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It appears, that the Vaccinated are Shedding onto The Non-Vaccinated, Including Children

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Update 2-5-2023.

Graphene and nano tech found in dental anesthesia and hand sanitizer.

ghraphene hand sanitizers


Graphene and Nanotech found in dental anesthesia.


graphene found in dental anesthesia

Update 1-12-2023

Israeli Unjabbed Scientist Dr. Shimon Yanowitz Find Nano Technology in his blood.

I originally posted this video on twitter a few months ago, I went back to look at it and they MUTED IT. WTF does that tell you? I have confirmed with Dr. Robert Young that this technology has been showing up in blood samples for the last 20 years. Which means they have been introducing into the environment most likely through chem trails as Dr. Deagle told us in 2006. This is BAD NEWS; it means first that even if you do detox you will have to keep detoxing until a general cure is found.

New Parasite found by Dr Robert Young 1/12/2023


aline bio Warfare division Agent Slinky

Update 10-4-2022

More evidence that all of us are infected with Graphene

The Vaccinated are RADIATING injuries to Non-Vaxxed. Not shedding via break or skin touch

Minute 4:50 They think that shedding can be physical or radiated or transmitted.

People rebroadcast it in the vicinity of wi-fi and cell phone towers people can get sick in a matter of hours.

This has been reported where nonvaxxed women who started bleeding after being around a vaccinated person for only a few hours,\

Graphene is found in hydrogel, chemtrails, water, and aerosol spray. We have Nanotechnology in our bodies that is activated by 5G and 4G

Solution is to get the metals out of your body through chelation and detox Minute 11:25

Evidence that they can control your mind through the self-assembled crystals. Just like Operation Crimson Mist Minute 12:00

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COVID Injection Policy to Parents (

Miami School Threatens to Fire Teachers Who Get COVID Vaccine | The Mary Sue

Originally posted

Many researchers have speculated about the possibility that vaccine particles could be transmitted from vaccine-vaccinated people to vaccine-unvaccinated people since the introduction of mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations. This is more commonly known as “vaccine shed”.

These speculations are not always confirmed, but there have been some stories about unvaccinated individuals who have contracted COVID-19 from friends and family members who weren’t vaccinated.

Many doctors speculate about possible transmission, as new evidence supports these theories.

Media attention has been drawn to a recent pre-print study. The results could be taken as evidence of vaccine transmission through shedding.

Epoch Times Photo

                                                                                                 Illustration of antibodies (yshaped) in response to infection with the coronavirus SARS/CoV-2. (Getty Images)
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live blood analysis

New Pre-Print Study Reveals Airborne Antibodies from Vaccine

The University of Colorado published a new pre-print study that concluded that aerosols can transmit antibodies.

The study involved unvaccinated children who lived in unvaccinated homes or vaccinated families.

Dr. Ross Kedl led the research. He found that children who live with vaccinated parents have higher levels of COVID-19 antibodies than those who do not.

Antibodies are immune markers. Each person’s antibody collection is a reflection of, or their immunization history and infection history. Each antibody is a sign that the person has been exposed to the particular vaccine or infection the antibody protects against.

A person can only have antibodies to COVID-19 when they are infected with the virus or have been vaccinated. These children are not vaccinated or infected by COVID-19. They have antibodies.

According to the study’s authors, the antibodies passed from the vaccine-vaccinated parents to their children. The vaccine produced antibodies, which accumulated in their nasal cavities and became infectious. The antibodies were then inhaled by their children, who then developed COVID-19 antibodies.

It is plausible to speculate that antibodies are present in bodily fluids such as breastmilk, saliva, and tears. Breastfeeding babies is a good idea for mothers because it gives them antibodies that protect them against infection.

We do know that antibodies are present in bodily fluids, but we don’t know if they can become airborne.

The authors also tested face masks made from vaccinated people and found COVID-19 antibodies.

According to the authors, since everyone inhales into their masks, COVID-19 antibodies could be evidence that these antibodies can be transmitted.

However, the authors acknowledged that saliva and sweat could have borne antibodies.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, an internal medicine specialist and integrative and therapeutic chelating specialist, questioned this conclusion.

