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Agent Midnight Rider Monthly Intelligence Report 12-16-2022 The Ascension of Agent Midnight Rider

This Blog is Dedicated to Agent Covid Cat Lady aka Dr. Ariyana Love The DUMBEST Naturopath on Earth….Q-


Paul Revere is a famous American Patriot who used the communication method of the day HORSES to warn the colonist of the British. The Modern version of communications today is the internet. I knew something was wrong with the Government in 2014 when Prosecutor Mark Lindquist the grand wizard filed fake felony charges on me for growing marijuana after I detected it was the POLICE/DEA who actually robbed my business. I had no CLUE of how deep the rabbit hole went. I found out that my own lawyer was in on the scam and launched a SEO attack on my website to expose them all and get the BOSS of the criminal organization. It wouldn’t be until years later that I connected all the DOTS and found the BOSS. The same BOSS behind setting me up and robbing my business is the SAME BOSS trying to murder you and your entire family. Let me CONNECT THE DOTS…..Q-


If you would have been reading my INTEL REPORTS you would already know what every president since Kennedy a CIA plant except TRUMP was, we hope. Yes, even the GIPPER Ronald Regan who was a racist Homosexual pedophile under the control of former CIA Director George Papi Bush. One thing you need to get through your head is all these Presidents appointed all the Supreme Court Judges, Federal Judges, Federal Prosecutors, heads of the CIA, FBI, DOJ, DEA, and so on and so forth. Who do you think they would appoint? Somebody who would come after them for their crimes, or somebody who was blackmailed and under the control of the CIA???? Your entire lives have been an ILLUSION OF FREEDOM, a prison for your mind, just like the Matrix except for with more Trannies …..Q-

There are 50 Epstein Pedo Blackmail rings, one for each state, to control your local police chiefs, judges, prosecutors, mayors, Governors, etc. It is ALL compromised from your local courthouse all the way to the Supreme Court.

Reagan Pedo Blackmailed Bush

Back to my case. You are now finding out what I have known since 2014 when I launched my magically delicious NSA bunny HOPS trap to catch all the dirty cops, lawyers, and prosecutors who were involved with robbing my dispensary. Just like Trump said. I CAUGHT THEM ALL, all the way up to THE BOSS. Observe

Travis Lyons The Dumbest Dog Catcher In The World


live blood analysis



The #TheGAYMafia sent one of their snitches to my LEGAL grow houses to make a fake burglar 911 call so that the police could enter without a warrant to steal my property. One of the dumbasses got caught stealing 1500 cash then the case blew up all over the news. The two so-called burglars were MY EMPLOYEES who had the alarm code and lived there, and both had medical marijuana licenses. But do you see them MENTION those important facts in the news article? They brought in Ed Troyer the Doofus to talk to the media and news to lie about it. Remember that name for later as I connect him to the Las Vegas Shooting. They arrested my two employees for BURGLARY charges and released them the next day, now mind you I wasn’t charged, and neither where they. 2 weeks later I get a letter in the mail from the DEA saying that the business was too close to daycare and that I would be raided if I stayed open. Do you see what they did?? They sicked their DEA flunkies on me, now it became a FEDERAL CONSPIRACY.

jenny Durkan DEA Flunkies


Remember how I told you the Presidents appoint Federal Prosecutors who are responsible for the DEA in their section, and in this case, the federal prosecutor happened to be card-carrying member of the #Gaymafia Jenny Durkan former mayor of Seattle. The Same Mayor that let BLM burn down half the city and set up the CHOP zone, is not a coincidence.

Jenny Durkan_DEA_#Gaymafia


Now guess who appointed that BITCH to be federal prosecutor??? Taaaa Daaaaaa!!!!!



Do you see why they could NEVER let me have a fair trial??? Any competent lawyer would connect the DEA letter to the Robbery and then She would be on the stand, she would either have to go to prison for Conspiracy or give up her BOSS. CIA CLOWN, Cousins of George Bush, and #Gaymafia King Barry Sotero.

I waited 1 year until the DOG CATCHER pleaded guilty and hired a lawyer named Stefani Quane to sue the city of UP to get back my 100,000 plus worth of grow equipment and damages. Two weeks later she quit all of a sudden and a week later I get a letter in the mail charging me with FELONY Marijuana growing even though I had a license and WAS PAYING TAXES. Notice they did not charge my three employees who were at the house, OR MY WIFE who was on the business license and worked in the dispensary with me. You will find out why later. I then hired the top Marijuana attorney in Seattle Aaron Pelley to defend me. after almost two years into the trial, I detected that he was in on the PLOT to set me up along with many others. At the time I had NO IDEA Obama was a member of the #GAYMAFIA, I thought he was a good guy. Who do you call for help when it’s the FBI, DEA, and CIA all combined trying to set you up for a felony conviction or give you a dirt nap???



