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As a rather reserved person most my life, I find it extremely important to start stepping out of our comfort zones and really opening our minds to the deceit we’ve all been fed for far too long. My hopes is that I can provide support to someone who may be experiencing something similar or knows someone trying to tell them what they are feeling. Feel free to reach out on telegram @Kim4truth1984. We need to support each other during this unprecedented time, open your hearts and minds as many are going to need it. Please read the following blog to understand more about a top doctor who’s been finding this in people’s blood for over 19 years, and not afraid to tell you the truth.. far too rare these days as we’ve all witnessed with “Covid”:

Dr. Robert Young Interview: The Solution To The Covid Pollution?



Representation of what I felt grow, mostly invisible to others:

Shorter story presented in slides at the bottom

(For briefer description, slides presented at the end.)

38-year-old female 815A7ACE 148F 4256 A06D 2CA0E0EE7DAE
-Never had PCR test
-Never had “Covid shot” nor Flu vaccine
-Lived most life in high tick infestation area
-Fell extremely ill 2018 with everything they said “Covid” was; couldn’t breathe, sharp pains (diagnosed with pnuemonia).. Lasted months before I could walk block without inhaler. My household never got sick. Golf ball size something sitting in my lung since (until MMS treatment 2022) 0E089811 2424 49B6 8E39 ABCDF49B6DA6
-around Sept 2019 I developed a very large, very odd feeling cyst under my eyebrow.
-Nov. 2019 took depro birth control shot, very against my gut feeling.


Wasn’t until April 2021 that the cyst was super inflamed again and I dug into it with no mercy. As I opened it little pieces felt to be falling from it, most I couldn’t see at all.  Couple that I could see looked arrow shaped and no matter how careful I was, it only burrowed into my skin further while trying to tweeze it out.  Immediately, I could tell there was something very different with this material. They felt super sharp, mostly invisible but each spot where some fell, started itching with extreme sharp pains. I tried everything topical; Neosporin, rubbing alcohol, harsh soaps, toothpaste, drawing salve. nothing seemed to help dry out or heal these lesions at all, they would last for weeks to months looking fresh.  When they would finally start to “heal over” there was always a big deep looking scar left, like a chunk of skin had been scooped out and the area was still uncomfortable and felt like something was crawling around in it.

In my search for an answer of what I was dealing with, I came across a “disease” called Morgellons.  Much of the symptoms resonated with my experience so far, but i did feel other elements that were not described.D6C6BAF1 38C0 4E4F BC3E F5211EB29C2C Morgellons infection involves unidentifiable fibers in blue, red, clear and black, making lesions as they pop up out of the skin. If you’ve never seen Dr. Bill Deagle’s 2006 speech on this and what’s been going on the past couple years, you NEED to! But I also felt this “electrical” element and “wiring” that seemed to wrap around my jawbone.  When I’d mess with a piece that was still stuck in my skin, many times tiny arrow shape, especially one close to my heart, it felt to somehow be affecting my heart, kind of palpitations when touching around the “arrow”. I had an overall feeling of being unwell, weak and felt under attack, it actually felt demonic!

About four months into this issue, things growing under the skin seemed to take off, all sorts of foreign different materials felt to be growing all over my face and upper body, and it all felt like it was moving/crawling. These pieces would come out invisible on one angle but black or metal color when flipped. I did notice that I would get a brief amount of relief from the crawling, itching, stabbing pains when i would cover my skin in peroxide.

At six months in I felt an extremely sudden onset of what I can only describe as an Alzheimer’s feeling.  I could still tell it was happening to me, but something felt to be taking over my brain and thoughts. I felt tremendous head pressure at this time and pain in certain areas of my upper head, which were heightened in certain stores or different areas I was.  I was prescribed ivermectin, 10 – 15mg pills filled from a local compounding pharmacy.  Almost immediately, definitely by day 2, I felt to be winning the battle over my brain.  As the days went by it felt to knock out the entire “brain takeover” feeling and I was feeling a bit better physically as well.  But I was still under attack, things were still growing and felt to be tightening around my jawline in particular.

I had felt something grow rapidly under my left cheekbone, felt like a fungus was making a metal layer under my skin.  Then a huge spiral formed in my cheek.  When tweezing out little pieces from the spiral, I noticed at least 50 pod shaped things, off white in color, inside of a very stretchy, rubber band feeling tube that made up the spiral.  Right underneath the spiral, something with a very thick root, seemingly glued to my bone deep in my cheek, and with tentacle like legs right under the skin. 63B23A12 0809 4B3E 9F74 B5D749041425C5066BAA 67F6 4509 AD01 6F079C47415E
These “tentacles” seemed to move and somewhat evade me when i was trying to get them with the tweezers. Now imagine my horror as MONTHS LATER I watched this video of Dr. Frank Zalewski describe the “thing” he found in a ‘vax’ vial!  There were quite a few areas where lesions had been, that felt like some type of parasite/worms were “living”.  They seemed to be able to move around the outer edge of these lesions but seemed confined to that area.  When i would actually grab on of these, there was a loud crunching metal and if i got it good enough, it would start bleeding a lot, but the blood did not seem like mine, or at least seemed to be changed by something.  The consistency and color were off, seemed like lighter color but brighter red.  If I allowed it to just bleed out it seemed some/all of this creature would come out in the blood.

Back to the tentacled “thing”.  It started as each tentacle seeming to be a couple inches, to growing much longer down neck and upper body, some grew up and across the forehead, then proceeded down the other side of my face and upper body.  It grew in a branch like shape and was so tight I could actually see it cutting the muscle in my arm in half when I’d move certain way.

