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How to Get Rid of Harmful Spike Protein from Your Body Using CBD & Other Methods for the Covid Antidote

Note. This is a collection of Detox Methods that I have found over the last two years, to try to help my family and my oldest two children detox. I am not a Scientist or a Doctor. I have only personally tested two methods and that is with CBD and the PH miracle diet and the results with a before and after live blood analysis is provided in a video below. As always do your own research and come to your own conclusions. 


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WARNING... This Information can be highly upsetting especially for those who took the Covid Vaccine. Read at your own caution.

By Saul Meshach 

Update 3/25/2024 Emergency Medical Transmission. We Believe we have Found the COVID KILL SWITCH

and we already Posted it here. on 11-30-2023, but NOW WE ARE 99 percent sure that the vaccine was built with KILL SWITCH for the Elites in case they get shedded on. This is the BIGGEST NEWS in human history, and you will see WHY very soon. NEW TREAD developed entirely to our intelligence located here. The SECRET to the cure is PARASITES.



Here is an alternative PARASITE detox from US NAVY Surgeon Dr. Lee Meritt there are more methods listed on this page. You will soon this is the PERMENANT CURE for Cancer and most OTHER Major diseases. Welcome to ASCENSON….Q- We believe at this time that the COVID KILL SWITCH is the best detox because from our research the creator of the BIOWEAPON disguised as a vaccine genetically programmed a kill switch for the elites in case, they injected themselves with this self-replicating technology. If there are any doctors or scientist who would like to do before and after live blood exams to verify this treatment, please contact me at [email protected] .. Also, we know FOR SURE that CBD is going to be one of the primary maintenance treatments for parasites and you will understand why later.

Here is a little TASTE. But it is WAY BIGGER THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE. We Also Cracked The Q Code. The Truth Would Put 99 Percent of the People in the Hospital… Here is a Hint. They didn’t mean the MENTAL HOSPITAL!!!!!…. We DID IT!!!!!!!

Update 2-26-2024

New way to test to see if you have been contaminated with NANO technology and NANO lifeforms.

Take a hot shower and get a N365 Fluorescent Light. If you see Orange.flurocent

Truth, Science and Spirt Episode 7 Fluorescent Skin with Justin Coy, PhD (

There are two more ways you can test yourself at home to see if you are risk. Search Keywords ‘Retina’ and ‘Alien Cooties’ at our Telegram Channel.


Update 1-28-2024.

I spoke with #AgentFlyMeToTheMoon aka. Dr. Robert O Young and he confirmed with me a new detox procedure that removes 90 percent of the Graphene Oxide from the blood within a 30-day period. The good news is it doesn’t involve any expensive procedures like EDTA infusions or Vitamin C Infusions. This one is done with a tincture formulated by Dr. Robert Young I assume.

The following article shares three of the most effective natural antidotes for the inactivation and removal of graphene oxide, ferric oxide, aluminum oxide, hydrogel (PEG) and Trypanosoma cruzi parasites found in our blood, interstitial fluids, saliva, urine, sweat, drinking water, food, air, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, just to name a few:


These incredible results are based upon a quantitative analysis of the nano technology, heavy metals and forever chemicals found in the blood of the vaxxxed and the unvaxxxed. Check out the following three case studies of before and after using the Master Peace product for only 35 days – You can read the full report here.




You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free (

You might want to share this information with anyone you know who took the vaccine and with your doctor. Unfortunately, I believe that most of those who took the vaccine have only less than five years to live if they do not start detoxing immediately. People who are sick are not out walking around going to work and then falling dead on the spot. This sudden death syndrome is defiantly connected to the vaccine and could strike someone at any second without warning. This is NOT A GAME. Do something and save yourself and your family….Q-

Click Here or on the Picture To Read Full Block and Download the Research Paper Directly from The American Heart Association

american heart assoaciation

Update 12-12-2023 Is the MMR Measles Vaccine the Antidote???

If you like RABBIT HOLES, this is an UZI of a story. According to this Dr. Israel Launched a Bio-weapons attack on the Western World after secretly giving the Jewish community the COVID antidote disguised as the MMR Measles Vaccine. I have found MULTIPLE corroborating intelligence to this post which can be found here. We Are Saving Israel For Last …Intel Report By Agent Freak Nasty – Red Emperor Collective (

MMR Vaccine The Covid Detox


Update 11-30-2023.

Possible breakthrough in finding the ANTIDOTE to the vaccine directly from the creator of Covid.


dr.Ralph Baric covid


Is the Covid Vaccine Antidote the Dr. Zelenko Protocol?

In this video on twitter Dr. Zelenko claims that he knows the antidote of the covid vaccine because he got it directly from creator of the bioweapon which is alleged to be Dr. Ralph Baric from the University of North Carolina Chappel Hill. Not that I am antisemitic, but you know what TIME IT IS, I normally wouldn’t get so excited about this information but then I remembered something very important. Watch the video here.

