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Status: Situation Normal All Fucked Up.


If you didn’t already know the biggest shocker since the last intelligence report and I would dare to say the BIGGEST FUCKING SHOCKER in your lifetime as a intelligence agent is that the BILL GATES SPECIAL has a ALUMIUM ALIEN LIFEFORM inside designed to do GOD KNOWS WHAT. It cant be good or else these motherfuckers wouldn’t be locking us down and threatening to take our jobs if we don’t take it. So if your reading this right now and you took the BILL GATES special you have a lifeform NEVER FOUND ON EARTH inside your body at this VERY SECOND. Congratulations NUMB NUTZ. Hey but its NOT ALL BAD NEWS. I think they have a cure for it and I will get into that later. In the meantime Watch this video to get an idea what’s ahead for your future. GOOD NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT don’t let the #BILLGATES SPECIAL BED BUGS BITE!

Screenshot 2021 10 10 at 14 12 56 Dr Carrie Madej First U S Lab Examines Vaccine Vials HORRIFIC Findings Revealed


Here is the link to the FULL REPORT:

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Durham Investigation picking up Speed

If you didn’t know one of the last Q post was watch the Durham investigations. I guess this gives us the HOPIUM we need to not start blowing motherfuckers heads off right about now , but like I said. Pay attention to your OWN HOOD don’t trust ANYBODY and don’t trust any COMMS coming from anywhere unless you can verify that shit with PRE-ARRANGED PASS PHARASES…..

Perkins Coie gets PAWNED by Agent Freak Nasty

Perkins Coie gets PAWNED by Agent Freak Nasty


John Durham & The Amazing Disappearing DNC Hack | ZeroHedge

Basically where we stand right now is all evidence leads to the inditements of Barak Obama, Super Cankles and the REST of his entire administration including most of the CIA BITCHES. We will dig more into detail latter on that one.

Bill Clinton Dead According to #SpookPorn Site



Joe Rogan DESTROYS CNN and Dr. Sanya Gupta

Jussie Smollette Trial to continue.

If you didn’t know Jussie is the nephew of #CIABABE Karmala Harris . His trial should reveal communications that will connect his fake robbery to the democratic party the CIA, Obama and Kamala Harris. Dave Chappelle destroys him in this comic sketch .



Ed Troyer The Doofus gets criminally charged on my Birthday …. Coincidence????

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Alien Substance Black Goo Now its starting to GET WEIRD….

Normally I wouldn’t even post this because its SO FUCKING BIZARRE, but since they found that ALIEN THING inside the BILL GATES SPECIAL, I will let you be the judge.

If you want to connect all the DOTS of the Alien Aluminum creature dubbed THE THING, found inside the BILL GATES SPECIAL, you might want to watch this video.

Black Goo : The Worlds Most Mysterious Substance – YouTube





Remember in one of my FIRST EVER BLOGS about how Fukushima was Blown Up using Mini Nukes, Well the same guy telling you about the Black Goo CONFIRMS it. Which means HIS INTEL might be good, that’s some SCARRY SHIZNIT. Here is the link to the blog  The Covert Samson Option (



Jan 6 Trump Insurrection Capitol Breach Was set up by the Feds. Duh….que-


That concludes this #Agentfreaknaty Monthly Intelligence Report, That should be enough in there to give you nightmares for the next three months. You can always follow me on TWATTER  @Laconic93 for that UP TO DATE INTEL… Aight yall motherfuckers STAY FROSTY and watch your AMMO….que-



Dr. David Martin The Illusion of Power Who REALLY runs the world? Our History is Fake.