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Red Emperor CBD acquires Domains of other related Companies to merge their unique profile with our mission statement and CBD products.

WHAT WE DO FOR YOU: We offer the best quality CBD products available. Our vendors only use sustainable-sourced ingredients in all of their products. This website makes it easy to place an order. You don’t have to place an order for your store like you would in a drive-thru fast-food restaurant. In today’s technological age, dealing with incompetence can be frustrating and even dangerous. We are the #1 Wholesale CBD Online Outlet. We have carefully selected and thoroughly vetted each brand to ensure your stores see higher sales results and happier customers… FREE SHIPPING! What you order will be what you get. You will now have full control over your orders and access to a paper record of each order placed with us. You can manage your CBD needs for your company from any device, computer or smartphone. You can also reach us by phone for the best customer service. You can call or click and place orders 24 hours a day with us…NO PROBLEMS!

Why sell CBD or Mushroom Products?


The natural compound CBD (cannabidiol), is found in Industrial-grade hemp. While CBD is harvested from the same plant as its psychoactive counterpart THC (tertrahydrocannabinol), CBD oil produced from Industrial-grade hemp is 100% non-psychoactive. Delta 8 THC  products offer a non-psychoactive option for people and animals to reap the benefits of the many wonderful properties hemp has to provide. CBD products have been proven to be highly effective and reliable by many people.

It is important to give your customers what they want to improve their lives. White Label CBD isn’t a new trend, and it is here to stay. Also, a new market has emerged for psychedelic and medical mushrooms. Red will be offering legal magic mushrooms called amanita mushroom gummies for retail and wholesale. There is no better way for your customers to lift their spirits and feel rejuvenated than CBD. CBD is the perfect product base to increase your sales and keep customers coming back for more. Get a free wholesale membership and start the ball rolling now with




  • All of the CBD products sold on this website are produced from Industrial-grade (non-psychoactive hemp), and contain less than three-tenths (0.3%) of one percent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) on a dry weight basis.
  • All CBD products on this website are legal within the United States of America.
  • All CBD products on this website contain natural ingredients and only the best quality ingredients. Each CBD product has been lab tested for safety, consistency, purity and quality. All CBD products are manufactured at an ISO-certified laboratory with test results available on request.
  • Washington State bans the sale of CBD products.


Labete Seattle Dispensary – labeteseattle

The Best 14 Cannabis Shops in Seattle

These dispensaries offer happy hours and are medically certified budtenders.


Zips Cannabis Seattle

The ReefThe Reef


Seattle is known for being a paradise for potheads. Washington was among the first states to legalize marijuana in 2012. It now has over 500 dispensaries across the state. This means that we have a lot of options when it comes to cannabis. There are many options for edibles and prerolls as well as tinctures, teas, and tinctures. And there is no shortage of budtenders who will help you navigate the maze of choices. These are 14 of our favorite Seattle pot shops, each offering a high experience.

Pot Shop Seattle


Pot Shop Seattle


This queer-owned shop is the home of the “original” wake and bake special (10% off non-sale products from open until noon), which was a pre-COVID event. Although it is not clear when vendors will return to the shop, the shop is still open (it celebrates its five-year anniversary in May 2022) and Bob continues to serve up his cannabis-infused recipes while the shops are closed.

Herbs House


Herbs House


Ballard’s first marijuana shop is located in a blue house at the corner of 8th Avenue & 65th Street. It’s right across from Goodwill and just around the corner from Choice and try our CBD Tincture products, everyone’s favorite convenience store slash eatery. It’s ideally located for a day of shopping, thrifting and eating.


Ponder Seattle


Ponder Cannabis Shop

Central District

The medically certified budtenders at Ponder are among the best in the business. They can help you with medicinal and recreational marijuana. You can find fast-acting edibles, pre-rolls infused with fruit punch, a whole menu of chocolates and tinctures. If you aren’t sure where to begin, you can also browse their ” curated suggestions” section.OZ. Cannabis

OZ. Cannabis


OZ. OZ. is Fremont’s oldest licensed cannabis dispensary. They opened their doors in 2015. The OZ. menu changes daily, sometimes multiple times per day. So make sure to check back often for new products like the Fancies hash joint from Falcanna and the Zookies flowers from High Five.




