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Update 11-12-2023.

One of the biggest Alien proofs has been released by a group out of Peru that produced actual alien bodies and invited any scientists or research groups from around the world to examine them. One of the big developments that the news did not tell you was that they found MULTIPLE SPECIES, and they are all were reptilian. This would suggest that aliens from different planets where living on our planet thousands of years ago.  Here is the evidence for you to review yourself.











You can dig in further at this link.  Alien Project : the case of Nasca’s mummies, Peru (



United States Government OFFICIALLY ADMITS to reverse engineering Alien technology and possessing Alien bodies, but HAVE NO FEAR!!! I am sure they would NEVER reverse engineer Alien BIO-WEAPONS….*Wink* *Wink*


Last month we were considered cray cray, this month? NOT SO MUCH….Q-


Update 7-3-2023

Laquinta Columna Doubles down on the claim that the vaccine contains alien technology.


They mention Doctor Roger Leir who was involved with removing unknown technology from people who claimed they were abducted by UFO;s as it turns out the metalic properties of the implants match what they are finding in the COVID vaccine…. coincidence???


covid vaccine alien technology

Notice they say that the implants emit SCALAR WAVES or a electromagnetic field. now compare that to this photo of graphene inside the blood of a vaccinated individual provided by Dr. Robert Young. You can see it generating some type of electrical field and it seems to be pulling in the red blood cells.


live blood4 magentic fields

You can read more about Dr. Roger Leirs work at the link below.


Also watch Patient 17, about a man who had an unknown device removed from his leg. here is the backup link to patient 17, looks like YouTube doesn’t want you to see it.  PATIENT 17, ALIEN IMPLANTS, RIP DR ROGER LEIR (

Also, you can see the Interview of Me and Doctor Young on the possibilities of Alien Technology in the vaccine.

Update 5-31-2023

HUGE BOMBSHELL dropped by the Spain Research Group La Quinta Columna See: They have determined that this is EXTRATERRISTIAL technology and lifeforms that has been reverse engineered and used as a BIO-WEAPON inside the vaccines. Also, they released the first public videos of the life forms MOVING in videos which can be found at the link above.

Aliens In The Vaccine

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Update 3-16-2023

I came across the video back in 2021 but i dismissed it as being cray cray, It is a video of a supposedly ALIEN RACE examining the contents of the vaccine. Now that 2 years have gone bye MANY Researchers, Scientist and Doctors have CONFIRMED almost everything they said. watch it for yourself and YOU TELL ME….. #FUTUREPROVESPAST….Q- Click the next link to watch.


Update 12-23-2022

This picture was sent to me by Dr. Robert Young around 12-20-2022

He says that he has seen these BEFORE in the blood of patients. Which means they were here BEFORE the vaccines were launched. Now isn’t that INTERESTING because later you will find out that Morgellons which are NOT FROM PLANET EARTH were being dropped on us for depopulation at least since 2006. Maybe these were dropped at the same time. Remember Doctor Fran Zalewski did a chemical analysis on THE THING in the video below and it is a LIFE FORM made out of aluminum. There are NO aluminum-based life forms from planet earth. I asked Dr. Young did he do the same type of composition makeup analysis of this creature here which he called Hydra Vulgaris Parasites, he said he hasn’t done it yet, the interesting thing about these is they are immortal, intelligent and self-aware. You can read more about them here. ‘Hydra Vulgaris’ a Living Parasite Inside the Moderna Vaccine – Jellyfish.NEWS



10-3-2022 Is Covid Alien Technology?

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Before you roll your eyes and completely dismiss the possibility take a look at what some world-class researchers have to say about the subject. I have heard bits and pieces of the possibility, but I didn’t have enough sources to triangulate the final thesis. Triangulation is when I find three different credible sources saying the exact same thing that is not connected together. My goal is to provide a centralized blog for other researchers and doctors who are looking for a cure or detox of the Covid 19 vaccine.

A lot of what you are about to hear will blow your mind, technology that you never knew existed will be presented by several different research scientists.

First, we will start with Doctor Frank Zalewski from Poland who studied the Covid vaccine under an electron microscope which can be found here. bio Warfare division Agent Slinky

Important observation from this 14-minute video.

He states that the CREATURE has a head and three legs

The creatures are made up of aluminum bromine and carbon

The CREATURE was given to people in the vaccine as eggs.

Graphene is what nourishes the eggs.

This is a LIFE FORM that will grow inside the bodies of the vaccinated

Only 1 out 3 of the vaccines tested had the CREATURE inside them, the others were saline solutions or placebos

He asks at minute 7.08. Do we know any aluminum-based lifeforms?

