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Alien Aluminum Life Form Found In Vaccine Presented by Dr. Franc Zalewski

More Sickening COVID Vaccine Findings: Dr. Frank Zalewski Discovers an “Aluminum Lifeform” Tentacled Parasite within Pfizer Vaccine. Vaccine Parasites found in Vaccinated Blood Causing Blood Clots, and Heart Issues You can follow me on TWITTER at @Laconic93 If says not found try it in an hour, they are GHOSTING me for A REASON and on Truth Social as Agent Freak Nasty. Make sure you Share far and wide. Webmasters, Please Link….Q-

Vaccine Worms Hatching Inside Body

Update 8/5/2022 Google Censor Algorithms Go into High Gear

Notice how Google COMPLETLY hides all information on Dr. Zalewski’s presentation, Whereas Bing shows the correct query results. This means that somebody at Google had to PHYSICALLY write code to keep the information away from you. Now WHY would they do that? Use Logic. Many of you took the vaccine or have family friends, children, brothers, cousins etc who took the #BillGatesSpecial. Recent information has come to my attention that says the vaxxed only HAVE THREE YEARS to live if they do not treat his bioweapons shot. Please Share this Blog to EVERYONE you know in order to by-pass the MSM information death grip they have on us all. Google is so bad I encourage you to use both search engines and compare results when you are researching anything.

alumunium based life formsaluminum based Life Forms Bing Search Results

Update 7/28/2022

For some reason, Dr. Ruby Jane and the Stew Peters Show along with the health Ranger have taken over the investigation into the chemical makeup of #agentspot. This is VERY similar to how Big Bloomers Loomer popped out of NOWHERE to direct your attention AWAY from WHO owned the Top Floors of the Mandalay Bay. Which were Bill Gates and The Saudi Royal Family. Yes, the SAME BILL GATES pushing the vaccine with ZERO medical training. It’s ALL RELATED..  Do you want to know what REALLY happened in Las Vegas? Click Here…  

So we know from the ORGINAL video of Dr. Zalewski’s he CLEARY states that it consists of aluminum carbon and Bromine. Why is this interesting? Because Aluminum and Bromine are EXPLOSIVE when combined. See:

The OTHER reason it is interesting is that Dr.Ruby along with her buddies over at the Alex Jones show is KNOWN Deep State Controlled Opposition clowns. I won’t get into details, but they can’t be trusted. Dr. Jane knew exactly what #agentSPOT was made of MONTHS ago, I have the video. Dr. Zalewski CLEARY said the creature wants to reproduce and live. and they are trying to steer you in the exact opposite direction. See Evidence for yourself.


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Update 6/13/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking microscopy photos of blood clots extracted from those who “suddenly died” – crystalline structures, nanowires, chalky particles, and fibrous structures

Agent Spot

Source Link at the End of the Article.

If this SHIT is contagious, we got a really fucking big problem DONT WE????

Update 6/12/2022

It seems we have discovered the self-assembling crystals are for that have been found inside the vaccines. Believe it or not, it goes back to the RWANDA GENOCIDE and Operation Crimson Mist. Are you ready to have your MIND BLOWN???? Welcome to Agent Freak Nasty Intelligence…., Please share this blog FAR AND WIDE, we all have friends and loved ones who took the Jab, we need to find a cure fast. I suspect they already have one ready to go…. Also, if you need a bulletproof backpack for you or your children check out our sponsor….Q-

  1. First, watch the crystals form at around minute 4 in this video using a regular microscope.

2. Now watch this video of Dr. Pierre Gilbert in 1995 1 year after the Rwanda Genocide.



3. Now watch this video of Operation Crimson Mist. A covert CIA Operation that used PSYCHOTRONIC MIND CONTROL weapons to drive the Africans insane and make them slaughter their neighbors after the CIA shot down the presidential plane. You see, Rwanda was listed at 96 percent vaccinated BEFORE the slaughter. The reason they made police and the military take the Vaccine first is so they can MIND CONTROL them to take out the rest of us.

Alison des Forges accused Bill Clinton and the CIA of being behind the Rwanda Genocide, guess what happened to her???? Coincidence????….#Agentfreaknasty


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Here more information can be found here. On Liquid Crystals and mind control.

As crazy as it sounds, the research has led me to believe it is true. Part of the Vaccine is creating self-assembling computer circuits inside your body to be used for MIND CONTROL. Check out this website that shows actual videos of the computer circuits being assembled in the blood stream… Folks THIS IS NOT A DRILL….Q-

Life Of The Blood – An International Collaboration of scientists and Doctors who have found elements in the Covid-19 vaccines.

self-assembling-computer Circuits

Self-Assembling Computer Circuits


Oregon State research shows hemp compounds prevent COVID-19 from entering human cells




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Update 2/22/2022 Vax Parasite Worms Caught Hatching from Eggs in Real-Time Microscope Video

Vax Parasite Worms Caught Hatching from Eggs in Real Time Microscope Video. Researchers Present Strange Vax Microscopy Findings & Blood Comparisons | Alternative | Before It’s News (

Vaccine Worms Hatching Inside Body

Update 2/18/2022 Naval Intelligence Officer William Cooper Predicts Plandemic in 1991 Book Behold a Pale Horse


Agent Freak Nasty

Another video of a Polish doctor talking about his discovery of an Alien Aluminum life form in a Pfizer vaccine sample, that he found an aluminum-carbon lifeform, with a head, three legs, and three colors. It is made up of aluminum, carbon, and bromine. Dr. Dr.

