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Alien Labs: Elevating Cannabis to a Higher Realm

At Alien Labs, we are a renowned legacy cannabis brand dedicated to producing exceptional exotic indoor cannabis. As pioneers in the California cannabis landscape, we’ve boldly emerged from the shadows to establish ourselves as a truly out-of-this-world-class cannabis brand.

Our Distinctive Approach We are recognized for our ability to take well-known flower strains and transform them into something almost otherworldly. But we don’t stop there. We’re pushing the boundaries of the “exotic” conversation by introducing entirely new and unique exotic strains. Alien Labs caters to the cann-oisseur, those who’ve explored the vast world of cannabis, discern quality, and are eager to embark on new strain adventures.

Meet the Navigator At the helm of Alien Labs is our founder, Ted Lidie. With a lifetime of expertise in cultivation, marketing, and an unwavering passion for the medical and recreational cannabis industry, Ted guides our path. For us, cannabis is more than a product; it’s a lifestyle, and we’re proud to embrace and celebrate it.

Experience the Extraterrestrial Difference with Alien Labs, where each strain is a journey to the outer limits of cannabis excellence.


wholesale alien live resin


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