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I don’t normally ask people to share my BLOGS, but the information in this post I feel is so important that EVERY American needs to begin to prepare their minds for the SHOCK that’s coming. The reason we need to share this type of information is that BIG TECH BITCHES are making sure they censor and suspend accounts that share this type of information. They don’t want you to WAKE UP. You can also follow me on TWATTER @laconic93.. When you share the link I suggest making a non-URL, so they cant shadow-ban it. Example…..  ht___tps://redemperorcbd[DOT]com/agent-freak-nasty-weekly-intelligence-report-11-28-2020/ use different characters and variations because they can ban that nonlink also. There would be a different example h*t*t*ps://redemperorcbd___DOT___com/agent-freak-nasty-weekly-intelligence-report-11-28-2020/

This Thread is Dedicated to Google [Mark Lindbitch The Grand Wizard] The DUMBEST prosecutor in US History.

And Dedicated to Attorney Aaron Pelley aka [Seattles Best Snitch]

Biden Cheated

Here we are three weeks past the election and STILL, no Winner has been declared, What we do know is that Trump via his Super attorney Sidney Powell is gathering massive amounts of voter fraud. The Report can be found here.

Sidney Powell has obtained the sworn statement of Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, whose background included working for the CIA, NSA, and DOD as a cyberwarfare expert.

The USIC has developed the Hammer and Scorecard tools, which were released by Wiki Leaks and
independently confirmed by Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney (USAF, retired), Kirk Wiebe, former NSA official
and Dennis Montgomery, former CIA analyst). The Hammer and Scorecard capabilities are tradecrafts
used by US intelligence analysts to conduct MITM attacks on foreign voting systems, including the

Dominion Voting System (DVS) Democracy Suite and Systems and Software (ES&S) voting machines
without leaving an electronic fingerprint.

As such, these tools are used by nefarious operators to
influence voting systems by covertly accessing DVS and altering the results in real time and without
leaving an electronic fingerprint. The DVS Democracy Suite Election Management System (EMS) consists
of a set of applications that perform pre-voting and post-voting activities.

Reports show that DVS is comprised of several companies which obfuscate its true organizational and
ownership structures. The DVS companies include 1) Dominion Voting Systems International
Corporation, a Barbados corporation; 2) Dominion Voting Systems, Inc., a Delaware corporation; and 3)
Dominion Voting Systems Corporation, a Canadian corporation. Similarly, Smartmatic is comprised of 1)
Smartmatic International Corporation, a Barbados corporation; 2) Smartmatic USA Corporation, a
Delaware corporation; 3) Smartmatic International Holding B.V, a Netherlands corporation; and 4)
Smartmatic TIM Corporation, a Philippines corporation. Based on my counterintelligence experience in
USIC, I conclude that corporate structures were partially designed to obfuscate their complex
relationships, especially with Venezuela, China, and Cuba; and impede discovery by investigators

Now Pay CLOSE attention to Smartmatic, because it connects you directly to BILL GATES… Watch Video

Now what you DIDNT KNOW is that Bill Gates is Half Owners of the Top Floors of Mandala Bay this will become relevant later after you read my report on What really happened in Las Vegas. Bill Gates and Microsoft built the software for Smartmatic. The other half-owner of the Top Floors of the Mandalay Bay is the DOPEY Saudi Prince who JUST so happened to get arrested and tortured by Black Water Operators 1 month after the Vegas Shooting. Coincidence????



Hit ’em Up!!!!


EXCLUSIVE: ‘American mercenaries are torturing’ Saudi elite rounded up by new crown prince – and billionaire Prince Alwaleed was hung upside down ‘just to send a message

  • Source in Saudi Arabia says American private security contractors are carrying out interrogations on princes and billionaires arrested in a crackdown 
  • Detained members of the Saudi elite have been hung by their feet and beaten by interrogates, source says
  • Among that hung upside down are Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, an investor worth at least $7 billion who is being held at Riyadh’s Ritz Carlton
  • Arrests were ordered three weeks ago by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
  • A source claims mercenaries are from ‘Blackwater’, a claim also made by Lebanese president
  • But its successor firm denies it has any operations in Saudi Arabia whatsoever and says its staff abides by U.S. law
  • Americans who commit torture abroad can be jailed for up to 20 years 


I believe that USB
memory cards were used to facilitate administrative access to the backdoor to disrupt polling operations
and impact ballot counting across MI, GA, PA, AZ, and WI. All BATTLEGROUND STATES, whaaaad a Coincidence!!!!

