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Warning; this blog may cause you anxiety and stress, especially if you took the vaccine. if you are easily upset I would recommend you not read it or have someone you trust read it first and disseminate it to you slowly.

American Heart Assocation Spike Proteins



Since March of 2011 right after Fukushima blew, I have been looking through a telescope at an imminent invasion and trying to convivence my friends and family that humans were about to be exterminated by an unknown alien or AI enemy that will kill everything you know and love. as it turns out I seem to be correct, except instead of looking at a telescope I should be looking at a MICROSCOPE. If you have been following me for a while you would have read my blog from March 2020. Titled The Corona Virus, the greatest psychological operation in history. 

It used to be a conspiracy theory that the COVID-19 VACCINE was a lethal covert way for the government to depopulate the earth. Now we have it written in stone from a peer-reviewed article directly from the American Heart Association which states that 50 percent of those who got the shot, and the booster will be dead within 4 years from now. Some doctors and scientists say they are UNDERESTIMATING those numbers and say it is closer to 90 percent dead in 2 years. For reference here is my blog where I have four different doctors agreeing with this assessment here. How Long Do The Vaccinated Have To Live? Agent Midnight Rider – Red Emperor Collective (



UPDATE 4/9/2023

Major Chain Grocery Meat FULL of Structures Like VAXX!!! Australia & U.S.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea – Major Chain Grocery Meat FULL of Structures Like VAXX!!! Australia & U.S. (

This Peer Reviewed American Heart Association ARTICLE is being heavily censored and blocked by online algorithms. I guess they don’t want a panic, well my friends with those numbers it’s time to panic. let’s do the math.

69.4% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
13.26 billion doses have been administered globally, and 1.27 million are now administered each day.
26.4% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose. The current population of the planet is 8 billion. 70 percent equals 5.6 billion and 50 percent of that close to 3 billion people dead in the next 4 years. that’s basically 1 out of every 3 people you know, and also count the fact that most of those not dead will be seriously ill. The entire society will collapse, there will be no grocery stores, no farmers no truck drivers no plie forces no military no government. it will be every man and woman for themselves.

Home Live or Dry Blood Analysis by Doctor Robert Young

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Circulating Spike Protein Detected in Post–COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis (

Full Peer-Reviewed American Heart Association Article

435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster – Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the “Vax”

American Heart Association Report: Vax Spike Proteins Will Kill 50% of Youth, All Others With 1 Shot & Booster Most Will be Dead by 2027


There’s a new peer-reviewed research paper out regarding the COVID Vax. It’s bad. How bad? I’ve shown it to two physicians so far. One said he “had a seizure” reading it. The other said something worse.

Long story short: 436 BILLION copies of spike protein are found circulating freely in blood plasma, a month after the COVID (Gene therapy) vaccine.



american heart association3

Notice the AHA article says that SPIKE PROTEIN is one of the primary problems with the vaccine

The ONLY peer-reviewed treatment for spike proteins happens to be CBDA  and CBGA See: 


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CBD For COVID treatment by CBD Therapeutics


At Least 1 Billion Dead or Disabled from CV19 Bioweapon – Dr. Betsy Eads

700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin

Now here lies the problem, while some of you may say who cares, they took the vaccine and let them deal with it. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it seems that 100 percent of blood looked at through microscopes have some form of nanotech or graphene in their bloodstreams. that means you, that means me, that means your children, your family your cousins, your co-workers. How did the non-vaccinated get infected? So far, we have identified server vectors.

  1. The PCR test was proven to be covert DNA Collections brushes and loaded with DARPA HYDROGEL. see; PCR Test Swabs Found Loaded With DARPA Hydrogel and Lithium – HopeGirl Blog

  2. pcr test swabs found loaded with darpa hydrogel and lithium


2. It is known none that Darpa hydrogel and nanotech have been found in most dental anesthesia. most dental anesthesia is made by the same companies that make the vaccine. we also know that the flue fascine vaccine is poison and probably anything else that they injected you with a needle with including women’s birth control.


