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Rich Jewish Private Schools in Miami are firing teacher who gets the CON JOB-19 shot, saying they can’t be around their student because the shot could pass whatever the fuck is in it to the students. Now that should be a hint and half for your ass. Warch the Link before they delete the video.

Deb on Twitter: “.@risetoflyy well we knew 🤷🏻‍♀️💉 @StevePieczenik @clif_high @Timcast @angeldemonTV @HouseCracka @HowleyReporter @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y” / Twitter

Centner Academy’s CEO Stands By Claims That COVID Vaccines Are ‘An Experiment Right Now’ – CBS Miami (cbslocal.com)Centner Academy’s CEO Stands By Claims That COVID Vaccines Are ‘An Experiment Right Now’ – CBS Miami (cbslocal.com)

‘It’s Baffling’: Parents Confused After Centner Academy Announces They Won’t Employ People Who Have Been Vaccinated – CBS Miami (cbslocal.com)


Also, I have the video and I will post it later. Every time I posted it on a social media account my account got nuked. WTF does that tell you/ Over the Target Much???? A lab scientist in Southern California tested 1500 positive Covid 19 samples with an electron Microscope and only found Influenza A and B. They then sent the samples to 7 Southern California Universities including Stanford and Cornell. and they found the same thing. ALL of them got together and called the CDC and asked for a CON JOB 19 sample and the CDC refused to provide one, Now the 7 Universities are suing the CDC for fraud. Now here is the question, how did 3 Big Pharma companies develop a vaccine if COVID never existed. Stay FROSTY people and don’t let your kids anywhere near that shit. #AgentFreakNasty There are ALLREADY MULTIPLE reports of perfectly healthy teens dying after getting the shots. And them RICH KIDS no something YOUR POOR KIDS don’t.


Update on Arizona Recount. 1 million fraudulent votes already found. SAUCE coming in the next update.

Link to banned video PLANDEMIC.


Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

Author for Notes: #Agentrider 

I found it particularly strange that the official CIA.GOV website would publish a document like this on their website since it goes into some SUPER CRA CRA shit, including that Walt Disney is a CIA MK-ULTRA mind control company with the sole intention of brainwashing our children and that the CIA set up OJ Simpson in order to start a race war. Then it dawned on me. The official FBI Vault 7 Twitter account published the Protocols of the Elders of Zion last year. It’s almost as if the intelligence agencies are SNITCING on themselves and leaking information to the public. Think about it like this. If where they are saying isn’t true how come Walt Disney hasn’t sued the CIA Clowns for defamation? And with that let’ jump into the first family.

You can read the entire 292 Page document here.




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Page(1) I do not fear the Illuminati taking over this country and doing away with the Constitution, because they took over this country long ago, and the Constitution has not technically been in effect due to Presidential emergency decrees since W.W. II.

Long ago in the dark unwritten pages of human history, powerful kings discovered how they could control other men by torture, magical practices, wars, politics, religion and interest taking. These elite families designed strategies and tactics to perpetuate their occult practices. Layers upon layers of secrecy have hidden these families from the profane masses, but many an author has touched upon their existence

#AgentfreakNasty Note: I always find it insane that people who know that religion is manipulated only think it happens to other regions….que-

The Astor Illuminati Family

The original founder of the Astor fortune was John Jacob Astor (1763-1884). John Jacob Astor was born in Walldorf, Duchy of Baden (Germany) from a Jewish bloodline.

ORIGIN OF THE FAMILY & its NAME The Astors have come up with various origins for themselves and those for or against the family have added more ideas. One strong possibility is that the Astors are descendants of the Astorga family found in Southern Italy before the 1600s. The most likely meaning of the name is that both Astorga7 and Astor are variations meaning “Astarte” who is the mother of the occult. Her name is also Semiramis. In Babylon the trinity was Nimrod (the sun), Semiramis (the moon), and Tammuz (the morning star). In Egypt, these gods were called Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The pictures and statues Isis and Horns were renamed by the Roman Catholic church as the Virgin Mary and the Christ-

When employees of John Jacob Astor would trap for or trade furs with the Astor fur houses, they would he paid with letters of credit. Then Astor agents would he sent out to ambush and kill them, so that the Astor Fur Company could save money. The deaths were blamed on Indians. Zachery Taylor stated, “Take the American Fur Company in the aggregate, and they are the greatest scoundrels the world ever knew.” (O’Connohild.


The Bundy Bloodline

The Illuminati uses what is called Hegelian philosophy. A thesis is set up. An antithesis (the opposite of the thesis) is then set up, and then out of the conflict of the two comes the synthesis. Hegelian philosophy is really a fancy term for what the Illuminati were doing before the term was invented. To bring this all down to street terms, the Illuminati’s Mafia (yes the Illuminati created and runs the Mafia) would send businessmen a letter demanding money and signed with the imprint of a black hand. (This was the thesis). If the demand wasn’t met then the business would be burned or the businessman hurt. Then the Mafia would introduce themselves as potential protectors for the businessman from the black hand extortioners (themselves). (This is the antithesis). And when the businessman begins paying the Mafia for protection that is the synthesis. The Illuminati are doing this tactic all over the world, and it certainly has almost everyone fooled

#agenfreaknasty Notes: Good Cop Bad Cop classic technique. The Jewish Defense League used this tactic to blackmail famous rap artists including Easy E and 2 Pac See:  “2Pac tortured by Jewish gangsters using Tel Aviv mob method” – +972 Magazine & https://www.jpost.com/Jewish-World/Jewish-News/Files-show-FBI-suspected-JDL-of-extorting-Tupac


“”The JDL… have been extorting money from various rap music stars via death threats,” the FBI file on the case states. The report then goes on to describe how the group would make the death threats, and then call the rap star and offer protection for a fee.

1949- Bundy was invited to Harvard University to teach as an assistant professor and in four years made the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard! How does anyone become Dean of a prestigious University department after four years of teaching? Not only has McGeorge been treated as if he is an instant military genius, and an economic whiz, but now he is bead of the arts and sciences. Bundy becomes the National Security Advisor

#agenfreaknasty Notes: One of the elite tactics is to use College Degrees to make you think they are smarter than the average person.  I found this out when I first worked at Microsoft and in my dealings with lawyers.  Some of the dumbest motherfuckers on earth have law degrees and work in tech companies. And If you don’t believe me Google [Seattle’s Best Snitch]

Also, you find this out with the recent arrest of celebrities who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their children into Ivy League Schools.  And also remember that dumb-ass George Bush went to Yale.