The vote count distribution in PA, WI, MI, AZ, NV, and GA is not based on a normal system
operation. Instead, they are caused by fraudulent electronic manipulation of the targeted voting
b. On approximately 2:30 AM EST, TV broadcasts reported that PA, WI, AZ, NV, and GA have
decided to cease vote-counting operations and will continue the following day. The unanimous
decision to intentionally stop counting by all 5 battleground states is highly unusual, possibly
unprecedented, and demonstrates prior coordination by election officials in a battleground state.


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For example in PA, President Trump’s lead
of more than 700,000 count advantage was reduced to less than 300,000 in a few short hours,
which does not occur in the real world without an external influence. I conclude that manually
feeding more than 400,000 mostly absentee ballots cannot be accomplished in a short time
frame (i.e., 2-3 hours) without illegal vote count alteration. In another case for Edison County,
MI, Vice President Biden received more than 100% of the votes at 5:59 PM EST on November 4,
2020 and again he received 99.61% of the votes at 2:23 PM EST on November 5, 2020. These
distributions are cause for concern and indicate fraud

Man In The Middle

Man In THe Middle Agent Freak Nasty

In conclusion, it is OBVIOUS that BIDEN CHEATED to win the election, what’s more, important is that Trump and the White hats KNEW they were going to cheat and set up a massive sting. In other words, all those DEEP STATE BITCHES are about ready to get a FIRST CLASS TICKET to GITMO HEAVEN to MEET BIG BOB….Que-


TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED messages for Deep State Bitches, Traitors, Enemy Combatants from the NSA.GOV  …..Click Here


Trump Purging the DOD (Department Of Defense)

Does anybody want to know why Trump is getting rid of all the SNITCHES in the DOD????



Want to Know the REAL REASON Trump is Purging the DOD??? Because it’s full of CIA BITCHES that’s why…Que-

911 What Really Happened Agent Freak Nasty


Obama Clinton, Biden, Harris The Bushes are ALL CIA Agents

We already saw the Video of Judge Joe Brown Explaining that Obama was inserted into the Presidency by the Bush Crime Family, if you missed it it’s here. What a lot of people don’t realize is CLINTON was a CIA Bitch who did such a good job of running coke through Arkansas they made him president of the United States. And if Obama is CIA controlled so was his VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN, Logical thinking….Que-

Clinton_IS_A_CIA_AGENTSo DO THE MATH, If our presidents since Kennedy and Beyond were CIA ASS HOLES EVERY Supreme Court, Federal Judge, Ambassordos and three-letter agency director had to have the SEAL OF APPROVAL by the Clowns in America. Yes, we have been FUCKED for a LOOOONG TIME…. You can read the full Mint-Press News Report Here. One more thing to put into your memory banks is that our current Attorney General William Barr was the CIA Lawyer who told Clinton he would be President….Que-

From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”: The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship

Raise Your Hand If Your Ridin With Biden

If you haven’t seen the releases of Hunter Bidens Laptop Yet, which includes some SICK SHIT, Check out this link by clicking on the picture. They also say most of the porn on the LAPTOP FROM HELL was uploaded to . I haven’t verified that but he either did it on purpose like Q suggested or he is one of the dumbest motherfuckers in the history of the world.