He began by stating that it is 25 microns wide. Then he continued to show the relative size of the head and legs with string, claiming that the head is 20 microns large, while the tentacles are 2.5 mm (2500 nanons).

Dr. Zalewski’s dramatic presentation is understated and yet powerful. It offers a frightening look into a sinister program to stealthily insert self-replicating artificial biology lifeforms into the vaccine that has been promoted by world governments for humanity.

DrFranc 1

Dr. Zalewski stated that he had examined five vials of the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine. He found only a saline solution containing NaCl crystals. Then he discovered the “Thing”, which contained a head and three legs, in a third vial. He claims that he was looking for something specific in the vaccine. He suggests that graphite tape may have caused the appearance of this living creature under the microscope. Dr. Zalewski concludes that graphene in vaccines acts as food or catalyst for Thing and that vaccines contain the eggs which hatch in graphene.


live blood analysis



He shows spectrographs that show the chemical composition of the Thing. The leg is made of carbon, while the rest of it is made of Aluminum. He also shows close-ups of the leg and its end appendage, which he calls his paw. This part is made of carbon.

Dr. Zalewski effectively clarifies the implications of this bioterrorism act by asking rhetorical questions like “Has anyone heard of an aluminum-based life form?” and “Does it seem beneficial?” He reminds us that the parasite is designed to reproduce, survive, and then proliferate within the body and bloodstream.

Other spectrographs are also shown by him, reporting that these are samples of an unknown creature, possibly a synthetic life form, created in a bioweapons laboratory. Researchers and students at Universities are now interested in the science of inorganic-organic living forms. This research paper Artificial life forms: The strains of future technology? is written by a McGill University researcher. However, there is no reason for vaccine manufacturers to inject a synthetic or natural biological life form into any vaccine, especially one that is being forced onto people around the world.

Informed Consent requires full disclosure of ingredients. It is clear that the COVID vaccine industry leaders have hidden many ingredients from vaccines. Research scientists are uncovering these ingredients and they are being found to be extremely harmful, toxic, and threatening to human life.

Screenshot 2021 10 10 at 14 12 56 Dr Carrie Madej First U S Lab Examines Vaccine Vials HORRIFIC Findings Revealed



Dr. Frank Zelewski Alien Aluminium life form

Alien Aluminium life form

DrFRanc 15
image 6
Showing spectrographs of the chemical content of the Thing, he says it is composed of Aluminum and Carbon with the leg part being composed of carbon. He also shows close-ups of the leg and end-appendage which he calls a paw and says this part is composed of carbon.
DrFRanc 17
Asking rhetorical questions such as “Has anyone ever heard of an aluminum-based life form” and “Do we think it is beneficial,” Dr. Zalewski quite effectively drives home the implication that this is a true act of bio-terrorism, to contaminate the vaccines with a horrific synthetic parasite which, he reminds us, is meant to self-replicate, preserve its life and progeny, and essentially proliferate inside the human bloodstream and body.
image 7
DrFranc 2
DrFranc 3
DrFranc 4
Dr Franc 5
DRFranc 6
DRFranc 7
DrFranc 8
DrFranc 9 1
DrFranc 10 1
DrFranc 13


Alien Aluminium Life Form

Alien Aluminum Life Form



DNA-Collection and DNA-Analysis: “This World We Must Realize Is Almost Already Lost”

Dr. Zalewski talks in this video about the small, brush-like tendrils that make up the COVID test strips are functioning as DNA brushes or DNA collectors. He also explains how DNA collection at airports is openly done for a “Central DNA Database”.

The human race is being collectively targeted for illness, parasitic infection, and extermination with dangerous inclusions into a vaccine nobody uses (keeping in mind that the so-called Covid virus ( has a not-proved to-exist virus)has an 89.97% recovery rate for most ages-groups), but it seems that individual DNA from humans is still in high demand for data collection and analysis purposes.

Is it possible that Stealth DNA Contamination using the conjured DNA of synbio organisms as well as known parasites- which was discussed here earlier after Dr. Madej’s revelations -is being deliberately executed with the inclusion of these dubious organisms into the vaccines? Transhumanism via parasite and a fancy new form of life, created in a military laboratory and spreading inside human bodies, mixing it with ours and replacing it who knows? This is certainly a topic that requires further investigation. The US Military has been spending millions on synthetic biology research, with the clear intent of transhumanizing soldiers using “enhancing capabilities” covers. Are American soldiers really willing to travel there? How insane is this world?

Synthetic Biology research could enhance future capabilities of soldiers/US Army. Nov 10, 2016.

