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Experience the Pre-Roll Revolution with Fidel’s Hash Holes

Fidel’s Hash Holes are rewriting the rules of pre-rolls. This is no ordinary cannabis experience. Our rosin-infused joints feature a unique design – a burning hole in the middle that enhances every draw, allowing concentrated cannabis oil to elevate each puff. Those with higher THC tolerances are captivated by these extraordinary joints, finding themselves craving more with every inhale.

Meet the Mind Behind Fidel’s Hash Holes Fidel’s Hash Holes are the brainchild of Shant Damirdjian, also known as Fidel Hydro. Not only is he a passionate cannabis enthusiast, but he’s also a seasoned cultivator, plant breeder, and a rising star in the infused pre-roll industry. His journey into the world of cannabis began with guidance from his brother, Serge, who was a pioneer in the cannabis business and co-founder of the Cookies Maywood dispensary.

Damirdjian’s journey started at the age of 18 when he worked as a bag boy at his brother’s hydro shop. Over the next nine years, he immersed himself in the industry, expanding his network and deepening his understanding of cannabis cultivation. His expertise and persona as a cultivator, “Fidel Hydro,” were born during this time.

The Birth of Fidel’s Hash Holes In 2017, Damirdjian, already known for his unique take on strains like Mad Man OG and a coveted cut of Runtz, decided to make it official. “Fidel Hydro” transformed into “Fidel’s,” and Hash Holes made their debut in the Bay Area’s traditional market in 2018.

Crafted with Care Our infused pre-rolled joints are meticulously crafted using premium cannabis flower and “six-star ice water hash” known for its exceptional quality. They come in two sizes: Original Hash Holes, containing 2.5 grams of flower and 1 gram of hash rosin, and Mini Hash Holes, featuring 1.5 grams of flower and 0.5 grams of hash rosin.

Fidel’s Hash Holes redefine the pre-roll experience. Join us on this journey, and elevate your cannabis enjoyment to new heights.




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