To describe the security methods employed to keep high-level Satanism secret could take an entire book. Let’s just put it this way, if you were a billionaire, which several of the leading Olympians (King Illuminati) are, what kind of security could you afford? And what kind of clout would you have with national governments and police forces to get even governments to provide security for you? Remember these people own the press and the media.

#AgentFreakNasty Notes:  If you were a billionaire what type of security could you afford?? This is PRECISELY why they sent in Mossad Tranny Freak BIG BLOOMERS LOOMER to MIS-DIRECT your attention on WHO owned the top floors of the Mandalay Bay. If you knew that Bill Gates and the Billionaire DOPEY Saudi Prince owned the top floors you might start asking SMART questions like, how did these motherfuckers allow a lone crazy gunman to get 50 high-power rifles through not only CASINO security but their own PERSONAL Security? DING, DING DING!!!  If you want to know what REALLY happened in Vegas #AgentFreakNasty has you covered: Las Vegas shooting Saudi Crown Prince (isenselogic.com)

They will kill, or discredit anyone who exposes them. Don’t be surprised if both of these happen to me, the author. Just know this–they can kill the body they can not kill the soul. Our Christian God reigns. They also control the CIA and FBI. (See Be Wise As Serpents for more details on this.) Many leading FBI agents have not only been Masons. but many have been Satanists

This company produced 35% of Nazi Germany’s explosives, 50.8% of Germany’s pig iron, 38.5% of Nazi Germany’s galvanized steel, 36% of Germany’s heavy plate, 22.1 % of Germany’s wire, and many other things essential for Hitler if it had not been Harriman’. and Bush’s money helping Thyssen who was Hitler’s major backer, Hitler would never have been able to have launched W.W. II. Thyssen even wrote a book in 1930. I paid Hitler (now rare) telling about how he financed Hitler and the Nazis beginning in Oct. 1923. As I have said numerous times Hitler was of the Rothschild bloodline.

#AgentFreakNasty Notes: One of the early Q Drops stated that World War 1 and World War 2 were PSY-OPS created by the Illuminati families to get us to DEPOPULATE ourselves through war and attrition> In this case it would be the Jews themselves who were responsible for the Holocaust if it even really existed. In any case, the Holocaust is a PSY-OP in which we are all called anti-Semitic if we question the history behind it. Remember over 100 million Native Americans were murdered in the colonization of the US not to count the millions of Africans who perished in slavery, but this is never discussed as a genocide or a holocaust. Only for the CHOSEN ONES.  Are you smelling the SCAM yet?

However, the Constitution says I have a right to have witnesses there. Under South Carolina law, an attorney can override the defendant and not call the witnesses. And that’s what they did to me. So in essence my Constitutional Rights were [blank pause], so I was sent to prison without being able to produce any witnesses.


#AgentFreakNasty Notes: During this part of the article they go into a long detailed story about how an innocent man was set up by his OWN attorney. I know this happens often because it happened to me. When my attorney Google [Seattle’s Best Snitch ] tried to set me up on my trial of growing marijuana after my business got robbed by the DIRTY University Police Cops. The only difference in the story is I detected my attorney was setting me up because I’m a SUPER GENIUS and set his BITCH ASS UP FIRST. He tried to tell me that the only way I could win my trial was to get 10 witnesses who were my patients at my dispensary to testify in court I was growing marijuana for them. I knew at that point he was setting me up because Travis Lyons the World’s Dumbest Dog Catcher ALLREADY pleaded guilty to stealing cash from the crime scene. This would make the entire charge moot since a STATE EMPLOYEE tampered with physical evidence during the ROBBERY.



I suggest that everyone who believes that the DuPonts and the rest of the elite are capitalists should take another look at history. These men do not believe in capitalism, they believe in monopolies–which boils down to the same thing that occurs under communism. When these people described their setting up a monopoly they call it “bringing order and stability to a fragmented and chaotic industry.” In 1889, Alfred I. du Pont attempted to bribe French officers in charge of the production of smokeless gunpowder to give the secrets to him. But no amount of bribe would work, as the Frenchmen knew they would lose their lives if they gave the secrets to him. The British were not any more helpful.

The CEO of E.l. du Pont de Nemours & Co. is Edgar Woolard who took over in 1989. Edgar is innovative which will be beneficial in the ’90s with all the upheavals coming. One item that the Illuminati have planned is to put things Into our major cIty water supplies Interestingly, DuPont has research facilities and a Chamber’s Work facility in Deepwater, New Jersey which both deal with water treatment. The du Pont family today i represented at the sixth Illuminati level -the Pilgrim


#AgentFreakNasty Notes:  I have been really concerned with these motherfuckers trying to exterminate us like ants for depopulation lately. All of my research since Fukushima blew up is pointing to that ONLY direction.  Benjaminefulford.net says the elite already has technology that allows humans to live thousands of years, what if this ENTIRE time they have been putting shit in our food to make sure our lifespans stay around 70 t0 80 years. What if humans naturally lived up to 800 years?  Sounds crazy? But they lived that long in the bible and a lot of you believe that.  There is a good article called Crossing The Rubican where the author describes how Dick Cheney and others were behind 911 and it’s a master plan to begin to depopulate the earth because they calculated by the year 2070 we are going to run out of oil and billions of people will die anyway. Check it out.  https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/F6/F693879994199D612C64EE9A4666E8EE_Crossing_The_Rubicon_Part_1.pdf

For those people who subscribe to the theory that the world is divided between only the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, look at the DuPonts, who are truly independent of the other top families dispel that theory. To quote Karl Schriftgiesser in his book Families “,…the Du Ponts of Delaware constitute a definite dynasty perhaps the most complete dynast ever established in this republic a one whIch seems destined to continue its kingship for generations I come…Today there are seven hundred members of thi family…Every time a package of cigarettes is opened, the simple tearing of the tab is a gesture of tribute to the Du Ponts, and every time a great gun booms, with whatever cost to life or property; it echoes merrily in the feudal stronghold of this mighty clan



