Agent GPFN Q DecodesBiden Laptop From Hell

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Greetings Mark Lindquist The Grand Wizard!!!!  It has been over 2 months since I published my last weekly intelligence report due to technical issues. It is now after the election, and a WHOLE bunch of crazy shit is going down.

First, let’s start with the video released by Dr. Pieczenick that stated the ENTIRE ELECTION was a STING operation to catch democrats cheating on the vote.

Points made:

A. All Ballots were coded with a watermark by the Department of Home Land Security with QFS blockchain encryption.

B. National Guards have been dispatched to Democratic cities to begin mass arrests.

C. It was a trap from the start as hinted by Q-ANON post.



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 338ebd No.10668955 📁
Add it all up.
1. Virus
2. Riots [organized _ANTIFA]
3. Fires
The ‘Why’:📁
Make no mistake, they will not concede on Election Night.
Make no mistake, they will contest this legally in battleground states.
Make no mistake, they will project doubt in the election results
Make no mistake, they will organize massive riots and attempt Anarchy-99 design
Playbook known.
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 000000 No.7355985 📁
What advantages might exist when you know the other side’s playbook?📁
Enjoy the show!
On November 15 2019 Q suggested that they know the enemy’s playbook and that a TRAP was being set. The Next post on Sept 26, 2020, it COMPLETLY PREDICTED what is happening now in the battleground states with the election. Coincidence???? I think not. Again if you don’t know what QANON is I HIGHLY suggest you watch this video.
Solve for Que- In this Aerosmith Video, WHO is the MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE???? The ChocAlate_NSA want’s to know, have you been a good little boy Billy????’

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Chinese Billionaire Releases videos and Audio Of Hunter Biden’s Laptop that includes child porn and sex with Obama’s Daughters.

To a lot of you this is a shock to you because the media and big tech HEAVILY SUPPRESSED this news. I had my twitter account banned for 30 days @laconic93 just for linking to one of the sources.

Hunter Biden Laptop Child Po


There are MANY MANY videos you can watch for yourself, I will not post the lewd ones here but here is the link.\


1) President Obama’s daughter Malia Obama

As shown in the photos below, Malia Obama’s credit card was used to cut cocaine, and Mr. O’s dog was in bed next to an ethnically black girl riding Hunter in a sex and drug orgy. The most damming piece of Evidence is a JPMORGAN select credit cared ONLY issued to people who have a new worth of 10 million dollars or more surrounded by lines of cocaine. Included in the drop are pictures of what appears to be Angelina Jolie, Lada Gaga and WORST of all , Bidens OWN family members. Link Here




Malia Obama Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell 1





3) Biden family incest exposed

Hunter had a sexual relationship with his sister-in-Law Hallie Biden who is the wife of his deceased brother Beau.

The diary of Ashley Biden, Joe Biden’s daughter, revealed child sex trauma, drug abuse, and resentment towards Joe Biden.

What is even more alarming and outrageous is that underage children in the Biden family are also sexually endangered, as caught on the videos as well as being mentioned by Hunter himself in his text message to Joe Biden! Mr. Rudy Giuliani has filed a police report citing “numerous pictures of underage girls” from Hunter’s laptop.

While some of the videos and photos in the laptop are quite provocative and depraved, people will soon find out that the financial deals between the CCP and the Biden family, and many influential people in the US, are even more depraved.
Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell contains a myriad of evidence of the CCP’s long-standing use of corruption, money, sex, media, and drugs to gain control over influential people in the U.S. and throughout the world. And Hunter’s laptop is just the tip of the iceberg. Many US politicians, Hollywood stars, NBA and other sports figures, mainstream and social Media executives, Wall Street moguls, and many other people have been corrupted and compromised by the CCP.
The money those people have taken is from Chinese slave labor and the deplorable in the US. There are still more than 600 million people in China whose annual income is less than US $1,000. Many children in rural China still can’t go to school and suffer malnutrition.

Mark Lindquist


Biden Family Crack Heads

The Biden Family Be Like….Que-



The Drug war was a trick used by the CIA and Nixon Administration to wage war against Africans and Anti-War Protestors.


Basically the CIA clowned controlled President Nixon used the DRUG war as a excuse to create the largest legal SLAVE population in the world , now you know why the United States has the LARGEST prison population , DONT YOU….Que- So basically any American citizen who is in prison or have been arrested for drugs should be IMMEDIATELY released from prison and compensated. It was never a war on drugs, it was a WAR on the American People.

The Shocking Story Behind Richard Nixon’s ‘War on Drugs’ That Targeted Blacks and Anti-war Activists

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