He says the CREATURE is dormant or sleeping but possibly can be activated with a signal. 5g anyone?



The creature wants to live MULTIPLY inside the body.

The testing swab is a covert DNA collection device.

Key takeaways from the video. There are aluminum-based creatures growing inside the bodies of at least 1 out of 3 people who got jabbed. The creature seems to be dormant but can be activated later. Are these the same creatures that coroners are finding all over the country that causes blood clots? Are the clots terminal, meaning they KEEP growing until they kill you? Another interesting note is Dr. Frank Zaleeski has not been seen from or heard of since this video was dropped over a year ago. I cannot find any more material of his on the net, which is VERY ODD since he just dropped to the biggest discovery in the history of human medicine. We know of at least 1 German Researcher who discovered graphene razorblades in the vaccine and died 4 days after he released the video and was raided by German Nazi police.


live blood analysis



German Researcher Harald Kautz Vella describes Alien Technology and Black Goo

I am not sure of the exact date this video was released but the date from YouTube is 2016, keep that in mind because it is 4 years before any hint of COVID 19 you can watch the full 2-hour lectures here.

(1) Harald Kautz Vella (Black Goo) A.I., Archons (Bases Series w Miles Johnston) – YouTube

At minute 7:30 he states that aluminum is being dumped on us via chemtrails. And remember what is the CREATURE made out of? Aluminum Coincidence????


During the video, he starts talking about a TOP SECRET NASA document that was released accidentally by some idiot clerk. titled Future Strategic Warfare Strategy Document that describes future wars as not countries against countries, but GOVERNMENTS against HUMANS, If you haven’t figured it out by now, countries are just divided and conquer  PSY-OPS. The only way they could have pulled off this vaccine terror attack is if ALL THE COUNTRIES colluded together which should tell you there is one central command running EVERYTHING. Dr. Deagle will tell you about project OMEGA, later on, in this blog.

warfare strategy document Nasa



They go on to talk about NANO sensors inside your body to read exactly what you think, and feel. It talks about explosive nano dust that travels into human beings even if they are underground and kill them. At Minute 22 they talk about using DNA and RNA to create computers inside your body. Using radio signals 5 G they can create life, material, or poisons inside your body to kill you slowly or instantly. #BILLGATESDEATHDANCE anyone??

Piezo Nano Crystals that self-assemble Minute 35:05 scalar physics, can handle scalar waves, absorbs UV lights, and can cause cell division in plants. It is the same technology that caused mad cow disease in the 80s. Too much mercury in the body.


They dropped this nano dust all over Europe which allows them to use scalar weapons to calculate the path of the rocket then heat it up that particular part of the sky to 10,000 degrees and melt it midflight but it is also used to infiltrate our nervous systems.

Mercury poison chelates pull out cooper from your body, there is a plan behind it.

TSE scandal One guy named Purdue was a farmer in Great Britain that refused the mandatory vaccines for his cattle, not one of his cows came down with the disease that’s when he realized the disease was IN THE VACCINE. minute 45:87

What to do If you took the Vaccine?

This information is for information purposes only and does not conclude medical devices.
1. You can get a PH test on your Urine. If your urine PH is not 8.4 you have a problem. More information on PH testing can be found at
2. You can order a D-Dimer Blood test which checks to see if blood clotting has started.
3. There have been two methods that have been shown to stop the SPIKE PROTEIN. One is Vitamin C infusion and the other is CBDA and CBDG. See the Link For More Infomation.
If you need to know if you a friend or a family member got a HOT DOSE of the COVID Vaccine, we have a Home D-Dimer Blood test available. Don’t ask any doctor who gave you the SHOT, they have LIABILITY ISSUES SOON and might not give you the correct results. Click Here To Order.

Minute 44 the nanocrystals cause flue symptoms that cause people to rush in and get the vaccine. remember the self-assembling Nanocrystals for later when we talk about Operation crimson Mist..


Morgellons have been found inside the MASK, the PCR TEST KITS, and THE VACCINE. In this video researcher, Hans describes Morgellons as self-replicating hollow fibers that read light from your DNA which is then detectable by satellites. Sometimes the Morgellons can cause insect skin to grow inside the human body. Keep the keyword MORGELLONS in mind when we move to Dr. Duncan where he will tell you where MORGELLONS is from.

