The COVID KILL Switch Part 9 The Agent Doctor Feel Good Protocol

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Parasites Used As Mind Control Weapons

Biowarfare, also known as biological warfare or germ warfare, involves the deliberate use of biological agents like bacteria, viruses, fungi, or toxins to cause illness or death in humans, animals, or plants. These agents can be naturally occurring or engineered in laboratories for military purposes.

Yes, parasites are biological organisms that live in or on another organism (the host) and benefit at the host’s expense. They belong to the broader category of biological organisms because they are living beings that interact with other organisms for survival.

Yes, parasites have been considered as potential biological weapons due to their ability to cause widespread illness and disruption. However, using parasites as weapons presents significant challenges and ethical concerns.

Yes, some parasites have evolved remarkable abilities to manipulate the behavior of their hosts, a phenomenon known as “parasite-induced host manipulation” or “parasite-mediated behavioral alteration.” These parasites can influence their hosts’ behavior in ways that enhance their own survival and reproduction. While the exact mechanisms vary among different parasites, they often involve altering neurotransmitter levels, affecting neural signaling, or even directly influencing the host’s brain.

Article: 1968: Lyme Disease Escaped from a Bio-weapons Lab off the Connecticut coast | OpEd News

So basically, the government has a top-secret MK-ULTRA program that uses parasites. The question is are this parasite natural, alien or synthetic.


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The reason they went bat shit crazy on ivermectin and HCQ was because they injected people with EGGS that hatch into parasites that are used for mind control and cause cancer. HCQ is the Kill Switch programmed into the vaccine by the creator of the weapon Dr. Ralph Baric. It is dsafe to use in the long run and the paper suggest that those affected would begin to heal and regain their cognitive and logical thinking which would. The high-level political figure who brought it up was President Trump. After he did they started blowing up HCQ factories around the world.




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The elites control the world by intentionally infecting us with parastates. It probably happens at birth with vaccines for the normies. Seems the Jews get it at circumcision. The elites are also not the ones in true control, they are infected themselves.

Screenshot 2024 04 18 100132.

Space Jews from Outer Space

Basically, we all know the CHOSEN ONES own and control everything, now you are going to find out why.

Screenshot 2024 04 18 100957.

Who are the workers?
Do members of the jewish race have a naturally weakened immune system?
Would this make them ideal hosts for parasite-infested mind control

Who are the workers?
Why do jews often claim to be part of the ‘collective’?
Do jews use patriarchal lineage or matriarchal lineage to determine ‘Jewishness’?
Define ‘congenital transmission’?
[…from mother to child]
What is the [real] reason jews use matriarchal lineage to determine ‘Jewishness’?

If the parasite fails to transfer in utero, is there an alternative method Jews use to transfer their parasites?
Do parasites prefer young hosts?
Are mind-controlling parasites sexually transmitted?
Can they be transmitted through spit and saliva?
Would an open wound facilitate this transfer?
What is ‘Direct Oral Suction’?

Seems to suggest that Jews are genetically created to carry a different parasite than the rest of us that is transferred by the utero or direct oral suction. The mind control parasite is passed by saliva to the child.

Circumcision >>> Parasite
Parasite >>> Mental Illness
Mental Illness >>> Hive Mind
Hive Mind >>> Collective
Why do jews [really] claim to be
part of the ‘collective’?

Does early infection result in morphological changes to the
host’s body?
Could this be used to identify the infected?
What is ‘Aggressive Mimicry’?


It seems like the earlier the host is infected the more likely they can make morphological changes on the host, meaning effecting the look of the host.


That awkward moment when you find out WHY dogs don’t like Jews.

dogs jews

Conclusion: the “workers” are predominately those who call themselves ‘jews’, but they also include many
other people who have likewise become possessed by parasites which now manipulate or control their body.
These “workers” are likely unaware they are being controlled and assume their wants and desires are their
own. They can usually be identified by their behaviors, particularly their fierce devotion to the Jews and the
’collective’. If a “worker” was infected during their developmental years, then he will often display identifying facial malformations (such as the Jewish nose, knobby knees, narrow eyes, an aptitude for baldness, etc).
It can take many years for a host to progress from human to NPC, to possessed, and for this reason, the parasites prefer to infect children. Many poisons and toxins have been put into our environment in order to
speed up this transition.
However, any individual who becomes too powerful or influential is brought into the fold through various.
more extreme methods, most often relying on the consumption of parasitic larva by means of magic potions.
and spirit-cooking events.
In the past, these parasites were called demons, devils, spirits, and sin, and the same techniques which were
historically used to exercise a demon from a human host can also be used to remove a parasite from a human host. Although these exorcisms can cure the infected, often there remains lingering and irreparable.
damage to the host’s brain and body.
Just as with the demon at Gerasene, these “workers” are merely victims, themselves, and are being controlled against their will by the parasites which has infected their body. These workers are not the true enemy, but they must be treated as such due to the immediate


Who are the Drones?


drones..    Basically, the drones are multigenerational shape shifters transferred through worm eye parasites.

vril aliensdroning….

The parasite continues to live if the human dies.

mk ultra..



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