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Obama Family History, CIA activities on US Soil, 911, and Rudy Guiliani

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a VERY SPECIAL post today where I guarantee you I WILL BLOW YOUR MIND with these new intelligence drops from Judge, Joe Brown, Former CIA Agent Kevin Shipp, and Former CIA Agent Robert Stelle.

In 2014 I started an Internet Search Engine Game called to follow the snitch, Where I leave clues and more information in the links. This Blog is similar to that same system. I present the BASE information on the top layer but allow you to DRILL DOWN for more information in the links. There is enough information on this page to keep you busy for a month if you so desire. I believe the information contained in this Blog you should be known to EVERY citizen on the Earth to truly understand how our world operates behind the scene. Our Governments work VERY HARD to hide this information from public view using electronic censoring methods and bots so I am asking Everyone to please SHARE this link to as many people as possible. On this page you will what I believe to be the most logical explanations for the following.

  • 911 False Flag
  • Las Vegas Shooting
  • Fukushima Sabotage
  • Obama’s True Family History
  • True Extinct of the Epstein Black Mail Ring and much more!

As always you are ALAWS encouraged to do your own research and THINK FOR YOURSELF. If you see any errors or have any questions please LEAVE A COMMENT.. .Gracias

I would like to dedicate this thread to Admiral Mike Rogers and the white hats at the Chocalate_NSA….Q-

Note: Most of the pictures have links to the Source References, Some links are to Music or Comedy Youtube Videos. Enjoy

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Obama Was a CIA Plant Inserted Into The White House by the Bush Crime Family


The video of Judge Joe Brown is embedded and you can watch the whole thing yourself, but here are the highlights.

Trump is not racist, he just doesn’t like too many people. He dated a black model in the ’90s and he also was the one who financed BOTH Jessie Jackson’s presidential campaigns. Also when black people couldn’t get loans they were told to go to Trump when he would help them with no problem. Doe’s that sound racist to you? Also, there is a GREAT story on Vanity Fair of how Trump Sued the city of Palm Dale Florida because they wouldn’t let blacks and Jews onto his golf course. He even had his lawyers send the council a book titled. “Guess whos coming to dinner” a story about a white girl bringing home her black boyfriend for the first time. It is a long read but worth it. Link Here.

Now here is the SHOCKING PART, Obamas Mother was a CIA Agent and so was his grandmother. George Bush introduced Barak’s mother to one of his CIA hitmen Soro Batero or something like that and he married Barak’s mother and adopted Obama. Judge Joe Brown goes on to say that there are pictures of George Bush with his arms around 8-year-old Obama. He also said whenever you see George Bush Jr. giving candy to Michelle Obama or who some like to call Big Mike, it was a secret code of how he used to give candy to a young Barak. You see my friends. Barak Obama was a SPAWN of the CIA inserted into the White House by the Bush Crime family. I SHIT YOU NOT!. You can watch the full video right here.

It all makes sense if you think about it, after the Deep State killed Kennedy they could NEVER let an outsider investigate their crimes so they had to keep control of the White House and Presisendcy for EVER. People were wising up to the BUSH/CLINTON control of the White House so they brought in their real-life Manchurian Candidate CIA Spawn Barak Obama and tricked an entire nation with that Hope and CHANGE bullshit. That’s right they played us ESPECIALLY the black community like a fiddle.


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Barak Obama CIA Connections By NSA Analyst Wayne Maden

NSA analyst Wayne Madsen wrote some articles on Obama and his CIA connections years ago, and I’m just reading them now. And the best part of it is, he says pretty much exactly what Judge Joe Brown told us about that dirty Mf, including.

Obamas Father Worked for the CIA

Click On Picture for Source Article

Barak Obamas Step Father

Click on Picture For Source Article

Now does it make sense why Buttigieg got busted USING the same speeches as Obama? They BOTH probably CIA bitches.

Yeap Obamas Daddy had ties to the Clowns In America Watson. And on this next link

And remember that Judge Joe Brown told us Bush introduced Barak’s mother to Soetoro who was one of his CIA hitmen.


Former CIA Agent Robert Stelle Drops Intel Bombshells


A few days ago right after Gisselle Maxwell was arrested former CIA agent Robert Steele made a video and in the end, he said enjoy the trial and had this BIG ASS SMILE on his face. Today he released a new video and dropped some MONSTER BOMBSHELLS. The video is long so I will highlight the biggest ones but you should watch the entire video I might have missed something.

