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There was a HUGE Q post tonight, It seems that FBI Director Wray is going to be replaced with General Flynn.




Post 4606 Shows a C-130 taking out a target, then it shows a picture of Wray, then a picture with an X over his picture then it shows 3 stars which stand for Lieutenant General and ask are you ready to server. To me that can only be interpreted as General Flynn is going to be the new FBI director.  Ok with that let’s get through other important intel drops that I left you out of for the last few weeks.


Blocked on Twitter by the NSA for Posting 911 Truth

Welcome to the Chocalate_NSA


Last year I was blocked on Twitter from the NSA account when I posted this, Interestingly enough they UNbloked me. So somebody had to have done that manually. WTF does that tell you????


Rudy Giuliani Helps the Jewish Sackler Family murder 300,000 Americans.

If you read my last post you will know that Rudy Giuliani is a world-class piece of a shit traitor. Not only was he hired by the Jewish Mafia to take out the Italian Mafia, but he was involved with the cover-up of 911. Now we learn that after he got done with that he helped the Jewish Sackler family who owns Purdue to sell billions of dollars of Oxy Cotin that MURDERED another 300,000 Americans.

The US government missed the opportunity to curb sales of the drug that kickstarted the opioid epidemic when it secured the only criminal conviction against the maker of OxyContin a decade ago.

Purdue Pharma hired Rudolph Giuliani, the former New York mayor, and now Donald Trump’s lawyer, to head off a federal investigation in the mid-2000s into the company’s marketing of the powerful prescription painkiller at the center of an epidemic estimated to have claimed at least 300,000 lives.


Israel and Iran are really Allies

Right now Iran has been getting hit left and right with mysterious explosions. While many claim that it is Israel I believe it is the United States. First, you probably want to watch this video by Dr. Pieczenick on the TRUE relationship between Israel and Iran…It’s going to shock a lot of people.


Is it starting to make sense why Obama sent BILLIONS of dollars to Iran right before he left office?

Also, there was a report that Trump gave the CIA full rein to conduct offensive operations without White House Approval.

Also if you remember Q said IRAN is next and then we are saving Israel last.

Live forever and Flying Saucers for cars.

Benjamin Fulford makes some extraordinary claims of technology that has been hidden from humans by the deep state, including anti-gravity technology and treatments for old age. I would take the time to watch it.

The BEST slaves are those who think they are free.


Saudi Arabia Has Nuclear Weapons and Israel is a Radioactive Waste Zone.

Shocker I know,  But let’s take a close look at the evidence.

First, in this video, a Saudi Representative ADMITS on live TV that Saudi Arabia has nuclear weapons.


Next, let’s Look at this video of a suspected Nuclear Explosion in Yemen during the War with Saudi Arabia. At 1:47 you can the neutrons hit the camera lenses really well, this can ONLY be caused by a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION as explained by UN Weapons Inspector Jeff Smith who is a nuclear physicist and former IAEA Inspector.

Possible Tactical Nuclear Strike (Neutron Bomb) in Yemen?


Further Cross Reference is this article from Russian TImes showing babies in the SAME city being born with defects ONLY caused by ionizing radiation. Warning Pictures are Graphic

Yemen Babies Radiation Defects

Israel is a radioactive wasteland that needs to be evacuated. I originally posted his link in my other blog on but the original post was found on web.archive. 9 Times out of 10 whenever they erase links or delete videos it is good shit. Why take time to DELETE if it wasn’t something they don’t want you to know right?

Many weapons used by the IDF in Gaza contained uranium components and upon impact set off huge volumes of aerosol particles that then drifted back over the border into Israel with devastating results.

It has been some time since the Israelis bombed Lebanon and the Gaza Strip and in both cases, the weapons used left behind a trail of misery for all those that lived downwind. We can now start to see the results of those actions and I must say the term “What goes around comes around” rings true in the ears of the residents of Israel. Some interesting health statements have been released that prove when you play with dirty weapons it can all come back to you. It would now appear that we have a situation whereby Israelis are killing Israelis.

