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Why did Q or Military Intelligence say we are saving Israel for last?

This blog is dedicated to the SEHOES at the following intelligence agencies …#YankeeWhite


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The relentless pursuit of truth in the face of government deception and global conspiracies. Meet James, the audacious owner of this site, whose odyssey began in 2012 with a startling revelation: the blatant manipulation of information after the Fukushima disaster in 2011. Nestled in Seattle with his young family, he unraveled a web of secrecy surrounding the radiation threat looming over the west coast.

As you delve into this gripping narrative, witness James’s discovery of classified emails, laid bare by WikiLeaks, exposing a sinister government agenda during the tumultuous times of the Fukushima aftermath. Brace yourself as he unearths a shocking connection between the alleged COVID-19 pandemic and a clandestine bioweapons plot, designed not only to sway elections but to decimate specific racial groups.

With each revelation, James unveils a list of shadowy suspects, including intelligence agencies worldwide, the notorious Mossad, and political heavyweights like Obama, the Clintons, George Soros, and Benjamin Netanyahu. The narrative unfolds like a high-stakes thriller, weaving together threads of deceit, manipulation, and a disturbing plot to unleash a genetic bioweapon upon humanity.

Hold your breath as James challenges conventional narratives, drawing parallels between historical events like World War I, World War II, and the tragic 9/11 attacks. He peels back the layers, exposing a grand strategy to pit nations against each other in a divide-and-conquer psychological operation. Brace yourself for the shocking revelation that the Khazarian Mafia, predominantly Jewish, may not be the sole puppet master – the CIA’s involvement adds a sinister twist.

In a jaw-dropping twist, James issues a fervent call to action, imploring readers to share his blog with military personnel and combat-aged men. The stakes are high, and the truth, as James sees it, transcends borders. He asserts that the fate of innocent lives, whether in the Middle East or the heartland of America, is intricately tied to the machinations of those wielding power.

As you navigate this rollercoaster of revelations, ponder James’s plea: would our military fight for a nation that may have orchestrated a bioweapon attack against its own citizens? Uncover the layers of deception and decide for yourself – in this thrilling entry, reality collides with James’s unwavering quest for the truth.





Picture a world where the very institution sworn to defend freedom is ensnared in a sinister web of manipulation. James thrusts us into the heart of a shocking truth: an alleged orchestration by the CIA and Mossad, implicating them in a dark chapter of history that unfolded after the harrowing events of 9/11.

As you grapple with the weight of his words, envision a chilling scenario where the U.S. military, unwittingly deceived, becomes an unwitting pawn in a global game of power. James contends that this elaborate manipulation extends to conflicts in the Middle East, with the military potentially serving interests that orchestrated a bioweapon attack against their own citizens.

In a crescendo of urgency, James challenges the very fabric of allegiance. Can the men and women of the U.S. military, once enlightened, continue to fight for a cause that may have played a role in a bioweapon assault against them and their families? The stakes are nothing short of existential, as James draws a parallel between the tragic deaths of children in the U.S. and those in Palestine, highlighting the insidious shift from bombs to a different form of weaponry—psychological operations and needles.

His call to action is a rallying cry echoing through the shadows of uncertainty. James implores readers to share his revelation with military members and combat-aged men, urging them to confront a truth that may shatter preconceived notions. It’s a plea underscored by the urgency of “sucking wind,” a vivid metaphor for facing the harsh reality that emerges when the veil of deception is lifted.

As you absorb the profound implications of James’s words, the narrative takes a dark turn, challenging you to question the very foundation of trust and loyalty. In this chilling tale, reality blurs with the unimaginable, leaving you to grapple with a disconcerting question: Can the truth, once revealed, reshape the destiny of nations and the course of human history.

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Think hard about that last part. They PSY-OPED our entire US MILITARY to murder millions of INNOCENT MUSLIMS for what the CIA AND MOSSAD did on 911, including 500,000 babies in Iraq alone and laughed about it. They are attempting to get our US MILITARY to do the same thing in the middle east as we speak. Do you think our military would fight for Israel if they knew they were the ones who tried to murder them and their entire families with a Bioweapon? Listen to me closely., the ONLY DIFFERENCE to the death of children in the US right now than those being blown up in Palestine is that instead of using BOMBS on their children they used PSY-OPS and a needle on OUR CHILDREN…. Do you understand? That is why I am asking you to share this blog with any military members you know and all combat aged men if you enjoy SUCKIING WIND….#AgentMidnightRider

There is GOOD NEWS at the end of this blog….Q-


Millions of Americans have ALREADY DIED from the BIO-WEAPON, how many more children and family members are we going to lose?


