Project MKULTRA for behavioral engineering of humans (mind control). O’Brien made these assertions in Trance Formation of America (1995) and Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security (2004) which she co-authored with her husband Mark Phillips.

The memories that O’Brien has asserted she possesses were retrieved through the use of hypnosis. The specific program which she claimed was responsible for her dissociative identity disorder, Project Monarch, is not mentioned in reviews of MKULTRA, its alleged parent program. Because most MKULTRA records were deliberately destroyed in 1973 by order of then CIA Director Richard Helms, it has been difficult, if not impossible, for investigators to gain a complete understanding of the more than 150 individually funded research sub-projects sponsored by MKULTRA and related CIA programs. In 1977, Richard Helms was suspended by the US Congress for lying about the US government’s anti-government activities abroad and illegal surveillance domestically.

Marijuana Disrupts Mind Control Programming

Notice in the video above, the Google BITCHES who own Youtube FREEZE one frame that makes her look crazy. This is another PSY-OPS NLP trick to make your mind disassociate from the information presented….#Agentfreaknasty If you don’t know what NLP is, I highly suggest you take the time to watch this video.

Also, it had been found that LSD stops Government Mind Control Weapons, This is why they persecuted Dr. Timothy Leary. The CIA Clowns even bought up the ENTIRE WORLD SUPPLY of LSD in the ’70s after they found out it expand the mind and increases intelligence.

It is NO COINCIDENCE that Nixon called Dr. Timothy Leary the most dangerous man in America while simultaneously starting the ILLEGAL drug war that targeted black people (marijuana smokers) and hippies (LSD users) in the early ’70s. Are you CONNECTING THE DOTS yet rookie????


Intelligence increase drugs like LSD enormously accelerate, extensify, & intensify the human brain function. It does exist and there is intelligence and there is playfulness and wisdom and a power that you can tune in to. Many people report visions of brilliant light with a supernatural quality radiating divine.


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Remember what they did to Rossane Barr When she openly supported Trump…..Que-

Roseanne Barr Talks Mind Control and Marijuana at Conspiracy Culture Event

In conclusion, I can tell you from my  PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of someone who has smoked marijuana EVERY DAY ALL DAY for the last 20 years it definitely does not make you dumber. And I have learned more in the last 7 years than my entire life and I hope that it shows through my ability to CONNECT THE DOTS and present it to you in a learnable format. If you are ready to try some Federally LEGAL Delta 8 THC products and start opening up those NERON PATHWAYS try our Red Emperor Collection. Located here

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