The Covid Vaccine Antidote

The Covid Vaccine Antidote

Unveiling the Genesis of a Threat: Eugenics, Mass Murder, and Genocide

  1. In 1999, Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director, collaborated with Ralph Baric and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to engineer an “infectious, replication-defective” recombinant coronavirus targeting human cells.
  2. By 2002, NIAID and UNC filed for patent protection, claiming rights to the spike protein chimeric bioweapon subsequently adapted for deployment in gene therapy marketed as a “vaccine.”
  3. In 2003, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention secured a patent for the SARS coronavirus genome, thereby controlling all commercial applications of SARS.
  4. Between 2013 and 2016, NIAID, UNC Chapel Hill, EcoHealth Alliance (led by Peter Daszak), and the Wuhan Institute of Virology violated 18 USC §175, engaging in repeated and deliberate felonious acts to construct and manipulate a pathogen, particularly the S1 Spike Protein, known for its lethality to humans.
  5. In 2015, Peter Daszak emphasized to the National Academy of Sciences the necessity of creating a sense of urgency around infectious disease crises to ensure sustained funding. This included advocating for the development of medical countermeasures like pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccines, with media hype as a key influencer.
  6. From September 2019 onward, NIAID, UNC Chapel Hill, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Chinese Centers for Disease Control colluded to orchestrate a global operation involving the intentional release of a respiratory pathogen. The objective was to coerce nations into establishing and implementing a universal vaccine program. Notably, this plan preceded any reported SARS outbreak, with President Trump’s Executive Order 13887 mandating mRNA vaccine production months in advance.
  7. In 2020, two companies lacking a track record in safe vaccine production were selected to manufacture an untested and potentially hazardous product, subsequently unleashed on the population.

Acknowledgments to the United States Government

Now here is where it gets INTERESTING, it seems that the ANTIDOTE was in our face the entire time. Look what was posted by Q on April 17, 2020. That is NOT a coincidence. Here is the problem. A lot of doctors are saying that the Vaccine causes PERMANENT HEART DAMAGE. and that those who took 1 shot and the booster only have five years to live MAX. This is not a conspiracy theory but comes from PEER REVIEWED documents directly from the American Heart Association. You can read it for yourself here at this link. This means if we want to save our loved ones the CLOCK IS TICKING, we haven’t been able to do live blood analysis test of this new protocol so if there are any doctors or scientist who would like to provide that test information that would be great! We have already tested CBD and Vitamin C infusions with good results, but of course nobody knows the long-term effects or if they do, they’re not telling us.


Agent Doctor Feel Good Protocol

This is how the blood of a vaccinated person looks.

vaxx blood



This is how my blood looks after being treated with CBD note I am unvaccinated and did not take any PCR test. My blood looked much worse than before, and you will see it in the next video.

You can watch the 23-minute video here of before and after live blood exams by Dr. Robert Young of blood being treated with CBD and Also his PH Miracle Diet. BOTH worked with removing Nano Tech, Roulette and other red blood cell deformities.

Note> I am not a doctor or a Scientist, but I know how to CONNECT DOTS like a G. And so far out of all the techniques I have seen for Detoxing CBD, CBDA, CDBG are the ONLY ones that are PEER REVIEWED. And more importantly it had been verified to STOP REPLICATION of the SPIKE PROTEIN. If you don’t know what important go is back and read the American Heart Assocation Article. Now you know how some Doctors are saying the damage is PERMANENT. well-read the paragraph below from about the part where it says the virus induced changes are reversed. I’m not positive if that means all damage can be reversed a doctor or scientist can CHIME IN if they are not scared and let us know. My email is [email protected]


CBD effectively eliminated viral RNA expression.

When the researchers assessed whether CBD might prevent proteolytic cleavage by Mpro or PLpro, they found CBD had no effect on the activity of either protease.

This led the team to hypothesize that CBD targets host cell processes.

Consistent with this hypothesis, RNA sequencing of infected A549-ACE2 cells treated with CBD for 24 hours revealed significant suppression of SARS-CoV-2-induced changes in gene expression.

The CBD effectively eliminated viral RNA expression, including RNA coding for the spike protein.

Both SARS-CoV-2 and CBD triggered significant changes in cellular gene expression, including the expression of several transcription factors.

Further analysis of host cell RNA showed that the virus-induced changes were almost completely reversed, but rather than the cells returning to a normal cell state, the CBD+virus-infected cells resembled those treated with CBD alone.

With that here is MY PROTOCOL I would recommend these in order just off my own research.


Azithromycin —combine with Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc


CBD Full Spectrum




Vitamin C

Vitamin D


Pine needle Tea



Church Bell Frequencies 


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Another easy option is to capture one of the Pfizer scientists take them down to GITMO and TICKLE them until they tell us how to get it out of family’s bodies. I’m just saying ….

