Agent Midnight Rider Weekly Intelligence 7/24/2022

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Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids., Welcome Back to the Best Intel Drops on the Net summarized by your boy, #AgentMidnightRider, It has been a few weeks since my last post, so there is a lot to cover including the Return of Q post which hasn’t been posted in almost 2 years. For all those who think Q is a PSY-OP, use logic. If it WAS a psy-op Trump would have told us it was fake, and if they had the attention of MILLIONS of people including the media why would STOP posting for almost 2 years? USE LOGIC. Also, a lot of the Q posts drop DEVASTING crimes by the likes of Obama, Hillary, The FBI, and thousands of more powerful people that can BE EASILY verified by doing a little research. Including the following.

The Murder of an entire fight of Americans to assassinate Beverly Eckert and Alison Des Forges by Obama and the CIA

The Truth Behind the Las Vegas Shooting

The Corona Virus Con Job and much much more. As Q said FUTURE PROVES the PAST.


Beverly Eckert Obama CIA assassination

The Return Of Q on June 24th, 2022

As most of you know Q started posting again on June 24th, the first post is a reference to the 1980’s movie War Games and COINCENDTLY the same message I blasted to all my SNITCHES when I started my SEO attack of 2014 against the Washington State Deep State Bitches, to catch them ALL in an NSA BUNNY HOPS TRAP…Why Q chose to start posting again who knows. From all the data points I have collected the white hats have been running a constant surveillance sting on Democratic operatives including the 2014 election with the release of 2000 mules.



It was just announced today that the BIDEN administration admitted to overplaying the vaccine 1 day after double shot double boosted Joey Bribes caught CON JOB-  again!!!. If you are smart and do a little bit of research you already know that the Virus doesn’t even exist and has never been isolated in the lab. I reported on this earlier in my intelligence reports and we have a new video that corroborates that data.


I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And I think we overplayed the vaccines. And it made people then worry that it’s not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization,” Birx, the White House COVID-19 response coordinator under former President Donald Trump, said during an appearance on Fox News.

Meanwhile in the REAL WOLD...




If you want to know the REAL REASON for the PLANDEMIC I suggest you take the time to watch this.



You might want to take a look at this too. My blog on #agentSPOT, the aluminum-based life form they find GROWING inside the vaccinated.

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A lot of people are having a hard time believing that an ALIEN creature is growing inside their bodies. Here is a clue from 2006 from Dr. Deagle who PREDICTED this exact nightmare we are going through right now.

The Corona Virus has NEVER been isolated in the lab. You have been PUNKED!!!



The Corona Virus PSY-OP

If you would of been reading the Agent Freak Nasty Intel Reports you wouldn’t have aliens crawling around your HINEY HOLE right about now, would you?



Haven’t confirmed this yet, but even if you DID NOT get the Jab, you can get whatever is in it by being around those who did. I will have to say yes to this intel because remember the RICH SCHOOLS in Florida who fired any teachers who got the jab? Them MF’s KNEW what time it was..

Miami private school warns staff about taking COVID-19 vaccine, threatening to fire anyone who does

Centner Academy has 2 campuses in Miami

Miami private school warns staff about taking COVID-19 vaccine, threatening to fire anyone who does (