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Can CBD Boost Your Immune System?

  • Research shows that cannabinoids (similar to cannabidiol) can inhibit the release of cytokine (1) (2). Cytokines are proteins that play a role in chronic and acute inflammation (2 ).
  • CBD could theoretically play an important role in the management of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), HIV/AIDS and Parkinson’s disease. An autoimmune disease is characterized by an immune response that overreacts to non-threatening events and attacks healthy cells in the body ( ).
  • A review published in Cannabis Research in 2020 found overwhelming support for the idea that CBD is immunosuppressive (suppresses the immune response). (5 ).
  • Cannabis has been shown to have immune-modulating properties. This means that it can balance an over-reacting or under-reacting immune systems (6 ). It is not clear what CBD’s “immune modulating” and “immune boosting” properties are.
  • To fully understand the effects of CBD oil on your immune system, more longitudinal studies are required. Consult a physician who is experienced in cannabis use before using CBD oil to boost immunity.
Does CBD Protect The Immune System

Does CBD Protect The Immune System

DR. Nathan Thompson Shows the Damage on the Immune System After 2ND COVID-19 Vaccination

Dr. Nathan Thompson was approached in the office by Mr. Smith, a long-term patient who was being forced to have the COVID-19 vaccination by his employer. Both Dr. Thompson and Mr. Smith have a long relationship. The doctor helped Mr Smith change his lifestyle to eliminate type-2 diabetes.

Since Mr. Smith has had a history of blood tests that established his baseline for his immune system, and because the patient was being forced into the COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Thompson and Mr. Smith took comparison blood tests after each shot to determine if/how the vaccine affected the patient’s blood-work. After seeing the results of the second shot , the doctor said that his “ Jaw dropped”


Doctor Thompson was so alarmed by the results, he asked permission from the patient to record the video and share it. The blood tests showed that the patient’s natural immune system was being severely affected. Because the patient is now at greater risk, Dr. Thompson has many questions. One of these is: How long will this vaccine-induced autoimmune compromise last? WATCH:


CBD is a great way to boost your immune system.

CBD’s indirect anti-inflammatory effects on central nervous system can increase its therapeutic properties.

Research shows that cannabinoids such as cannabidiol can inhibit the production of cytokines ( ).

When the body is under stress or trauma, cytokines are proteins that immune cells release. The role of cytokines in chronic and acute inflammation (8 )


CBD could play an important role in the management of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), HIV/AIDS and Parkinson’s disease (9)

Autoimmune disorders are caused by the immune system reacting too strongly to non-threatening events and causing damage to healthy cells. This inflammation can lead to redness, heat and pain (10 ).

The traditional medications that are used to treat autoimmune conditions are immunosuppressive, synthetically made, and can be used in combination with other medicines. These medicines not only suppress the hyperactive immune system but also make people more vulnerable to illness and infection.

According to the above studies, CBD could be used to treat autoimmune conditions. It may work by suppressing certain parts of the immune system.

There is evidence that CBD oil may be able to do the opposite. It has been proven that CBD oil can boost an immune system that is weak, allowing it to properly defend the body from infection.

Studies that examined CBD’s effects on patients with cancer who had a severely compromised immune system found that CBD helped them to fight the disease more effectively.

One study was published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. It stated that some clinical trials had shown that CBD may be effective in reducing tumor growth in certain cancers (11 ).

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Another study found that high levels of cannabinoids caused the body to kill cancer cells via a process called apoptosis (12 ).

Apoptosis can be triggered in healthy immune systems when there are infectious cells. These findings are important, as cancer cells have a natural ability to resist apoptosis and can proliferate throughout the body.

While the exact mechanism of this reaction is still unknown, it is encouraging to know that CBD oil could be able inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in the body.



Data from a review published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research in 2020 overwhelmingly support the concept that CBD is immunosuppressive(13).

CBD can be used to suppress the immune system.

This review shows that these mechanisms include direct suppression of activation and induction of apoptosis. These actions in turn control immune cell targets.

Cannabis has been shown to have an immune-modulating effect, meaning it can balance out an over-reacting or under-reacting immune system (14 ).