Also be warry of anyone selling you any detox procedures without BEFORE and AFTER live blood analysis to prove that it is clearing out the nanotech from your blood system. I believe the cure is as simple as this. You know who Fresh Water Fish will die in Salt Water right?? Well, when you bring your PH Balance of your blood and fluids up to normal all the Nano tech DIES, because it has to be in an acidic environment, another reason why they have been poisoning our food and water with Graphene Oxide and other heavy metals since the early 90s. Also take note if you think you are a PURE BLOOD, I have some BAD NEWS for you. The government has been poising us via Coke, Pepsi, Nestle and the city water systems since the late 90s. If you want to read about Operation Nano Domestic Quell Click Here. 


11-30-2023 Pine Needle Tea *SURAMIN*

Let’s be very clear: Over millennia, whenever the power elite have deliberately disseminated a bioweapon, they were very sure to first formulate a 100% effective antidote for themselves and their tribe. And so, they have for the COVID-19 bioweapon, which was released worldwide throughout 2019, the same year of the military deployment of 5G in selected major cities around the globe.

photo 2023 12 04 10 13 29

Good news (for once)! There’s an ANTIDOTE for the current “vaccine/spike protein contagion, and it’s readily available – Simplelists

Possible Antidote for the V-Serum and the Current Spike Protein Contagion
Dr. Judy Mikovits (1 min. MP4 is attached) has revealed that the medical establishment has known all along about the antidote to the contagion – a contagion that is now being seen today by thousands of people who have not taken the serum, but have merely come in close proximity with others who have taken the jab.
(The word “serum” is being used here since, evidently, the way to avoid taking the jab is to say “I am allergic to the serum”.)
When the medical establishment and political promoters want to exempt themselves from taking inoculations, they always give themselves a legal way out, while pushing the “citizenry” to take the jabs.
“I am allergic to the serum” is one of their solutions.
Taking the serum is one thing. The spike protein contagion now being experienced in large numbers by those who did not take the serum, but just visited with a relative or friend who did, is entirely new and unprecedented.



A lot of you are here on this page because you were forced to take the vaccine, or your family member did and now you are worried about the real side effects as it is becoming abundantly clear that the jab does not protect you from getting COVID or transmitting it to others as was initially claimed by the likes of Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden. Some of you have been hearing horror stories and seeing news reports about young athletes collapsing and dying all around the world. Others have heard reports about blood clots and even creatures growing inside your bodies. We are not going to go over all that in this blog, what we are going to investigate is what can help your body possibly detox from the vaccine and what can help prevent spike proteins from shedding onto the non-vaxxed, especially the children.  Please share and leave your comments if you have any questions.
We are not offering any medical or legal advice. This blog is for informational purposes only. 
Since the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world more than two years ago, more than 4.5 billion people worldwide have become fully vaccinated. Now, more and more people are concerned about the effects on the body of the spike proteins, which are contained in vaccines. Is spike protein in fact the cause of their long Covid syndrome? The spike protein, also known as the S protein, is the largest structural protein in the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19. It is a large structure that protrudes from the surface of the virus. When the pandemic first started to spread, people’s understanding of spike protein was very limited. It was thought that the spike protein only played the role of binding to the ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) receptors and helping the virus invade cells. However, scientists have slowly discovered that the effects of this protein are multifaceted, and it interacts with other cellular tissues besides the ACE2 receptors.
NOTE:——–> At the end of this blog will be linked to EVERY TREATMENT I FIND ON THE NET.  Last Updated 4/20/2023 New PROMSISING DETOX!!! Colloidal Gold 
Note: ………> This Blog, Website, and Contents are for entertainment and informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. If you need medical advice, I would tell you to talk to your doctor but……………MOREOVER, this is a Search Engine Optimization Demonstration for my business I am an SEO ARTIST.……………… 

Update 7-29-2023

New study shows 100 percent remission of long covid symptoms using a simple product you can buy from any local grocery store. After 3 days of use those suffering from long covid symptoms reported complete remissions of symptoms after ONLY 3 DAYS OF USE. Moreover, those tested 6 months later showed zero remission of symptoms. We will be do live blood analysis and reporting with patients asap with Doctor Young. To find out what this simple cheap product is join our telegram channel here.for the latest updates on COVID NEWS and detox information.

Update 5/25/2023.

A really good article based off the work of La Quinta Columna in Spain and their use of HCQ and NAC to detox from the graphene and spiked protein.


In Part 1 & Part 2, I shared discoveries made by researchers at La Quinta Columna (see Orwell City’s translation) who found graphene oxide found in Covid “vaccines”, masks and Covid tests. Here is a quick summary, along with a recommended nutrition protocol for people who received the injections and need to neutralize the graphene oxide in the body. The link is in the top of the appendix.

