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Health officials have complained that the panic to find a reliable Corona Virus treatment has led to “voodoo science,” marked by shaky experimentation and faulty research. And while the mainstream medical community might consider cannabis in that category, early research results indicate that the opposite is true. The Terpenes found in cannabis could play a vital role in fighting COVID-19. Scientists have reported that CBD’s anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties might provide key resistance against COVID19.

It has to do with the Cytokine storm caused by COVID-19 Treatment, “It is bad news, good news, story,’ Cannabis researcher straitens up the air on THC and the Coronavirus. This Canadian scientist obtained global attention for his COVID-19 and Cannabis study. The huge issue is obtaining funding for clinical trials in Canada is a stumbling block.

The Scientist did record that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties which were documented in earlier studies are worth further research.


The combination of terpenes and CBD inhibits about 90 percent of cytokines.

However Israeli scientists have found that combining cannabis terpenes with CBD could lead to far greater results than CBD by itself. The various terpenes found in cannabis strains are known to provide cannabis aromatic properties but also have shown therapeutic benefits by themselves.

According to Forbes Magazine, the Israeli study found a combination of terpenes and CBD were 3 times more effective in stopping inflammation from getting out of control compared to the corticosteroid dexamethasone.

A more recent research study announced by the World Health Organization just announced that dexamethasone, a low-cost steroid, improved a COVID-19 patient’s chance of survival. Dexamethasone reduced deaths by thirty-six percent among patients that needed respirators. The risk of dying for patients who only needed additional oxygen dropped by18 percent.


Israeli scientists in sterile laboratory settings, meanwhile, tested dexamethasone against CBD treatment and a combined terpene and CBD formula. Dexamethasone inhibited cytokine activity by about thirty percent. On the other hand, the combined terpene and CBD formula inhibited about 90% The lead scientist, and data researcher, explained to Forbes magazine. Eyal added that scientists are “showing the significant anti-inflammatory activity of terpenes and shattering the illusion that terpenes are just fragrances and flavoring compounds with a placebo effect.”

Research Status: This is still a clinical trial and it’s important not to announce terpenes and CBD as the CONVID-19 cure.

This research still requires publication & completion in a peer-reviewed journal before it can become a therapeutical treatment. However, these early research results do show that the terpene properties found in cannabis are a possible treatment tool against the Corona Virus.

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