The Freeman Bloodline

THE HOUSE OF DAVID In my research of high-level Satanists, it became clear the bloodline that was key in their minds was the House of David–not Jesus Christ’s lineage. I discovered that the House of David had set up a Kingdom in southern France. I discovered this while rummaging through history books on the Middle Ages. I came upon a book A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France 768-900. This book was the key for me to realize that the Merovingian dynasty which wove its bloodline into the royal blood of Europe was Jewish in origin. When I read Holy Blood Holy Grail, it became apparent that the authors theory of Jesus’ bloodline had clouded their realization that the key was that the Prieure de Sion was of the House of David and was in this sense Jewish (although most of the Prieure de Sion are most likely not attending synagogues). Indeed the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion Pierre Plantard de SaintClair told them so much. To quote the pertinent paragraph from The Messianic Legacy, p. 296, “At our meeting in April, 1982, M. Plantard adopted an ambivalent attitude towards our book [Holy Blood, Holy Grail]. On the whole, be endorsed it and offered to correct, for the French edition, certain vague or unclear references. At the same time, he would neither confirm nor deny our thesis that the 4 Merovingian bloodline was descended from Jesus. There was no evidence, either way, he said noncommittally. It was ‘all too far in the past’, all ‘too long ago. There were no reliable genealogies. Besides, Jesus had brothers. Nevertheless, he acknowledged the Merovingians to have been of Judaic descent, deriving from the royal line of David.” The significance of this tremendous. It means that those people who have been saying that it is a Jewish conspiracy have been correct–even if some of these people saying these things may not be the greatest characters. This also opens the door as to why the top leaders of the Illuminati have been willing to work with the Askenazi Jews. In Be Wise As Serpents, I show from Masonic sources that there is indeed a big connection at the top with the Jewish leadership and the House of David and Freemasonry. The goals of Freemasonry are intertwined with the goals of the Prieure de Sion. There is a big danger in labeling the conspiracy “Jewish”. When people label “Jewish” as “bad” it confuses more than clarifies. The Jewish people are not the enemy. Next, although many of the Satanic hierarchy claim to be from the House of David, they do not publicly proclaim themselves as Jews, in fact, they may publicly take a negative posture toward the Jews, such as Lady Astor and some of the duPonts have been.

#Agentgfreaknasty Notes: Ok let’s go ahead and get this Jewish Anti-Semitic bullshit out of the way.

First all let’s start with a little common sense. How come EVERY Other country in the middle east looks middles eastern EXCEPT them frauds?

The current people who claim to be jews from biblical times are using as a PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAPON to make your dumb ass feel sorry for them or call you anti-semetic when you call out their bullshit. And there is more OBVIOUS common sense, who is more semieitc ? The Red Head Blue eyed Jews or the Palestinines?  You can not support freedom of people like the enslaved Palestinins and be anti-semetic. You see how retarded they have us? The current power that runs the country of Israel are called Ashkhanzaki Jews and their blood lines are mainly from POLAND. Yeah they did the DNA test. Link Coming . The story goes that hundreds of years ago some ruler gave the khanazi jews a choice of what religion to be, christiian, Muslim or Jewish. And they chose the Jewish religion because as you should know relgion is a psychological warfare tool they use to control people. This is a excellent article on who the real jews are. Like I told you before Im not anti ANTHIING except ANTI-GETTING –FUCKED-OVER-ON. You cant get a nation of people to go to war for you and leave their family unless they are BRAINWASHED. Do you get it???, It takes a RELIGION to fight a RELIGION….Que-

How did they get millions of people and Thousands of US soldiers to go die killing Muslims when the entire time it was our own fucking government who did it????



popular writer for them. JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY If John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated and so much about his life examined and written about, a window allowing us to see the Kennedy Illuminati family may never have opened so wide. First, the assassination attracted attention. In recent years, the Illuminati have given permission to publishing houses to print exposes of J.F.K.’s sexual life, etc.11 It is believed that this permission was given in an effort to deflect criticism of his assassination by allowing his reputation to be tarnished.12 (I hope my readers are beginning to realize that things are totally corrupt at the top, and that JFK was no different than so many others that have been and are today at the top of the political mess in this nation.) John F. Kennedy had a very active sex life, even after he married Jackie, and even after he was President in the White House. For those who don’t think secrets can be kept by the elite, one only has to look at how John F. Kennedy was able to have sex with many women while President and to have frequent nude swim parties at the White House pool and the general public not know anything about it.13 John F. Kennedy’s lust for women was well known by the elite. Illuminatus McGeorge Bundy warned his friend JFK (while JFK was a Senator) that John’s openness with women might get him into trouble with the public. John F. Kennedy was so open about his sexual habit, that at one party at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. John F. Kennedy openly had sex with one pardner in front of the party, while his friend Senator Estes Kefauver did the same. Then they swapped pardners and began again in plain view. John F. Kennedy had many “one-night-stands”


#Agentfreaknasty Notess:

Damn I’m reading though the the Bloodlines of the illuminate for my new Intel Blog coming up. JFK WAS A FREAKY MF!!!! DAMNN!!! I’m a Nasty MF but I aint going just start fucking in the middle of a crowd welll there was that one time… never mind carry on!

began again in plain view. John F. Kennedy had many “one-night-stands” as the world calls them. These were merely women hustled up by his aides or the secret service or his friends like Frank Sinatra. But Kennedy also had long term relationships with some of the women he was sexually active with. It is those relationships which reveal so much about the hidden Satanic side of the KennedYs. John F. Kennedy had three long term girlfriends, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, and Zsa Zsa Gabor which were ALSO girlfriends of Anton LaVey, who has headed the Church of Satan. Jayne Mansfield was a high priestess of the Church of Satan. Marilyn Monroe was a participant in LaVey’s satanic rituals before LaVey founded his Church of Satan. Both JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy had affairs going with Marilyn Monroe, and both visited her just prior to her mysterious death. Zsa Zsa has been interested for years in the occult. (JFK also had relationships with other women connected with the Illuminati also.)


