What are CBD terpenes and how do they work? Before we get into the details about cannabis terpenes and their benefits, as well as why CBD Oil is better, there are several important factors you should consider. There are more CBD products on the market, and new CBD users are seeking them out. It is important to understand the differences between the best and the good. Unfortunately, this industry is still new and doesn’t have proper oversight and regulations.

Not all extraction and purification methods are the same when searching for CBD products .

What are Terpenes and

Terpenes, a chemical found in almost all plants, including some animals, are abundantly present in fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other natural chemicals. They are a natural chemical that is found in almost all plants and even in some animals. Give plants their aroma and taste While they have many health benefits such as relieving anxiety and treating pain, The present terpenes are responsible for any senses that people have about plants. Terpenes play an important role in the plant’s life. Info-chemicals, repellents, and attractants. Terpenes in high concentrations can cause poison and protect against pathogens and herbivores.

Plant oils contain terpenes, but there are currently about 20,000 terpenes. The most fascinating thing about cannabis/hemp’s world is the fact that 200 of these terpenes have been created solely by the marijuana/hemp plants.

What Medical Benefits are there for CBD Terpenes?

Dr. Russo’s study found that “phytocannabinoid-terpenoid preparation” could help with depression, anxiety, cognitive function, and addiction. In a Wikileaf article, the terpene myrcene, the most common cannabis terpene found in cannabis strains and hemp, helps with the potency of cannabinoids in their ability to alter our blood-brain barrier.

Caryophyllene, beta-caryophyllene, and other lemon compounds can help with stress, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, as well as stress. Alpha- and Beta-Pinene have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. It can be used to treat mood, heartburn and pain, much like the lemon compound of limonene.

Let’s dig deeper into these terpenes found in CBD oil products:

Beta-Caryophyllene – A Therapeutic Pain Terpene

Beta-Caryophyllene, a very popular and dominant terpene in cannabis, is also the most abundant. It acts as a cannabinoid because it interacts directly with the Endocannabinoid system, specifically CB2 receptor. It is characterized by the spicy taste of black pepper. Beta-Caryophyllene has been described as a “therapeutic target to the treatment of inflammation and pain, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis”.

One study showed that caryophyllene may provide pain relief. Scientists infused mice with caryophyllene to see if they felt less pain than those who were not.

Linalool: Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Linalool, a terpene that is found in lavender and birch bark, has a lavender fragrance and a slight spiciness. Linalool is also found in more than 200 species of plants. Linalool has been known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Another study found that Linalool has a sedative effect. It decreases sympathetic nerve activity and increases parasympathetic nervous activity.

Linalool works best for stress relief. Researchers looked at how linalool interacts to our cells and receptors and found many targets that could be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease. These targets included anticholinergic and neuroprotective properties, as well as antioxidant properties. This is a great discovery, but there are more studies on how Linalool affects anxiety and stress.

Another study involving rats was conducted in 2009. Researchers found that inhaling Linalool had anti-stress properties when the rats were subject to stressful conditions. Researchers also discovered that linalool, which is similar to CBD, helped rats return to their normal stress levels.

Humulene – The Alpha Anti-Inflammatory Agent

A-humulene is also known as the alpha Humulene. It is a terpene that can be classified as a monocyclic sesquiterpene. This terpene is essential for the essential oils found in the flowering cones of hop plants. You can also find alpha humulene in hemp and cannabis plants, as well as their extracted oils. It is usually found in high levels up to 40%. Numerous conductive studies have shown promise for treating allergies with anti-inflammatory compounds.

ScienceDirect published a study in 2007. It revealed that mice treated with two different sesquiterpenes, trans-caryophyllene or a-humulene as an oral treatment for lab rats, showed significant swelling reductions. Although more research is needed, alpha-humulene has been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

Limonene: Anxiety & Stress Relief

Limonene, a terpene, is produced in the aromatic resin glands and hemp plants. It’s well-known for its fruity aromas that can be found in everyday products such as household cleaners, cosmetics and CBD tinctures. Today, limonene has a greater use in the healthcare industry than ever, particularly as a treatment for anxiety and stress.

2004 study published by the National Library of Medicine, which was recently updated in 2020, shows that limonene can be described as a terpene made up of a mixture of limonene. Extracted limonene oils have made significant progress in helping chemotherapy patients and improving beta signaling for anxiety and stress relief.

These are only four of 200 CBD oil terpenes that can be found in hemp plants.