Agent Freak Nasty_Riding_With_Biden

Trump Declares Deep State Bitches Enemy Combatants

Once you are declared an Enemy Combatment it means you conspired with foreign parties to attack the United States and you be treated JUST LIKE A TERRORIST, with No right to attornies, no protection from being tortured, no protection from being detained indefinitely. In other words, you’re FUCKED. This is particularly important for LAW FIRMS because most of the deep state bitches secrets are protected by lawyer-client confidentiality agreements. It’s the same reason all the DIRTY secrets are done in the presence of a lawyer because the NSA and FBI cant LEGALLY wiretap the office. Now that all these bitches got caught COLLECTIVELY trying to rig the elections they are TOAST. Now the NSA can go back probably 20 years and dig up every chat, email, Keylogg, and phone voice recording of ALL OF THEM. That means that the DNC or should I say the law firm of the CIA Perkins COIE going to take a DIRT NAP… Here is the most DEVASTING PART. The NSA can use the HOPS system to not only legally collect the DEEP STATE bitches information, but those of ALL their FRIENDS and CONTACTS, AND all of their FRIENDS and contacts and up to 3 HOPS. If you don’t fully understand the NSA BUNNY HOP GAME I recommend you read this article.

Enemy Combatants_Agent_Freak_Nasty

Click On Picture For Link



If you have been following me for a while you will remember this graphic where I was able to connect my POS attorney Aaron Pelley to three bunny hops to the Law Firm of Perkins Coie. It was all PART OF THE SEO TRAP I set for Washington State Deep State Bitches in my SEO ATTACK of 2014. Also, Q referred to the HOPS surveillance method in this drop. A lot of these IDIOTS switched to BURNER PHONES when they found out about Edward Snowden and the NSA recording, little did there dumb asses know that BURNER PHONES are the FIRST THING the Chocalate_NSA monitors, You ever heard of a thing called VOICE PRINT???? Bahahahahah… These people are STUPID!!!!


Obama and Bill Clinton Murdered Two Activists in the Same Plane Crash

Now that I have Prepped Your Mind to accept the fact that Obama and Bill Clinton are CIA agents we can use our handy dandy Scooby-Doo Q ring decoder to CONCLUSIVELY conclude that Obama and the Clintons Murdered the 911 activist Beverly Eckert and Rwanda Genocide Activist Allison Des Forges. It was NO coincidence that they BOTH died in the same plane accident.



So Q is telling us that 7 out of 10 Plane crashes are targeted kills by the CIA, Now let me ask you a question, Now that you know Obama and Clinton are CIA clowns what are the Odds that Beverly Eckert dies 6 days after meeting Obama on a flight that HE GAVE HER TICKETS TOO. BOOOMSHAKALAKA!!!!!




Read the first link in this title to get full details of the connections between Bill Clinton and the Rwandan Genocide and the other passenger who was on the same flight. That will BLOW YOUR MIND by itself. Now here is where Agent Freak Nasty BAKES YOUR NOODLE. Remember Q Post  259 where it says RED/RED 911 funds raised vs distributed? Oversight? It is saying that the 911 victims did not get a fraction of the funds raised versus distributed and GUESS was the lawyer in charge of the 911 distribution funds for the victims? Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, ANOTHER member of the MASTER RACE, What was Doctor Piecenick saying again about the NY Jews serving as JUDGE and JUROR again????


He is known as a DEEP STATE BITCH FIXER, he’s been in the game a LONG TIME, now GUESS WHO HE IS REPRESENTING in the Ethiopian Boeing 737 crash.

Kenneth Feinberg


Now guess what POS Prosecutor’s FIRST CASE was when he got voted out of office in Pierce County for Corruption???? That’s RIGHT, Google [Mark Lindbitch The Grand Wizard]. Tadaaaaa!!!!!! And not ONLY THAT Feinberg is representing Boeing via PERKINGS COIE the law firm of the CLOWNS IN AMERICA!! You CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!!!!! Are you starting to understand why I’m about 99.99999999999999999 percent sure Mark LindBITCH is a CIA CLOWN????

BTW I am not suicidal and love life. Sooooooo….Que-









Boeing Mark_Lindquis

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Reference: If you do not know what QANON is I suggest you read this first.



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The Tangerine Nigga

Agent Freak Nasty UNCHAINED….Que- #informationwarfare #redemperorrising #checkmate