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Bulletproof Backpack Front and Back For Adult & Kids


Many companies are now able to offer backpack-friendly ballistic inserts thanks to the advances in ballistic technology.

Given the variety of threat levels and brands out there, I’d love to answer your most common questions.

What Is A Ballistic/Bulletproof Backpack?

Many models are available online. However, shortstop (r), considers a backpack that is ballistic when a plate is placed inside. You can choose from either rigid or soft armor to use as ballistic inserts.

Most backpack inserts are rated according to the NIJ Level 3A (soft armor) standard. However, we now have a Level 3 hard insert that can stop a 5.56x45mm (M193) bullet, a 7.62x39mm bullet, or a 7.62x51mm NATO(M80).

Is Any Armor bulletproof?

It is up to you to decide whether you call it a bulletproof insert or a ballistic one. But (r), we prefer a ballistic institute. It may seem extraneous but Level 4 body armor doesn’t have bulletproof capabilities.

We learned one thing while testing our Duritium(r), prototypes: there’s always a bullet that can defeat armor. Our Duritium (r) BallisticBoard (r) Backpack Insert is bulletproof.

BulletProof Backpack Front & Back

Switch Blade Bullet Proof Back Pack For Children & Adult’s

Are Bulletproof Backpacks Legal?

Yes! No federal law states that you cannot own ballistic backpack inserts as an American citizen.

Only one caveat is that convicted felons cannot wear body armor. Personal protection is an American right that all law-abiding citizens have the right to.

Are Bullet Resistant Backpacks Effective?

It all depends on who made the ballistic material that was used to make the backpack armor.

I cannot speak for Bulletproofbodygurand(r),, but we wouldn’t sell any ballistic inserts if independent NIJ Accredited laboratories didn’t test them and they didn’t meet all national standards.

Our inserts are better than any other product on the market today.

Rifle Rated Backpack Insert

Why Aren’t Ballistic Backpack Inserts NIJ-Listed?

We don’t want anyone to be misled and we won’t claim that our ballistic inserts have been NIJ-Listed. It is not NIJ-Listed because the 0101.06 standards don’t cover backpack inserts.

Fortunately, we have the new standard (0101.07), which will allow us to test the inserts in the backpacks and get the NIJ-Listed stamp. Once the new standards are in effect, we’ll keep you informed.

How Do I Ensure I Am Buying A Legit Ballistic  Backpack Insert?

We recommend that you look for an independent lab test report accredited for the product you are looking to purchase. Do your research. Always read reviews and watch videos about the product.

Manufacturers should be proud to display their official and formal tested results. BulletproofBodyguard Ballistics provides all reports to their customers. We believe all armor producers should do the same.

Guide to Bulletproof Bodyguard  r) Armor

A Bulletproof Backpack Can Stop an AR-15 or AK 47?


It is important to remember that armor cannot stop all ammunition fired from a rifle.

An AK-47’s most common round is a 7.62  x39mm bullet. This bullet will be stopped by all Level 3 plates as well as our Level 3 backpack insert.

An AR-15 can fire a 5.56x45mm bullet. However, an AR-15 can also be chambered in a.300 Blackout, 7.62x39mm, M855A, and 5.56x45mm M855.

The M855(A1) bullets can cut through Level 3 armor NIJ-Listed like a knife through butter.

Before you buy an armor insert that can stop rifle-caliber bullets, pay attention to how they rated it.


Can We Make Body Armor For Kids?

We would do anything to ensure the safety of our children. Our first goal when we started Duritium(r), Ballistic Board (r) Backpack Inserts was to reduce gun violence in public places such as schools, universities, and commercial buildings.

For all Ballistic Board (r) inserts, Duritium(r), Ballistic Board® Backpack Inserts are available in two sizes (10″x12″, 11″x14″). No matter the size of your child’s backpack, any of our sizes will fit perfectly inside it to offer unrivaled protection against bullets.

Only one decision remains to decide if you want threat protection for your family. Are you looking to protect your family against rifles and handguns? Or both? Here are the inserts that I would use to protect my children’s backpacks.

Ballistic Board(r) IIIA
The NIJ-Listed Level 3A standard is the rated for our first Ballistic Board backpack insert. This protects against handguns. This backpack insert has two remarkable features: the thickness of the plate ( 0.26 inches) as well as the weight (1.2 pounds).

The multi-hit insert of the Ballistic Board(r), IIIA has been tested against 12 9mm bullets. Our Ballistic Board(r), IIIA insert is invincible against any handgun larger than a.44 Magnum.

