What do you do when you find out you and your family have nano technology designed for depopulation in your Bloodstream?

Dr. Robert Young

***Warning*** Many of you will find this information shocking and disturbing

We can no longer sugar coat our findings. We are on a timer, and we can no longer wait for the government to save us we must take action now.

Research Notes and Questions from Interview:

What are the methods to test to see if you’re infected with life threatening vaccine ingredients? 1:29


Blue Tooth Test

PH Urine Test

D-Dimer Test

Live & Dry Blood Analysis

Infared Test for Fibrous clots

Can my regular Doctor tell me if I’m in danger from the Vaccine? 7;03

It is highly unlikely the same doctors who allowed you and your family to take the Bioweapon will be completely honest with you. Most of them are going to be worried about being sued into oblivion or and being sentenced to death for violations of the Nuremburg Codes.

Did you see the Nanotechnology in blood samples before the vaccine 8:17

Dr, Young has over 40 years’ experience in Microscopy examinations of red blood cells, he states that he has seen the nano technology starting around 20 years ago, around the same time that Chemtrails started to be dropped. This is NOT a coincidence See our blog on Dr. Deagle and his statements on chemtrails and depopulation parasites called Morgellons.

What are the 3 main tests to determine toxicity level? PH Urine Test, D-Dimer Test, Microscopy Test 16:18

See Above

Are there any pure bloods or we all contaminated? 20:53

Dr. Young has confirmed that EVERY blood sample he has personally seen has pieces of graphene int it. I am Un jabbed and untested, and he found graphene in by blood. Also, above research scientist who are unvaccinated have found nano tech in their blood. The problem is we do not know exactly how transmission is happening yet. We believe that it has been dumped on us from chemtrails for at least the last 20 years. Graphene is in the plants, animals and water. Graphene is a metallic nano technology that could also be black goo as described by German researcher. We also know for sure unvaccinated children are becoming contaminated, but we are not positive on the vector. Are the vaccinated parents shedding on their children? or is it in the water food supply?

Confirmed: Nano Tech found in Dental anesthetics, water, food, makeup, PCR TEST, Mask

LIVE@10PM: OPTICAL FIBER WIRES Inside Shots! Exploding Tubes KILL the Host – Shimon Yanowitz & Matt Taylor ( Start Minute 27:00


Unvaccinated Research Scientist Finds Nano Technology inside his blood 21:40

Israeli research nano tech scientist Shimon Yanowitz describes how him, and other scientist found nano technology inside their blood. He doesn’t know if he got it from shedding from another vaxxed individual of if he got it though the environment via chemtrails, water, food etc. ***DANGER***

Are the PCR Test Contaminated with Nano Technology? 23:00

We have confirmation that the PCR test were contaminated with Darpa Hydrogel technology along with Morgellons, same as the mask. We suspect that sanitizers and other items where contaminated were laced. That means if you took the PCR test you are just as good as vaccinated. The PCR test are also covert DNA collection operations. See PCR Test Swabs Found Loaded With DARPA Hydrogel and Lithium – HopeGirl Blog


Are the organisms being found alien technology    Dr. Deagle    27:06


Is the technology using quantum technology? 29:00

The technology is so advance that no scientist or doctors in the world can figure out exactly what it is doing. We know that in the presence of 5 G signals it self’s assembles into all kinds of circuit boards and parasites, and when you remove the signals it disappears, or cloaks. How do you know if you detox that it won’t regrow around 5 G type energy signals? How do you kill it permanently? How do you prevent you and your children from being reinfected? Thats why we need to do massive testing of the red blood cells from as many people a possible especially children.  Matt Taylor is doing some excellent research on this subject.


Is Detoxing from the Covid Vaccine Possible? 37:45

 This is a tough question. To be honest NOBODY really knows, because there has been no long-term testing. The GOOD news is that we have indications of successful treatments that include Glutathione, CBDA & CBDG, Electro Magnetic Pulse, Vitamin C infusions and a few others. We are new testing initiative with the assistance of Dr. Youngs expert work in microscopy we hope to answer that question within the next 90 days to a year. Here is a link to EVERY treatment that I have found online. We will NEVER promote any individual solution like some fakes out there but present you with all the research we can find. Link here How To Remove Spike Protein From Body Using Vitamin C & CBD – Red Emperor Collective (


Are Vitamin C Infusions a Good Detox Solution 45:52

One of the most promising treatments that I have seen is vitamin C infusions. The Doctors here showed the red blood cell damage after the vaccination with a complete return of normalcy after the treatments. The big issue here is that it requires needles, doctors, injections. We want to find a oral solution that will generate the same results or better that is inexpensive and readily available. Right now, CBD seems to be the top contender because it is 50 percent more effective as an antioxidant than vitamin C and is readily available.