3. Graphene has been found in hand sanitizer and it’s probably the reason they forced everybody into Box stores with security demanding you spray yourself down with some unknown chemical.

graphene numner2

4. What is the real purpose of the vaccine?

5. What is really inside the vaccine?

So far, we have detected two different types of technology, one consists of some type of circuitry self-assembly, and the other consists of parasites, ribbons, Morgellons, and under unidentified self-assembling structures. see Life Of The Blood – An International Collaboration of scientists and Doctors who have found elements in the Covid-19 vaccines.

Covid Mind Control


6. It seems some of the technology is designed for depopulation and the other technology is designed for connecting the human mind to some type of AI or even ALIEN interface. THAT’S RIGHT, I’m going to say what nobody else will tell you. ALIENS. now before you dismiss this theory. Tell me why this scientist found some type of aluminum-based LIFEFORM inside the vaccine. Here it presents a PROBLEM. there are no known aluminum-based life forms from planet earth. watch for yourself.



Sure, that’s a coincidence you say, but then let me guide you to a speech done by Dr. Deagle from 2006. pay close attention to what he says about the origination of MORGELLONS. READ MY BLOG HERE On COVID AND ALIENS if you are still with me… COVID And Alien Technology? – Red Emperor Collective (


7. We are 90 percent sure that the circuitry part of the vaccine is to be used for mind control and to take over the thinking of individuals to the point they become mindless zombies. Sounds crazy right? oh, I know, who are you going to believe? me? or your lying eyes?  I give you operation crimson mist. Never heard of it. I’m sure you haven’t. You see there was speculation that the Rwanda Genocide in Africa was caused by the CIA using what’s called psychotronic mind control weapons to take over people’s minds and make them do whatever they want, even murder.


now watch


now watch



So instead of having microwaves in the back of C=130S now they have 5g antennas to microwave us to death slowly. According to La Quinta Columna they all ready did it to our grandparents.

8. The vaccinated are shedding or transmitting the technology to the non-vaccinated.

We now know that the vaccine is volatile, which means the vaccinated can transmit the nano-technology just by BREATHING ON YOU.

Uncensored: Maria Zeee RAGES!!! Uninjected Have the Same Nanotech, Clots, and Graphene as Injected with Dr. Ana
Maria Zeee RAGES as Dr. Ana Mihalcea from

Dr. Ana detoxed a patient and checked their blood to make sure it was clean of nanotech and parasites. That client then went and had dinner with vaccinated people and came back and had the blood rechecked and all the foreign materials and nanotech returned, One thing she failed to consider. Is that the nanotech and DISASMEBLE and then REASEMMBLS when around EMF radiation signals like those emitted from 5g signals.

Is there any good news? Yes, independent doctors and scientists are working around the world to figure out how to get the vaxx and technology out of people’s bodies. The only problem is some doctors and scientists say it’s permanent while others say it can be removed. The other huge problem is what if you do remove it and then you get reinfected by the food water or just touching another human being? I will tell you who does know if it’s possible to remove it and that is the same big pharma companies that made it. We need the military and the police to pick up every Big Pharma EXEC and beat them senseless until they tell us how to get this out of our bodies and especially our children’s bodies and it needs to be done TODAY. What you can do is to get this information out to as many people as you know, family, friends, cousins, co-workers, doctors, congressmen, and mayors, post it on Twitter, YOUTUBE, Facebook, Instagram, tick tok and whatever else you can think of. The only way to GET THE ANSWERS WE NEED IS TO EXPOSE THEM.

In conclusion of this blog can somebody good at math make the following calculation and email the solution for a prize?

Tell me, if 70 percent of 8 billion people took the jab, and then 50 percent of them are going to be DEAD by the year 2027 according to the PEER REVIEWED AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION ARTICLE, and then they are shedding on to the US, how long until we are ALL extinct?


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if at the minimum we ask you to share this link to as many people as possible to expose these criminals.

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