Israel is doing the SAME THING to you and your family and YOU DONT EVEN KNOW IT....Q-

the only difference



evolution of war

If you have any doubts that the covid vaccine is a bio-weapons attack then click on this picture and come back before reading further....Q-


Hey, mounted a COVID SYRINGE in his office next to OTHER WEAPONS OF WAR that made ISRAELS Enemies extinct, and then laughs right in your face ... click on the picture and watch for yourself. The EYES chico, they NEVER LIE....Q-


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we are saving israel for last

we are saving Israel for last.

Are you connecting the DOTS yet ROOKIES????….Q-

What I am about to tell you will sound like some crazy plot from a James Bond Movie, the funny thing is, that’s partially true. In the James Bond Movie no time to die, a billionaire is attempting to depopulate the world using a Bioweapon that kills people based on their race, family lines or DNA profile. What I am about to show you will prove that this is what is happening now. The Israeli Government along with other deep state allies launched COVID as a BIO-WEAPONS attack to kill ALL OTHER RACES except for AshkheNAZI jews and the Chinese.




Outline of what you will learn from the critical intelligence report.


A. Airborne viruses do not exist, it is a generational PSY-OP to trick you into taking the REAL VIRUS via vaccine. ref link.

B. All cancers, aids, autisms covid’s, diabetes are ALL bioweapons injected into us via the vaccine schedule…. ref. link…
C. Countries are a divide and conquer PSY-OP used to divide and conquer. all patriotism is brainwashing to convince you to die for a flag when in reality there has been a 1 world government the entire time. I would have been impossible to run the
COVID BIO-WEAPONS attack unless every country worked together to murder their own citizens. ww1 and WW2 were depopulation PSY-OPS to get brother to murder brother… 911 was a psyop to get Christians to murder INNOCENT Muslims, and COVID was a PSY-OP to get us to murder ourselves and our own children. ref link.…
D. Covid is a reverse engineered ALIEN bioweapon including nano bots self-assembling microchips and alien LIFE FORMS. See
E. The Israeli government in collaboration with Obama, Hillary, Soros, and the Biden family launched the COVID BIOWEAPONS attack after FIRST giving the entire Jewish community the antidote disguised as the Measles vaccine in 2018 as a PREMPTIVE Holocaust against gentiles. Ashkenazi jews and the Chinese are immune. ref……/covid-19-and-illegal-us…/
F. Unless a cure or an antidote is found 100 million Americans will be dead within 5 years That is 1 out of every three people you know. ref.
G. There are NO pure bloods. If you took the PCR test you were infected with NANO TECHNOLOGY, SYNTHETIC LIFEFORMS AND DARPA HYDROGEL. Even if you avoided the PCR test, they have put the nano tech in the water food, and air supply since at least the early 90’s See: Operation Nano Domestic Quell 
entire food supply contaiminated
Before we continue, I would like you to share this with as many people as possible across all your social media platforms because we are in the greatest Information warfare battle in history.
Information warfare has surpassed physical warfare in its scope and deadliness. We are currently in the middle of World War 3, if you took the vaccine, you have been shot, the only question is will you bleed out? Our current 5D warfare consist of information warfare, psychological warfare combined with a genetically targeted Bio-Weapons attack. Without the RIGHT information you will always make the WRONG decision and in some cases they can be FATAL. Why nuke your enemies when you can PSY-OP them to inject themselves with a bioweapon? that way you get to steal all their possessions and more importantly clean unirradiated land. you, see? Information is knowledge, knowledge is power, information is power. Welcome to the Panthers Den…..Q-

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covid kills -white-people-first

Early Warnings of a Bio-Weapons Attack by Vaccine

A. In the 90s naval intelligence officer William Cooper wrote in his book beware a pale horse that the Club of Rome planned to use a vaccine that attacks the immune system to depopulate 90 percent of humans.

William Cooper Pre Covid-Attack Club of Rome






B. In 2009 Mossad Bio Warfare Scientist Josphe Moshe warned us that the Israeli Government was planning on killing us using a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine.