Ghost Busters….Q-


I was stuck between a ROCK and the #GAYMAFIA, either go to trial get set up, and head to prison or they would have to kill me. They Tried BOTH. My only out was to try to contact the NSA because after the SNOWDEN drops, I knew they had EVERYBODY by the balls all the way up to the President. Then I hoped they would contact President Obama who in my thinking would come in and rescue a brother from the GOOD OLD BOYS. 


Enter Q and the Chocolate NSA Attack

What is Q??? Q is a new weapon in information warfare that uses internet back channels to BYBASS the Mainstream Media to deliver critical intelligence. A new weapon or one INVENTED by #AgentMidnightRider, you be the judge….Q- The Persecution of the Red Emperor Collective ( launched 1/10/2014 I made contact after two weeks into THE SHOW with members of military intelligence who started to feed me information via internet communication channels. One of the FIRST things they told me is DON’T TELL YOUR WIFE ANYTHING. You, see?? I didn’t know it till later but they had my whole office bugged and they used information of me to flip my wife. Or they told her to cooperate or you’re going to 20 years in federal prison with him. You see because marijuana is still a federally illegal drug on schedule 1 you had NO DEFENSE if you were charged by federal prosecutors, and my ass was ALREADY on their radar. They also flipped my 3 employees on me, THATS WHY they were never charged. They also asked me an important question. Do you want us to catch just YOUR SNITCHES or ALL THE SNITCHES? What do you think my answer was????…


i caught them all

Magically Delicious NSA BUNNY HOPS TRAP


information warfare

You need to understand the POWER of mind control and information warfare, if you do not have the RIGHT information, you will ALWAYS make the WRONG decisions.

For example, would you have taken that COVID SHOT if you knew it was a weaponized BIO-WEAPON designed to either KILL YOU or turn you into a ZOMBIE slave??? I knew it from day 1 and tried to WARN YOU about it here.

corona psyop


Out of all the intelligence community in our country all the doctors and agencies designed to protect us, did ANY of these agencies warn you about COVID???? Nope, but Q did.

Here is one of the most important clues that Q left us about Obama and Hillary and their TRUE INTENTIONS. think Depopulation….Q-



This is how I tracked OBAMA as being one of the MAIN persons behind the COVID BIO-WARFARE attack on you and your family. Q gives us part of the puzzle now allow me to COMPLETE IT. They have been running depopulation PSY-OPS on us for a LONG TIME. From the Spanish Flu to WW1 and WW2 . You should have figured out by now that there MUST be a one-world government and countries are just DIVIDE AND CONQUER psyops. Every country in the world had to look at that vaccine and APPROVE it for their citizens. Navy Intelligence Officer William Cooper with a Q Clearance told us about the CIA base EVERGREEN they were using to POISON the populations of California

evergreen 1


folow BIO CLANDESTINE on Telegram for that #Goodintelshiznit



slow death

Taaaa Daaaa!!!!!! While still Senator Obama he was busy setting up the biological warfare labs in Ukraine that would create the BIO-WEAPON you call a vaccine.

Their plan from DAY 1 is DEPOPULATION and this is NOT THE FIRST attempt at poisoning us ON PURPOSE for depopulation. Remember Fukushima??? What do you think happened with all that RADIOACTIVE food that NO other country would accept???? Enter Super Cankles aka #AgentEVERGREEN….Q-

After the Fukushima accident, Hillary Clinton signed a deal permitting Japan to continue importing irridated fish and other goods to the US, even while other nations are turning them away. – Investment Watch (

As far as my research goes, I can tell they have been depopulating for at least the last hundred years starting with the SPANISH FLU and probably for centuries. See:

Agent Midnight Rider Weekly Intelligence Report. There is NO SPOON (



obama 2 biolabs optimzied 3


You are REALLY GOING to be pissed when you find out that GERM THEORY is a MIND TRICK, and you cannot pass germs from one person to the next.