According to her, The Epoch Times has a lot to interpret and can use the same findings to support theories of vaccine shedding.

She stated that “[The study] indicates that the antibodies are being transmitted.” But could it be possible that the spike protein was transferred through contact with skin and that the child has developed its own immune response? It’s not clear to me.


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horrifying discovers in unvaxxed blood.

                                                                                                                                           Photograph by Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea. (Courtesy Dr. Mihalcea

What do we know about transmission?

The topic of vaccine shedding (also known as “transmission” has been a controversial one in the COVID-19 debate. There has not yet been any study to prove or show that there is any evidence of vaccine shedding.

There is some debate about whether vaccine shedding is the best way to describe what doctors suspect is happening.

Vaccine shedding refers to the spread of viruses and other viral particles after vaccination. Viral shedding was observed in vaccines for oral polio vaccines and rotaviruses. It has also been observed with vaccines adenoviruses. It can also be seen with vaccines for influenza.

Only vaccines that contain live or attenuated viruses vaccines can cause sheddery.

If the virus particles have been shed, it can be detected in the fecal fluids of vaccinated individuals.

Moderna COVID-19 and Pfizer mRNA injections don’t use live coronaviruses. Instead, only spike protein mRNA is delivered into cells via a lipid nanoparticle.

They cannot, therefore, shed viruses as there is none.

AstraZeneca and J&J both use weakened live adenoviruses (not Coronaviruses) to transport spike-protein DNA. These viruses have been modified so they can’t replicate in our cells. Therefore, we shouldn’t be able shed COVID-19 vaccine Adenoviruses.

How about spike proteins? There are no studies to prove spike protein transmission. However, health professionals are not willing to rule out the possibility.

Numerous doctors raised concerns about the possible transmission of COVID-19 particles from vaccinated people to unvaccinated patients, leading to potential symptoms.

blood test

                                                                                                           Photo of human blood samples taken on an automated testing line. (David Silverman/Getty Images)

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Microscope Evidence of Covid Shedding

Red Blood Cells Non Vaccinated

Red Blood Cells Vaccinated damage






Look how similar the Graphene looks to a Radioactive Hot Particle released from a Nuclear Reactor.

(1) Hot Particles From Japan to Seattle Virtually Undetectable when Inhaled or Swallowed – YouTube


Source link with videos.  Doctors discover Graphene is being transmitted from the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated, destroying Blood Cells & causing Blood Clots – The Expose (

Curious Clinical Findings

Although there is no evidence of transmission in any study, doctors have seen strange cases in people who were not vaccinated after spending time with those who have been.

Dr. Mihalcea explained to The Epoch Times that she has seen unvaccinated patients come in with symptoms such as headaches, feeling unwell, myalgia (meaning muscular aches), and that women who have been in contact with vaccinated persons often experience hemorrhaging and irregular menstrual cycles. However, this is very rare in terms of large-clotting and bleeding.

She spoke out about a case in which two unvaccinated women went into hemorrhage after being sat together for two hours on a car ride.

“The person who had been vaccinated had just received their shot a week before, and when the two women who were not vaccinated got out of the car after a two-hour ride, both began bleeding.”

Mihalcea also cited Pfizer clinical trial results as an indication of possible vaccine transmission.

pdf The Pfizer clinical trials listed vaccine exposure during pregnancy as an event that should be reported and tracked.

Although exposure can occur through participation in the study or by getting vaccinated, Mihalcea expressed concern about Pfizer’s listing EDP through “environmental exposure.”

According to Pfizer, examples of environmental exposure during pregnancy include: “A female family member or doctor reports that she is pregnant after being exposed to the study intervention via inhalation or skin touch.”

If pregnant women are near or touch someone who has been vaccinated, they may be exposed to the injection.

EDP by environmental exposure could also be counted, if “a male family member of a healthcare provider has been exposed to the study intervention through inhalation or skin touch then exposes his female companion prior to or around conception.”

This statement implies that the vaccine can be passed to others by someone breathing in or touching someone who has been vaccinated.

The Gazette of Medical Sciences published peer-reviewed research that supports vaccine transmission.

Based on My Cycle Story’s survey, the study found that women experienced an increase in decidual cast shedding, miscarriages, and other symptoms after the COVID-19 vaccines were introduced.

A poignant story ( PDF) was shared in the study about a woman with unknown vaccination status, who suffered from decidual cast shedding when her husband spent 20 minutes with people who had been vaccinated.

It is rare to see decidual cast shedding. There have been around 40 cases reported in the medical literature. It occurs when the mucus lining of your uterus shrinks to almost the same shape as the inside, creating a triangular cast.

Dr. James Thorp MD  previously told The Epoch Times that he has been seeing “many, many, many complications in pregnant women, in moms and in fetuses, in children, offspring,” since the COVID vaccine was widely distributed.

“Fetal death, miscarriage, death of the fetus inside the mom,” Thorp added. “What I’ve seen in the last two years is unprecedented.”

Epoch Times Photo

It is a rare event, and very few studies have been published on it. However, My Cycle Story reported that 292 of the 6,092 women who were surveyed experienced it after the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines. This study also included testimonies of women who had previously experienced successful pregnancies but then suffered miscarriages after visiting their friends and family who were vaccinated.

These cases could be accidental, but Mihalcea’s observations of patients who were not vaccinated and then developing strange COVID-related conditions after contact with someone who was vaccinated led her to suspect that transmission was occurring.

Other findings also emerged that confirmed Mihalcea’s suspicions.

In July 2021 Dr. Charles Hoffe from Canada announced that over 60% of his patients had elevated D-dimer levels and made his findings public in a video.

D-dimer testing can be used to detect blood clots. Although elevated D-dimer levels do not necessarily indicate blood clots they are a sign.

Mihalcea began performing her own D-dimer testing on unvaccinated patients, who were concerned about possible vaccine transmission.

Mihalcea stated that she began seeing large numbers of people of all ages, unvaccinated, who had abnormal D-dimer tests. This indicated the possibility of micro-clotting.

Mihalcea also published a video explaining the elevated D-dimer levels of her patients. This suggests possible transmission from unvaccinated people to vaccinate.


CBGA and CBDA Bind to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein, Preventing Infection in Human Epithelial Cells | by Jamie Toth, The Somewhat Cyclops | Cannabis Explorations | Medium



According to The Epoch Times, she said that since the vaccination rollout, she had treated many COVID patients as well as cases of suspected transmission. She stated that she had treated approximately 90-100 cases of suspected transmission and brought their D-dimers levels back down with her treatment regimen.

A microscope was also purchased by her to help analyze the blood of her patients. This involves taking a sample from their blood and looking at it under the microscope.

Pathologists usually perform blood analysis. While primary care physicians might not choose to analyze patients’ blood, many doctors have chosen to do so. However, Mihalcea and many other doctors have taken the initiative to examine their own blood.

The treatment she received included a variety of pharmaceuticals and supplements, including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which are both effective antivirals against the COVID-19 virus. Quercetin reduces inflammation, glutathione has detox properties, aspirin prevents blood from clotting, and vitamins boost immunity, including vitamin D, C, and hydroxychloroquine.

She later discovered that vitamin C infusions and chelating therapies, which remove metals, improved the symptoms of her patients and brought their D-dimer levels to normal.


Epoch Times Photo

                                            The virus enters host cells through the coronavirus spike protein (red). It binds to angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (blue), and fuse viral and host membranes. By Juan Gaertner/Shutterstock

Doctors speculate on what is happening

Although doctors are unsure of the cause, some believe that the symptoms could be caused by vaccine particles being transmitted from unvaccinated patients to unvaccinated.

On the JD Rucker podcast, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny stated that she and other doctors believe that spike protein is what transmits disease from unvaccinated to vaccinated.

Cells in the laboratory showed that spike protein DNA was made by cells derived from human embryonic renal cells. These spike proteins were then packed into cellular sacs known as exosomes.

Exosomes have been Found in sweat and tears, exosomes have been studied previously as a way to confer immunity via skin contact.

Mihalcea stated that exosomes may be transmitting spike proteins to infected cells. Other studies have shown that exosomes can also be shed in sweat and tears. This makes it possible for exosomes to be transmitted through skin contact or aerosols.

Mihalcea said that although clinicians don’t know what’s in injection vials, it is possible for other substances to be transmitted besides spike proteins.

Studies show that the quality of vaccine vials varies between batches.

The same applies to COVID-19 vaccinations.

How bad is my batch is a website that compiles reports on vaccine adverse events from Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It has proven that there can be a wide range of adverse reactions between batches of COVID-19 injections.

According to the website, 5 percent of Pfizer batches seem to have caused 90 percent of the adverse reactions associated with Pfizer. Some batches are also associated with 30 times more deaths and disabilities than other batches.

Mihalcea stated that the variability is due to possible differences in vaccine content and that every patient who reports vaccination transmission could respond differently.

“We can’t respond to the problem of shedding if every batch or vial is different. Some batches can have serious side effects. This means that some batches don’t shed much, and others shed a lot.

Recent peer-reviewed studies in Germany , and Italy showed that over 90% of vaccinated individuals had metal nanoparticles in their blood that looked like graphene oxide.

Vaccine manufacturers assure that graphene is not present in COVID-19 vaccines and so the source of these nanoparticles is unknown.

Dr. Phillipe van Waldenberg also discovered graphene oxide in blood samples from both unvaccinated and vaccinated subjects.

Waldenberg was the first to spot “tube-like graphene oxide particles” in his patients, who reported symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and memory problems. He also noticed paralysis and late-onset heavy periods in women.

He later discovered these particles in paralysis-symptomatic unvaccinated people.

Nanoparticles of graphene oxide are used in biotechnology to treat cancer and deliver drugs. Inhaled material can cause respiratory problems. The levels of toxicity vary depending on the dosage, entry method and pharmacokinetics.

Waldenberg shared his findings with Loving Life TV. He speculated that graphene oxide transmission occurs between unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals. One of his patients was an unvaccinated boy, who experienced paralysis in his limbs following his mother’s vaccination.

By Kudriavtsev Aleksei/Shutterstock

Are Unvaccinated People to Be Concerned?

If Mihalcea and other doctors are correct, transmission could pose a serious health risk for those who are not vaccinated.

Mihalcea advised those who are not vaccinated to take supplements to improve their immunity. Mihalcea also said that everyone should have a positive outlook and not fear.

People who are afraid can have a negative effect on their immune systems. If they’re anxious or depressed, it actually reduces their telomeres (DNA that prevents aging). This means that you will age much faster including your immune system. Being healthy includes not being afraid.

Social stress, and anxiety have been linked to the shortening of telomeres. This increases aging and the immune system. Maintaining mental and emotional health is essential for physical well-being.

Mihalcea recommended that unvaccinated individuals take vitamins C and D to prevent the transmission of disease.

Mihalcea stated that there has been a wide range of health symptoms and transmission levels. Some people’s D -dimers dropped even after being in close contact with vaccine-vaccinated individuals, while others’ D-dimers rose.

Mihalcea said that people may be worried about transmission or have symptoms.

People’s primary doctors may not be able to give the right advice or support to those who believe COVID vaccinations are not responsible for their patient’s concerns. Mihaela recommended that people seek out doctors who are open-minded and can provide a lot more information.

By Iurii Motov/Shutterstock

Controversy and Rebuttal

COVID-19 injections continue to be controversial about injection particle transmission (commonly known as vaccine shedding).

Many doctors are waiting for additional science on the transmission of mRNA or adenovirus DNA vaccines. They also discuss their clinical observations and attempt to piece together limited science.

Many of the observations and statements made regarding vaccine transmission are anecdotal and not subject to rigorous scientific review.

Doctors and the public are still waiting for more research to better understand these symptoms. Until more studies are available, transmission between unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals will continue to be a theory that can’t be proved or disproved

Florida School Fires Vaccinated Teachers and Blocks Windows To Prevent 5G Single

Florida School Fires Vaccinated Children Shedding




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School Letter Sent Out Florida School Covid Shedding


Florida_School_blocks 5G signals


Inside the Florida school that told teachers not to get vaccinated (

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