A. At minute 6:00 He tells us that there are 50 Pedophilia Rings just like Epesteins operating in EACH STATE. Their mission is to blackmail Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Mayors, Police Sheriffs you name it. HI!!! [Mark LindBitch The Grand Wizard]

Las Vegas Sheriff FBI

By the way, if you want to know what Really Happened in Vegas Read My Other Blog Here

B. At minute 7:00 Robert Steeles tells us that Rudy Guliani was hired by the Jewish Mafia to take out the Italian Mafia while he was the prosecutor in NYC. Now here is the big CROSS-REFERENCE, NSA Analyst Wayne Madsen told us that it was Guiliana who released the Five Dancing Israelis from jail who were caught FILMING the attack. You can read my report on what happened in 911 here. That will BLOW your mind by itself.

Rudy Giuliani 911

C: Bill Clinton was another President installed by the CIA via CIA lawyer William Barr, who is our CURRENT Attorney General, yeah you heard that right. Bill Clinton worked with the CIA importing drugs from South America to airfields in Arkansas. For his loyalty and good work, the CIA made him President, just like Obama. Are you STARTING to see a pattern here? William Barr was also the attorney general of Bush SR, so guess who knows where all the BODIES are BURIED. It would be that MF right there. So the question is why does Trump have two swamp creatures working in his administration? Let’s just pray they both were flipped or else we are TOAST.

William Barr Knows Where the Bodies are Buried

We also have a GREAT Cross reference on how William Barr installed Bill Clinton as President from Super Reporter Whitney Webb of Mintpress news. See Below.


Click on The Picture To Read The Source Article


D. In the video by former CIA agent Kevin Shipp I posted in the last blog he stated that the United States lost its freedom in 1913 when the federal reserve was formed and again in 1949 when the CIA was created. Former CIA Agent David Stelle takes it one step further at minute 18:00 and tells us we NEVER WON OUR INDEPENDENCE from England we were only TRICKED using PSY-OPS to THINK we were free. I have heard that before also and its a whole nother line of research you can tackle on your own. Remember this important point when you watch my Psychological Warfare Lesson of the day video at the end of this page.

The US Belongs To England

E: At minute 21:00 Robert Stelle tells us that Warren Buffet withdrew all his money from Goldman Sachs because he knows that Trump and the NSA are about ready to take back 100 Trillion dollars they stole from US Citizens.


There is more info in the video that can be watched here. The link came from the website I find HILLARIOUS because guess who was on 6 years ago during his GENIUS SEO ATTACK of 2014? That’s right Watson. My story of how Mark Lindbitch the Grand Wizard and his flunky cops tried to set me up. I mean you CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP….Q-

Here is the full Interview at 53 minutes long.



And Here is Mine 6 years ago.

The Red Emperor Collective CBD

So if you’re not impressed with that, how about the fact that I cracked the Las Vegas Shooting and four-months later CIA Agent Robert Steele verified my solution. And I wasn’t the one who emailed to verify. See below

What really Happend in Las Vegas

Click On Picture To Read My Orginal Report On The Las Vegas Shooting

CIA Agent Robert Steele Confirms Vegas Shooting Solution

Click on the Picture to go to the Twitter Feed

F: One very important thing you have to understand as you learn more and more about the crimes of Isreal and the Zionists. These are NOT the biblical Jews of the Bible, these are BITCHES out of the Russian Mafia who used Psychological Warfare to HIJACK a country and a Religion. That being Isreal. I mean really think about it Watson, How come out of the whole middle east they are the only motherfuckers who are white and have blue eyes. HELLO???? MCFLY???? You see it is MUCH easier to steal rape and rob if you have a COUNTRY and a RELIGION behind you if you don’t believe me ask the Pope…..Just Saying. Another bullshit trick the CHOSEN ONES uses is that Anti-Semitic tag. First of all, if ANYBODY is Semitic it’s the Palestinians not them fake motherfuckers. And can SOMEBODY please explain to me what’s the difference between the CHOSEN ONES and THE MASTER RACE… Please…Leave it in the comments…Gracias.

Note: Before any of you Numb Nutz start screaming Anti-Semitism, first of all, my favorite Porn Star is Daphne Rosen, My Hero is Dr. Pieczenick and my favorite WHITE rapper is Little Dicky ALL JEWISH….Q-

I don’t care what race or color you are when you murder Americans and try to enslave my children your ass in on my HIT LIST….Q-

Also, think about this, you know how growing up in school they are always talking about the Holocaust and how six million Jews died. How come they never talk about the 20 million Russians that died? Or the 100 million Native Americans slaughtered in order to steal the United States?