Graphene Oxide (GO) discoveries:

  • GO fibers are in plastic masks.
  • GO fibers are on PCR test swabs.
  • GO is in all Covid-19 vaccines.
  • GO creates thromboses.
  • GO causes blood clots.
  • GO disrupts the immune system.
  • GO can trigger a cytokine storm.
  • GO toxicity can instigate pneumonia.
  • GO creates a metallic taste in the mouth.
  • GO causes inflammation of the mucous membranes.
  • GO produces a loss in the sense of taste and smell.
  • GO is magnetic (especially at the injection site.)
  • GO blocks detoxification in the body by blocking glutathione.
  • GO may be activated by 5G frequencies.
  • GO was already included as an adjuvant in the flu shots in 2019.
  • GO passes thru the blood-brain barrier.



CBDA & CBDG Prevents Covid Shedding


Long Covid and Cannabidiol with Dr. John Campbell

Follow the Science…………..> Cannabidiol inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication through induction of the host ER stress and innate immune responses | Science Advances

Cannabidiol Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Replication and Promotes the Host Innate Immune Response – PMC (







Update 4/20/2023 South African Doctor Zandre Botha Finds Detox Protocols



Are Spiked Proteins Harmful?

Recently Yahoo Finance produced an article on 7/24/2012 describing the harm caused by spiked proteins in the body, not mentioning that the spike protein is contained in the actual shot or the fact that the spike protein can harm brain activity.

Research Highlights:

  • Researchers have demonstrated for the first time a potential route of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein damaging the heart.
  • In a study evaluating mice and human heart cells, the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein inflamed the heart muscle cells, which can lead to heart injury

If you got the Shot or you are in close contact with a vaccinated person you need to immediately have your doctor do a D-Dimer Blood Test along with a Dark Field Blood Examination

If your blood looks this in the video after the Vaccine, then you are in trouble

8 Ways the Spike Protein Harms the Body

During the two-plus years of the Covid-19 pandemic, many studies have analyzed the threat posed by the spike protein from different aspects, and have discovered that it is harmful to the human body in several ways, including:

1. Damaging the lung cells (including the pulmonary alveoli and pulmonary endothelial cells);
2. Damaging the mitochondria and DNA structures;
3. Damaging cardiovascular cells;
4. Increasing the risk of blood clots;
5. Damaging brain cells;
6. Promoting inflammation;
7. Suppressing immunity;
8. Increasing the risk of cancer


psiblo mart web with coupon

Spiked Protein Shedding to Non-Vaxed?

Recently doctors from all around the country are reporting clients who were not jabbed coming into their office with many different medical complaints. One doctor started examining their blood and found out that the spike proteins are being transmitted to the non vaxxed through shedding from breathing or close physical contact. Dr. Philippe van Welbergan from South Africa was of the first doctors who test the blood work of vaccinated patients. I was able to detect that shedding was going to be a problem over a year ago when the RICH PRIVATE SCHOOLS in Florida started FIRING any teachers who got the vaccine. While the rest of the world was freaking out and begging for the shot, this school, its entire administration and MORE IMPORTANTLY the PARENTS agreed to these actions. How much money do you want to bet that these parents were employees or had connections to BIG PHARMA and their test results?? How else could you explain it? And remember this was from April 2021.

Note: There is a STRONG possibility that these Self Assembling Spike Proteins are creating the blood clots and forming into creatures that have yet to be explained.  To watch the full video Presentation by Polish Scientist Dr. Zalewski Go Here……>  Alien Aluminium Life Form Found In Vaccine: (

Agent Spot


Vaccine Worms Hatching Inside Body






DrFranc 2


Other Methods of Removing The Spike Protein From Your Body Including Ivermectin & Vitamin C

See: Canceling the Spike Protein: Striking Visual Evidence (


Remove Spike Protein with Vitamin C

In addition to the mechanisms already discussed by which the spike protein can inflict damage, it appears the spike protein itself is significantly toxic. Such intrinsic toxicity (ability to cause the oxidation of biomolecules) combined with the apparent ability of the spike protein to replicate itself like a complete virus greatly increases the amount of toxic damage that can potentially be inflicted. A potent toxin is bad enough, but one that can replicate and increase its quantity inside the body after the initial encounter represents a unique challenge among toxins. And if the mechanism of replication can be sustained indefinitely, the long-term challenge to staying healthy can eventually become insurmountable. Nevertheless, this toxicity also allows it to be effectively targeted by high enough doses of the ultimate antitoxin, vitamin C, as discussed above. And even the continued production of spike protein can be neutralized by a daily multi-gram dosing of vitamin C, which is an excellent way to support optimal long-term health, anyway.


This is one of the first pictures ever showing what appears to be Graphene generating its own magnetic field inside the body. Notice how it pulls the red blood cells toward it, like its feeding on it. 

