Agent GPFN Q Decodes

Oh, today I have a GOOD one for, I will prove to you WITHOUT A SHADOW of doubt this COIV-19 Pandemic is FAKE as SHIT..

First of all, if the Government REALLY cared about your health because of something in the air, they sure as hell wouldn’t tell your ass/ Why because they want us DEAD, that’s right depopulation.

First, Go to this link and read the Declassified email released by Wikileaks sent to Hillary Clinton By Cheryl Mills.







That’s right when Fukushima blew up Obama and his inner circles warned EACHOTHER to SHELTER INDOORS and to WEAR A MASK, but they didn’t tell the general public a GOD DAMN think, Not citizens in the US or American Citizens in Tokyo and Soldiers. This ALONE is proof of TREASON.

Watch here how Obama comes on TV and tells the American Public they have nothing to worry about.

Listen to how he says we are evacuating Americans who are 15 miles from the plant when they KNEW dangerous levels of radiation where headed STRAIGHT for TOKYO which is 150 miles away, by their own god damn emails.

Not only did the radiation hit Tokyo the West Coast of the United States got radiated also. Watch this video by Nuclear Scientist Arnie Gunderson

As a matter of fact, I don’t believe Fukushima was an accident at ALL. Think about all the times Q mentions DEPOPULATION and you will get my drift. I wrote a nice long write up on Fukushima and why I’m pretty sure it was another INSIDE job here.

depopulation qanon



I just watched the video of former CIA agent Kevin Shipp who turned whistleblowers new video. It’s long but here are some key points.

  1. The CIA used the mafia to run drugs then laundered the money through the Vatican 45:40
  2. The CIA laundered money through the Vatican for a due terrorist attack that killed 491 people
  3. The CIA supported the death of 250,000 people in Chile using our tax dollars
  4. FDR purposely removed defensive ships to allow Americans to be killed at Pearl Harbor. Traitor
  5. WW1 and 2 Orchestrated by certain families….Q- minute 53:09The CIA created al Qaeda, meaning Bin Laden meaning 911 55:28



Qpost 3

Q talks about Rod and Bob who is Robert Muller and Rodney’s face is in the Uranium One Scandal. It goes on to ask why did Trump meet with Muller under the cover of the FBI director interview when he was already disqualified. The answer is that he showed Muller the Evidence he had to convict him on the Uranium One scandal and he better work for TRUMP or go straight to Gitmo. There is also a good theory that Muller was given immunity and he and turn gave James Comey Immunity and they are both setting up the deep state. Can’t prove it but it would be brilliant what better WITNESSES against deep-state bitches than the former heads of the FBI. I mean who REALLY knows where all the bodies are buried all the way to Kennedy? The FBI bitches that’s who.





Q Post 3 further goes on the state that not most actors are bad, and many worship Satan and ask where are Hillary and Huma.


States that  Q is here to leave crumbs or clues. Hmmm, where have we seen that before WATSON? It asks us to focus on state secrets and military intelligence and asks us what supreme court decision opened the door for this sitting. This is a GREAT read from on the war you are currently witnessing between Trump and the Deep State. here.

Known in American Constitutional legal circles as a “Taney Arrest Warrant”, this report explains, during the Civil WarPresident Abraham Lincoln personally issued an arrest warrant for Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court Robert Taney—and though never executed, but confirmed by historical documents as being true, it has never been disputed as a power given by the US Constitution to a President who controls the entire Executive Branch of the government.

In times of national crisis, too, this report details, American presidents have the full legal power to take on all of the duties of the entire Executive Branch—and that President Lincoln did during the Civil War that allowed him to suspend the writ of habeas corpus and arrest more than 14,000 political prisoners and shut down more than 300 newspapers.

I believe this is the Supreme Court case Q is referring to.

Q goes on to mention Operation Mocking Bird which is how the CIA and Mossad control all media.

It then goes on and said everything is under control and ENJOY THE SHOW!


Q Post 5

Follow the money, it’s always the truth Q asks about Nancy and John McShitstains wealth. And suggest that she is faking mental decline and Mcshitstain is faking cancer to avoid trials. Other questions there I’m not sure and haven’t researched. But Q goes on to let us know that this revolution is not just for the United States but for the world.

That is for today, please share because the social media algorithms will block all this shit. Also, webmaster please link. Gracias….Q-

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The Agent Freak Nasty Psychological Warefare Lesson of the day!

Keyword [Social Conformity]

Solomon Asch conducted an experiment to investigate the extent to which social pressure from a majority group could affect a person to conform.

Here are two examples, Pressure to wear a mask for a FAKE Pandemic

The pressure to stand up for the Flag or a Judge when they enter a courtroom. What they are really doing is training you like a DOG to obey commands because EVERYBODY else does it, EVEN if it’s against your own best interest or common sense thinking. Here is a perfect video to explain.


ghiselle maxwell meme


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