The studies above show that CBD can be used to treat autoimmune conditions or their symptoms. It works by either calming an overactive immune system, or strengthening one.

To fully understand the differences between CBD’s immune-modulating and immune-boosting properties, we need to conduct more longitudinal studies.



How CBD Oil Helps Strengthen Your Immune System

Understanding how the endocannabinoid (ECS), works is key to understanding how CBD can boost immunity.

Cannabinoids such as CBD have therapeutic effects because they interact with the ECS of the body and its cannabinoid receptors.

The ECS is integral to the body’s physiologies and regulates many body functions including pain sensations, immune response, anxiety sleep, mood, appetites, metabolism, memory, and mood.

Anandamide, an intestinal cannabis cannabinoid functions by interfacing with cannabinoid receptors. Anandamide regulates the appetite and stress response (15 ).

CB1 and CB2 receptors can be found in certain parts of the body. Each type of receptor has a specific role in the ECS.

The brain and central nervous systems (16 ) are the main locations of CB1 receptors. These receptors are involved in motor regulation, memory processing and mood (17 ).



Neuroprotective responses have also been linked to activation of CB1-receptors. This suggests that cannabinoids with higher affinity for CB1 receptors may be able to treat and prevent neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.

CB2 receptors, however, are located primarily on immune system cells and associated structures. The CB2 receptor triggers an immune response, which reduces inflammation and minimizes tissue damage.

This anti-inflammatory response has been shown to be effective in treating inflammation-related conditions such as Crohn’s disease, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Crohn’s syndrome, IBS, and (18 )..

CBD works in indirect ways against cannabinoid antagonists. These are substances that bind with a receptor to cause the same effect as those that normally attach to it.

CBD interacts with many other receptors in your body such as the 5-HT1A receptor which is linked to serotonin. This neurotransmitter has been shown to contribute to well-being. This interaction is how cannabinoids promote healing (19 ).

The Benefits and Drawbacks of CBD Oil for the t he Immune system

The Pros

  • The potential therapeutic benefits of CBD in treating autoimmune conditions or their symptoms has been demonstrated by studies. It can pacify an overactive immune system and strengthen a weaker one, as well as pacify hyperactive ones.
  • Many health agencies have been very positive about CBD. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that CBD is “generally well-tolerated with an excellent safety profile.” (20 ). CBD oil is safer than prescription and over-the-counter drugs, which can have side effects.
  • According to Nora Volkow (director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse), CBD is not addictive. This makes CBD safe for daily consumption (21 ).
  • CBD oil can be bought legally in certain locations without the need for a prescription.

The Cons

  • The studies are not sufficient to prove that CBD can be used for other conditions than those approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • There are potential side effects to CBD use, as with any natural chemical compound. According to the Mayo Clinic CBD can cause drowsiness, dryness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue and reduced appetite (22 ).
  • As a 2017 research showed (23 ), CBD can interact with other drugs and alter the body’s metabolism of certain medications. Before you start a CBD regimen, or combine it with any prescription medication, consult a qualified doctor.
  • Dr. Doris Trauner is a professor of neurosciences and pediatrics at University of California San Diego School of Medicine. She also serves as a doctor at San Diego’s Rady Children’s Hospital.

It is difficult to know if CBD gummies and tinctures, patches or balms, gelcaps, or tinctures contain the claimed ingredients because there is no regulation.

A 2107 review published by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed labeling errors among CBD products. Some products contained less CBD than indicated, while others contained more (25 ).

CBD Oil and Other Ways to Boost the Immune System

Primary immune disorders such as T cell (antibody) deficiency, B cell (antibody), and combination B/T cell deficiency are all caused by genetic defects and cannot be prevented (26 ).



There are ways to prevent infection in people with weak immune systems, according to Mayo Clinic (27 ).

The American Psychological Association seems to support this recommendation. They claim that stress decreases immune system responses and that friendship and relaxation improve health (28 ).

Moreover, CBD oil has been found to have anxiolytic properties (anti-anxiety), which could theoretically help reduce stress.

In a 2011 study, the Journal of Psychopharmacology examined CBD’s effects on people suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD). (29 ). The results showed that CBD oral dosages resulted in a reduction of anxiety.