#Gay Mafia Control Since Kennedy

Do you really think that the same people who killed Kennedy would EVER let somebody get back into power who would expose their crimes??? This entire planet has been under the control of the bad guys ever since. We only through a monkey wrench in their plans for full depopulation when the military asked Trump to run for president to take out Hillary Clinton. At least that is how the Q Story Goes. The CIA murdered Kennedy and took over our ENTIRE government ever since. How do you I know??? They JUST ADMITTED it…


Like I was telling you before I found out that DEA was trying to kill me in Tacoma, I even recorded the HIT ATTEMPTS on my surveillance cameras and uploaded them to YOUTUBE. When these videos got deleted, I knew i was dealing with a POWER that was way greater than some local dumb-ass cops. You see I worked at Microsoft for 10 years as a database engineer and knew what kind of technology and access was required to get into those servers. How could local cops delete my YouTube videos?? As you are finding out now. The FBI had direct control of all social media platforms.

It wasn’t just Twitter, it was Google, and Facebook, the government has agents in all the social media and tech companies to CONTROL the information you see. That’s how the Local Tacoma Cops were able to access Youtube and delete the videos I posted of them trying to kill me. FBI treated Twitter as ‘subsidiary,’ flagged tweets for misinformation (

One thing that I don’t understand is why they deleted those but left THIS video of Danny The Worlds Dumbest Snitch  You see after I launched my SEO attack, they sent in every snitch in Tacoma to try to set me up. In this video, I was warned by MI that they were sending someone in, so I secretly recorded him trying to solicit me to murder his roommate.

What I am trying to explain to you is that even your local police and local prosecutors are ALL PART of a larger conspiracy. Remember Ed Troyer The Doofus the Police Officer who lied to the media and said it was a Burglary call on my business? Well, GUESS where he was the same day as the Paddock Shooting?

ed troyer the Doffus3


Now interestingly enough, this is when the first Q drops started happening, here is one relating to the Vegas Shooting.

las vegas shooting 1 2

Using this Intel Drop by Q also referred to as crumbs I was the FIRST person to fully solve the Vegas Shooting, as far as I know, the only person to solve the Vegas shooting.

What really happened in Vegas? It was an assassination attempt against POTUS and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia by the FBI, CIA, Saudi Intelligence, and Australian Intelligence At the last-minute Military Intelligence thwarted the attempt so they shot up the concert crowd as a DIVERSION so all the hit teams could escape. What you need to understand is HOW did they get the Las Vegas Sherriff and the ENTIRE LV Police force to cover up the murder of almost 60 Americans which is in itself a crime. Obstruction Of Justice.

las vegas 2


Las Vegas shooting Saudi Crown Prince By Agent Freak Nasty (


What you need to understand is the SAME POWERS that murdered Kennedy controls EVERY PART of the US GOVERNMENT, from your local police to the Supreme Court, from your local hospital to your surgeon general. One nation under blackmail. The top three powers of any government position are always under the control via blackmail by the CIA. They recruit agents right out of college and place them in important positions all around the country. Doctors, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Mayors, Governors, Businessmen, scientists, and so on and so forth….. Observe





Think about how easy it is to blackmail movie stars, athletes, businessmen, politicians? All you do is invite them to the Playboy Mansion parties, and bring out a hot flirty chick. Have her slip one of those GOOD GOOD CIA drugs in his drink, take him to the room with the hidden cameras, bring in the children or DOGS and you OWN THEM FOR LIFE. Common tactics of the intelligence community. Sounds crazy UNTIL you CONNECT THE DOTS….#AgentMidnightRider


hugh hefner


The CIA’s Operation ‘Midnight Climax’ Was Exactly What It Sounded Like | by War Is Boring | War Is Boring | Medium

Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend accuses him of beastiality: ‘Dogs have needs’ (

follow the white rabbit

End Game??? Depopulation

fantaxy land 1

Just as this Q post suggest that WW1 and WW2 were setups by the SELECT FAMILIES to depopulate ourselves. People have a hard time believing that until they compare that to 911. How the CIA tricked millions of Christian God-Fearing Americans to go to the middle east and MURDER INNOCENT Muslims just so George Bush can have more oil money.

This is a quote from Dr. Pieczenicks  Book.

911 freak nasty


You, see??? Just like WW1 and WW2 using the power of psychological warfare and information warfare they got us depopulate half of the middle east. Eazy breezy Japaneezy…..Q-


One day people will understand they had another plan for a mass extinction event. Enter COVID-19 As I said before, Q was THE ONLY intelligence source that warned us about the C19 depopulation PSY-OP.