Capitol Hill

Ruckus, in Capitol Hill, or the soon to be opened location in Belltown, are both organic and sustainably grown weed. The bud is eco-friendly and affordable, with eight buds for as low as $10. You can get even better prices by joining their loyalty program, which offers weekly price reductions.

Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop


Uncle Ike’s

Different locations

Seattle’s most prominent marijuana slinger has outposts on Capitol Hill and Lake City. But it’s their flagship location at 23rd & Union where recreational weed and, as of summer 2021, booze is displayed. Glass and Goods were closed last July and replaced by a new bottle store. You can also get up to 55% off selected items through their “daily deals” program. And, they have the most unique phone number: 1.800.GET.DRUGS.

Shawn Kemp Cannabis Dispensary Seattle


Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis


Even though number 40 owns only 5% of the shop, that hasn’t stopped them from branding their names on it or digging deep into Sonics legend via everything from the huge mural outside to the NBA Jam game cabinets inside. But this HHC Products & pot shop is much more than fan service. The spacious interior features a staggering number of counters that offer more than 2,500 products.



Give a heart

Different locations

The prolific cannabis business has five locations in Washington State, plus stores in Oregon, California, and California. But it is their Belltown location that is the most popular. With its brightly colored walls and modern light fixtures, this location is the ideal place to meet out-of-towners. There are no better-organized displays or a staff that is more knowledgeable than this crew. There are also sweet deals to be had thanks to the generous rewards program, daily promotions, and regular sales such as their 10-year-anniversary blowout on Bulk Terpenes Products for  4/20.

Dockside Cannabis


Dockside Cannabis


This shop is a mix of a modern marijuana shop and a museum. It has a lot of information to look at (their menu literally is a book), as well as exhibits and displays about history and science. You can also see presentations by people like Chelsea Cebara who is an expert on weed, or CBD bath and Beauty, sex… or sex weed… or whatever, but you get the point.





This shop is located just 5 minutes away from SeaTac, but they also have locations on Pullman Island and Vashon Island. It’s the ideal place to stop for a long flight. It’s an excellent choice for everyone thanks to the high-quality products and “rock bottom” prices ($6 Pre-Rolls, $6 Edibles, and Beer etc. You’ll find deals such as their late-night happy hours and morning happy hour.


Lux Pot Shop


LUX Pot Shop

Different locations

Originally called Stash Pot Shop, the company changed its name to LUX after being pressured by a tea company. The growing operation has outposts in Ballard, Lake City, and Fremont. This new location opened in 2020 despite the COVID-19 impact. LUX stands out because of the minimalist design of its shops and its commitment to the community. Up to 20% of vendor sales go to nonprofits. They also use technology to allow customers to shop at bulk CBD Companies before they meet a budtender. They also offer streetwear.

Green Fire Cannabis


Green Fire Cannabis


GFC is the greenest weed shop in Seattle. It has a lofted industrial space with a green ceiling, walls, and counters. There are also comfy green couches in the lounge area. It also has a wide range of functional and beautiful glass products.

The Reef


The Reef

Different locations

The shop’s Capitol Hill location is the most well-known. It features a concrete-and-wood-heavy interior designed in Seattle by Olson Kundig. A giant jellyfish mural outside makes it stand out. Customers can also browse the products at the bar or in the “bubbles” and take advantage of express ordering lanes. Also due to covid the reef may offer a live blood analysis to make sure that you have health red blood cells for peak body control. They can even place orders using iPads located around the store. The Reef has opened a second Georgetown location, which is a self-proclaimed “coliseum for cannabis.”

Ganja Goddess


Ganja Goddess


Follow the twinkling arrow at the Vertigo Building’s iconic neon signs into GG’s lofty, brick-lined interior. You’ll be surrounded by jewel-like counters. Here, you’ll also be greeted by some of Washington’s most relaxed and knowledgeable budtenders who will help to choose the best strains, CBD edibles, and concentrates.