The Author found multiple reports relating to Mossad informant Joseph Moshe [24-26] and his revelation that Mossad was planning on using vaccines as carriers for bioweapons. Mossad’s plan, according to Moshe, was to disguise bioweapons as beneficial vaccines and have targets literally lining up and begging to be given a bioweapon.

Dr. Joseph Moshe was, he has not been heard of since his capture, a Jewish American virologist who studied a number of potential deadly microbiotic agents [26]. According to reports, in 2009 [2426] “Professor Moshe had called into a live radio show by Dr. A. True Ott, broadcast on Republic Broadcasting claiming to be a microbiologist who wanted to supply evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 Swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma Solutions. He said that Baxter’s Ukrainian lab was in fact producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine.”

Moshe’s revelations are not the first time that vaccines have been allegedly used as a means to deploy bioweapons. There have been allegations that tetanus vaccine bound with human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), to induce infertility, was given to unsuspecting poor women living in third world nations. These reports started to surface in the 1990s and have included the Philippines and Mexico [27], and more recently Kenya [28]. Allegations have been linked to the World Health Organization which has been criticized for its strong financial connections to Mossad operative Jeffery Epstein’s associate, Bill Gates. It is no secret that the WHO developed such a vaccine to prevent pregnancy. The controversy relates to the fact that a vaccine resembling the WHO infertility vaccine was given to women who were told they were being immunized against tetanus. One of the reasons suspicions were raised is that tetanus boosters are given once every 10 years while the WHO funded “tetanus” campaigns involved only women of childbearing age and a series of several shots was given in a short period of time. Laboratory tests have confirmed HCG in the “tetanus” vaccine.

Not only where they are killing people with vaccines, but they were sterilizing women in poor countries every 10 years with the tetanus vaccine. Take note recently Dr. Ana Mihalcea recently examined the tetanus shot which is giving to children starting at 2 years old to full of Nano tech and bots. Guess who makes the tetanus shot?? Glaxosmithkline. and guess who OWNS Glaxosmithkline??? Obama … taaaa daaaa!!!!

GlaxoSmithKline is a formerly Bush-owned and now Obama-owned multi-quadrillion-gazillion dollar corporation that basically runs the American Empire. The comapny also owns several alien countries and has stock in the McDonald’s corporation. GlaxoSmithKline also owns the American Empire after it bought it from Wal-Mart.

Even though GlaxoSmithKline in unbelievably rich, it will not help its subsidiary (the Empire), with its 17,000,000 trillion-dollar debt to the Empire’s banking unions in China.

GlaxoSmithKline’s CEO is Barack Obama.




C. Military Intelligence via QANON drops that the COVID Virus was fake and being used to still the election from Trump They also let us know that the reason democratic Governors moved our grandparents into Nursing centers that were close to HOT ZONES Ie 5 G Antennas was to microwave them to death to boost the COVID death count. How did they do it, most seniors get the flu shot and, in the year, before they secretly injected our grandparents with metallic graphene oxide, and you know what happens when you put metal in a MICROWAVE don’t you Watson? The question is why did military intelligence and the white hats let the deep state murder or families? Especially after posting that we would be safe in the early Q drops. Time will tell. I have heard several theories that, they had to let it go through in order to catch on all the criminals and wake up the public. I have also heard they have a cure and an antidote ready. It would seem like if they knew it was coming, they would have switched out most of the death batches with more placebos. I have heard one of the cure methods is to flip 5 g antennas into Tesla healing frequencies. The good news is they couldn’t have let it go through unless they had a cure, if they did, we are all screwed anyway. let’s see what happens. Watch La Quinto Columna verify the 5 G death theory. Click on the next link and follow me on twitter for up-to-date intel.


Who launched the Covid Bio-Weapons Attack?

The answer to this is complicated and we can be lead down many different rabbit holes with answering this mystery. Let’s start with the most usual suspects.

A. The Deep State, which consist of many groups including the Khazarian Mafia, the NWO, the illuminati, the Club of Rome. We will just group these all together as the INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITIES. Why? Because every country that participated in this attack worked together in order to poison their own citizens. Dr. Deagle in his 2006 intelligence drop told us that all the worlds intelligence services like the CIA, Mossad, GRU, FSB, etc. were all under the control of one super group intelligence unit called Project Omega that was formed by former president George Walker Bush.