Graphene Creating A Magnetic Field In other words. The SELF-REPLICATING VIRUS that you so much fear is INSIDE the Vaccine.
  1. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and chloroquine are especially important in preventing new binding of the spike protein to the ACE2 receptors that need to be bound in order for either the spike protein alone or for the entire virus to gain entry into the target cells (Lehrer and Rheinstein, 2020; Wang et al., 2020; Eweas et al., 2021). These agents also appear to have the ability to directly bind up any circulating spike protein before it binds any ACE2 receptors (Fantini et al., 2020; Sehailia and Chemat, 2020; Saha and Raihan, 2021). When the ACE2 receptors are already bound, the COVID virus cannot enter the cell (Pillay, 2020). These three agents also serve as ionophores that promote the intracellular accumulation of zinc that is needed to kill/inactivate any intact virus particles that might still be present.

There are many vaccinated individuals who feel well yet remain cautious about potential future side effects, and who really have no easy access to D-dimer testing or dark field examination of their blood. Such persons can follow a broad-spectrum supplementation regimen featuring vitamin C, magnesium chloride, vitamin D, zinc, and a good multivitamin/multimineral supplement free of iron, copper, and calcium. Periodic but regular HP nebulization should be included as well. This regimen will offer good spike protein protection while optimizing long-term health. Furthermore, such a long-term supplementation regimen is advisable regardless of how many of the protocols discussed above are followed.

 Doctor Ana Maria Mihalcea CONFIRMS that Vitamin C treatments cured COVID symptoms at Minute 14:00

High Dose Vitamin C with Glutathione Metallon Blue

THERMOGRAPHIC Imaging & LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS Post C19 INJECTS (Felipe Reitz; Ana Maria Mihalcea) (

Removing the Vaccine Using Ivermectin

Ivermectin is a drug that has been used over 70 million times in humans but was all of a sudden declared dangerous for humans by Fauci the CBD and their flunkies in the media. Now, why would they do that? Well MYSTERY SOLVED. As it turns out Ivermectin stops the replication of the virus and more importantly KILLS THE PARASITE called Trypanosoma Cruzi which has been found as one of the ingredients in the vaccine by Dr. Robert Young. See: The Ingredients Of The COVID Vaccines By Dr. Robert O’ Young – Red Emperor Collective (

Let’s take a look at some of the properties of this little critter, that’s probably inside your BODY right now.

Key facts

  • About 6–7 million people worldwide, mostly in Latin America, are estimated to be infected with Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease.
  • It is transmitted by the triatomine bug (vector-borne), as well as orally (food-borne), through blood/blood products, mother-to-child (congenital) transmission, organ transplantation, and laboratory accidents.
  • Trypanosoma cruzi infection is curable if treatment is initiated soon after infection. In chronic patients, antiparasitic treatment can potentially prevent or curb disease progression and prevent transmission, for instance, mother-to-child infection.
  • Up to 30% of chronically infected people develop cardiac alterations and up to 10% develop digestive, neurological or mixed alterations which may require specific treatment.
  • Vector control and other strategies are key methods to prevent Chagas disease in Latin America.
  • Blood screening is vital to prevent infection through transfusion and organ transplantation all over the world.
  • Detection and treatment of girls and women of childbearing age are essential, together with the screening of newborns and siblings of infected mothers without previous antiparasitic treatment.
Trypanosoma cruzi.

Trypanosoma cruzi.

So, let me get this Straight, you are trying to tell me that my OWN Government is Infected with a Parasite that Causes AIDS and then BANNED the Government FDA APPROVED the drug that kills it?




Where to buy Ivermectin

Right now, most states require a prescription to get Ivermectin. And many doctors have been threatened with being prosecuted if they subscribe to it. Arkansas doctor under investigation for prescribing ivermectin thousands of times for Covid-19 despite FDA warning – CNN. And if you do somehow get a prescription, they will charge you an arm and a leg for a 6mg 4 tablet package. For example, Walmart charges $286.00 for a 6mg 4-tablet package. . Also, if you live in Tennessee, they just approved the sale of Ivermectin over the counter without a prescription. Ivermectin is available over the counter in Tennessee | News |


Ivermectin 6MG 4 Tablets

Signs and symptoms

The Chagas disease presents in two phases. The initial acute phase lasts for about two months after infection. During the acute phase, a high number of parasites circulate in the blood, but in most cases, symptoms are absent or mild and unspecific. In less than 50% of people bitten by a triatomine bug, characteristic first visible signs can be a skin lesion or a purplish swelling of the lids of one eye. Additionally, they can present fever, headache, enlarged lymph glands, pallor, muscle pain, difficulty in breathing, swelling, and abdominal or chest pain.

During the chronic phase, the parasites are hidden mainly in the heart and digestive muscles. One to three decades later, up to 30% of patients suffer from cardiac disorders and up to 10% suffer from digestive (typical enlargement of the esophagus or colon), neurological or mixed alterations. In later years the infection in those patients can cause the destruction of the heart muscle and nervous system, consequent cardiac arrhythmias or progressive heart failure and sudden death.

Must Watch Video on Ivermectin.


 Rouleaux and saline replacement – PubMed (

Does CBDA & CBGA Prevent Shedding And Reverse the Effects Of The Spike Protein?

Oregon State University research has shown that hemp compounds can prevent the entry of coronavirus into human cells.