Level 3A Armor Review and Testing

Where can I place the Ballistic Board (r) IIIA Insert?
Computer bag
Gym bag
Any other bag with 12 inches of interior space
Ballistic Board(r) III RA
Ballistic Board(r), III RA is our rifle-rated insert backpack that stops any handgun, 5.56x45mm 55 gr ball (M193)), 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm, 149-grain FMJ, and 7.62x51mm.

The IIIA and III RA inserts differ in thickness, weight and protection level. The Ballistic Board(r), III RA measures 0.7 inches thick and weighs 3.75 pounds for the 10″x12″ plate , and 4.75 pounds for the 11’x14″ plate .

Which Ballistic Board(r), Backpack Insert Should You Choose?

To make an informed decision about a decision that is as important as protecting my family’s health, I do my best to research the state, national and local statistics.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, a student is more likely to be confronted by a school shooting in any of the following four places: The parking lot (21%), Classroom (10%) or Beside Building (10%).

You can also use the DHS interactive maps to view your area and state wherever you are in the country. Here you can see the most commonly used weapons, when shooting takes place, what causes it to happen and other related stats.

Why choose Ballistic Backpack Inserts

Three reasons over all our competitors, are what I’ll give you. All products that we sell come with a warranty. Our Ballistic Board(r), III RA and BallisticB oard (r) IIIA backpack inserts have a 5-year warranty.

Second, Duritium(r), armor is tested in NIJ-accredited laboratories. Every test we have performed exceeds national standards. We’d be happy to provide a copy of the independent lab results to any customer, but don’t believe us.

We are also now certified by Smither’s to ISO 9001-2015 standards. This international standard certifies that we follow all the best manufacturing practices, customer satisfaction and employee safety.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, a student is more likely to be confronted by a school shooting in any of the following four places: The parking lot (21%), Classroom (10%) or Beside Building (10%).

Duritium(r), body armor plates, are the most lightweight, thinnest and most comfortable you will ever wear. Our armor comes with a higher initial cost than our competitors.

Although our armor is cheaper in the long-term, our 10-year (Level 4) or 15-year (Level 3+), warranties are still expensive. However, $500 for a set of plates can be a significant expense.

Our team is committed to showing our customers that we can be trusted. We show each product page proof of receipts in the form NIJ Compliance letters or independent ballistic laboratory test results.

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J.T. was a freshman at the University of Connecticut. Lewis was gifted a unique gift by his mother: a bulletproof backpack.

He will be a sophomore at UMass. Mr. Lewis comes from a broken family that was the victim of gun violence. His younger brother Jesse was killed in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Conn. Scarlett Lewis, Scarlett’s mother, gave the backpack to him in dark gray. He said that she didn’t have to say anything.

“We just had a mutual understanding,” stated Mr. Lewis, 19, who is running for a seat in the Connecticut State Senate.

He now wears an armored backpack to campus, because it makes him feel more secure.


BulletProof Backpacks Front & Back

BulletProof Backpacks Front And Back For Adults & Kids


Mr. Lewis stated that he didn’t know if the effect would be any. “But it could if I get shot from behind.”

Protective gear is not only for the victims’ families, but also for everyone else who sees mass shootings as a sad fact of American life — in schools, shops, and places of worship.

A growing number of companies offer bulletproof backpacks as back-to-school sales. This is a disturbing development that targets parents who want to protect their children against gunmen.

Igor Volsky (director of Guns Down America), a gun-control advocacy group, said that “it’s incredibly depressing.” “The market is trying to solve a problem our politicians have not solved.”

After the February 2018 shooting at Parkland High School, Fla., bulletproof backpacks were in high demand. The back-to-school season is fast approaching and the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio has given renewed interest to bulletproof backpacks.


Some stores reported that they had sold out backpacks in the past. They typically cost between $100 and $200. A private Christian school in Miami offered bulletproof panels which could be fitted into backpacks. It charged $120 for these shields.

Guard Dog Security has been selling bulletproof backpacks ever since the Sandy Hook shooting. These products can be found at Office Max, Office Depot, and Kmart. A new model was just released by Guard Dog Security that is less than $100.

Yasir Sheikh who manages Guard Dog said, “It could make the difference between life or death.”

Companies have been criticized for falsely declaring their armored backpacks had been certified by the National Institute of Justice. This agency oversees body armor used in law enforcement. Mollie Timmons, the spokeswoman for the Justice Department, stated that the agency is not authorized to test or certify bulletproof backpacks.



Are BulletPfroof Backpacks Front and Back Legal?