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#AgentFreakNasty Bill Gates Special

The BILL GATES SPECIAL….#agentfreaknasty

Greetings Friends & Snitches,

All of my social media accounts have been NUKED, Instagram, Twitter, FaceCROOK, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Google. These are accounts I have had for over 10 years ALL GONE in the last 6 months. Also, Joe Rogan reported that Twitter was censoring DIRECT MESSAGES about information related to the Vaccine in which is what I like to call the BILL GATES SPECIAL. The worse the censoring gets the closer we are to the BIG SHOW. Could be war could be something else, not positive yet. According to my latest intel, there will be a FULL INTERNET BLACKOUT soon. That is one of the reasons I created this blog. They cant’ block my own website. Well maybe they can but they haven’t yet. The Black Out is supposed to come after Arizona reports their recount. According to sources from, they ALREADY found 1 million fraudulent votes. This is why it is important to share MY links with other WOLVES, to late to save the sheep now, it is…. PUCKER TIME…. #AgentFreakNasty *******Start Exchanging Phone numbers with your TRUCKING BUDDIES in case the net goes down. 


Kill or BE killed and Agent Freak Nasty Is Hungry Like The ….que-

Israel Prepping for War?

IDF Launches Largest Military Exercise In Country’s History – I24news



The IDF launched the largest military exercise in Israel’s history Sunday, which is expected to run throughout the month of May.

Participating units will train for combat and emergency scenarios on Israel’s most hostile fronts, while Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi has decided to conduct the training as originally planned, despite recent tensions in east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.  

The exercise, dubbed “Chariots of Fire,” will simulate a “month of war” for the first time in Israel’s history and practice synchronized maneuvers to combat against the country’s most dangerous enemies.

All regular and reserve IDF forces from all commands will participate in the massive exercise and involve the Defense Ministry, the National Emergency Authority, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and other security bodies.

Aside from national emergency response preparedness and combat training, the IDF hopes the month-long exercise will provide valuable research, insights, and techniques that could be employed in future combat scenarios. 

#Agentfreak Nasty Notes: I have predicted for the last 5 years that the US, Russia, and others would eventually invade Israel. After the US wakes up and finds out their involvement they will accept nothing less than turning Isreal into a third world country. If you still don’t know how the CIA, Mossad, and Dick Cheney did 911 you can read my blog here.

The timing is INTERESTING because it’s right before the Arizona Recount and what white hat intelligence sources are saying the return of Trump as the rightful President.

Update 5-18-2021 Israel Preparing for War

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise !!! after writing this post about Israel preparing for war, ALL OF SUDDEN they are under attack with PAPER BOTTLE rockets… Whhhhaaaad a COINCIDENSE!!!!


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Bill Gates is a CIA PLANT Just like Obama, Clinton, & Zukerberg

This is based on my own intelligence but once you see the evidence it will make PERFECT SENSE. I just started looking more into Bill Gates’s family history and found out his father is connected to the law firm of Perkins Coie. If you didn’t know that the SAME Law firm used by the DNC, you remember the ones that made the fake dossier on Trump saying the Russians had videos of Trump Peeing on Russian Hookers, Turns out they stole that story from ACTUAL videos of Joe Biden doing the same thing. Microsoft was a CIA CLOWN company from the BEGINING, they invented the Genius Harvard drop story turned tech billionaire and then REPLAYED the exact same story about Mark Zukerberg and FACECROOK which was started the day AFTER the DARPA lifelog program was shut down. The CIA played us JUST as they played us with Bill Clinton and Barak Obama BOTH CIA agents along with the Bushes. That is why ALL OF A SUDDEN a man who cannot even make decent software is all of a sudden a MASTER GENIUS with VACCINES with ZERO MEDICAL TRAINING. They have been planning this shit from the BEGINING. Bill Gates and Zuckerberg are just two average retards made into CLOWN CHARACTERS for the sheep to worship. If you haven’t watched Plandemic 1 & 2 I HIGHLY recommend you watch it if you want to fully understand the big CON-JOB 19 scam going on now. Whatever you do,  DO NOT TAKE THE SHOT, and especially do not let your kids take it.


Plandemic 1

Plandemic 2 

According to Psychology Today:

“Our brains are pattern-detection machines that connect the dots, making it possible to uncover meaningful relationships among the barrage of sensory input we face.