B. Obama

C. Hillary Clinton

D. The Biden Family

E. George Sorus

F. Benjamin Netanyahu

G. The Mossad


For simplicity’s sake let’s start off with the Mossad who chief is Benjamin Netanyahu and the Mossad.

The Covid Vaccine and the Pre-Emptive Holocaust to Murder the Gentile Population

COVID-19 and Illegal US Bioweapons Activity, an Insider’s Revelations – THE INTEL DROP

Author” J. Bart Classen, MD*

Date: 10-18-2023

Millions if not billions of people now believe that the world is under a bioweapons attack. A lot of blame has been placed on the US funding of bioweapons. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the US NIAID/NIH has come under severe criticism for funding the infamous “Gain of Function” research. Many believe Fauci has not acted alone or even on his own accord. The Author worked as a fellow at NIAID/NIH from 1988 to 1991, starting soon after Fauci became head of NIAID. The author witnessed first-hand infiltration of NIAID/NIH by Israel’s Mossad. While working at NIAID/NIH one or more coworkers expressed a need to “preempt the next Jewish Holocaust”. For thirty years since leaving NIH the Author has paid close attention to Mossad’s involvement in illegal US bioweapon activity and attempts to disclose his observations. The Author hopes to educate the public on the current bioweapon attack with COVID-19 and vaccines. The Author believes that Mossad intends to kill billions of people. Already 70% of the world’s population have received a COVID-19 vaccine which in all appearance has the ability to cause deadly non curable prion disease. The Author hopes the information provided will help those interested in ending this covert war.


The link between Dr. Anthony Fauci/NIAID and Mossad has not gone unnoticed by others. Many have commented on the link between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. Bill Gates was a close associate of Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein [14]. According to a report [11] Dr. Anthony Fauci was appointed to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Grand Challenges Scientific Advisory Board (served through 2010). Dr. Fauci is (was) on the Leadership Council of the Bill and Melinda Gates Global Vaccine Action Plan [11]. Furthermore Dr. Fauci has been on the World Health Organization’s Global Preparedness Monitoring Board [11]. The WHO receives substantial money from the Bill Gates through his foundation as discussed below.

It would seem the REAL REASON that Bill Gates was buddies with Mossad Operative Jeffrey Epstein along with their connection to Anthony Fauci was not blackmail but the bio-weapons vaccine depopulation attack. Bill Gates is no genius but more likely a CIA operative with eugenics connections going back to his father who was President of Planned Parenthood. A known eugenics depopulation operation set up my Margarete Sanger to murder the black population under the disguise of abortion clinics. Jeffrey Epstein was known to involved with transhumanism and eugenics projects.



The other side of creation of the virus was revealed by the pentagon equivalent in Russia who tracked down the Bioweapon’s labs in the Ukraine to have been created by Obama, Hillary, Soros, and the Bidens. Those four are not the focus to this research blog. If you want to dig into it further, I suggest you follow Bio Clandestine on Telegram or watch this rumble video, click here. We do have an EXCLUSIVE INTEL drop about Obama’s involvement in COVID. Remember when the Mossad Scientist said Baxter pharmaceuticals was creating the vaccine in the Ukraine?? Well guess what Senator invested $50,000 dollars into it in 2005.





And SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, look who subcontracted out to BAXTER to produce 60 million doses of the COVID vaccine. I guess that 50,000 investments paid off WELL didn’t it Watson?



This is the chart released by Russian Intelligence of who is responsible for the BIOWEAPONS labs in the Ukraine. Is it a little bit CLEARER to you why congress is sending billions of your tax dollars to a homosexual actor? Is it clear why Putin invaded? They knew the #Gaymafia was manufacturing RACE SPECFIC bioweapons designed to kill white Europeans and Russians first. The US is desperately trying to prevent the rest of the world from finding out that OBAMA et are behind it.

