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Do Parasites Make Men Gay?


Homosexuals have an astoundingly high rate of infection by parasites. According to the national institute of health, 70% of all homosexual men are infected with intestinal parasites, as opposed to only 10% of straight men.

This astoundingly high rate of infection by parasites might then explain why homosexuals have such an increased urge to fornicate. These intestinal parasites always need new hosts. Without a viable vector of transmission, the parasite dies. The incredibly high rate of parasitic infection amongst the homosexual population explains why they are so sexually degenerate. Their behavior is being altered in much the same way as the rat’s behavior is altered by toxoplasma Gondi in order to allow to parasite to survive.

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This would also explain why the media is freaking out about ivermectin. Ivermectin is potentially the most effective parasite removing drug available. An anecdotal case in my family gives me strong suspicion that ivermectin might actually be a cure for homosexuality. My cousin was a homosexual, until he was prescribed ivermectin for covid. After taking ivermectin, he filled a toilet bowl with intestinal worms. Shortly thereafter, he lost all attraction to men, and found women sexually attractive. He was repulsed by his previous nature.

іп a controlled study 67.596 of 200 homosexual men but only 16% of 100 heterosexual men were found to be infected with intestinal parasites.

Is this really me? Parasites and other humans’ cells in our b


The emergence and spread of intestinal parasites is of public health concern particularly in the homosexual community. 16190 _Sexual_transmission_of_intestinal_parasites_in_men_who_have_sex_with_men

These findings suggest that E. histolytica is a common commensal in the homosexual population 16190 _Sexual_transmission_of_intestinal_parasites_in_men_who_have_sex_with_men0.1056/NEJM 198608073 150603

76/133 (57 96) asymptomatic homosexual men harbored intestinal parasites. ournalCode-infd19

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A total of 372 pooled stool specimens from 274 homosexual men with diarrhea were submitted for parasitologic examination over a 2.5-year period. Each two-vial pooled specimen set contained portions of stool from 3 consecutive days in Formalin and polyvinyl alcohol. Of the 274 patients, 133 (48.595) harbored one or more intestinal protozoa, with 161 (43.396) of the 372 specimens submitted being positive for one or more organisms. The parasites identified included Entamoeba histolytica (71 patients), Giardia lamblia (22 patients), Endolimax nana (106 patients), Entamoeba coli (39 patients), Entamoeba hartmanni (25 patients), Dientamoeba fragilis (3 patients), lodamoeba bütschlii (2 patients), and Chilomastix mesnili (2 patients). Cryptosporidium sp. (2 patients) and Isospora belli (1 patient) were also detected. Results of this study support the experience of other workers regarding high rates of infection with intestinal parasites in the homosexual population and also indicate that symptomatic individuals belonging to this acquired immunodeficiency syndrome risk group be screened for both common and uncommon intestinal pathogens.

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How Do the Homosexuals Reproduce

Seems to say that the PARASITES causes the human host to Attack Children and then the PARASITES turn the children gay.

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Can the parasite gain greater control over the host the longer the parasite remains inside the host?

The relationship between a parasite and its host can vary widely depending on the specific organisms involved. In some cases, yes, parasites can gain greater control over their host over time.

For example, certain parasites can manipulate the behavior of their host in ways that benefit the parasite’s survival and reproduction. This phenomenon, known as “parasite-induced manipulation,” can involve changes in the host’s behavior that make it more likely for the parasite to spread to other hosts or to complete its life cycle.

One famous example is the parasitic fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, which infects ants and manipulates their behavior, causing them to climb to the tops of plants where they die. The fungus then grows and releases spores from the dead ant’s body, which infect other ants below. Over time, the fungus has evolved mechanisms to exert greater control over the ant’s behavior, ensuring its own survival and spread.

However, it’s important to note that not all parasites necessarily gain more control over their host over time. The relationship between a parasite and its host can be complex and can depend on various factors, including the specific parasite-host interaction, the environment, and the evolutionary history of both the parasite and the host.