The purpose is to collect light signals from the DNA to convert into readable signals that be picked up by satellites and other electronic equipment. You can read from 1 person who is angry digitize put it on the antenna and replay it to another hundred people and make them angry. Rwanda Genocide anyone???  minute 56


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First Clain of Alien Technology

What is the REAL PURPOSE of the Vaccine?


Must Watch, Operation Crimson Mist and the Rwanda Genocide. Coming to a theater near you?

President Ronald Reagan gave immunity to Big Pharma in 1986, after e1989 EVERY CHILD in the United States was given vaccines with high levels of mercury.


Notice that COVID symptoms were similar to the flu, And remember that flu basically DISAPPEARED during the COVID SCAM.

Here we have Morgellons Live. Remember Dr. Deagle said this was OFF WORLD technology and life forms.



Holy Jesus Joseph and Marry!!, Look at the Blood damage from 2016 of a patient infected with ALIEN MORGELLONS, Now compare that with the Blood of a CON JOB test tube dummy tested from recent….#AgentDrFeelGood




Naval Intel officer William Cooper told us that movies ET and Close Encounters of the third kind were based on REAL WORLD events, now we can add THE FLY. Insect skin has been extracted from people who have Morgellons. % Of Europeans infected??? 100 %





The World’s most mysterious substance Graphen or Black Goo.






Compare what he says about the HARRP mind control weapons and this picture of a classified HARRP Population Wide Mind Control Weapon released by DARPA whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan You can find more about Dr. Robert Duncan here. Equally, mind-blowing.



Black Goo is Connected to Quantum Computers. Remember that Part when we get to Dr. Duncan

So this BLACK GOO is intelligent and can connect to Quantum Computers. Let that sink in for a minute.

Another thing we use when verifying Intelligence sources is. FUTURE PROVES PAST. Here Research Harold Klaus Verifies my blog written in 2011 on what REALLY HAPPENED IN FUKUSHIMA. It was NOT an accident, neither was Chornobyl. You can read my Fukushima Blog Here. The Covert Samson Option (




Navy Intelligence Officer with the highest Q clearance wrote this in the 90s about the Church of Rome planning a Mass-extinction vent using a vaccine that attacks the IMMUNE SYSTEM. Also, note that William Cooper dropped numerous pieces of information about Alien Technology. He even stated that he saw an AIRCRAFT CARRIE SIZE UFO come up out of the ocean while he was serving on a submarine. He also stated that the movies ET and Close Encounters of the third kind were based on REAL WORLD EVENTS.


Now let me ask you a question, Do you think it’s a COINCIDENCE that Dr. Robert Young You find a wealth of information about COVID on his website here?

Dr. Robert Young Trypanosoma cruzi Parasite


Do you understand why OUR OWN GOVERNMENT banned Ivermetic yet? A drug that kiils PARASITES?

Are these Alumimun Creators being found growing into these???

Embalmers Baffled After Finding Numerous Long, Fibrous Clots Inside Corpses – Something Isn’t Right Here (


Listen Closely as an EMBALLER describes pulling out a clot, and how it has fingers and grows even AFTER you pull it out of the body.


Dr. Deagle and the Biggest Intelligence Drop of All Time 2006

You can watch the full video here. Dr Bill Deagle in 2006 – Everything what happens now – complete 5 parts.+ (

Here Doctor Deagle talks about the Super Intelligence Agency called PROJECT OMEGA. Like I was saying before there has to be a centralized power center. All of the countries of the world fell for the CON JOB scam except a few African Countries and others. Notice that he talks about the secret space fleet, He even goes on to say that Project OMEGA’s command structure includes alien species.


Dr. Deagle calls out Dr. Fauci as being responsible for AIDS in the 80s. If you read William Cooper’s Book Behold a Pale Horse. He stated that the US and UK killed 75 million Africans by inserting AIDS inside the smallpox vaccine. I believe that COVID like AIDS was never spreadable by human-to-human contact. They had to scare you first to get you to DRINK the Kool-Aid. See my blog There is No Spoon……………….





David Wilcock Goes into extension conversation about the Secret Space Fleep and Alien Technology.

I haven’t done a deep dig into David Wilcock’s background so take from it what you will.

David Wilcock joins Mike Adams to warn about Extraterrestrials consuming humans for sustenance (

In Conclusion, one of the reasons I did this blog is that many doctors and scientists are finding materials that they can not identify and have never been seen before inside the vaccine and bodies of those who die. IE the Fiberous clots. I think you have to start considering that some of these materials are NOT from planet earth. This presents huge problems in treatments and diagnosis. But I am sure we will figure it out before half the planet is toast.


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