yn Monroe was a participant in LaVey’s satanic rituals before LaVey founded his Church of Satan. Both JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy had affairs going with Marilyn Monroe, and both visited her just prior to her mysterious death. Zsa Zsa has been interested for years in the occult. (JFK also had relationships with other women connected with the Illuminati also.) Before we examine the significance of these three relationships of JFK’s, and before we get into his liaisons with other women who were Illuminati connected, let’s cover the relationship between Anton LaVey and the Illuminati. California was very fertile soil for Satanism due to a host of factors. Two lesser known factors are that there were Haitian communities that practiced voodoo in California at the early part of this century. Also California became a haven for witches and Satanists fleeing from France, So. America, Cuba, and other places where their Satanic practices were not tolerated. California had a reputation for acceptance of their evil rituals. When one adds to this such thing as Hollywood it is easy to see how San Bernandino valley has become such a strong Satanic center. Anton LaVey’s maternal grandmother was from Transylvania. It was from that side of the family the Anton got some encouragement toward the occult. Anton La Vey loved horror movies. He studied Aleister Crowley, and the O.T.O. which had lodges in California which is where he lived, and in 1947 he joined the Clyde Beatty Circus. The Beatty family connects in with the Illuminati families also by the way. LaVey worked for several circuses and learned how to be a showman. He worked the occult sideshows of the circus, and found that people wanted to believe occult frauds. Anton LaVey found Marilyn Monroe, a jewish girl, working as a striptease in the strip clubs. LaVey helped her performance, and through his connections got her started on her big career. LaVey used his talent of showmanship to create a type of Satanism that could be marketed to the public. LaVey always manages to walk a tight-rope between openly supporting hard-core Satanic practices such as human sacrifice and being just simply theatrics. In other words, he blatantly supports enough evil to attract evil people, but he publicly never allows himself to be connected in any way with child molestation, human sacrifice, etc. Anton LaVey was into Satanism before the 1960’s, but it was not until 1966 that he founded the Church of Satan. Some hard core Satanists feel he is “all show,” other hard core Satanists form covens and try to serve Anton LaVey, because they view him as a role model




Anton LaVey knew how to be a showman. He took Marilyn Monroe, helped her with her acting and with his connections helped her get a chance to act. John F. Kennedy had a long term relationship with Marilyn Monroe. When J.F.K. was elected at the convention to be the Presidential candidate the Kennedys threw a party at the convention. The party was described this way, “every delegate (at the conventioni was provided by the Kennedy group with anything they wanted for their entertainment including liquor and women sent to their room.” JFK spent the time at the convention and the next day afterwards “making love’ to Marilyn Monroe. After his acceptance speech the whole group went over to his close friend Peter Lawfords for a skinnydipping party. Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra and Sammmy Davis, Jr. were close friends to each other and to John F. Kennedy. Sammy Davis, Jr. became a member of the Church of Satan after LaVey started it. From the middle of 1955 to the end of 1959 JFK had a suite on the 8th floor of Washington’s Mayflower Hotel set aside for his extramarital affairs. (FBI File)



JAYNE MANSFIELD During the 1960’s Jayne Mansfield and John F. Kennedy had a relationship. They met at places like Beverly Hills, Malibu, Palm Springs. JFK had several men who “bearded” for him. That is they would act like the women JFK was to get, were their own date. One of these was Dave Powers, who even went so far as to write in a book Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye that whenever Jackie left Washington. JFK (Jack) and him would eat together and then the President would say his prayers and go to bed alone. One of the things Dave Powers did was to help procure a steady stream of new women for Jack. Some of the other on-going sexual relationship that JFK maintained were: – Lady Jean Campbell-daughter of the Duke of Argyll ??Flo Pritchett Smith-wife of the American Ambassador to Cuba – Kay-Kay Hannon Auchincloss – (In this case although they had a long term close relationship noones knows what they did together.) – Judith Campbell Exner- Judith was Sinatra’s girlfriend who he passed on as a favor.


Judith worked for the Mafia, in particular she worked for Sam Giancana and John Roselli, who for some reason also both worked for the CIA. Exner ran letters between the Mafia and John F. Kennedy while he was President. (according to People Magazine, “The Dark Side of Camelot”, Feb. 29, 1988.)


It is also known that JFK was in direct contact with Meyer Lansky and Joe Fishetti, two other Mafia chiefs, and that he benefit from money they passed on to him. This is no surprise because Jack’s father had worked with the Mafia Jack’s entire life. There are a number of respectable books by ex-Satanists or ex-Organized Crime members where they are clear about how those groups love to blackmail people. John F. Kennedy certainly could have been easily blackmailed by these groups if they had wanted to. I haven’t seen any indication that blackmail was even tried, so the only other conclusion, which fits a lot of evidence, is that John F. Kennedy worked with the Satanists and the Mafia. In fact, the Mafia rigged several important counties in the election, like in Chicago, which tipped the scales in John winning the Presidency. That’s an entirely different thing that this article won’t get sidetracked on.


JOSEPH KENNEDY Joseph Kennedy was John F. Kennedy’s father. Through various means I independently learned that Joseph Kennedy was part of the Illuminati. He was a member of the Pilgrim Society (a 60 of the branch Illuminati). He also worked closely with the Mafia, and other Kingpins in the Illuminati. Perhaps in another article we can cover more about Joseph Kennedy. This article is about long enough. I thought I might wrap it up with a story about Joseph Kennedy. The story demonstrates that much of what politicians tell the public is simply for their own benefit, and often only lies. Jack Kennedy got the reputation after Britain and the Germany began fighting in W.W. II, as being against the United States entering the war. Jack Kennedy held the prestigious job of being the U.S. ambassador to Great Britain at the time. The fact that Jack Kennedy was given such an extremely vital position shows that the Kennedy family is important within the Illuminati. At that point in time, like no other time, it was important who the U.S. had as ambassador. After the war began, and both countries had martial law, and extensive military communications, the ambassador was really not quite so critical in his role. One of the men who worked at the embassy for the Americans was an American Tyler Gatewood Kent.

One of the men who worked at the embassy for the Americans was an American Tyler Gatewood Kent, a 7 career officer in the U.S. Consular service. Tyler Kent believed in a world conspiracy before he began working in the code room. While he worked there he was astonished that Roosevelt was secretly involving the United States in W.W. II and lying to the American public. Further, Roosevelt was pulling strings to get us involved while lying to the public. Kent secretly took 1,500 pgs. of secret documents, which he was going to show to the public to expose the conspiracy

Kent never made it. He was arrested. In order for the British to hold him, Jack Kennedy had to revoke his diplomatic immunity on May 20, 1940. Ambassador Joe Kennedy did that so he could receive a harsh sentence, because if he had been brought back to America, the public might have gotten outraged at what the politicians had done. According to Standard Operating Procedure and protocol, Kent should have stood trial in the U.S. The papers he had taken were American embassy papers not British. Although the court records show that no evidence was introduced that Kent was a spy, Joseph Kennedy later would concoct a long story for the public that Kent was a Nazi spy. Kennedy went on speaking engagements around the U.S. after he was relieved of his Ambassador post, and Kennedy made it sound like he was whole heartedly against the war. If Kennedy had really been against the war, if he had simply denied the British the chance to keep Kent, Kent could have spilled the beans about what Roosevelt was doing and the outraged would have destroyed Roosevelt’s chances to fool the American people. I

. Instead, Roosevelt was able to proceed and develop the elements for the Pearl Harbor attack. While Kennedy pretended to be against the war, he was serving as an intimate accomplice in maneuvers designed to fool the American people. This is a good example of how even today the public is looking to certain public officials to save them. They think that these politicians will try everything possible to help them fight the system, so when they fail to beat the system, the people think they have been beaten fairly. TO BE CONTINUED –

#Agentfreaknasty That statement abovce sounds a whole lot like TRUMP and the Q movement doesn’t it????