We are not here to give medical advice, but it seems that according to this groundbreaking research the cannabinoids CBDA & CBDGA seem to block the transmission of the spike protein. Could this be used to protect the non-vaxxed from the vaxxed?  Read for yourself and make your own decision.

CORVALLIS (Ore.) – Hemp compounds discovered by Oregon State University researchers using a chemical screening method invented at OSU have the potential to stop the virus responsible for COVID-19 from entering human cells.

The Journal of Natural Products published today the findings of the Study conducted by Richard van Breemen (a researcher at Oregon State’s Global Hemp Innovation Center College of Pharmacy and Linus Pauling Institute).

Van Breemen stated that hemp, also known as Cannabis sativa in scientific terms, is a source of fiber, food, and animal feed. Hemp extracts and compounds can be added to cosmetics and body lotions, dietary supplements, and food.

Van Breemen and his collaborators, which included scientists from Oregon Health & Science University found that a pair of cannabinoid acids bind to the SARS-2 spike protein. This blocks a crucial step in the virus’s infective process.

These compounds are CBGA and CBDA. The spike protein is used in COVID-19 vaccinations and antibody therapy. A drug target is any molecule that is critical for the disease process. It can be disrupted or prevented from progressing to infection.

Van Breemen stated that these cannabinoid acids are found in hemp and many hemp extracts. They have no controlled substances, unlike THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Furthermore, they have a high safety profile for humans. Our research revealed that the hemp compounds are equally effective against SARS-CoV-2 variants, including variant B.1.1.7 which was first discovered in the United Kingdom, and variant B.1.351 which was first found in South Africa. See: Oregon State research shows hemp compounds prevent coronavirus from entering human cells | Oregon State University


Spiked Protein

For more information on Shedding Click Here. COVID Shedding From Vaccinated To Non-Vaccinated (

Does CBD Reverse The Effects of Vaccines?

New research is showing that the vaccine is causing a build-up of metals in the blood, including aluminum and tin. One of the medical treatments for removing metallic objects from the blood is called chelation.

CBD also reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS) production by chelating transition metal ions involved in the Fenton reaction to form extremely reactive hydroxyl radicals [27]. It was shown that CBD, acting similarly to the classic antioxidant butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), prevents dihydrorodamine oxidation in the Fenton reaction [28]. In addition, CBD has been found to decrease β-amyloid formation in neurons by reducing the concentration of transition metal ions [29]. See:

Using CBD’s known Anti-Oxidating properties it seems that the compound can not only prevent the spike protein from entering the blood, but it can also help cleans the systems of built of metalic toxins causing people to turn into walking magnets with nanotechnology.

Unkown Lifeform found in the Blood of a triple vaccinated 45-year-old surrounded by black graphene. Discovered during live blood analysis by Dr. Robert Young 

graphene parasite inside human body surrounded by graphene




Spike Proteins Damage Mitochondria, Possibly Causing Long Covid

Under normal circumstances, mitochondria in cells are tubular “cellular power stations” responsible for synthesizing energy.

When pulmonary alveolar cells or endothelial cells are stimulated by spike proteins, the mitochondrial structure will change dramatically and become heavily fragmented, and the number of tubular mitochondria will be greatly reduced. As the majority of the cells in the alveoli or endothelial tissues are severely damaged in form and function, they will be unable to produce energy efficiently, which is likely to cause the cells to enter a state of premature decline and death.


Therefore, it has been hypothesized that the prolonged Covid-19 syndrome may be caused by damage to the mitochondria. It is well-known that one of the major symptoms of chronic Covid-19 syndrome is fatigue. This may be due to the fact that the cells in some important organs and tissues are not completely dead, but their mitochondrial functions have been severely damaged, causing the cells to enter a state of premature decline and death. This results in a lack of energy and renders the person particularly prone to fatigue.

Mitochondrial damage in different cells can also bring about different symptoms. If the mitochondrial functions of lung cells are damaged, then the pulmonary alveoli’s functions to expand and contract will be weakened, the oxygen absorption will be poor, and the body’s metabolic level will also be reduced. This also makes one more prone to fatigue.

How to Disable Covid Nano Circuits Using an EMP Pulse

One of the alternate media guys on mentioned a few months ago that an EMP Blast similar to the weapon used on the hovercraft in the movie the Matrix was one cure for the death jab. It made complete since to me since we know for sure that metallic particles are inside the vaccine. What is even MORE INTERESTING in the newest James Bond Movie, the evil villain is planning on depopulating the earth using a DNA-specific Vaccine. Coincidence??? Also, the Q Weapon installed in James Bonds Watch that he uses to melt the eyeball of the Goon, is guessed what? An EMP pulse… I mean you can make this shit up. Well according to this research at the link below they built an EMP device and tested it on a vaccinated person and it was successful at removing the Bluetooth signal being emitted from their body. I will be adding more information to this blog later on about the technique. You can find the video and technical instructions here. PROOF Part 2: COVID VAX GENOCIDE & BLACKROCK’S ALADDIN AI — HOPE & TIVON | Holistic Health Online

Graphene Oxide Detox Protocols For The Vaccinated and Unvaccinated


There are many people now experiencing jabbers remorse and want to know what they can do to detoxify Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles and the gain-of-function, chimeric spike protein they were injected with. Meanwhile, the unvaxxed are experiencing Adverse Events and magnetism due to transmission.

