***WARNING***  The information In this intelligence report might make you go POSTAL especially if you have had children after 1989

First let’s start with a TOP LEVEL situation report courtesy of Benjamin Fulford.


Worldwide Arrest Warrant for David Rockefeller Jr. as Khazarian Mafia Take Down Continues
by Benjamin Fulford, January 24, 2022

The takedown of the Khazarian mafia is accelerating. A worldwide arrest warrant issued for David Rockefeller Jr. means one of their top bosses is now a hunted man. Meanwhile, riots and demonstrations around the Western world are bringing down other KM leaders like Emmanuelle Macron of France and Justin Castro of Canada. Already, the Rothschild clan has admitted defeat and is now under the leadership of Nathaniel Rothschild. He promises that from now on his clan will stick to business and stay out of geopolitics.

The defeat of the very top levels of the KM is leading to historical changes around the world. This includes the demise of the UN, the rebirth of the United States, and the start of a new age for the planet earth. The overall story is the end of millennia of rule by a Satanic cult.

Since so many people are now waking up, it is time to once again put out background information about who the revolution is against. Barry Chamish, a Jew who lost a third of his family to the Holocaust, outlines the real history of the Sabbatean/Frankist cult (the people I call the Khazarian Mafia). He notes, for example, that “At the 1936 world Zionist conference Chaim Weizmann said ‘Perhaps only 2 million will survive the upcoming holocaust but they will be ready for life in Palestine.’”

The ongoing counterattack against the KM and their fake pandemic was made possible by an ongoing systematic purge of their top ranks. This can be seen in the corporate propaganda media in the form of multiple top people as catching COVID. As readers are aware “testing positive for COVID and self-isolating” is a code for being arrested and under questioning. Among those recently “self-isolating” is the traitor top US General Mark Milley, fake US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, and top Vatican honchos Cardinal Pietro Parolin and archbishop Edgar Pena Parra. They’re among the many who “have COVID despite being vaccinated.”


I had long suspected that the earth was under the control of some type of Artificial Intelligence. If you read my previous Intel report on Black Goo you will get it. See Agent Freak Nasty Monthly Intelligence Report 11-14-2021 – Red Emperor Collective (redemperorcbd.com) Also if you read about the Aluminum self-aware aliens’ life forms found inside the vaccine you will get it. There was also another bit chute video about micro WIFI networks found inside the vaccines here : https://www.bitchute.com/video/MAbeEhewFMt8/

This leads us to this Benjamin Fulford Report on January 17th

The gnostic Illuminati was right, we really are dealing with a rogue AI

Well, Schwab has been apparently replaced by an AI. Now, this week the WEF will be holding a “virtual Davos” where they brag “The global COVID-19 crisis has acted as a worldwide accelerator for the rollout of artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives.”



Now Russia’s FSB has determined what is in a large portion of these vaccinations the WEF wants to impose on humanity: nanobots allowing remote control of humans by an AI. This new concept proposes using neural nanobots to connect to the human brain’s neocortex – the newest, smartest, ‘conscious’ part of the brain – to the ‘synthetic neocortex’ in the cloud. The nanobots would then provide direct, real-time monitoring and control of signals to and from brain cells.


A massive counter-attack against this AI and its brainwashed human servants is now underway, according to Asian Secret Society, CIA, MI6, NSA and FSB sources. This is being seen in a lot of seemingly unconnected, but dramatic, events around the world ranging from Antarctica and the South Pacific to the North of Norway.

Like I said it all sounds cray cray, but when you do all the RESEARCH all the DOTS CONNECT up perfectly.

“We are Looking at efforts across the country for ways to STOP PEOPLE from exercising their FUNDAMENTAL rights…MORE THAN 13,000 NATIONAL GUARDS HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED IN 48 STATES TO SUPPORT VACCINATIONS….”

What is really happening is the AI is trying to use mind-controlled troops to fight the United States militia who have been activated in 43 states and are moving in on Washington DC.

This news item reflects the ongoing battle to free the US:

Young ARMY soldiers will be battling ‘seasoned freedom fighters’ across two dozen North Carolina counties in a two-week ‘guerrilla warfare exercise’ where they attempt to overthrow an ‘ ILLEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT’




The Vaccine Destroys your Immune system.


Governor Gavin Newsom Meets #AGENTBIGBOB, the current one you see is a Body Double Just like Biden.


New reports come out that Hugh Hefner Secretly recorded rooms and was involved with animal sex.


If you would have been following Q this would be no surprise to you. Q already told us that Hugh Hefner was a CIA agent who was in charge of blackmailing Hollywood and CA. Remember how we were all jealous of the Playboy Mansion Parties growing up? Now imagine going to a party getting drugged up and leaving with a video of a dog licking your butt. Now you work for the CIA. Do you see how that works??? You see the Government can not have ANYBODY famous with a large audience asking questions like what REALLY happened in 911 and Vegas. You Get it. It’s an old Mafia tactic that goes back centuries. The First FBI director Hoover was a known cross-dresser and homosexual who was under the control of the mafia.