Army’s “Team Ignite” Focusing on AI, Synthetic Biology/National Defense. 11/20/2020


Do you still have a problem believing Agent SPOT is not from Planet Earth? Then you might want to watch this TOP SECRET briefing I call The BIG TAMALE by Dr. Deagle.

Confirmed Morgellons are being found in the Mask.


This discovery of a new horrific parasite in the Pfizer vaccine comes on the heels of recent findings of the Trypanosoma Cruzii virus in the Pfizer vaccine by Dr. Robert Young and several European scientists in The Scientists Club, of a second new unidentified parasite witnessed under the microscope in the Pfizer vaccine by Dr. Robert Young reported here earlier, of a possible third new parasite found by Dr. Carrie Madej in the Moderna vaccine and speculated to be the Immortal Hydra Vulgaris, and of parasites found in vaccinated blood by Dr. Robert Young and reported here earlier.




Alien Aluminium Life Form

Alien Aluminium Life Form

Alien Aluminium Life Form

Alien Aluminium Life Form


Carrie NewPics 8

Alien Aluminium Life Form


These Parasites Are Intentionally Included in the COVID Vaccines

Certainly, the whole focus is on keeping the Pfizer vaccines at such extremely low cryogenic-preservation temperatures which just happen to coincide with parasite preservation temperatures in conjunction with the well-known screening for antibodies (signifying the presence of this parasite) in inpatient blood raises questions.

It is hard to believe that such a diabolical intention could lead to the inclusion of a deadly parasite into a vaccine. This is being enforced by world governments through a dozen coercive methods, including employment mandates. But it is also difficult to believe that any parasite could be found in any vaccine vial.

Now we have four possible parasites/synthetic biological organisms that scientists and doctors have observed in vials.

It is important to consider the possibility of these parasites being included in vaccines that are being given to millions of people as an intentional and known inclusion, not chance contamination. It is known that Trypanosoma parasites can cause neuro damage and multi-organ failure, as well as heart disease. A deliberate inclusion could be associated with nefarious intent.

Also, The graphene and other metal toxins contained in the vaccines – whose inclusion could be linked to intentional magnetizing or electrification of cells–which is a nefarious intention enough but not necessarily aimed at death (although vaccine deaths may have occurred due to this cause, they may have been collateral damages in the overall intent of preparing humans for the Internet of Things/AI super control).

Nefarious intent revealed: The Vaccine Makers have previously shown their hand

Sir John Bell recently brought evidence of evil intent regarding vaccines to our attention. He stated openly that he and his friends were infertile, and that the vaccine was needed to cause that. . Melissa Strickler, the whistleblower at Pfizer Quality Control, revealed to Project Veritas how top Pfizer executives wanted to keep the story about the inclusion of aborted fetal cell in the Pfizer vaccines from the press.

Sir John Bell
Emails from Vanessa Gelman (Senior Director of Worldwide Research at Pfizer), Project Veritas

What was the purpose of the vaccine to cause infertility and how did it work? It could be through a massive increase in spike protein and its coagulation within reproductive organs as some doctor’s suspect, or through the depositing mRNA lipid capsids full of graphene inside organs or through the malevolent effect of bloodsucking parasites boring down into tissue and causing blood to clots-as all horrifying and disturbing to contemplate.

It is impossible to ignore the evidence that is emerging right now.

These Vaccines That Aren’t Really Vaccines Should Be Retain

No matter how you look at it, the presence of parasites within vaccines is alarming and should be stopped immediately. This is not something that should be allowed to enter the body of anyone, let’s not forget children.

Dr. Young has passionately called for an end to vaccines after recent findings of deadly parasites on the Ramola D Reports and Laura Loomershows. As with other doctors, scientists remind us that these are injections and not vaccines. Gene-therapy drug treatments filled full of toxic substances and parasites that no one needs in their bodies.

Shocking Test Results for CoV – 19 Vaccines Contain Cytotoxic, Genotoxic and Magneticotoxic Ingredients!/

Currently, there are over 16,000 reported vaccine-related deaths in the CDC VAERS data. However, the AFLDS lawsuit and attorney Tom Renz have revealed over 45,000 deaths and more in recent exposes on his website, and in interviews in which he reveals data that the CDC counting fraud has covered up, pointing out over 50,000 vaccine-related deaths among Medicaid patients. Vaccine-related injuries, especially neuro damage and convulsions, are being reported daily on social media.

Many videos are available online that show instant collapse and death after a jab in many countries (see Tik Tok or Telegram).

The vaccines contain toxins and parasites that are most likely causing damage. These injections must be stopped.


In conclusion, if you took the BILL GATES SPECIAL, congratulations you are a NEW MOTHER. The GOOD NEWS is that I heard they have a way to get rid of the CHEST BUSTERS growing inside your body. Supposedly an Electromagnetic Pulse similar to the one they used in the movie the Matrix will kill them all. Where are you going to find an EMP machine? Good fucking question!! Maybe some Red Emperor Delta 8 THC might help. Hey at least you will high as fizzuck and it will help you take your find off the CHEST BUSTERS GROWING inside your body…..#Agentfreaknasty


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