This article contains all the known safe and effective detox protocols that both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed can use to help your body remove these deadly poisons.


Scientific medical studies:

Over 100 studies proving that Vitamin D3 is essential for treating Covid-19 can be viewed, here.

Please see the study for treating adverse reactions caused by pathological antibodies induced by Covid-19 and vaccines here.

A Slovakia research team discovered under microscopy that Ivermectin halts the crystalline growth of Graphene Oxide Hydrogels inside your body,


This study demonstrates that Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is very effective at reducing Graphene Oxide Toxicity in the body, here. And this study shows that a high dose of Vitamin C is also an effective treatment for Covid-19, even for the critically ill, here. Finally, intravenous Vitamin C can be successfully used to treat patients with Covid-19, here.

Important note:

If you take more than 10,000 international units of Vitamin D3 per day, you must stop consuming all dairy and Vitamin C supplements in order to avoid calcium clots.


The research of La Quinta Columna led by Ricardo Delgado, successfully tested an inexpensive way to remove magnetic Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles from the human body after they were injected with a Covid jab using N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and Zinc.

“These two antioxidants are essential to degrade Graphene Oxide,” says Delgardo. NAC causes your body to secrete glutathione endogenously and glutathione can reduce Graphene Oxide Toxicity down to zero. In this article and video, you will see Delgado describe what to do, here.

Scientific studies:

A study published in PubMed reveals that biocompatible NAC reduces Graphene Oxide, here. In an animal study where enhanced spike protein was used to cause lung damage to animals by binding to the ACE2 receptors, the animals were remedied using NAC, here. Read more about NAC here.


La Quinta Columna recommends takingNAC600-750mg, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Also take 2x tablets of Zinc, 25mg each.

Secondary: Astaxanthin 5mg, Quercetin, milk thistle, Vitamin D3.


Dr. Rima Laibow recommends taking 900mg of NAC per day. Some people are even taking 1400mg. Since NAC is an amino acid, it’s safe to consume it in a non-pharmaceutical, natural form. If using a synthetic pharmaceutical NAC, please consult a physician on dosage.

In addition to NAC, Dr. Rima also uses the following protocol.

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Dr. Rima’s Protocol

You can purchase Dr. Rima products here.

While NAC is effective at enabling your cells to produce glutathione, it has some limitations. For example, it’s more effective when injected vs ingested orally. Also, its effectiveness starts decreasing after about 3 months so a long-term solution must be used.


It’s worth mentioning that whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovitz went on record stating that Suramin is the ‘antidote’ to the Covid-19 bioweapons, here. Suramin is a pharmaceutical drug that is derived from pine needles. Dr. Mikovitz states that a small amount of Suramin injected into the body is sufficient. Consult a doctor before using.


Unknown Lifeform Discovered in the Blood of a Vaccinated Individual By Doctor Robert Young during Live Blood Analysis

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Shikimate has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to halt plagues and pandemics. Shikimate halts respiratory infections and viral replication. It can be found in high doses of pine needle tea. It’s also found in a large quantity in Star Anise, Fennel, and dandelion root, leaf, and flower.

World renown Scientist Mike Adams the Health Ranger and founder of Natural News, explains how you can easily extract Shikimate from these herbs using an espresso machine, here. Like other experts, the health Ranger expresses his belief that the vaxxed may still be able to save themselves, here.


It’s very important to consume as many superfoods, herbs, spices, and natural medicines as you can which contain Shikimate. David Avocado Wolf is 20-year, world-renown health guru.


Important note:

Please only consume natural forms of C60 offered by David Avocado Wolf. C60 in its pharmaceutical form must be avoided due to its overtly toxic properties. Similarly, iodine found in bleached table salt is a poison and must be avoided. Your body simply will not assimilate it.

Natural forms of iodine can be assimilated and absorbed by your body, like the iodine found in vegetables and herbs.



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ACEA distributor Dr. Ariyana Love, ND
Email: [email protected]

Hydration is key to your health, to detoxification, and to using these protocols: all of them. If your body is dehydrated it cannot properly absorb the nutrition particles from what you consume, and that nutrition will be flushed out and lost.

Right now, 97% of the world’s population is dehydrated and 76% is chronically dehydrated. This is due to the majority of our drinking water is acidic based and the molecules are simply too big to be absorbed by our cells.

Dehydration hinders cell communication. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day will not hydrate you unless it contains electrolytes.

It’s extremely important to keep your body’s PH level in balance. You want to be always in an alkaline state. An Acidic body is a breeding ground for disease. Electrolytes will not only keep you hydrated but will also balance PH.