The CIA’s Operation ‘Midnight Climax’ Was Exactly What It Sounded Like | by War Is Boring | War Is Boring | Medium



Hugh Hefner Was a CIA AGENT

‘Depraved’ Playboy founder accused of bestiality and grooming — RT Games & Culture


Playboy Bunnies were trained as CIA ASSASSINS by HUGH HEFNER????…..#Agentfreaknasty


Supposedly Bill Mayer is Hugh Hefners Son and part of the PEDO RED SHOE CLUB.


Q has called him out several times and is Deep State. What is INTERESTING is recently Bill Bayer came out against CON-JOB19 which matches intelligence that from Benjamin Fulford that the White Hats are starting to take over the Media with CNN being the first target. It all ADDS up doesn’t it Watson????…..#Agentfreaknasty



Peep Game, Remember how Q told us Hugh Hefner was a CIA agent in charge of trapping Hollywood Stars with PEDO videos???? Now GO BACK and listen to this Richard Pryor Skit and TELL me this MF wasn’t being SETUP…..#Agentfreaknasty









Playboy Mansion – Pizzagate – Epstein – Hugh, Bill Maher & Prince Andrew | Alternative | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

A brief look at Hefner’s pedophilic past will shed further light. Hugh Hefner in the 1970s published a lesser-known magazine called Sugar and Spice. In 1975 when Brooke Shields was just 10 years old Hefner featured nude photos of her in his pedophile magazine. Hef was also personally present for a nude photo session with 11-year-old French actress Eva Ionesco. Sexualizing prepubescent girls in photos and distributing child pornography are pedophile crimes. Yet no legal consequence ever took place. These facts reveal that from way back, over 40 years ago, Hugh Hefner exposed himself by his own unlawful actions that he is a pedophile.

As if that’s not revealing enough, Hefner’s 1953 launching of his Playboy Magazine was financed by the CIA (similar to Gloria Steinem’s Ms. Magazine nearly two decades later). From Chapter 9 we learned that the CIA through both its MK Mind Control operations and its systematic child raping was an integral component to manufacturing a multigenerational army of dissociated child sex slaves and its pimping role as chief handlers in the global child sex trafficking trade, and Hefner’s lofty Hollywood perch as a pedophile and “free sex” guru for over six decades, and it all begins to make a lot more sense.

A valet that worked for the Playboy entrepreneur for a couple of years in 1978-79 stated that Hefner always had cameras installed in his mansion for potential blackmail purposes. And with all the orgies that were so commonplace over the years inviting so many celebrities and VIPs, Hefner got the dirty goods on countless high-profile individuals captured on film in debaucherously compromising situations with not only hookers but mind-controlled child sex slaves. In this regard, his Hollywood Playboy Mansion became a West Coast version for the CIA as Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island” was for Mossad.

Since the CIA helped Hefner found Playboy Enterprises, MK Ultra sex slaves were part of the Mansion agenda and blackmail operation as well. As an MK slave handler, the perverted pedophile got involved in deep shit with lots of heinous activities. While performing research on the Hef and his mansion’s history, Playboy publishing staff stumbled upon some blueprints and photo archives. It turns out that “the Rape Mansion” as it came to be called, has an entire underground tunnel system built in the 1970s running underneath the property to other famous actors’ homes such as Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, James Caan, and Kirk Douglas among others. A staff member stated that Hefner sealed the tunnels in 1985 after marrying Playmate Kimberly Conrad. The CIA, Hefner, and his famous Hollywood pals like Nicholson and Beatty are alleged to have trafficked young women and underage girls, many of whom over the years disappeared, likely sold into slavery or snuffed in snuff films. Other higher profile Hefner commodities like Playmates Dorothy Stratton and Paige Young and Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith were MK sex slaves who were either murdered or suicide for becoming unruly threats. But once again with the Illuminati-Freemason-Luciferian network long in place in Hollywood, owning and controlling all levels of law enforcement both local and national, police services to provide the necessary cover for their murderous operations.

Former CIA operative and whistleblower Laurel Aston stated that Hefner was very much connected to the CIA:




The news is trying to walk it back now, don’t let NOT ONE OF THESE MOTHERFUCKERS get away with it, especially what they did to our children.

