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Parasites are their Secret To MK-ULTRA Mind Control

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What happens to THEIR system of control??? Parasites???? Why do those who discover REALLY commit suicide??? Can THEY activate the Bugs to make your kill yourself???? Ohhh Boyy!!!!


What would happen if the planet was put on a DEWORMING program? Would it not cure all diseases, and FREE mankind from their MK-ULTRA Mind Control PARASITES??? Are you connecting the dots yet rookie??? Welcome to The GREAT AWAKING AKA ASCENSION …..#AgentFreakNasty Style 


Agent MEGA MIND aka Q-

agent Freak Nasty NSA COUNTER PSY OPS







hydroxychloroquine has been used for 40 years to treat MALARIA. all of a sudden during COVID it became a killer drug right after HIGH LEVEL POLITICAL FIGURE TRUMP Recommended it

Is it a little CLEARER to you what the REAL TRUMP VACCINE IS…..Operation Warp Speed Bitches!!!!!


trump vaccine

               All FREAK-A-ZOID- robots report to your nearest TRUMP-VACCINE Station……Intelligence Courtesy of your boy!!!!!!!……..#AgentFREAKNasty


…. They HCQ attacks the PARASITES that were Injected into via vaccines. . It probably was designed to be the KILL SWITCH from the VERY BEGINING when CANCER started showing up .

The PARASITES disable NPCs ability to reason and to use logic.  That’s why they try to get their MINDS EARLY, the longer the parasite has the mind the more power it holds over a host. For Example, go and try to tell BIG MAMA that religion is a miliary grade psychological warfare weapon and Jesus was made up by the Catholic Roman Family the Flavians. GOOD LUCK SON….This will also apply to the Vaccinated. Their MINDS are most likely captured, they will put up every resistance to not get this information. WHY?? Their little alien BUG BUDDIES that have taken over their minds don’t want to be sent to RAID HEAVEN that’s why. Most of you have already seen this with your friend’s family members who cut you off and stop talking to you whenever you bring up the vaccine. That is NOT THEIR MINDS doing it. It is #AgentSPOT…… They are going to have to be DEWORMED first. So how do you DEWORM a person who doesn’t want to be DEWORMED??? Great Question!!! I am sure we are going to find out the answer to that REAL SOON… Maybe SLIP some CBD in their drink and tell them its good for WEIGHT LOSS or something??? Which is TRUE. Same for HCQ. Remember, some of these PARASITES live in the gut, and that’s why people get FAT because you are feeding yourself and all of YOUR PETS that are living in your body. Yeah, that’s it !!! just tell them its newest DIET CRAZE SON or even better the VACCINE TO NEVER CATCH CANCER!!! which is THE TRUTH!!!!……. Can you get JIGGY WITH IT????? trump bragging about vaccine


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ON Nov 12, 2017, Q asked us The Truth would put 99 percent of people in Hospitals. We all assumed The Mental Hospital.

what would put 99 percent of people in hospital….

. They didn’t mean the mental hospital they meant the regular hospital to be DEWORMED because 99 percent of us are infected with MK-ULTRA BUGGS.

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The Parasites can take complete control of a human and then INFILTRATE government positions and pass laws like CHEM TRAILS to make spreading their kind easier. All the top of the medical world are BUGGED, any dissenting doctor won’t have a job long, or their LIFE long. The end goal is not to kill us but to spread their kind as far and wide as possible. Translation. We are being ASSIMILATED by little, tiny alien worms.  We all assumed all of these dirty cops, politicians, FBI, CIA, DEA, MOSSAD and the rest of the GAY MAFIA twats were just a bunch of black mailed Pedos. WRONG. their minds have been taken over to work for the collective….Q-



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Does anybody know who this is??? Here they are telling us one can get infected and their mind completely changed to fit whatever is good for the collective. They are telling us the TRUE secret of Mind Control is inserting PARASITES that take over the mind. just like Scotty in Star Trek the Wrath of Khan….

photo 2024 03 18 08 27 49…. Mind Control parasites, dumb down parasites and assassin parasites. next question, are they ALIEN? and if they are ALIEN are the controllers ALSO alien or human? another question, how in the fuck are supposed to punish all these dirty cop’s child molesters and politicians if the entire time they were under OUTSIDE mind control using top secret MK_ULTRA technology???

3 Types. General Influence Parasites for most of us.

Assassin Parasites

And Complete Mind Control Take Over Parasites


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I get lost here, Supposedly the Parasites are controlled the Queen Whore of Heaven. Tell me what you think on twitter @laconic93 Goes on the state that Jews claim to be part of a collective or hive mind. The Jewish race has a naturally weakened immune system that makes them an ideal host for the parasite. Baby Penis Vampires transit this blood worm to the baby in the ritual…..

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Why do Jews claim to be the CHOSEN ONES or part of a Collective? Yes, Parasites prefer Young Host. The younger they invest the more power they have over the mind. Do these parasites cause schizophrenia? Are Jews prone to schizophrenia? yes



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The Real Reason Jews Hate Dogsphoto 2024 03 18 09 40 35


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Baby Do The Dog Catcher....#AgentFreakNasty Shout Out to Q DAWGS OMEGA PSI PHI ….



its been known a long time that dogs can detect cancer, but what if tis really parasites they detect? i didn’t know Jews don’t like dogs that’s a new one. I guess the baby penis vampire PARASITE give them a UNIQUE DEMON ALIEN BUG SMELL…..