REVISITING THE TOP 13 ILLUMINATI KENNEDY FAMILY The intention originally was to have the artide on the top Illuminati Kennedy family in two parts. Perhaps sometime a second part can come out. So far I have only exposed a small part of the Illuminati Kennedy.. As might be expected of any “good” Illuminati family, the Kennedy. are connected to drugs, to the Monarch program, to “death” euthanasia programs, to the British monarchy, and to the various organized crimes group., mafias etc. For this issue, I merely want to cover a few aspects of the Kennedy family which I didn’t take the time to cover in the May 15, ’93 issue. One aspect is the connection of the Illuminati Kennedys to the drug trade, and another is their connection to “death” care and the Knights of Malta


What is the hospice movement which is being conducted by the Hospitallers (one of the names the Knights of Malta go by)? It is a movement to allow old people “The Right to Die.’ The Knights of Malta have an ancient history of running drugs and administering mind-altering drugs in their hospitals instead of giving medicine. This ancient activity was carried forth into modern times when their St. Christopher’s hospital in London began giving patients Brompton Mixture until they died. Brompton Mixture consists of heroin, cocaine, alcohol, tranquilizers, and chloroform water. This mixture is given in the Knights of Malta hospitals to patients every three hours until they die. Euthanasia, or “mercy killing” may seem like a merciful idea, until a person finds out how the people at the top of the Euthanasia movement view things. They view things similar to the Satanist Adolf Hitler. This view is that it is merciful to get rid of unwanted people. Although the “death” hospice movement seems benevolent at first, it is the conclusion of where the program will end up that is the kicker. Hospice, Inc. which is linked to the elite is also provided funding by the Kaiser Foundation

#Agentfreaknasty Notes

remember that post the other day of the video where the nurse said they were kill COVID patients on Purpose, Now read this from the CIA. G OV website

Eric Feigl-Ding on Twitter: “⚠️MOTHER OF GOD—El Paso nurse’s horrifying story of hospital situation. There is a COVID room nicknamed “the pit” where no doctors enter, patients only get 3 CPR cycles—patients are sent there to just wait, code & die. None has survived “the pit”. #COVID19 https://t.co/vvih3rVzPL” / Twitter

emerges is not public image that is so well known. JFK had only about a 119 I.Q., did very poorly in

school, and could barely spell. JFK’s father had the wealth and connections to buy his son anything.
Although Kennedy had a back problem which made him almost crippled, his father got him into the
Navy during W.W. II. When he was let in, the examining doctors looked the other way at his back
problem (which plagued him his entire life). Kennedy got a commission as a Naval officer without
having to go through the normal channels of training and being commissioned. As a naval officer, he
did a poor job, and the great PT-109 story was far different than what the public has been lead to
believe. The fact that Kennedy let his boat be run over by a Jap destroyer was because he and his crew
weren’t paying attention (sleeping, hungover etc.) Kennedy realized he might be court-martialed for
his negligence, but his father had the money to turn disaster into a story that made Kennedy into a


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, Looks like the GREAT JFK was a POS Navy Captain with a FAKE military background. I TOLD You these FUCKS who go to Harvard and Yale are no smarter than the rest of us they just HIDE information from us that makes them seem smarter,. JFK graduated from Harvard and Princeton. Plus don’t forget all the shit they put in our water and food to make us STUPID. Lead in Flint Michigan come to mind? OTAY BUCKWHEAT!


. Because there is so much disinformation out about the people who run this country, it
must sometimes seem rather bizarre that people like me come along and say there is a satanic
conspiracy of great magnitude. If Americans were as a whole critical thinkers and would challenge the
propaganda that the controlled media gives them, then the false fronts and false public images of their
leaders might not get written up so easily as history. There are not many critical thinkers in this nation.
There are a great many intelligent people, but not a great many critical thinkers. A conspiracy of great
magnitude has had this nation in its grips since the nation was founded, and the controlled press has
managed to prevent the general population from finding this conspiracy out. The Kennedy Family has
played a role in that conspiracy.

JFK gave his life to that conspiracy. The assassination of JFK is one
of the best ways to introduce Americans to the conspiracy. Ralph Epperson who gives
taiks/slideshows about the NWO to groups likes to use the Kennedy Assassination as a method to get
people to realize that there is a NWO conspiracy. Interestingly, Ralph Epperson, had as a companion
for a while without knowing it, an active Monarch slave who helped him give presentations. It is
difficult for those exposing the NWO to get away from being infiltrated.[1] The Monarch mindcontrolled slaves are very difficult to detect, especially since most people don’t even know that they

The Li Family

The facts I have of what is going on with the Li family are Just enough to provide us with the basic
picture. The Li family In Hong Kong is part of the Satanic Hierarchy and works hand in glove with
British and American elite. They also help run the Triads. Whether or not the Li’s in Hong Kong are
related to the Red Chinese Li’s who run China I do not know, but it is clear that some Li’s run Red
China and also Singapore. Both these countries work hand in hand with the Satanic hierarchy so it
makes one suspicious as to whether their leaders are part of the hierarchy too. If these Li’s do
consider themselves blood relatives—which they might—we know that according to Chinese custom
they would do this to a great extent anyway, then that makes the Li family an incredibly powerful
family of worldwide importance.
BIBLIOGRAPHY selected and condensed

Under Triad control factories in Hong Kong have been turning out items for sex shops worldwide.
The living conditions of areas under Triad control in Hong Kong were literal hells on earth. The
Triads packed people in, the sanitation was negligible, the filth overwhelming, and the corruption of
the human spirit complete. There is no question what kind of life the Triads want to bring people,
total degeneration into total moral corruption and filth. Like the Masons (but to a much lesser degree)
there have been a few Triad mutual aid societies for their own members, but in general, these have
been rare.
The Triads have exacted extortion money from almost everyone in Hong Kong. The history of their
extortions and threats etc. is many books long. In short, the whole trading economy of Hong Kong
was under their power. And the Li family is now working with them. See the Li article in this issue.
Various scandals over the decades have repeatedly shown that the Triads have totally infiltrated the
Hong Kong government and police force. Where ever ethnic Chinese were hired the Triads infiltrated.
And then even many of the non-Chinese were bought off. People in Hong Kong who have watched
the Triads do illegal acts right in public have frequentiy been frustrated by the lack of police response