Who is Wilhelm Reich?

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) was an Austrian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and psychotherapist. He is best known for his controversial and unorthodox theories on sexuality, orgone energy, and the relationship between psychological and physical health.

Reich began his career as a disciple of Sigmund Freud and was initially associated with the psychoanalytic movement. However, he eventually developed his own unique approach to psychotherapy, which he called “orgone therapy.” Central to Reich’s work was the concept of “orgone energy,” which he believed to be a universal life force analogous to what he saw as the libido in Freudian theory. He claimed that disturbances in the flow of orgone energy within the body could lead to various physical and psychological ailments.

Reich’s ideas became increasingly controversial over time, and he faced criticism from both the psychoanalytic establishment and the broader scientific community. His work on orgone energy, in particular, was dismissed by mainstream scientists as pseudoscience.

In addition to his theoretical work, Reich was politically active and held leftist and socialist views. He was a critic of fascism and Nazism and fled Europe during World War II, eventually settling in the United States. In the U.S., he continued his research and psychotherapeutic practice but faced increasing scrutiny and legal troubles.

In 1956, Wilhelm Reich was arrested and charged with contempt of court for violating an injunction against selling his orgone energy devices, which he claimed could cure various ailments. He was sentenced to two years in prison and died in federal custody in 1957.

Despite his controversial reputation and the skepticism surrounding his theories, Wilhelm Reich’s work continues to be studied and debated by scholars and practitioners in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, and the history of science.

Why did he conclude that sexual degeneracy was communicable?

Wilhelm Reich’s views on sexuality and “sexual degeneracy” were influenced by his psychoanalytic training and his own observations as a psychotherapist. However, it’s important to note that the term “sexual degeneracy” is subjective and reflects the language and attitudes of the time in which Reich lived.

Reich believed that disturbances in sexual expression and repression of natural sexual impulses could lead to various physical and psychological ailments. He proposed that sexual energy, which he equated with his concept of “orgone energy,” played a crucial role in overall health and well-being.

Reich’s idea of sexual degeneracy being communicable may have stemmed from his observations of how social and cultural factors influence individual sexual behavior. He suggested that societal attitudes toward sexuality, including taboos and repression, could create a kind of “sexual sickness” that spreads through populations, affecting individuals’ emotional and physical health.

It’s worth noting that Reich’s theories were controversial and not widely accepted by the mainstream scientific community. Some of his ideas, including those related to sexual degeneracy and orgone energy, were considered pseudoscientific by many of his contemporaries and continue to be viewed skeptically today.

Overall, Reich’s conclusions about sexual degeneracy being communicable were based on his theoretical framework and clinical observations, but they remain highly debated and are not supported by empirical evidence.


human parasiates

Can parasites lobotomize the host?


While parasites can manipulate the behavior of their hosts in various ways to enhance their own survival and reproductive success, the concept of “lobotomizing” the host, in the sense of completely destroying the host’s cognitive abilities or central nervous system function, is not typically associated with parasitic behavior.

Parasites can indeed influence their hosts’ behavior through various mechanisms, such as altering neurotransmitter levels or directly affecting neural pathways. For example, parasites might induce changes in behavior to increase the likelihood of transmission to new hosts or to create a more suitable environment for their own development. However, these behavioral changes are usually more subtle and targeted toward specific outcomes rather than causing complete neurological impairment.

That said, some parasites can cause significant neurological damage or impairment in their hosts, but this is generally not their primary mode of manipulation. For example, certain parasites, such as the brain-invading protozoan Toxoplasma gondii, can infect the central nervous system and lead to neurological symptoms in humans and other animals. However, such cases are relatively rare compared to the diverse array of strategies parasites employ to manipulate host behavior for their own benefit.

The real reason Americans don’t have parasite treatments is because they don’t want you to kill their MK-ULTRA worms.



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Spike Mendelsohn – Wikipedia


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