Bio Clandestine has all the goods on the UKRAINIA BIO-LABS. good follow

FYI, if you didn’t already know, Obama is cousins of George Bush, Brad Pitt, and Warren Buffet. He was a billionaire before he ever ran for office and is a CIA agent. And so was his mother, father and grandparents. We were PLAYED, big time. Clinton was a CIA agent also along with his whore wife Hillary. Secret Service Code Name EVERGREEN…..Q-



What a coincidence!!!!.The CIA sprayed California population centers with Nazi nerve gasses out of a base in Arizona code named EVERGREEN……coincidence???? Think Depopulation




One more Beauty you have to read to understand how our own government has been Murdering Us under the disguise of depopulation is read this TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED email sent to Hillary Clinton 1 day after Fukushima blew up. Notice they told each other to shelter indoors and to wear a mask while you and your children got to breath in hot radioactive particles with zero warnings.






Jews were giving the COVID antidote disguised as the MMR Measles Vaccine before the BIO-WEAPON was launched.

One key facet of the Mossad infiltrated NIAID/NIH research was developing a defense to a weaponized coronavirus. Research included using measles vaccine virus as protection against these deadly coronaviruses [22]. This is an important fact given the widespread measles vaccination in Israel and Jewish schools in the US in 2018 prior to onset of COVID-19 [23] as discussed below.

In the Fall of 2018, the Author was contacted by members of the Baltimore Orthodox Jewish community and asked to investigate why Jewish schools in Baltimore were no longer accepting almost any vaccine exemptions. Many Jewish parents were concerned about the possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Prior to 2018 these schools allowed parents to take vaccine exemptions. The Author spoke to numerous Orthodox Jews in the Baltimore area and read news reports on similar vaccine policy changes in the vast majority of Jewish schools in the US. A small measles epidemic occurred in Israel in the 2018–2019-time frame leading to mass immunization against measles in Israel and then in US Jewish schools including those in New York [33,34]. The pursing vaccine controversy culminated in several individuals that the Author realized were linked to Mossad entering the debate, including Bobby Kennedy Jr. [35].

In early 2019 the Author reported back to those Orthodox Jews, who had asked for his help and replied that there was nothing he could do as the activities he observed indicated Mossad was initiating a major bioweapons attack. As it turns out the measles mumps rubella vaccine (MMR) forced upon the Jewish community actually protects against COVID-19. This fact was likely known based on vaccine research funded by Mossad infiltrated NIAID/ NIH [22]. The Author published the initial peer reviewed paper on the ability of the MMR vaccine to prevent COVID-19 [23] and the Author’s conclusions has been confirmed by research from many large universities [36-38].

The start of the COVID-19 Bioweapons attack.

The Author understood Mossad had infiltrated NIAID/NIH and was scheming a large bioweapons attack. He understood that Mossad intended to “preempt the next Jewish Holocaust” and planned genocide on a large number of ethnic groups including in the US. The Author understood, from reading about Joseph Moshe and working in the vaccine field that vaccines would likely be used as a carrier for bioweapons. In order to carry out this plan Mossad would likely benefit from controlling the FDA to ensure the bioweapon contaminated “vaccines” received regulatory approval.

In early 2019 Dr. Scott Gottlieb was Commissioner of the FDA [39]. He was appointed in 2017 by then President Trump, a close associate of Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein. That fact alone would make Gottlieb a person of interest. Dr. Scott Gottlieb was a protégé of super spy and Mossad asset, Buzzy Krongard who is mentioned in detail below. Gottlieb worked under Krongard at Alex Brown [40]. This fact would raise suspicions to an even higher level. Gottlieb devoted a lot of effort while running the FDA to emphasize that vaping/ e cigarettes were very dangerous [39].

Dr. Scott Gottlieb abruptly announced in March of 2019 that he was resigning his position as Commissioner of the FDA after approximately 2 years [39]. It was this sudden departure that led the Author to believe that the Mossad bioweapon attack had begun and the Author frantically informed intelligence agencies around the globe that a Mossad bioweapon attack had begun.

There are numerous “coincidences” that support that the Author’s opinion that the COVID-19 outbreak began in March of 2019. First the genetic sequences for the coronavirus causing COVID-19 were retrospectively detected in samples of sewer water collected in Spain as early as March of 2019 [41]. People who vaped mysteriously started to develop a clinical disease, EVALI, resembling COVID-19 [42]. Young vapers were on ventilators in significant numbers stating in April of 2019. Unfortunately doctors simply believed these young adults suffered from a vaping disease, as warned by FDA Commissioner Gottlieb, and did not suspect the THC they were vaping had been spiked with a deadly coronavirus. Also, on March 28, 2019 Moderna filed a patent application that would later be granted as its infamous coronavirus patent, U.S. Patent 10,702,600. The patent has been criticized on social media as being suspect because people believed the application was filed before the outbreak of COVID-19.