China 20 million Deaths

Germany 8 Million Deaths

Japan 3 million Deaths

In this Q post below they STRONGLY SUGGEST that World War 1 and World War 2 were planned by SELECT FAMILIES as POPULATION CONTROL. And if you remember from CIA Kevin Ships video from the last post he told us how FDR knew the Japanese attack was coming so he moved ships that would have prevented it. If you combine those two data points you can easily come to the conclusion that our ENTIRE HISTORY is alike. Q tells us those select families are the Rothschilds, Sorus/Rockefllors, and The House of Saud, the Jewish Mafia Blood Line Cousins. So if these JEWISH BANKER MAFIA assholes tricked all these nations into war who is REALLY responsible for the so-called Holocaust???? Now, do you see why it’s a FELONY in Germany to deny the HoloHOAX… We have been PLAYED like fiddles from birth. Q also goes on to say that the elite families were planning a THIRD MASS extinction event which I believe they already did at FUKUSHIMA. Remember CIA Agents friend and reporter Benjamine Fulford also states that Fukushima was sabotage done on purpose by the Mossad. And if you have a hard time believing Jews themselves were responsible for the Holocaust Watch this video of George Soros ADMITTING with his own mouth how he helped the Nazis during WW2.

Elites Planned A Mass ExtinctionYou will know who rules you by who you are NOT allowed to criticize. Now that you know about the Epstein blackmail rings is it CLEARER to you why some TRAITORS in our own government made it a CRIME to exercise your first amendment right and criticize the CHOSEN ONES?

Veterans Today wrote a great article on the History of the Khazarian Mafia, and you know it’s good shit because FACECROOK censured the original link, What the fuck does that tell you?

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia


Here is the Video of Shaun Attwood Interviewing CIA Agent Robert Steele. You know the FUNNY PART Watson, I never typed Shaun Attwood’s name on Twitter but two days after I posted this he followed me on Twitter. WTF does that tell you????

Shaun_Attwood_follows_Agent_GPFNOk That is it for the Intell Drops let’s take a break with one of Agent GrandPa Freak Nasty’s Favorite Cool Down Songs. Peace on Earth by Paul Hardcastle



In post 7  Q asks why wasn’t Super Cankles Prosecuted for her emails, well that’s easy to answer now. The entire Obama Administration was Clowns aka CIA Bitches, but at the time it was because Obama used private email servers too, and prosecuting her would lead to his dumb ass.

NYPD has everything on HRC, Weiner, and Abedin. Obama DOJ pressured NYPD to not indict or do a press conference. NYPD pushed back which forced Comey to come out just a few days before the Nov 2016 election.

Qpost 8 isn’t my decode but it’s from which has its list of answers for each drop.

Anonymous ID: Eka5Om1K No.147169329 📁
Husband in jail.
HRC, the Muslim Brotherhood, or a child?
What would you do? Kiss your child goodbye and leave without a mother or father for Clinton?
Where is Huma today?
Was she with HRC on her book tour?
RE: Military Intelligence / State Secrets
POTUS installed his people within each top spot at each 3 letter agency except 1 (the good reason there as Adm R kick-started this and scrubbed all POTUS nominations to verify oath).
Do you think they aren’t in control of those respective agencies?
What is most valuable?
AG Sessions on leakers.
Fire or prosecute?
Reorg is underway and happening.
Coincidence Senate Republicans pushing for Fed Judge confirmations last week?
Why are Senate Republicans dropping out? Not by choice and were offered a choice (rest assured they will vote pro-Trump)
Basically, Q said that Huma ratted out Hillary Clinton so she could be with her child, it also asks about members of Congress resigning.  with a list here.
US Senate – Bob Corker, Jeff Flake. House – Bob Goodlatte, R, VA D6 / Carol Shea-Porter, D, NH D1 / Charles W. Dent, R, PA, D15 / Dave Reichert, R, WA D8 / David Trott, R, MI D11 / Frank LoBiondo, R, NJ D2 / Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R, FL D27 / Jeb Hensarling, R, TX D5 / John Delaney, D, ME, D6 / John J. Duncan, Jr, R, TN D2 / Lamar Smith, R, TX D21 / Lynn Jenkins, R, KS D2 / Niki Tsongas, D, MA D3 / Sam Johnson, R, TX, D3 / Ted Poe, R, TX D2

Multi-Generational Psychological Warfare

Since this was a long thread with a lot of Bombshells I will leave it at that for now. And here is my Psychological Warfare Lesson of the day. Now that you know your ENTIRE life this country has been in the control of the CIA who researched mind control and MK-Ultra, .Do you think all the patriotic things they FORCED us to do in school were for OUR BENEFIT AND GOOD???? Think about the psychological warfare lesson Social Conformity and the sitting game. As you watch this two videos…..Q-

Ok Thank You for Reading my post, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave one, I will answer any questions that I can.
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