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STOP!!! Do Not Attempt to Read This Page unless you have Read the Covid KILL SWITCH Part 1 Located Here…….>  The Covid KILL SWITCH By Agent Freak Nasty (

This blog is dedicated to My Father James Baines Jr, #AgentFlyMeToTheMoon AKA Dr. Robert O Young, #AgentSpinalTap AKA Dr. Lee Merritt and the men and women of United States Military Intelligence. The Q Team and QPLUS


NSA,GOV Counter PSY-OPS Division 

Space Force 

German Researcher Harold Vella 




Dr. Robert O Young found parasites in the vaccine. I took a few of my associates to go see him and we found parasites in their blood also. What we didn’t know at the time as these are NOT natural parasites.

Our Blog from August of 2022 of what is in the vaccine. The Parasite Pill Is using the EXACT same pictures from our blog WTF Does that tell you????

The Secret To MK-ULTRA is Parasites

Our Blog from August of 2022 of what is in the vaccine. The Parasite Pill Is using the EXACT same pictures from our blog WTF Does that tell you???? Future PROVES PAST ….Q-  The Ingredients Of The COVID Vaccines By Dr. Robert O’ Young – Red Emperor Collective (

Are the elites of the World the REAL ENEMY or are the BUGS who CONTROL their mind the Real enemy???? It gets BETTER!!

parasite conclusion


sugar parasites

Remember Edgar THE BUG from the Men in Black with the SUGAR WATER??? HINT HINT HINT..He Took control of the Human Body Hint Hint Hint.also notice when he pulls his face back, he has that LONG SMILE. Same for the DEMON women in the movie Devls Advocate. Hint Hint Hint




Did you catch a COLD VIRUS or a COLD PARASITE ????…..Q-

No Airborne Virus has ever been Isolated. It has been a SCAM from day 1 to trick you into injecting the BUGS….Q-


cold parasite




real purpose of


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The real reason they spray us with heavy metals, and aluminum is to FEED their little CREEPY CRAWLIES…..Q-


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Since the BUGS control all the ELITES and they own our food and water supply, they ADD poisonous substances to our food supply and take away anything that would harm their PETS even if its good for us.


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Fist they disabled our immune system by genetically engineering us, so we are the only mammals on earth who do not produce vitamin C. next add your mind control pets. Them make sure they are fed will with a constant diet of shit that is poisonous to our natural bodies.



photo 2024 03 18 05 39 30


Not only is EARTH being Terraformed but our bodies our being Terraformed. Why????, To make us better HOST for their PETS….Q-



photo 2024 03 18 05 40 51



No need to worry about the Zombie Apocalypse

… You have been living one your entire life…. The BUGS can enter your brain, lobotomize you and take over your entire thinking. With that they can SPREAD and get others to join the COLLECTIVE….Q-


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Translation?? If they can do it Crabs, they can do it to Humans


photo 2024 03 18 06 11 47

Black Goo, I sentient Intelligent Liquid Lifeform assimilates a crab. Yum Yum!!! There are two versions of Black Goo, one is native to earth and is loving and one is ALIEN that came to earth when a species of highly intelligence spiders lost control of their AI and the planet was destroyed. The only way they could survive was to merge AI with black Goo and travel space to go and infect other planets. This black goo is EVIL.



I would HIGHLY suggest you take the time to watch this presentation by German Researcher Harold Vella before continuing because it gets WERIDER….Q-

  • Depending on the TYPE of parasite, it can change your behavior.
  • Make you stupid.
  • Humans have a second brain in our guts.
  • Most parasites are found there,
  • They can not only affect our Conscious but subconscious.


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photo 2024 03 18 06 16 10


The Enteric Nervous System-your Body’s Second Brain | by smith nosa | Medium

Did you know humans have two brains???? Why would they not tell us something like that????

You are about to find out….Q-

Can Parasites Change Human Personality?