Another study was published in Permanente Journal 2019 and showed that CBD users had reported lower anxiety and better sleep (30 ).

Experts agree that using essential oils can be an effective way to boost immunity.



A 2019 Study was published in Molecules. It analyzed all available scientific data to support the efficacy and summarized the immune-supporting qualities of EOs (31 ).

The EOs included bergamot and orange, patchouli, patchouli, rose, marjoram and lemon. In multiple studies, the authors discovered that essential oils such as ginger and eucalyptus had immune-enhancing properties.

Essential oils are concentrated, natural extracts taken from the stems, leaves and flowers of plants. CBD, a form of Cannabis sativa, is extracted like EOs.

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all phytonutrients found in hemp, as well as trace amounts of THC and terpenes. It also includes flavonoids and essential oils.

Terpenes, which are compounds found in cannabis, give it distinct aromas and tastes. Flavonoids are responsible to the vibrant colors of most plants.

Certain strains of cannabis contain beta-caryophyllene which is a terpene that has been shown to reduce inflammation by stimulating the CB2 receptor. Another terpene, myrcene has anti-inflammatory properties in the laboratory (32 ).

Combining all components of a full-spectrum CBD Oil creates an “entourage effect,” which means that all constituents work together to produce a greater efficiency than their individual elements (33 ).



How to choose the right CBD for your Immune System Boost

The studies mentioned previously showed that CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid in cannabis that can treat autoimmune disorders.

When choosing a CBD product, ensure that it contains all the phytonutrients found in hemp. This includes trace amounts of THC, Terpenes and Flavonoids.

People with THC allergies may consider using broad-spectrum CBD oil. This is similar to full-spectrum CBD, but does not contain THC.

Regardless of which CBD oil product you choose, it is important to consider all aspects when choosing the right CBD oil. It will help reduce inflammation, pain, anxiety, and promote healthy, functioning immune system.

These factors are crucial to ensure safety and reliability when purchasing CBD products:

  1. Find out the legal requirements for CBD in the region where it is to be purchased and used.
  2. Only purchase high-quality CBD products only from trusted brands. Most companies that produce the highest quality CBD oil products either grow their hemp on their farm or purchase it from licensed producers.
  3. Before buying online, make sure you read reviews about the products. Check if the dispensary or physical store has been authorized to sell CBD.
  4. Certification codes are an important aspect to look out for when purchasing CBD products. After passing a series of screening tests, several certification authorities will approve certain products.
  5. Compare the claims of companies about the potency of their products with those made by third-party lab tests. Every product should be accompanied by a certificate of analysis.
  6. Before purchasing your first CBD oil, it is a good idea to consult a trusted doctor who is experienced in CBD usage.

CBD Dosage to Support the Immune System

Cannabidiol has not been studied in humans with autoimmune disorders. There is also no recommended dose for any specific disorder that affects the immune system.

The CBD-Epidolex dosage for epilepsy in children can be as high at 20 mg/kg. However, CBD doses up to 300 mg/kg have been tested and found no significant adverse effects (34 ).



Since long, autoimmune diseases have been recognized as possible causes of seizures (35 ).

How to take CBD Oil to Boost Immunity

CBD oil’s versatility is one of its greatest assets. CBD oil can be taken sublingually, by dropping it under the tongue or added to food or drinks to boost immunity.

CBD oil drops or tinctures may be an option for those looking for fast results and high dosage control. The effects of CBD oil can be felt up to six hours after it is applied sublingually.

A topical CBD cream, or CBD patch, is great for pain relief and inflammation in specific areas of the body. The CBD cream or patch can be applied to the skin and interact with the ECS in a localized manner.

Some CBD patches and creams are also infused in other elements such as essential oils that can enhance CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD oil capsules and edibles such as brownies or gummies are an easy way to get CBD oil, especially for beginners.

Understanding CBD

Medical marijuana (also known as medical cannabis) can be defined as a herb drug derived from cannabis that is used to treat a specific condition (36 ).

Cannabis sativa (Cannabaceae), is an ancient type of cannabis. The Latin word for “useful” is Sativa, and it is often used in plant names.

CBD oil can be extracted from hemp plants or marijuana plants, but most CBD oil products on the market today are hemp-derived.