What does CBDA and CBDG do for protection against the vaccine 51:08

A seven-person team of researchers led by Richard van Breeman published a study in the Journal of Natural Products. The study found that two cannabinoid acids found in hemp ‘block cellular entry of SARS-CoV-2’ in human epithelial cells. The seven-person research team included collaborators across several Oregon institutions. This peer reviewed study shows that CBDA and CBDG stops the spiked protein from replicating and entreating the cells. We also have studies that say CBD reverses the gene expression of the SARS-COV-2 virus. What exact Ally does this mean. I am not a scientist or a doctor, but it sounds like it at the minimum stops the acceleration of NANO TECH from growing further in the body and at the best reverses the damage and protects users from shedding or transmission of technology. Again, we are testing those theories now with the help of Dr. Robert Young. See CBGA and CBDA Bind to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein, Preventing Infection in Human Epithelial Cells | by Jamie Toth, The Somewhat Cyclops | Cannabis Explorations | Medium

What are the mysterious blood clots being found made out of?  53:45

Mysterious fibrous clots are being find in 70 percent of dead bodies. Mike Adams brough these clots onto the Alex jones show and dissected them. When they went to do the material analysis of, they couldn’t figure out what it was made of. See

One thing that I have noticed is that Mike Adams and Dr. Jane Ruby seems to be trying to lead you away from the fact that these clots ARE most likely a LIFEFORM. I could be wrong but look at the evidence. Dr. Fran Zalewski discovered an aluminum-based life form in the vaccines early on. Must Watch   


You also need to watch Stew Peters Died Suddenly to get a better understanding of these clots. Because if these are in the bodies of a large percentage of the vaccinated it is only a MATTER OF TIME before they grow too big for an important artery. This is an ALL-HANDS-ON DECK situation friends. No longer time to sugar coat this we are close to losing this entire planet.

How long do the vaccinated have to live 60:34?

This may be the most shocking part of interview and this blog. Because of the presence of the GROWING CLOTS, I am going to have to agree with the assessment of 4 different doctors that those who got fully vaccinated only have 2 to 5 years to live before they make that trip to the UPPER ROOM, if they do not detox or a cure is not found. Dr. Young himself give you TWO YEARS. Normally I wouldn’t bother to tell you this, but we have an EMERGENCY SITUATION, and we need to get off our collective assess and do something NOW…..Q- See: How Long Do The Vaccinated Have To Live? Agent Midnight Rider – Red Emperor Collective (


Operation Young Blood

Our Goal is to get as many peoples blood tested for vaccine damage as possible. As far as I know we are the only entity right now in the world offering to test your blood for any issues with the clot shot. Our goal is to get at least 10,000 people tested in the next three months and you can help us reach that goal and earn commissions at the same time by joining our free affiliate program that pays you $45 dollars per quick test and $300 per full blood analysis done by Doctor Robert Young himself that includes a 1 hour zoom call about his findings of your blood analysis. We also pay you 15 percent of all CBD and detox products sold via our site. Because of heavy censoring by social media and big tech we decided to pay our COLLECTIVE the advertising money we would normally spend on other vendors. Our software tracks all your visits sales and campaigns and is automated. All you have to do is sign up create a link and share our articles and products.


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If you have a twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account with thousands of followers or you are an influencer these numbers can add up fast. As far as I know, EVERBODY needs to be tested ESPEICALLY children. We know for a fact that this graphene or nano technology is being transmitted to children.



You can track all your traffic graphs referrals and payouts here. A PayPal account is required to accept payments that are issued every two weeks from our automated processing software. I advise you to get tested as soon as possible before the general public discovers what is in their body. We have only a limited number of microscopy experts including Dr. Robert Young but are in the process of training more. If you are low income and need a test, please email [email protected] for instructions. The test results will be collected in a database that will be searchable by all researchers and scientist, names redacted of course. In either case where you decide to join our affiliate program or not, please share this with as many people as possible. We need to solve this problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your time… To order a blood analysis and see the requirements click here. Live & Dried Blood Analysis Basic & Advance Home Analysis – Red Emperor Collective (


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