Without such meaning-making, we would be unable to make predictions about survival and reproduction. The natural and interpersonal world around us would be too chaotic.

So, when our pattern-recognition systems misfire, they tend to err on the side of caution and self-deception.”

Teach your children well

Their father’s hell did slowly go by
And feed them on your dreams
The one they pick’s the one you’ll know by
Don’t you ever ask them, “Why?”
If they told you, you would cry
So just look at them and sigh
And know they love you..que-


Must Watch Video about the CONJOB-19 Vaccinee

If They get Jabbed after watching this They Are Beyond Saving

Marijuana makes you SMARTER NOT DUMBER According to HARVARD Study


We are being PREPPED again for some WEIRD SHIT, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE QUE????


Rich Private School in Florida is FIRING teachers who TAKE the Vaccine

I couldn’t believe that TWATTER would even allow this link to be published but it’s true. The Centaur Private Schools in Florida sent out a memo to teachers telling them if they took the BILL GATES SPECIAL they can not come back to work because they could SHED the vaccine to the children which cause problems with REPRODUCTION. Why JUST LIKE POPULATION CONTROL huh????


Again for all you NUMB NUTS let me make it perfectly clear so that even you can get it, If the Government really cared about your health they would have told you to WEAR A MASK and SHELTER INDOORS on March 12th, 2011 ONE DAY after Fukushima Blew up JUST as the elites told themselves in this EMAIL sent to SUPER CANKLES from her lawyer Cheryl Mills.




The Rich like Bill Gates eh hmmm I mean the CIA NEVER had any intention of healing poor little black kids in Africa. They wanted more air for their HORSIES and less of ME & YOU. These MOTHERFUCKERS are trying to WHIPE US OUT.

The Colbert Report Goes into Bill Gates Background. Highly Recommended you Watch if you want the full understanding of what the Government is Doing.

Think about this Bill Gates and his HANDLERS decided to spend 100 BILLION on experimental vaccines and not ONE DIME on food for poor African Children. Are you WOKE YET????



Update 6/12/2021 on Plandemic

Do you like Magneto? Well if you got the Vaccine you can join the X-MEN….Que-


Update 6/26/2021 Bill Gates Sr. & Found of Planned Parent Hood Margaret Sanger


Remember Ms. Margaret Louise Sanger (1879-1966), founder of Planned Parenthood of America? Remember Sanger’s racist philosophy of exterminating the black population through imposed legal abortion, contraceptives and sterilization of black women? If your answers to the above queries are in the affirmative, you will probably recall also that Sanger’s racist philosophy inspired Adolf Hitler in his view of eugenics and murdering of the “socially undesirable people”. Except that while Hitler committed his havoc against European Jews and others in the Nazi regime, Sanger directed her Planned Parenthood of America specifically to the extermination of Afro-Americans through forced abortion and sterilization of black American women.

Undoubtedly the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is continuing where Margaret Sanger stopped in the elimination of the so-called “socially undesirable people” who, in its “wisdom”, are unfit to live. From Microsoft business Bill Gates has moved into the abortion contraception and eugenic business. Even Bill Gates’ dad, William Henry Gates II, better known as Bill Gates Sr., was on the board of abortion promoting giant called Planned Parenthood of America before the popular case of Roe V Wade which legalized abortion in the U.S was decided. It appears as if abortion runs in the DNA of the Gates family. By the way, I want you to google, “Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto”. If you do, you will listen to Vandana Shiva, 1993 Nobel laureate, environmental activist and author of Oneness Vs The 1%, explain to you the “nefarious strategy” of Bill Gates to destroy agriculture and agricultural yields in Africa.


Don’t forget to check out my other MIND BENDING INTEL REPORTS, you might learn something that will save your life one day..

I highly recommend you SHARE THE LINK copy and paste the link and TEXT them or EMAIL then make sure they got it. Send it to people you care about and for the sake of the children. THEM RICH MOTHERFUCKERS know something YOU DON’T or else they wouldn’t be firing teachers who got the BILL GATES SPECIAL…..Que-




UPDATE 12/2/2012

Lynn Wood CONFIRMS that BILL GATES was Handed Microsoft By His Eugenics Father and is a CIA BITCH Posted on Telegram Account NOV 29 2021


You Can Now Get High Legally In Most States. By Lifehacker