CBD is not psychoactive and can be used by people who don’t want the high induced by tetrahydrocannabinol. A level of around 1% THC is the threshold for cannabis to produce an intoxicating effect (37 ).

CBD Immune System Mechanisms and Effects

To build healthy immune responses to foreign organisms (38 ), the immune system evolved to distinguish between self-proteins and pathogens.

A balanced immune response is one that balances normal reactions against other proteins and limited or no reaction against self-proteins.

If the innate response fails to produce sufficient results, a subset of innate cells, mainly composed of T and B, can activate adaptive immunity.



The adaptive immune response is primarily a combination of T cells (thymus cells), and B cells (bone-marrow-derived cells). The B cells are the primary cellular components of the adaptive immune response. Cell immunity is dependent on the T cells (39 ).

White blood cells can be classified as T cells or B cells. They are also known as leukocytes, WBC, and leukocytes. The white blood cell can be used to diagnose conditions like infection, inflammation, allergies, or leukemia (40 ).

High white blood cell counts are usually a sign of infection or an immune system disorder (41 ).

The signals T cells send can activate and recruit other immune cells or destroy infected cells. T-cells play an important role in the detection and elimination of cancer cells in patients with cancer (42 ).

Cytokines and chemokines are proteins that allow communication between different cell types as well as natural and adaptive immune responses.

Inflammation is often linked to the natural immune system, as pathogen destruction can also lead to tissue damage. Inflammation can trigger many cell types to produce cytokines.

CBD can control the immune response by activating regulatory T cells (Tregs). (43 ).

Regulating T cells suppress the immune system, maintaining self-tolerance and homeostasis. It has been demonstrated that Tregs can inhibit the production of cytokine and T cells and play an important role in preventing autoimmunity (44 ).

Autoimmunity refers to an organism’s immune system that attacks its own healthy cells and tissue.

Autoimmune diseases are when the immune system of the body attacks and destroys healthy tissue. (45 ).

CBD’s neuroprotective and immunosuppressive properties make it an ideal candidate for multiple sclerosis treatment.

MS is a neurodegenerative, autoimmune central nervous system disease (CNS) that has an estimated 2.5 million victims (46 ). To fully understand the benefits of CBD for MS, further research is needed.

A Strong Immune System is Essential in This Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

The rapid spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), has caused alarm around the world. This has led to the World Health Organization (WHO), declaring this pandemic (47 ).

Senior citizens and those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or lung disease are at greater risk of developing severe disease or death due to COVID-19. They should be socially disengaged immediately.

People who have compromised immunity due to a condition that weakens the immune system are also at risk.

WHO states that there is currently no vaccine or antiviral medication to treat COVID-19. Clinical trials are currently being conducted to test potential vaccines and specific drug treatments.

The body’s defense system, the immune system, is what makes up our immune system. Individuals must ensure that their immune system is healthy.

The immune system launches an attack when a dangerous invader like the flu or cold virus or the coronavirus which causes COVID-19 is introduced to the body. The immune system mounts an attack when a harmful invader, such as a cold or flu virus, gets into the body.


Keep your Immune System Strong

Follow these general guidelines to maintain a healthy immune system.

Protecting your immune system from environmental threats and supporting it with healthy-living strategies such as (48 ) will make it more efficient.

  • Never smoke.
  • A nutritious diet high in fruits and vegetables is essential.
  • To ensure that you get all the nutrients from your diet, take a multivitamin.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Control stress level.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Moderation is the key to enjoying alcohol.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • You can prevent infection by washing your hands frequently and avoiding touching the face.


Your immune system is a complex network made up of cells, tissues and organs that work together in defense against germs. Its job it to keep foreign invaders away or find and destroy them,” states an article from the National Library of Medicine (49 ).

Although there are no cures for immune disorders, there are ways you can improve the function of your immune system by protecting it from environmental attacks and strengthening it through healthy-living strategies.

Research has shown that CBD can boost immunity and protect the immune system by its anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cannabinoid treatments may reduce inflammation, improve the immune system, and bring the system back to balance (50 ).

However, it is important to consult a qualified doctor before you use CBD to boost your immune system.


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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil