Wholesale Jeter Juice Live Resin Vape Pen



Get Ready for the Ultimate Hit

Jeeter Juice Disposable is the answer to your quest for the perfect hit every single time. It’s not just a straw; it’s a mouthwatering experience in a disposable form. Crafted with one exceptional ingredient – cannabis – it boasts the purest, most flavor-packed cannabinoids and terpene concentrate you’ll find.

A Sip of Purity

With Jeeter Juice, you’re not just taking a hit; you’re taking a sip of uncompromising quality. Dive into the 500MG of pure, strain-specific liquid live resin that preserves all the flavors and therapeutic molecules you desire.

The Jeeter Juice Disposable is your invitation to an unparalleled cannabis experience. Are you ready to take that first sip into pure bliss?

wholesale Jeter Juice Live Resin Vape Pen

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Peach Ringz, Gelato, Limoncello, Horchata, Blueberry Kush, Apple Fritter, Strawberry Shortcake, SFV OG, Watermelon Zkittles


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