Isn’t it interesting that the same DIRTY PROSECUTOR MARK LINDQUIST THE GRAND WIZARD‘s first case when getting voted out of office for corruption was representing a police officer who claimed he fell ill from vape cartridges? I also connected Mark Linquist the Grand Wizard to the PCR TESTING scam. But that is a whole nother rabbit hole.

A police officer in Puyallup made headlines in September, at the peak of the EVALI crisis, when he sued five of Washington’s legal pot companies and accused them of giving him EVALI. The cop did not provide any evidence that those cartridges specifically caused him harm, other than saying he fell ill with EVALI and those were the products he had used. Mark Lindquist, the cop’s attorney, said they have yet to get test results back from the cartridge.


Starting in June of 2019, two months after intelligence agencies around the world had been warned that a major Mossad bioweapons attack was under way, certain events occurred consistent with a major attack. Fort Detrick, the US Army’s bioweapon base and source of the US anthrax attack, was shut down in June of 2019 [43]. Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein was re-arrested in July of 2019 [44]. Epstein had already served time in a Florida jail for his crimes. Dr. Suzanne Eaton, wife of an Israeli born prion expert, was brutally killed in a cave around July 3 of 2019 [45]. The details of the brutal death provided by the widespread media coverage gave an appearance to the Author that a message was being sent to would be Mossad informants. The first retirement / nursing home to have an outbreak of COVID-19 like symptoms was the Greenspring facility in Fairfax County, Virginia where at least 63 residents were stricken with COVID-19 like symptoms by July 15th 2019 [46].


Q told us in drop 4492 that select democratic Governor like Cuomo of NY were rushing our grandparents into nursing homes because SECRETLY they injected them with graphene oxide during the 2018 flu season so they could microwave them to death in nursing homes that just had the brand new 5 g antennas installed right next to them. This way they could boost the COVID death numbers and scare the rest of us into taking the injection, while at the same time guilting the rest of us into taking to protect our parents. Pretty Dirty, eh? The question is if military intelligence knew why did they let them go through with it?



The coronavirus causing COVID-19 utilizes the spike protein to attach to cells in order for it to infect the cells. One receptor on human cells for the coronavirus spike protein is a protein called ACE-2. There is genetic variation in the ACE-2 protein that affects binding of the spike protein. A paper looking at racial variants of ACE-2 with affinity for the spike protein stated [47]. “ACE2K26R; which is most frequent in Ashkenazi Jewish population decreased the SARS-CoV-2/ACE2 electrostatic attraction”. According to the results in this paper the coronavirus causing COVID-19 resembles a race specific bioweapon that spares the Ashkenazi Jewish population but preferentially binds to that race Mossad blames for the 1940s Jewish Holocaust, Europeans.

Allow #Agentfreaknasty to TRANSLATE….. The Covid Bio-Weapon was designed to genetically target MIGHTY WHITEY first…
It is interesting that this leaked to the press, it’s almost like the NSA did it. hmmmm
RFK Jr: CIA Orchestrated COVID Lab Leak as Part of WEF’s Depopulation Agenda – The People’s Voice ( RFK mission is to DIVERT the Bioweapons attack away from the Mossad to the CIA, only one problem NUMB NUTZ, if the CIA did it why would they only make JEWS and CHINESE IMMUNE?

Yall white people aint mad yet???? thinking about that Mocha Capuchino tomorrow for work hey???? ZIPPY DE DOO DAAAA!!!!



Native Americans are HIGH ON THE KILL list along with American blacks and my LATINO peoples. WHY??? We have a vitamin D Deficiency list. and if you don’t believe me, ask Melinda Gates….#agentfreaknasty




Prions, Larry Ellison and the Oracle 

The Author was made aware of Mossad’s interest in using toxic proteins called prions as a bioweapon since his fellowship at Mossad infiltrated NIH/NIAID. There were frequent conversations among employees at the Laboratory of Immunology, NIAID/ NIH about the deadly nature of prions. Prions act as slow poisons allowing large number of people to be poisoned before the plot can be discovered. The long delay between exposure and disease makes deniability easier.