As was just said, the Communists have
never broken the power of the Triads. In fact, not only has the brutal Red Chinese government been
ineffective against the Triads, most of the police everywhere have been. The Triads are the most
powerful criminal fraternal group in the world, except for the IllumInati and the families that make up
the Illuminati’s Committee of 300. The Mafia Is small peanuts compared to the Triads. The Triads are
almost untouchable by any law enforcement group. For instance, in Great Britain the British do not
have hardly any ethnic Chinese on their police force to even try infiltrating the Triads.

The Triads have operated in the United States for over 100 years, and are major drug handiers
working in cooperation with the Illuminati Kings, and most Americans do not even know they exist.
And although America has ethnic Chinese, Americans of Chinese descent do not speak the Chinese
dialects that undercover agents would have to know to break into the Triad operations.

Vancouver, B.C., San Francisco, New York, London, Manchestor, and Amsterdam (not to mention
Macao and Hong Kong) are some of the big bases of Triad Operation. Money is made by extortion,
gambling, prostitution, drugs, or any other way to make a profit. The Triads have worked with the
CIA in creating the drug network. The creation of the Golden Triangle as a source for drugs was a
joint CIA-Triad operation. The Chinese communists couldn’t pass up the opportunity to debauch
America. The Red Chinese government has secretly worked with the Triads in supplying heroin and
opium knowing that these drugs were going to U.S. military bases. U.S. garrisons In Germany were
supplied high grade drugs that came through the Triads, either grown under Triad supervision or in
places like Red China. One of the kingpins in this drug trade was Lumpy Ho, whose business fronts
were known as the Dutch Connection

The corrupt police-officers that were Triad members that fled anti-corruption drives in Hong Kong
would flee to Vancouver, B.C. where they have spent their efforts building that area up as a large
Triad base of operations. Actually, they have branched out into Victoria and Seattle, WA.




The Illuminati is divided into the drug/porn
section, the political/business management section, and the cult ritual section, global communications
section, and mind-control section. The leadership within the various areas overlap. The
drug/porn/political areas work together as a unit. The mind-control area seems to be somewhat
technical and somewhat separate. Further, several groups have been identified as assigned the job of
keeping the long range plans. The three groups that have been entrusted with long range plans are the
Order of the Garter, Order of the Quest, & Keepers of the Dawn

One of the most telling papertrail signs that the conspiracy has left behind was an executive order that
FDR signed just after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. This executive order was a semi-secret amendment
to Trading With The Enemy Act which made it LEGAL to trade with the enemy if the Sec. of the
Treasury (then Hans Morganthau) gave permission. Morganthau was a tool of the conspiracy, and of
course he gave permission to the top Illuminati to trade with the enemy. (In 1983, a book came out
Trading With The Enemy which exposes how the elite secretly kept Hitler going by supplying him,
rebuilding his communications etc. Onassis as an Illuminati king worked with other elites
Rockefeller, Kennedy, Getty to quietly make a profit and keep the war going longer. Onassis sold oil
and guns to both sides. ITT telephones were used in German submarines. [This Executive Order
shows that at the top their is a conspiracy–it is reproduced on the following pages.) There were 450
merchant ships owned by Greeks before W.W. II. Out of those Aristotle said 410 were sunk during
the war. The offIcial count was 360. Either way it is clear that most of the Greek shippers lost their
large merchant ships. However, the German submarines and aircraft never once touched Aristotles’
ships although they sailed through war zones. Neither did the Aliles. Aristotle alone did not suffer any
losses. Aristotle’s large fleet did not lose a single ship even the ones that were in Scandinavia when
the Germans invaded. Only the full collaboration at the highest levels could have pulled that one off

In a meeting with feilow Satanist Joseph Kennedy in September, 1957, the decision was taken to use
the Mafia’s power to get John F. Kennedy elected. The Mafia was caught in Chicago tampering big
time with the voting–but Nixon was denied a recount of the votes. Nixon backed off from making a
fuss, because he was promised the chance to be President later.


p. However, neither son had received the Illuminati training and
indoctrination that their older brother had, and when be died. Joseph made a mistake when he decided
to replace Joe, Jr. with John (who they called Jack). The mistake was that John F. Kennedy may have
seemed like he’d be a good Illuminati President, but he actually thought for himself. He thought for
himself because he was young and with that impetuousness and vigor of youth, and with the
popularity he had, he had the possibility to do some good for this nation. If I were state my
evaluation, it would be to tell conservatives that they have been “hoodwinked”. John F. Kennedy did
more conservative (preserving this nation) things in his Presidency than Nixon and Reagan who are
heralded as conservative. Kennedy didn’t recognize Red China, no– that was Nixon. Kennedy didn’t
triple the national debt, no, that was Reagan. The CIA has been out to get JFK, ever since they
realized JFK didn’t view himself as their puppet, but that he viewed himself as their boss. The head of
the CIA on purpose ruined the CIA’s chances to succeed at the Bay of Pigs. He personally prevented
the CIA air cover from taking off, which the CIA knew that without air support, the operation had no
chance, which was soon proved correct. in everyone’s zeal to get JFK they blamed JFK.