Terpenes can enhance the effects of CBD.

Although terpenes have many health benefits, they also play an important role in combining cannabinoids with them, the Entourage effect. Research has shown that cannabis terpenes make cannabinoids like CBD and THC more potent. Terpenes alter the blood-brain barrier, which affects the number of cannabinoids that can cross that barrier. This allows them to connect with their Endocannabinoid Systems.

In cannabis or cannabis extracts:

More Than the Sum of Their Parts by Russo & McPartland explains how terpenoids can increase the effects of cannabinoids if they are present. They claim that “cannabis flavonoids and terpenoids may also enhance cerebral blood flow, increase cortical activity and kill respiratory pathogens. These terpenoids and flavonoids can also provide anti-inflammatory activities.”

They discuss how terpenes can alter the pharmacokinetics and blood-brain barrier. This is why CBD products containing terpene-rich CBD are more effective than CBD products containing little or no terpenes.

Terpenes: How do they Work?

The pharmacological and psychological aspects of terpenes are explained in a study published in 2009 by the International Journal of Neuroscience. This is very impressive. The pharmacological side showed that terpenes interact with the nervous system and can affect our endocrine system .

The psychological side argues that terpenes’ actions are due to the way terpenes affect emotions, conscious perceptions, belief/expectations, and emotional learning. They do not interact directly with the systems of the body.

Pharmacological Procedure

Research and studies are ongoing on terpenes, their interactions with our bodies and the pharmacological aspects. Russo & McPartland discuss the synergic activity of terpenes with flavonoids and cannabinoids in a 2001 overview.

  • Remodel G-proteins
  • By altering the blood-brain barrier, you can alter the pharmacokinetics and pharmacokinetics for cannabinoids
  • Cannabinoids are becoming more bioavailable
  • Other neurotransmitters and receptors can be triggered
  • As a serotonin-uptake inhibitor
  • Increase norepinephrine activity
  • Dopamine activity should be increased
  • GABA production should be increased

Psychological Process

In addition to the research on terpenes’ interaction with our system, evidence suggests that terpenes might alter or enhance the psychological process of smell.

2003 study with 15 subjects aged 18-34 found that odors can affect mood and mood. The study examined how odors affect mood and pain by directing attention away from it.

What are terpenes study on how terpenes work in the body

The research found that attention directed had no effect on mood or anxiety, but did alter perceived pain intensity and unpleasantness. A pleasant or unpleasant odor, on the other hand, had a significant effect on mood, anxiety, pain unpleasantness ratings, but not on perceived pain intensity.

Someone who has had a bad experience with cannabis may find that the smell of cannabis causes anxiety. However, someone who loves cannabis will associate it with joy.

The researchers concluded that cannabis terpenes have a dual effect on the brain, which is why both the psychological and pharmacological aspects are important. Evidence is strong that terpenes have direct physiological effects on the internal systems. There is still evidence that terpenes can alter mood and mental state in a positive or negative way. However, this does not mean that cannabis terpenes are “real”. They might have different effects on each person.

How do you know if CBD products contain Terpenes?

If you are looking for CBD products that contain terpenes or other plant compounds, such as flavonoids and medicinal properties, then Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD products should be your choice. It is important to remember that It doesn’t necessarily mean that they contain terpenes just because they are labeled “Full Spectrum” and “Broad Spectrum”. It is difficult to extract CBD from hemp while keeping the terpenes intact. Terpenes can be sensitive and ineffective if they are not properly purified or distilled.

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Terpene Profile Test Lab Report

To determine if a CBD product contains Terpenes, you need to check the third-party lab report of the company and then look at their terpene profile test. We have a blog post about third-party lab reports. It is very detailed but also contains visuals and pictures.

If the terpene profile section in the lab report shows “Not Tested” (or “NT”), that means the product was not tested for terpenes. If the lab report says “ND” after they have tried to test it, it means that their analytical system detected no terpenes.

Conclusion: What Are Terpenes? Their Benefits and Uses

Nearly all plants contain terpenes. Their primary function is to provide plants with a pleasant smell and repel insects and other pests. Terpenes have many health benefits, as we discussed above including anti-inflammatory, stress relief and mood enhancer.

We have discovered that Terpenes increase the effects of cannabinoids through extensive research. They alter the blood-brain barrier and allow more cannabinoids to enter our Endocannabinoid system. Also Check Out our Bulletproof Backpack for kids.at our blog on redemperorcbd.com