The death of Suzanne Eaton [45] in July of 2019 first led the Author to suspect that the bioweapon attack of 2019 was prion based. Suzanne Eaton’s death was suspicious for many reasons. She was tortured in a cave for a long period of time, possibly 24 hours as if she was being interrogated. One or more reports suggested she had up to 200 stab like wounds. Dr. Eaton’s death received unprecedented news attention. The Author first saw reports of her death on local Baltimore news even though she was not from Baltimore and had not lived in the US for roughly 20 years or more. Dr. Eaton was the wife of an Israeli born prion researcher. Given the mysterious nature of her death, the unexplained media coverage, the link to an Israeli born prion expert, and Mossad’s interest in prions, the Author became very concerned that the Mossad bioweapon attack starting in March of 2019 was utilizing prions.

With the unexpected rapid approval of the mRNA Covid vaccines in late 2020, the Author started to determine if the vaccines may in fact be prion related weapons. The Author soon discovered that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Ellison Medical Foundation had funded prion research [56]. Bill Gates has been closely linked to Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein. Larry Ellison has a strong partnership with Dr. David Agus who shared work space at the Laboratory of Immunology, NIAID/NIH with Mossad operative Zami Ben-Sasson. Dr. Agus is “Founding Director and CEO of USC’s Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine” [50] and is also a business partner for a resort at Ellison’s Lanai Island in Hawaii [57]. The island more closely resembles a paramilitary base than a resort because of its efforts to have sustainable food [57] and energy production [58]. The Island boasts of celebrity visits resembling Jeffrey Epstein’s Island. Bill Gates got married on the island. Elon Musk, Tom Cruise and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are a few celebrities who reportedly visited the Island [58]. Ellison has also been linked to the events surrounding 9/11 [59].

The US Government, FBI and CIA [Zips In The Wire] Infiltration Instead of Invasion

Many people take false comfort in believing that the US government would protect its citizens from an bioweapons attack of domestic origin. These individuals ignore the historical truths. For example, in the US while Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson advocated civil liberties and the pursuit of happiness, yet they owned slaves and conspired genocide of native Americans. Things are not much different now except the racial targets have changed. There is little doubt that Mossad has strong influence on US politics. Presidents Clinton, and Trump had strong affiliations with Mossad operatives Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. However, the link does not end with Presidents. Many in the US Congress as well as presidential appointees and career government officials have Mossad links.

A social media post claimed multiple senior Biden appointees were dual Israeli- US citizens. While the Author could not confirm this post, the Author found multiple articles from Israeli/ Jewish publications citing these same people as being Jews with assumed sympathy for Israel (66-68). These people include Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, CIA deputy director David Cohen, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, Chief of Staff Ronald Klain, Office of Science and Technology Policy director Eric Lander, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, National Security Agency cybersecurity director Anne Neuberger, and Covid-19 Coordinator Jeff Zients. Eric Lander admitted to meeting with Mossad operative Jeffery Epstein at least twice [69]. The problem with this cabinet is that it creates a significant national security threat for a Mossad lead bioweapon attack on US citizens.

The FBI is entrusted with protecting Americans from internal threats but seems to look the other way when Mossad is the threat. The FBI reportedly gave Mossad informant Joseph Moshe to Israel, and he has not been heard of since [24,25]. As discussed above Moshe came forward to reveal Mossad was using poisoned “vaccines” to kill people. Even more damning is the revelations of Richard Lambert, the lead FBI agent involved in investigating the anthrax attack on US citizens in 2001. Lambert provided a detailed description of how senior FBI management tried to impede his investigation including closing the case prematurely after the first suspect, Zionist Bruce Ivins, was apprehended [20].


Psyops Robert Kennedy Jr. Mossad Asset? 

Mossad has a long history of running psyops. In the Author’s opinion possible 50% or more of those highly publicized for opposing government COVID-19 policies actually work for Mossad. Mossad controls both sides of the COVID-19 dialog to ensure maximum effect. The Mossad operatives opposing COVID-19 policies act to ensure Mossad does not get blamed for the COVID-19 attack. The Mossad operatives opposed to COVID-19 policies, such as COVID-19 vaccination mandates, act to deflect suspicion to non-Mossad parties including Chinese, Russians, Iranians, DARPA, “Elites”, “Deep State Operatives”, “Big Pharma”, “Illuminati”, “Masons” and even bats. A second function of these operatives is at times to self-destruct by releasing bizarre messages and thereby reducing credibility to the original credible message they had been supporting.