#AgentfreakNastynotes One little interesting thing I learned about JFK and this could be one of the reasons he thought for himself and flipped on the mafia was that he began to take LSD giving to him from one of Dr. Timothy Leary’s Girlfriends. Sometime around the ’70s, the CIA figured out that LSD actually STOPS their mind control programs so what did they do? They demonized it to the public, purchased the entire world supply, and made  Harvard Dr. Timothy Leary public enemy number one, calling him the most dangerous man in America. U I personally have tried LSD multiple times and find it opens your mind to another part of reality that you would never know. I’m sure just like studies of marijuana use show it actually makes you SMARTER so do studies on the use of LSD, which Is probably why the government made it a schedule 1 drug claiming no medical benefits when that’s a well-known lie. You see the dumber they keep you the easier it for their mind control weapons to keep you a slave.  https://www.businessinsider.com/a-scientist-has-a-plan-to-show-that-microdosing-lsd-makes-you-smarter-2017-8?r=MX&IR=T

There are also multiple studies that show cannabis makes you smarter and NOT DUMBER. I believe that most Hollywood Movies are controlled by the CIA in order to brainwash us. Take for example the Movie fast times at rich mount high. Where Sean Penn was characterized ad a dumb stoner. That was probably done on purpose. There are studies from Harvard that show hemp and cannabis actually make you smarter and not dumber. I will be writing an entire research blog in the next week on cannabis and the connection to intelligence. In the meantime, you can check out this article from Harvard.https://herb.co/news/health/harvard-study-improves-cognition/


It all
sounded so believable, because the CIA were going to tell the full story. The public is not astute
enough to realize that the press had subtly turned against Kennedy. Two powerful friends who liked
John F. Kennedy and wanted to help JFK fight the elite were taken out before Kennedy was
assassinated. Senator Estes Kefauver, whose Crime Commission had discovered the 1932 deal that
Onassis, Kennedy, Meyer, Roosevelt, Lansky and other Illuminati–Mafia figures had made. Kefauver
was poisoned so that he had a secret poison induced “heart attack” on Aug. 8, 1963. One suspect that
might have done it was his subordinate Bernard Fensterwald, who was also a CIA assassin. The other
was Phillip Graham. His wife Katherine MEYER Graham has been a full participant of the
conspiracy and shows up repeatedly in elite activities. Katherine bribed some psychiatrists to certify
her husband who was editor of the Washington Post was insane. He was ordered by a judge into a
mental hospital. When he was allowed to visit home on a weekend, he was found “suicided” by a
shotgun. Bobby Kennedy had a good idea who shot his brother. He wrote an unpublished book called
The Enemy Within, and then later he was assassinated too. Actually, the whole establishment was
out to get Kennedy, and even George Bush was involved with the assassination. If you want to know who and why Kennedy was murdered this is an excellent article by ZeroHedge.com Ha! I just looked for it in the search engines and it’s been purged. I will try to find it later.


The Rockefeller Bloodline

One of the 13 Satanic bloodlines that rule the world is the Rockefeller bloodline. Today, there are
around 190 members of this family with the Rockefeller name and of course some others by other last
names. This article is to explore further for those who investigate the Illuminati, how the Rockefeller
bloodline is involved in the promotion of the occult and Satanism, and how they are involved in the
control of the Christian denominations. This article keys in on just one family, the Rockefellers. To
understand the full extent of the Illuminati’s control of religion, including Christendom, would
require perhaps several books.

n the U.S. The Rockefellers
exert enormous influence over religion in this nation in the following ways:
1. They provide a large share of the money that Seminaries in the United
States need to operate.
2. They provide a large share of the money that universities need to operate. Education influences the
religious values of our people.
3. They provide large grants to various religious organizations.
4. Their influence and control helps determine who will get publicity in the major news magazines,
and on television.
5. Their influence has contributed to various anti-Christian organizations being set up.
6. They directly help control certain religious groups such as Lucis Trust.

#Agentfreaknasty Notes: Religion is the primary weaponized mind control weapon of the Illuminati. Organized Religion is as old as history by modern Christianity was created by the Roman Family the Flavians with their Jewish Puppet Josephus.  Once you watch this video it will much clearer to you. As long you believe in organized religion you are a slave to the Illuminati I won’t sugar coat it …..que-


And also watch this video that will help connect the dots on how they formed religion after the pagan worship of the sun and astrology.


Maurice Strong is a good friend of the Rockefellers. He has been promoting Mother Gaia worship.
David Rockefeller works with Maurice Strong and his New Age ideas. Reverend Moon from Korea
has been very much loved by the Rockefellers. Moon calls himself Christ and is setting up a religion
promoting internationalism. His religion is also a good testing ground for brainwashing/recruiting
techniques that are being perfected by the NWO. The Rockefellers have been helping Moon, who also
has his primary mansion in NY. Also of interest is that the prominent political figures that have
endorsed Moon are those with ties to the NWO, and include Ted Kennedy, Mason Mark C. Hatfield,
Mason Jesse Helms, & Illuminatus William F. Buckley, Jr. (See pg. 32-33 of The Puppet Master by J.
Isamu Yamamoto.)

) The book Externalization of the Hierarchy teaches repeatedly (see pages 511-512, 514) that
the 3 vehicles to bring in the New Age will be the Masonic Lodges, (obviously not everyone attends
Lodges), next the Churches (this is clearly revealing to us that men like the Rockefellers are using the
churches for the Luciferian plan of Lucis Trust), and finally Education (Well, of course education.
Not everyone attends churches. They need a safety net to catch everyone in their brainwashing to
make us all want to be happy slaves under the Light-bearer.) The home life of the Rockefellers is
decidedly different than for most people. They have over 100 homes to stay at. The Rockefellers own
vast tracts of good land in various countries in South America, and have nice homes in Brazil,
Ecuador, and their Monte Sacro Ranch, Venezuela. They have two mansions in Washington, D.C. (at
least), numerous ranches around the United States, resorts in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean,
a 32- room 5th Ave duplex in N.Y., not to mention their place at Seal Harbor, Maine, and the large
estate at Pocantico Hills, NY. It is estimated that they have 2,500 house servants

The Rockefellers financial power Is far greater than the balance sheets would
indicate. The Rockefellers can give donations from an organization which they control to another that
they control, and not lose any control over the money. The donations look Impressive, but the
Rockefeller bloodline hasn’t lost. Have you ever noticed that Rockefeller’s Standard Oil uses the
satanic pentagram in a circle as their logo? Just three of countless Rockefeller companies are Texas
Instruments and General Electric, and Eastman Kodak. The Rockefellers also control Boeing. This
author (Fritz Sprlngmeier) has repeatedly been given information from numerous sources about the
occult activities that are being perpetrated at the Boeing plants in the Seattle area.


