Greetings, TWATTER BITCHES at Time Stamp 12:51PM 12-30-2021 PST

Lets move the PARTY over here, in case the NSA.GOV Flunkies are watching…..BIG SMILE BIG SMILE!!!!!

I think I have to Start uploading YouTube videos to check COMMS

give me a second… time stamp 12:33AM Chris Rea – On the Beach (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Status Update time stamp 12:39

So that took 6 minutes to Upload a YouTube Video send a message around the world. You see??? 40 years ago that was MAGIC….que-

Sade – The Sweetest Taboo – Official – 1985 – YouTube

Ok Background

So the Intelligence Agencies of the world basically use our sexual pervasions against us. No let me remind you there is no one MORE FREAKIER than #Agentfreakanasty , but you CROSS THE LINE when you involve CHILDREN.

Then you cease to be human, you are now a enemy that must be destroyed


EVER animal on this planet knows the same rules. Do you need to teach a Grizzly Bear to stop chomping on your BALLZ when you fuck with its cubs ??


Actor Dan Haggerty, TV's 'Grizzly Adams,' dies at 73 - Los Angeles Times


Anyways, Time Stamp 12:54 AM

Operation Midnight Climax are experiments the CIA would do on US citizens. They would have the hookers does their drinks with LSD and other God Knows what to see if the agents would tell all there secrets for a piece of ass.

AND SURPISE MF’S!!!! yeah they all fucked up. You can go into all the psycho-babble and Freud shit you want to , but at the end of the day , motherfuckers just want to raise there kids in peace and leave a better world.  One of my favorite sayings from the Native land. Is you should always think 7 GENERATIONS ahead before you make decisions that effect the planet. So the CIA figured out that LSD and CANNABIS blocked all there MIND CONTROL weapons, they demonized it all at once. Starting with Dr. Timothy Leary and the Nixon War on Drugs.  There was NO WAR for drugs, The WAR was for the control of your mind.


Toni Braxton – You’re Makin’ Me High (Official HD Video) – YouTube

I find it interesting to watch as GOOGLE AI programs determine what music would fit my next moment.

for this example it chose a classic.

What a Fool Believes – YouTube

In the 70;s the CIA bought the entire world supply of LSD, they told you it was because they were afraid the enemy would slip into our water supply. That was all BULLSHIT. They reason they bought it all up was so YOU COULDNT SEE HOW BAD they were FUCKING YOU FROM BEHIND.




So, I like to see how I would operate sometimes if I was secretly dosed with LSD, and record it all in real time on the internet.

You can REPLAY all my missions by going to any of my social media platforms and searching …..ACTIVATE MK-ULTRA MISSION



You want to know the FUCKED UP part, at the end of the day, this is the MOST LOGICAL explanation I can make up of this entire existence. Two Words BLACK GOO….que-




Now here is the CRAZY part, I have never even heard of this guy or black GOO until a few months ago, BUT TELL ME

How does this MF MATCH MY FUKUSHIMA INTEL FROM 2012 EXACTLY. YOU tell me????

The Covert Samson Option (


Time stamp 2:15 AM

Peaking with my current hit, deciding should I take the next one….q-


Are you seeing it yet? isn’t it BEAUTIFUL??? The words, the Expression, the Head Lines just SO PERFECT!!!!



We welcome you bro, just trying to make some SENSE of it all , because I can see it makes no ….. at all….Q-


Yeah OK< what the FUCK.. Imagine that…..



OK CALM DOWN, OK I took my second HIT of LSD at about timestamp 3:30 AM PST


At this time I would like to dedicate this space, TO MY PAYING CLIENTS and there Advertising Ventures and Such.





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If you are a STUDENT of MIND CONTROL and MK-ULTRA, this is a MUST WATCH, he did not understand the REAL MACHINE behind the monter.

OH please support NETFLIX and whoever supports Dave Chapple and other ARTIST to his right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH




Now WATCH the NEW DAVE CHAPPEL explain to you what was happening to him and he didn’t even know it was happening to him.




I think Gene Rodenberry and his vision of the FUTURE where poverty is solved. is expressed in his race of FERINGI  or should I dare say SPACEE JOOO????






Do you think that its a COINCIDENSE that Dave Chappelle keeps of bringing up OJ SIMPSON now that he’s been SCHOOLED in MK-ULTRA????


Bloodlines_ Introduction.doc (









Oh yeah I forgot to PLUG MY OWN BUSINESS.

Delta 8 Cart ivette 2ad

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Let see how BUSINESS GOES this year, #Agentfreak Nasty

End of MK ULTRA MISSION Cant remember. 8:21 AM 12/31/2021