Take Robert (Bobby) Kennedy Jr. for example. In 2017 his name appeared as a possible chair of a Trump “vaccine safety and scientific integrity” commission [83]. On the outside Trump and Kennedy seemed like an odd team, a Conservative President elect choosing a liberal Democrat to run a commission for him. However, one only needs to consider that both had a strong connection to Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein to become suspicious of alternative motives for their relationship. Multiple Kennedy family members including Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Mother Ethel Kennedy are listed with Donald Trump in Jeffrey Epstein’s book of Mossad assets [9]. Bobby Kennedy Jr. was reported to be at Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach estate according to court documents related to one of Epstein’s legal suits [84]. Social media is full of links between Epstein and Kennedy. In all appearances Bobby Kennedy Jr., like Donald Trump, had a long relationship with Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein. Kennedy also told the Author that he was close personal friends with George Soros, who has strong ties to the World Economic Forum. Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s recent book [85] attacks Anthony Fauci as a villain of sort but “conveniently” blames Fauci’s actions on large pharmaceutical money and not the Mossad organization that infiltrated NIAID.

Mossad uses operatives opposed to government COVID-19 policies, in particular vaccination, to infiltrate groups opposed to vaccination and to actually discredit their message. Mossad’s technique includes layering messages. For example, an operative linked to Mossad may gain extensive social media attention claiming COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous. The operative will get the support of groups that oppose COVID-19 vaccination. The operative will then layer on a non-credible message, for example the COVID-19 vaccines will turn people into “Robots”. The general public will then discredit the operative and the original message that COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous. Furthermore, groups and individuals that initially promoted the operative will lose credibility. Based on observing numerous social media posts on the COVID-19 vaccine debate the Author believes at least 50% of the most publicized individuals who oppose COVID-19 vaccines are actually working for Mossad. Furthermore, in all appearance Mossad is actually running the large public gatherings that features these Mossad operatives as keynote speakers!

The use of “Fact Checkers” has been criticized by many on social media as a psyops operation. It is more than just a concern to the Author that many “Fact Checkers” are promoting a Mossad agenda. Take for example the “Fact Check” response to one of the Author’s papers by Science-Based Medicine. Dr. David Gorski, who admitted having financial ties to Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein, holds a position as Editor for Science -Based Medicine (twitter @gorskon).



Millions if not billions of people now believe the world is under a bioweapon attack. Many people have criticized US government funding of gain of function research, bioweapons lab in the Ukraine and bioweapons experimentation at Fort Detrick. The Author trained at NIAID from 1988 to 1991 and personally witnessed Mossad infiltration of NIAID/NIH. It is the Author’s belief that

NIAID/NIH was infiltrated not only to gain access to the large NIH budget but to use NIH as a training facility for young Jewish scientists who want to join Mossad’s bioweapon operations. The Author has followed the activities of those he knew through NIH and others he has meet in the vaccine field in the 3 decades since leaving NIH. His observations are included above. The Author’s view is that we live in a very dangerous world and Mossad will not stop its satanic and murderous ways until we, the human race, stop them.

One of Mossad’s many defenses is to play the “anti-Semitic” card. If one criticizes Mossad’s activities one must be “anti-Semitic”. The reasoning is quite hollow, and many Jews the Author has spoken to say that Mossad controls one or more anti-defamation organizations. To clarify the Author’s position, Mossad is not a threat just to gentiles but also to most Jews. Many of the Author’s Jewish friends who took the COVID-19 vaccines were not aware of the dangers. To the Author’s knowledge Mossad never warned the rank-and-file Jews in the US of the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines. Furthermore, while Mossad is run by Jews it has many, many non-Jewish members. Mossad recruits’ people of all races who share Mossad’s core values: love of money, love of drugs, love of sex, love of power, love of genocide and even a shared ideology of Zionism. A look at Jeffery Epstein’s book of Mossad assets as well has his flight log will reveal a long list of wealthy and famous non-Jewish conspirators/ Mossad assets. It is hoped that this paper will inspire others to take action against this organization while they still can. Mossad’s plan for a New World Order and Great Reset is mirrored after a previous attempt, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The upheaval which did not end well for the people of Russia, including most senior communist party leaders under Stalin!

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