Also, UK has stopped all Covid Mandates, NY Supreme Court has ruled masks unlawful. Mexico has declared the Pandemic over. This MF are TOAST. And don’t forget! Who were you FAVORITE SUPER NSA SPOOK agent who told you FROM DAY ONE it was a PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE OPERATION?????—————->#Agentfreaknasty That’s who…..Q- The Corona Virus The Greatest Psy-Op In History (isenselogic.com)


Remember that 1 time on March 20th, 2020 when #Agentfreaknasty told you Numb Nutz that CON-JOB19 was a PSY-OP.. and you morons STILL went out and got the BILL GATES SPECIAL ???? That was Awesome!!!!Image



Updated NSA.GOV Intel Picture of the DUMBEST LAWYER IN HISTORY AARON PELLEY, AKA Seattle’s Best Snitch.

He is not looking too be healthy, Chinese Psychological Water Internet Drip Torture Invented by #Agentfreaknasty is a Hell of a Drug…..Q-



Aaron Pelley Seattles Best Snitch

Aaron Pelley The Coward of King County


CONVID 19  Vaccines Cause Massive Damage to your Immune System


Registered Nurse Testifies That Hospitals Were Murdering Patients and Blaming it on COVID-19




Now you understand what Benjamin Fulford was saying earlier about the AI Nano Bots????


Scientists Discover that CBDA & CBDG Prevents COVID-19 Infections.

What a COINCIDENCE!!!! And you on my site that sells CBD!!! Lucky You —————————–> CBD Oil & Tinctures Archives – Red Emperor Collective (redemperorcbd.com)

The CDC has been INTENTIALLY poisoning EVERY child born since 1989 with scheduled Vaccine



Jenny McCarthy Was Always Right

Big Government & Big Pharma have known about the link between catastrophic mercury/aluminum levels in child vaccines & autism since 2005. And they covered it up.

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If he still has a soul, one of the first people to publicly apologize to McCarthy would be this guy right here.CDC VACCINE 1989
Thunderstruck over the implications of the new math that was now very visibly making the rounds inside the Big Gov’t and Big Pharma circles, the federal government health agencies and the drug companies convened a summit in Norcross, Georgia that was dubbed “The Simpsonwood Conference”.

Fully grasp what happened here at this 2-day conference that should be infamous in American history:

Most of these individuals were physicians and regulatory officials who had committed their lives to public health out of idealism and deep concern for children. Verstraeten’s data confronted them with the fact that the cumulative mercury levels in all those new vaccines they had recommended had overdosed a generation of American children with mercury concentrations over a hundred times the exposures the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considered safe.

In recommending a vast battery of new vaccines for children, public health regulators had somehow neglected to calculate the cumulative mercury and aluminum loads in all the new jabs.

This was a dereliction of duty of staggering proportions.

Dr. Peter Patriarca, the then-director of the FDA Office on Vaccine Research and Review, expressed the general feeling of horror when he asked why no one had calculated the cumulative mercury exposure to children as policymakers added this cascade of new vaccines to the childhood schedule: “Conversion of the percentage thimerosal to actual micrograms of mercury involves ninth-grade algebra. What took the FDA so long to do the calculations?”

My speculation? Since Dr. Anthony Fauci had taken over the NIAID in 1984 and by 1989 had assumed control of the NIH & CDC, establishing the template he would use to quickly shepherd expensive new drugs and vaccines to market on behalf of his Big Pharma colleagues, anyone trying to pump the brakes on the rushing of these new vaccines into the bodies of America’s children suddenly found themselves silenced and disenfranchised.

But by 2005 the evidence that something had gone seriously wrong had mounted to the extent that something had to be done. And so the uber-secret Simpsonwood Conference was the result.

The big question and crisis that hung over the conference were what these powerful people representing the federal government and the drugmakers that had made and authorized these vaccines were going to do now.

Not everybody was on board with covering this up. After the damning Verstraeten report was released, FDA official Dr. Ruth Etzel was imploring her colleagues to do the right thing and go public with this evidence.

https%3A%2F%2Fbucketeer e05bbc84 baa3 437e 9518 adb32be77984.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F2017c387 27da 4485 a71d

In the tense days leading up to the Simpsonwood conclave, children’s health champion Dr. Ruth Etzel of the EPA pleaded with her fellow public health leaders to publicly admit they made a terrible mistake by inadvertently poisoning American children, and to repair the damage.

But they obviously did not heed Dr. Etzel. The consensus of the Simpsonwood Conference was that they would bury the report and double down on the claim the vaccines were perfectly safe.

Fully grasp this: knowing what they now knew, the decision was made – with eyes wide open – to **continue** using these vaccines and pumping these dangerous and poisonous levels of mercury and aluminum into America’s children.

This concludes this Agent Freak Nasty Monthly Intelligence Reports. Sorry to leave it on such a fucked up note. I have kids born after 1989 now I know why half of them are cray cray, THE FUCKING GOV, that’s why. Payback is a BITCH!!!             I will probably go back to weekly reports since things are heating up fast. Most of my links are censored on social media programs, Gee I wonder why, but Remember you can always tell your friends to go to BING and type Agent Freak Nasty to get that GOOD INTEL SHIZNIT….Q-

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