Needless to say, I was quite lost for an answer, feeling very hopeless and no one around me could believe the “crazy” things I was trying to tell them.  I somehow was able to give my fears to God and started searching again for anything that might help.  I came across something called Miracle Mineral Solution that seemed to cure almost any ailment imaginable.  At first I was rather hesitant about this Miracle potion, but I kept researching it and found groups of others who were using it and observed their stories closely.  This solution was claimed the universal antidote (great documentary on it) by NASA in 1986, but quickly covered up (coincidentally the same year the vaccine manufacturers were given immunity per the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act).  In my groups I was hearing story after story of success with some of the hardest medical conditions to cure, even untreatable. I bit the bullet and ordered the 2 ingredients: Sodium Chlorite and Hydrochloric Acid.


May 5, 2022, I started taking MMS.  Within a half hour I could feel blood flowing in my ankles that had been swollen and turning purple.  The Next couple days I was already starting to feel a little less dragged down, the crawling and sharp pains were subsiding, and my overall feeling was getting better; more energy less pain/pressure.  It also felt like the tentacled “thing” was starting to detach from the bone and then, after breaking many tiny elastic strings around it, a long flat gold “ribbon” pulled out of my jawline.  This thing was weird as it insisted on “standing” on its side, when it should’ve laid flat when I had it under a cheap phone microscope.  It looked to have a dark, metallic “wire” running through the middle of it.

IMG 50311IMG 50391IMG 50381IMG 50201IMG 50351IMG 50431

Two weeks into my MMS treatment I itched right under my temple and an orange, almost mushroom looking piece peeled off and caused a feeling of hundreds of “strings” disconnecting at once, felt like half my face was covered in spider webbing all of a sudden.

IMG 51251IMG 51261IMG 51281

It seemed to have caused the major mass still in my cheek, tentacled “thing”, to start breaking down and I was able to remove most of it at least.  Within a couple months, so many little pieces and rubbery strings were coming out, some needed assistance but lots of very thin strings were wrapped around and over everything.  I was shocked how much was all around my eye in particular, right around the eyeball.  When removing the thickest black ribbon pieces, the ones that took the longest to start breaking up, it would suck in a branch shaped like a couple inches long that I could actually see indented and the black would become more visible.  Only very small pieces seem to come off these thick branch-like ribbons.

For four and a half months things seemed to only be improving.  The tightness wrapped around my jaw, arms and legs had loosened so much that i didn’t feel it at all.  The Main mass under my eye ejected most of the foreign material and was looking basically back to normal, my skin no longer had a grey tint to it.  My energy and strength had improved better than how I’d felt in at least a decade and even my blood started to look like my own again.  I was so ecstatic to finally find something that seemed to be working!!


I was just getting used to the fact that I will never know exactly what I am dealing with beyond my own research, hard fact to swallow.  I came across an article by “Dr” Ariyana Love about the current transhumanism situation.  It resonated with my experiences, and I verified all the patents and studies she cited for this article and a few more, all looked good.  I joined her telegram channel and posted one of my microscope pics, she immediately reached out to me and asked if she could call me.  She was very giddy asking if she could share my story on a show she appeared on a few times. I agreed as I wanted people going through similar thing to see there is some hope!  “Dr” Love gave me advice I should NOT have taken and told me to drop the hydrochloric acid in my MMS mixture.  I had heard of people having success using just Sodium Chlorite but never looked into it.  I now know the key is starting with a very small amount and working up to higher doses.  I had explained to her I was taking very high doses of the MMS as I was on it for so long, and her instructions to me were to take the same amount of Sodium Chlorite, without the acid activator.  I took the Sodium for weeks, during which I had a few really bad days of similar symptoms I was having long ago.  One particularly bad day I was doubled over in extreme pain, feeling like my stomach was filling with air and building severe pressure.  For over 2 hours there was no way to relieve it and I almost drove myself to the hospital, but finally wound-up vomiting and feeling a bit better. Once I realized the 15-20 drops per day were causing my problems, which also included the seizing of pieces being ejected from my skin and not being able to poop for weeks, I switched back to MMS.  Immediately, the gas in my stomach started coming out like crazy and within 2 days my stomach finally felt good again.  I was also able to go to the bathroom and my skin started ejecting pieces again where my skin was still dark and I could see had foreign material stuck inside still.

I learned a lesson from that lady, whoever she really is, verify EVERYTHING from MULTIPLE sources EVERYTIME, which I had done previously but slouched on this recommendation.  And if you ask a simple question to “dr” Love she completely melts down and attacks you instead of helping to explain why the “miracle drink” she sells, and tells her clients to take crazy amounts of, tests 5 times higher for chlorine than a spa is allowed!!  She proceeded to make several, very lengthy messages on her channel disparaging me, lying about everything to boot… can we say guilty fraud much?  Just a reminder to never let your guard down these days as the psychos are everywhere!


I am still in this battle but from a year ago I am a completely different person.  I no longer deal with feelings of crawling or stabbing pains constantly.  I haven’t had a new lesion in months, I don’t feel “wires” wrapped tightly around my bones and head pain and pressure is totally gone.  I am still ejecting and pulling out these materials that grew for at least a year but have not felt new growth.  I’m very thankful to have my life back and to feel healthy and strong again.  I do still find very odd things at times like this guy below, who was on my hand after rubbing my very itchy face.

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We have worms, itty little bitty ALIEN worms controlling us from our HINEY HOLES????

So many unknowns to deal with, lots of things keep you guessing: Did this crazy thing just come out of me??  Some things will stay a mystery, but the more genuine and fierce Doctors and scientists speak about the TRUTH, the better chance we have in this battle.

Special thank you to Red Emperor CBD for letting me share my story ❤️

Shorter story presented in slides at the bottom

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Some more pictures of things expelled, ongoing Nov. 2022- April 2023

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