Wholesale Packwoods Packaillos Delta 8 Infused Blunts. 3 Count




Introducing Packarillos Delta 8 Infused Mini Blunts by Packwoods – A Delta 8 THC Experience Like No Other!

Be among the first to experience the genuine Delta 8 THC product brought to you by Packwoods Brand – Packarillos Delta 8 Blunts. What sets them apart? Each pack contains three mini blunts, making them truly unique.

Our D8 Packarillos are expertly hand-rolled by a Packwoods connoisseur, using only the finest indoor, hand-trimmed Delta 8 flower. What makes them even more exceptional is that each indoor flower used is strain-specific, matching the respected Packwoods strain indicated on the label. In the Delta 8 market, you won’t find a hand-rolled blunt finer than this.

Inside each box, you’ll discover three Mini Blunts, each packed with 0.75g of premium indoor Delta 8-infused flower. These D8 blunts are elegantly rolled in a tobacco-free wrap and are thoughtfully finished with a cross-cut glass filter. This filter not only adds stability but also enhances ease of use.

Get ready to elevate your smoking experience with Packarillos Delta 8 Infused Mini Blunts – where quality, craftsmanship, and premium Delta 8 THC flower come together for an unmatched smoking pleasure.

wholesale Packwoods Packarillos Delta 8 Infused


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