#AgentFreakNasty Notes:

Some of you know and some of you don’t know that I got into a big war with the Tacoma Police around 2014 when their flunkies got busted stealing 1500 cash while robbing my LEGAL marijuana dispensary. To make a long story short Pierce Country Prosecutor Mark Lindquist ended up filing fake Marijuana grow charges on me even though I had a business license from the city and was paying taxes. I later learned he paid off my lawyer to set me up at trial but that’s another story you can read here. The point is he was a corrupt POS that got voted out of the office around 2018 and what was his first case with his new law firm the Hermann Group? He represented the victims of the 737 Boeing Crashes. Now gues who represented Boeing via the law firm of Perkins Coie ( A CIA law firm). No other than Kenneth Feinberg the SAME attorney who screwed over the 911 victims. Do you see the game? They control BOTH lawyers on BOTH sides and behind Boeing is the Rockerfellers and the CIA. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/02/26/boei-f26.html


The Rockefellers were involved in the
creation of the FBI, so that the FBI has always been an arm of power for the Illuminati. That is why
there are official FBI programs in action today to kIdnap children and provide them for sacrifice. Yes,
American people, the wolf was set in charge of guarding the chicken coop. The organization that is
working as part of the FBI is the Finders. (The stink was so bad that US. News & World Report did a
story to soften the impact of the scandal. See the article on a following page. Ex-Satanists who
worked with the FBI to receive the children the FBI kidnapped and sold to them for sacrifice have
been trying to get the word out publicly about the FBI’s corruption.

When the Illuminati was
beginning to get exposed in the Franklin Saving & Loan case in Lincoln, NE the FBI was part of the
dirty actors and was part of the cover up. The Rockefellers have had control over the FBI since they
helped get it started. When Congress wanted to investigate the CIA for wrongdoing the appointed a
Commission headed by Rockefeller to investigate the CIA’s wrongdoings! Yes, the Rockefeller
Commission did a big study and slapped the hands of the CIA for a few misdeeds. Their report is still
cited as the big investigation of the CIA. Some investigation! Since the Rockefeller family work hand
in hand with the CIA to create Monarch slaves, of course that part of the CIA’s misdeeds got

A recent convert from Satanism, Michael McArthur, has given validated inside information about the
FBI and the CIA programs which kidnap children in order to supply Satanic rituals with sacrificial
material. The names of the agents who spend their official government time kidnapping children for
Satanism that Michael knows about are as follows:
Chucky “Mike,” “Peters”-FBI hit man in Div, 5 of FBI, involved with inslaw case Nichol Harrah–
FBI agent who abducts children for sacrifice
Unda KriegSatanist working for FBI
Ken LanningFBI agent who abducts children for sacrifice
Nick O’HaraFBI hitman, satanist, has covered FBI child kidnappings by murder Kape
RichardsonCIA agent who abducts children for sacrifice
Rather, than risk election, a brilliant coup d’etat which Is exposed in Be Wise As Serpents. was
carried out to put Nelson A. Rockefeller into the Vice-Presidency.
The Rockefellers control both education and religion in this country by their foundations.
The Rockefellers have played key roles in the CFR. Rockefeller wrote the book the Future of
Federalism which supports the union of nations into a world government. For many years the
Rockefellers have been pouring billions of dollars into projects and international groups which are
working to bring in a public One-World government. (The world already has a secret One-WorldGovernment.) The Rockefellers take part in decisions that effect Russia, China and other parts of Asla
and with good reason, the House of Rockefeller has holdup and assets in these countries too.
The investigator of the Rockefellers will find that they have secretly had their hand in the politics of


Recently Former CIA Agent Robert David Steele said the United States has 50 Epstein Pedo Blackmail Rings, one for each state to blackmail judges, Governors, Police Chiefs, Prosecutors like Mark Lindquist The Grand Wizard ETC, I guess now we know where they get the CHILDREN FROM, don’t we?


The Rothschild Bloodline

Two neighbor horse farmers came together one day to talk business. The first farmer
sold his horse to the second for a quarter-million dollars and then bought it back for
about $20 more. He could now advertise his horse (actually worth $20), as a horse he
that he had paid over a quarter of a million dollars for.
We can laugh over such schemes. And perhaps we should laugh at ourselves for having been fooled,
for if there is one area in life that exceeds the religious in deception, and touches all of us it is
financial. What else can we do about it except laugh?

In 1974, in the summer after the Yom Kippur War this Author toured Israel, and got the chance to
personally visit many of the buildings like the Knesset that the Rothschild’s money has built. The
Knesset is the Israeli equivalent to our Congress’s Capitol building. One of the Rothschilds in his will
left money for ongoing building projects in Israel, and the Rothschilds are honored with a Street
named after them in Jerusalem.
The people of Germany and Turkey have been very close. I can recall meeting Turkish ,,Gastarbeiter”
(guestworkers) in Germany. The reader will remember that Turkey fought on Germany’s side in
W.W. I. A few powerful Jews, including the Rothschilds, were responsible for the wording of the
Treaty imposed on Germany that ended W.W. I (3) The treaty gave the Rothschilds the German-owned railway rights in Palestine (which had been part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire), thus paving
the way for the Rothschilds to have sure leverage to dictate policy concerning Palestine. The
Rothschilds had made loans to Turkey which amounted to almost one hundred million pounds. When
the Turkish government collapsed after W.W. I because they were on the losing side, the Rothschilds
had a claim on Palestine because of those unpaid Turkish loans.4 The British government followed the
dictates of the Rothschilds. The British were given a mandate over Palestine, and the Rothschilds
were able to through their proxies in the British government, to create the steps that led to the nation
of Israel.(5)

The Ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel will
not serve in the Israeli army because they know that Almighty God was not behind the creation of
modern Israel, but rather the rich ungodly apostate Jews. They refuse to serve the ungodly. They are
wiser than men like Jerry Falwell who run around proclaiming Israel is God’s nation. Men like
Falwell is the type that this Author finds reference to repeatedly in Jewish documents that speak of
their power within the Fundamentalists. God is ultimately in charge, he has allowed Hitler to come to
power, Stalin to come to power, and the Rothschilds to come to power. In the same sense that God
rules over and blessed Stalin’s Russia, he rules over America and Israel.

To Be continued….

You Can Now Get High Legally In Most States. By Lifehacker


Adolf Hitler and Worid War II.” Henry Ford
merged his German assets with I.G. Farben in 1928. The cartel created the lethal Zyklon B gas that
was used to exterminate the Jews. It was also involved in the torture experimentations that led to
mind control methods, such as Monarch Programming. Do you see what happened? A Rothschild
agent set up a cartel that was directly involved in the horrible persecution of the Jews. Still, the family
maintains the illusion of being totally supportive of their race. Page 158

#Agent Freak Nasty Notes. As we have heard time and time again the Jews or so-called Jews were responsible for the Hol_ocaust. Even George Sorus himself admitted it in this interview. Start at minute 3:40