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Pope Arrested On 80 Count Inditement 2021 Vatican Blackout

Update 5-20-2021

Video released of a Man wearing Pope Mask.




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Earlier Last Night The Famous Attorney for President Trump Lin Wood Posted a link to a video of Vatican

Pope Arrested Vatican Blackout


Then This morning he posted this BOMBSHELL linking to this article here.

Pope Arrested

Pope Arrested Along with Italian President

The article states Pope Francis is in Italian Federal Custody in Italy and that the US FBI is flying in to conduct more interrogation. Pope Francis Also known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio was arrested in an Eighty county Inditement on charges of Human Trafficking, child Porn, possession of drug paraphernalia, felony fraud, and incest. The Italian National Prosecutors Office CONFIRMED it was the one who issued the orders for arrest and filed the charges. Italian Police, Military officers from their sex crimes unit went to the pope’s house inside the Vatican and arrested him along with multiple other high ranking Vatican officials and placed them all under arrest. The Pope is being held in an unknown prison and is being interrogated by Federal Agents working for Interpol and the State of Italy.




Pope_arrested Vatican Blackout 2021

Pope Arrested

Italian President Arrested


Giuseppe Governale, Italy’s chief anti-mafia prosecutor, was brought in early into the investigation into Pope Francis and others within the Vatican. He said the group was “underestimated” and particularly dangerous because of its ability to proliferate across nations and infiltrate them.

“These individuals are truly the worst of the worst in society. I can promise you, we will not stop targeting human trafficking until we put a stop to this despicable trade in the Vatican and Italy, as well as surrounding countries around Europe. While I am a lead prosecutor in Italy, my department will strive to protect our citizens, especially those that need us most, our children”.

Giuseppe Governale

To faciliate the arresst the police and military cut power to the Vatican and also dimmed the live camera that is on the internet.

Linn Wood Further Posted this link from Simon Parks that went into further details on the arrest and ALSO the Arrest of the Italian President whom he suggest is a MI6 agent.


I will be providing updates here for the next two weeks so CHECK BACK!!!

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Pope Arrested 2021

Pope Arrested