Here is another CROSS-REFERENCE article on the sperm count. Israel is expected to go extinct in new baby creation by the year 2030

Remember with that Mossad AgentRemember when the. Mo so sad eh him I mean the Israeli teenager got caught phoning in Bomb threats to US and European synagogues. I HIGHLY speculate that they are trying to SCARE Jews into moving to Israel to boost their sperm count ….Q-


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Walt Disney Is a CIA Company And Has Been Mind Controlling Our Children

First I highly recommend you watch this video



As shocking as that is if you go directly to the Clowns of America’s website they verify it all

For years, I have heard many Americans say that something is terribly wrong in this country & that things are “going to pot”, and yet Americans can’t put their finger on what exactly is wrong. When I

first began to receive reports from victims of Illuminati mind control about Disney’s involvement in
their mind control, I kept an open ear, but I wanted some tangible proof. After investigating for
myself, there is now no doubt in my mind that Disney (the man, the movies & the entertainment
parks) has been a major contributor to the demise of America while maintaining a very well-constructed front of wholesomeness. In this chapter, you will learn why Disney is one of the best
deceptions of the Illuminati. This author has read a good portion of what is available to the public
concerning Disney. This exposé is undoubtedly the deepest on Disney that has ever been done.
Perhaps part of my motivation is that I’ve tired of Christians talking and acting like Disney stands for
sainthood. Christians, who should have known better, are some of the ones who have swallowed
“hook, line, and sinker” the enormous deception that entails Disney

From the time of the Roman Empire (at least, if not before) the oligarchical leadership, who have
been in control of both the Mystery Religions and European aristocracy, have known about BREAD
& CIRCUS. Bread and Circus refer to the concept that IF the masses of people are given
entertainment and food staples, THEN they are easy to control. Walt Disney movies have played a
key role in providing entertainment for the masses to insure Illuminati control.

You can read the rest here.


Obama Involved in the Murder of 911 Widow Beverly Eckert

Now that we know via Judge Joe Brown that Obama is a CIA Agent installed by the Bush family. Can you figure out who killed Beverly Eckert?

Interesting note, Her husband Sean Rooney died in the twin towers in 911 and worked for an insurance company owned by Trump. I read somewhere that both he and Beverly Eckert were PERSONAL FRIENDS but I can’t find it now. Also, note that Q state 7 out of 10 airplane crashes are CIA hits.

Obama murders beverly eckert


OJ Simpson was a CIA Cocaine Runner to Hollywood and Innocent of Murder

This comes DIRECTLY from the CIA.Gov in the PDF titled Bloodlines of the Illuminati page 202 which states..

An example of
something which appears to have happened naturally is the O.J. Simpson case, which was planned
based on previous murder scenarios that had been successfully covered up. O.J. Simpson was a
CIA mind-controlled slaves and the entire Simpson case was concocted as an elaborate effort to cause
racial tensions. The Mishpucka, the CIA, the Mob, and the Illuminati have all had their dirty hands
involved in the entire affair. The entire affair reeks of manipulation and planning. It is not the goal of
this paragraph to go into the case, but just to drop a couple of details. Joey Ippolito, Jr. is both CIA &
Mob. Ippolito at one time lived in Hallendale, FL, a mob housing subdivision that was protected by
a police force run by the mob. He has helped run drugs and wet ops for “the Combination” which
interconnects with the Illuminati. O.J. Simpson’s friend Cowlings worked for Joey Ippolito, as well as
O.J. Simpson. Simpson distributed cocaine for Joey Ippolito & the Combination. Simpson’s lawyer
also is tied to the Illuminati, the CIA, and the mob. One of his lawyers on TV said the trial reeked of
government corruption. Nicole Simpson lived next door to Carl Colby (former CIA director Bill
Colby’s son). Colby’s wife and kids have been subjected to mind-control

Wow, the RABBIT HOLE goes deeper. I’m reading the CIA.GOV website about OJ being set up and searching for 1 of the main guy Joey Ippolito. Jr. and came up with this.
Talks about CIA Hooker Blackmail Ops got Presidential Candidate Gary Hart

Oh, Look! Watson, GUESS whose names show up in my OJ CIA research. The Banks of Crooks and Criminals and Joe BIDEN..Surprise Surprise Surprise…..Q- The largest thrift in Florida made handsome contributions to the campaign funds of several Congressmen, notably Joseph Biden

It looks like there was ANOTHER SUSPECT following Nicole Simpson. Someone besides her husband had taken an intense interest in Nicole. O.J. Simpson consort Paula Barbieris


Toyota 4 X 4 Toyota was used to follow Simpson’s estranged wife


Joey Ippolito, Jr. is both CIA &
Mob. Ippolito at one time lived in Hallendale, FL, a mob housing subdivision that was protected by
a police force run by the mob. He has helped run drugs and wet ops for “the Combination” which
interconnects with the Illuminati. O.J. Simpson’s friend Cowlings worked for Joey Ippolito, as well as
O.J. Simpson. Simpson distributed cocaine for Joey Ippolito & the Combination.

You Can Now Get High Legally In Most States. By Lifehacker

I’m not going to do any q decodes here unless I need to add something from the answers located at Qanon.Pub


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