Q Seems to suggest the Jewish Collective act as one and is controlled by the QUEEN OF HEAVEN PARASITE.


prasite queen…..


Q suggest the Gay Alien Bug causes the HOST to like feces. I have heard this also that Jewish men are into SCAT PLAY from a NY hooker doing an interview just a few months ago… The reason, those parasites live in feces. and causes the host to have cravings in order to spread.


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The Sentient being known as the Queen of Heaven which controls parasites that lives in feces takes over the minds of government officials so they can put SHIT in our food to spread faster got that????..


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Got Bugs???? We can Help!!!! If you made it this far, GREAT at least your brain bugs are gone, what about your SECOND brain?

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The reptilian’s are really WORM PARASITES….




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Toxoplasma — The Most Successful Parasite in the world….do you know it? | by Bo Hembaek Svensson | Medium

Toxoplasma is associated with depression, cancer, diabetes, obesity, bipolar, schizophrenia, self-harm, dementia, aggression, reduced learning ability in children, subtle mind control, and impaired curiosity. Many scientists believe that its accumulated effects even have an influence on our political choices and the way we function as a society. My research supports this assessment. Obviously a significant claim, but never the less qualified and plausible.

  • It can influence its host’s behavior, especially wrt. amygdala and the paleomammalian brain (limbic system). Suspected to influence the global and cellular physiology of the Central Nervous System (CNS).
  • It has developed its functionality and modus operandi for at least 10 million years. Other parasitic fungus species even managed “host-control” 40–100 million years ago. Toxoplasma has developed in parallel with the development of the CNS and the brain
  • It can reprogram the DNA translation of the host cell
  • Creates a huge boost in T-cells when it enters the body and confuses the immune system — which is suspected to trigger autoimmune conditions (such as diabetes I)
  • Traverses the blood-brain-barrier in a very sophisticated way
  • Creates cysts (bradyzoites) in muscle tissue (for instance the heart) and in the brain
  • Has a preference for the area around Amygdala (fear, emotion, rewarddentate gyrus, and caudate nucleus (seat of curiosity). Suspected to alter risk-taking in humans.
  • It is able to influence the synthesis of Dopamine (and Serotonin and Testosterone) and increase GlutamateIt also disturbs the synthesis of Norepinephrine
  • Is not “dormant” but affects brain chemistry throughout chronic infection, and wears down the immune system (also here)
  • It alters synaptic protein composition in the brain.
  • The “latent” infection is damaging the individual, so it has to be removed or at least be kept from growing
  • Can be suppressed or even removed using a — surprisingly large — array of suggested remedies and methods (see below for an overview, no advice is given in this article)
  • Hosts can be immunized, and prophylactic action can reduce its effects
  • 99% of us have never heard about it. UN/FAO/WHO/CDC et al. are all calling for action since years ago, yet there are no national, regional or global programs against Tg infection.….. Why?

More than 60 million people (in US) are chronically infected with Toxoplasma gondii (..) The CDC experts noted that most parasitic infections can be prevented and many are treatable. But they most often go undiagnosed and untreated because people don’t know they are at risk or infected, and many doctors, unfamiliar with these infections, fail to diagnose or treat them properly

  • Professor Jaroslav Flegr: (2012): “‘When you add up all the different ways it can harm us (..) Toxoplasma might even kill as many people as malaria, or at least a million people a year (..)There is strong psychological resistance to the possibility that human behavior can be influenced by some stupid parasite..


Disease with Tg as a suggested causal factor (full, in part, or accentuating/amplifying)

In general Tg is strongly associated with mental disease due it creating inflammation.

BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!!! Did Agent Freak Nasty’s Advance ALIEN Biowarfare Division just find THE CURE for all these diseases including being a FAT ASS????? Wouldn’t you like to know???……##AgentDoctorFeelgood #QWBALLZ


Suggested influence on behavior/psyche



Like a parasite, the wetiko virus can take over the will of an animal more evolved than itself, enlisting that creature into serving its nefarious agenda.


Holy SHIT!! We now know how to cure all of our PSYCHO girlfriends and wives!!! Who’s your Buddy?? Whose Your friend??……..#Agentfreaknasty
Quick Watson!!! Activate #AgentBlackJesus

In general, Tg is strongly associated with mental disease due it is creating inflammation.


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Are you FREAKING OUT yet???? Don’t worry YOU WILL….#Agentmidnightrider



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Time Stamp 3/27/2024 This the end of Part 1 of the Worm Pill Briefing. I have left a lot of stuff so you should go back and read it again. I will start on the Parasite Pill Part 2 in the next few days so CHECK BACK.  Remember be selective of who you share this information with, if they are BUGGED you are wasting your time. I HIGHLY suggest you tell them about the new SPACE FORCE MACK & JACK wonder potion that is the CURE for all those diseases including OBESITY FIRST. Then share this information. If you can’t order from Z-Stack or get a prescription, remember you can cross the border to Mexico and pick it up or have a friend, do it. It’s worth the trip and Mexico is AWESOME anyway. I lived there for 5 years and its SAFER than the US . Don’t fall for the Tel LI vision lies, The people are friendly, the food is great and more.  If you have any questions for me or have additional information you would to share join our telegram channel code named #QWBALLZ at    


If you made it this far, we know at least your BRAIN BUGS are CLEARED, now what about your SECOND BRAIN????

PSYCHOOGICAL WARFARE at its Finest the Bugs are not in OUTER SPACE, they are in INNER MIND …..#Internetassassin

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