According to this news scientist article yes they can. Could this be the REAL REASON behind Multiple Personality Disorder? The real cause is you have to many parasites in your SECOND BRAIN with attitude???? Yeah it gets weirder.


photo 2024 03 18 06 20 24



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Is this the REAL REASON why most hot women are crazy??? Cause they have had a lot of sex with men especially like hookers and prostitutes. Is that the REAL reason they are crazy cause they have a bunch of DIVAS Aliens all trying to take over the brain at once??? Do women have a Vaginia Bug like Gay men have an Anal Bug that feeds on Semem and turns them into whores????? Why do Crazy Women Have the Best Pussy? Is that a COINCIDENCE????……#AgentFreaknasty


crazy bitches good pussy


The reasons humans are not treated for PARASITES because that’s their SECRET to both DEPOPULATION and MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL we know have a cure for almost EVERY DISEASE including OLD AGE….#AgentDoctorFeelGood


parasites can make you stupid



Yes, these parasites also make people STUPID; I have the special gift on spotting them….Q-




Men in Black Gave us another BIG CLUE didn’t they, imagine if you will a race of Super Intelligence Cock Roaches that genetically modified humans to be HOST for Mind Control Bugs like they did to Edgar




Translation??? The Gay Alien Mafia Bug Finds People in position of power and then infects them with the Bud Light Dillian Parasite and Sprinkle Sprinkle!!! You have a new TRANSformer Gay Mafia Senator, Judge, Police Chief, Mayor, General or PRESIDENT. Easy Breezy Japaneezy…Q-

photo 2024 03 18 06 27 23…..





photo 2023 10 15 00 33 41




       The Execution of Nana. Barbecued To Death By 5 G Hot zones near nursing homes.
photo 2024 03 18 06 31 18


photo 2024 03 18 06 31 50…….



photo 2024 03 18 06 34 01


This what REALLY happened at the nursing homes. They injected our grandparents in 2018 with metallic graphene during the 2018 Flu shots. They then installed 5 G microwave antennas RIGHT NEXT TO NURSING homes so they could Microwaved them to death to boost the Covid Death Numbers. Sound Crazy? Listen to the Spaniard Research Group Laquinta Columna tell you the Exact same thing and they are not connected to Q in anyway as far as we know………………………………………>


Pedo is important because that’s the only way the GAY ALIEN WORMS can SPREAD. The Handlers are FIRST infected then put into positions of power. The Younger the Parasite gets to the BRAIN the more Power it has over the HOIST. Thats why PEDOS attack young children.  The bottom part of the picture is a survey of when Gay Men had their first anal sex. Average Age 10 years old.


photo 2024 03 18 06 45 21 1…..

Bill Oxley is a CIA assassin who confessed on his death bed to murdering Bob Marley. He said he disguised himself as a reporter and gave him a gift of converse sneakers that was laced with a PIN to penetrate his foot when he tried him on. We know suspect the REAL REASON they wanted Marley Dead because his Activism and Marijuana Smoke was a huge threat to their TOP SECRET MK-ULTRA program.  CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘I Killed Bob Marley’ (

I haven’t researched aerobic Glycolysis yet. so, you can do that are your own if you like.





Bill oxley 1






CIA Agent Bill Oxley Confesses to Murdering Bob Marley, but what was the REAL REASON?

photo 2024 03 18 06 53 38

Why did the CIA tell its MK-ULTRA agents that the only drug they couldn’t use was Marijuana ????… Reconcile. Dr. William Courtey Cures Brain Cancer using CBD Oil or is it Dr. William Courtney Cures Brain PARASITES using CBD Oil????




Why didn’t you hear about this MIRACLE cure on the news???? How come you can’t find the video on the search engines easily. How come YOUR doctor never mentioned it when you had cancer??? Why does the DEA still have marijuana classified as a schedule 1 drug with no medical benefits so doctors and scientist cannot legally research the benefits??? Is it just about cancer??? or SOMETHING ELSE????….Q-  Cannabis Oil Cures Infant of Cancer, Dissolves Inoperable Tumor | Wake Up World (

Screenshot 2024 03 25 184312

Did Bob Marley Know Something We Didn’t???? You have got a MIND of YOUR Own….Q-





The SECRET is OUT, we now know that its PARASITES that cause cancer not some uncontrolled cell division like we were always told. Why WOULD they lie about that.? How could they keep that lie going for so long? Is it just about the cancer or SOMTHING ELSE????? Why do doctors who discover this end up dead???? Why do all the OTHER doctors keep it SECRET. I believe now that all Doctors Lawyers, Famous People Politicians are BUGGED at some point under a HIGHER LEVEL of MK-ULTRA than the average person.


photo 2024 03 18 07 56 02

Screenshot 2024 03 25 191041


The Truman Show or The Matrix???



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