Pine needle tea is a natural electrolyte and very hydrating while replenishing cells. Sea salt is also a natural electrolyte. Normal sea salt has between 16-24 minerals, but Himalayan salt has 87 minerals which is the exact same saline as your blood. So, toss out your table salt and replace it with Himalayan salt.

Hydration formula:

Add a pinch of Himalayan salt to one liter of water. Squeeze a quarter of fresh lime or lemon juice (lime is less astringent and just as good) into your glass of Himalayan charged water, every time you drink. This creates a complete electrolyte formula that will fully hydrate you.


Consume foods, herbs, and medicines that are high in antioxidants which enable your body to detoxify poisons. African bush tea called Rooibos is a meta-antioxidant and is widely available in supermarkets, worldwide.

Asians are believed to have the lowest cancer rates because of their daily consumption of green tea. Drinking one cup of Rooibos tea is equivalent to consuming 50 cups of green tea in its antioxidant effect. Rooibos is also very hydrating.



Investigative Journalist Ramola D. has additional recommendations for detoxifying Graphene Oxide (GO) Nanoparticles after exposure to chemtrails, here.

Dr. Carrie Madej suggests regular detox baths with Bentonite Clay to help your body remove GO Nanoparticles.

CBD oil and Cannabis will help your body cleanse GO Nanoparticles. CBD OIL Third Party Tested CBDA & CBDG here.

Chlorine dioxide can also detox GO.

MSM is another supplement that restores glutathione levels.

Sodium bicarbonate E500 (baking soda) will help to keep your PH level in an alkaline balance.

Super Blue Green Algae is a miraculous meta nutrient that chelates the blood and removes heavy metals, here.

Saladmaster cookware enables you to retain up to 98% of your nutrition when cooking your food. Saladmaster pans are made from titanium and surgical stainless steel and do not leach any metals into your food.

To minimize transmission, I suggest showering after being around the general population. Either wash your clothes immediately or keep them in a plastic bag until you wash them.


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How To Remove Vaccine From Body

How To Remove Covid Vaccine from Body

N-Acetylcysteine, Precursor To Glutathione, Reduces and Oxidizes Graphene Oxide

The brilliant researchers at Laquinta Columna in Spain have stated that N-acetylcysteine along with glutathione has been an effective treatment. It works by reducing the Cytokine storm, inhibiting the post information, by eliminating the thrombotic coagulant phenomenon. They have discovered that glutathione reduces and oxidizes, that is eliminates the graphene oxide. Our bodies have a natural glutathione reserve. When our levels of glutathione are high bodies are fine but as the graphene oxide exceeds the level of glutathione it causes the collapse of the immune system and triggers a cytokine storm.

Also after the age of 65, the glutathione levels drop which makes our senior population more vulnerable. Even people on their deathbeds when treated with glutathione via direct intravenous or even orally with N-acetylcysteine 600 mg or higher dose, people within hours began to recover their oxygen saturation because they raise their glutathione levels to cope with the toxin. It is NO COINCIDENCE that on June 17 the World Health Organization thought the FDA wanted to prohibit the commercialization of N-acetylcysteine when it has been on the market for 57 years. THE SAME way they banned Ivermectin kills PARASITES that are safer than aspirin.

cbd and glutathione detox


It’s worth expanding on the role of glutathione by itself. It is your most powerful antioxidant after all! Oxidative stress.  Also called ROS (short for reactive oxidative species) Basically, it’s the waste material of energy production by our cells. We always hear about Vitamin C and Vitamin E being powerful antioxidants. Wait till you see what CBD does as an antioxidant compared to those two.

Cannabidiol was demonstrated to reduce hydroperoxide toxicity in neurons. In a head-to-head trial of the abilities of various antioxidants to prevent glutamate toxicity, cannabidiol was superior to both alpha-tocopherol and ascorbate in a protective capacity.

As for CBD and glutathione directly:

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties. How does it do this?: Moreover, CBD treatment of BV-2 cells was found to induce a robust change in the expression of genes related to oxidative stress, glutathione deprivation, and inflammation. Exposure to CBD caused in glioma cells an early production of ROS, depletion of intracellular glutathione, and an increase in the activity of glutathione reductase and glutathione peroxidase enzymes:


The studies on CBD for extreme oxidative situations (heart oxidation from chemo or the ruptured intestine and sepsis study) use very high levels of CBD.

Research for serious issues typically is at about 600 – 800 mg of CBD.

Those are life and death situations so we obviously don’t need to go that high.

Research on neurogenesis and anxiety put the max level at 300 mg where that aspect peaks.

This is about repairing the damage from oxidative stress and reducing glutathione.  Most people actually see effects on anxiety and stress response at much lower levels.

The typical range we see for customers is between 40 -100 mg.

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ANOTHER DETOX SOLUTION – Dr. David Nixon Date 1-30-2023


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