Navy Intelligence Officer a Q Clearance William Cooper Warned us back in the ’90s

behold a Pale Horse predics A vacccine with aids woukd Be ussed for depopulation in 1990


The club of Rome came up with a plan to depopulate the world by using a vaccine that attacked the IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Then in the Q drops we get this, pay attention to STAGE 3 and STAGE 4 Q tells us some important things about C19 .A. Trump had to know it was a PSY_OP just by stage 1. Inform POTUS of DOOMDAY numbers to get him to support the Vaccine. Stage 3 Activated Democrat Governors to SPIKE the death count. Stage 4  Push Testing, Testing Testing


stage 3


Let me as you a question. When is the last time you saw a LAWYER do something for free????

free testing


Oh and look who hiss BFF is, Democratic Gov Jay Inslee

gov inslee



You see, The SAME POS prosecutor google [Mark Lindquist The Grand Wizard] that I tried to WARN YOU ABOUT in 2014 was DIRECTLY involved with the greatest genocide in human history.

Would you have taken that shot if you had been reading my magically delicious Intel reports since 2014???? If say yes, Then you’re a dumb MF.


but wait theres more



The REAL reason Mark Lindquist all of a sudden got a hard on for FREE PCR test was because he was INJECTING YOU with advance government Bioweapons and secretly colleting your DNA See.



PCR Test Swabs Found Loaded With DARPA Hydrogel and Lithium

So if you think because you didn’t get the vaxx and still a pure blood, I got news for you…………….>You have been SLIMED




Who you going to call????


How long have our own governments been trying to depopulate Its own citizens?

At least as far back as the Spanish flu, where they ran the exact same PSY-OP. In reality viruses CAN NOT BE passed from human to human, if that was true, we would all be dead by now. For More details on the VIRUS SCAM see my blog here. Agent Midnight Rider Weekly Intelligence Report. There is NO SPOON (

How Long? Had this been going on?


As Q hinted that WW1 and WW2 were psy-ops by the select families to get us to depopulate ourselves, they offer us another important clue. The more people the harder it is for them to rule. The elite families look at earth as their own spaceship flying through space and we are the cattle multiplying and multiplying consuming up the resources. In their minds they are doing a GOOD THING by murdering us. I am not even sure that the elites are only human I have strong intel to conclude that it is part alien.


Let me take you back in time to a history of the Us government depopulation their own citizens.

Frist, we have the Spanish Flu PSY-OP

Next, we have WW1 & WW2

Next detectable one was Operation Green Run; you remember where IKE nuked the entire state of Washington on PURPOSE with about 1000 times more radiation than was released from Three-mile Island?

Then we have Operation Evergreen where the CIA poisoned large population centers with a Nazi Nerve Gas disguise as fruit fly protection.

Then We have the Chemtrails, where Dr. Deagle u contained Alien Microbes called Morgellons that were designed for depopulation, He said that Morgellons that have thse intelligence of ants or bees were depopulation Bioweapons, but he didn’t say how they depopulated us. what if Morgellons causes CANCER?

Next, we have Chernobyl that was NOT an accident and where most of the radioactive food was mixed with non-radioactive food and donated to Africans.

Then you have the AIDS vaccine that was a virus inserted into the vaccines of smallpox and used to murder 75 million Africans. Ref. William Cooper Behold A Pale Horse.

Then you have Fukushima which was done on purpose that irradiated the entire northern Hemisphere and where #AgentEvergreen or Super Cankles or Hillary Clinton agreed to buy up all that good Sushi no other country would feed to their citizens and ship it to the United States for a DISCOUNT I’m sure that went straight into the Clinton Foundation.

After the Fukushima accident, Hillary Clinton signed a deal permitting Japan to continue importing irridated fish and other goods to the US, even while other nations are turning them away. – Investment Watch (

This is when I freaked out because I lived in Seattle with my young children, and while CIA clown Obama was on TV telling everybody no radiation would hit the west coast, in reality.

To make it EVEN WORSE we found out later that Hillary Clinton was receiving classified emails 1 day after the explosion to SHELTER INDOORS, WEAR A MASK and take Radiation Pills…They also knew a big radiative cloud was headed straight for Tokyo and didn’t warn one of the worlds highly populated cities or attempt to defect the radioactive cloud using top secret weather modification like Russia used to save Moscow from Chernobyl radiation. That to me means DEPPOPULATION.

chernobly weather


hillary clinton 1


hillary clinton2hillary clinton 1 1

Also add though I have no supporting evidence that Q stated depopulation starts with our babies crawling on the floor suggesting that household cleaning chemicals are poisoned on purpose.

Poision You From Birth


Which brings us back to full circle the largest one of them all. COVID.

100 years ago, only 1 out of 100 people died of cancer, not its about 80 out of 100. Coincidence???

What if Cancer is a MAN-MADE depopulation Bioweapon and the reason why CBD works so well against COVID is because it has the same genetic sequence as cancer???

If Q and Trump are the good guys, why did Trump Push the Vaccine and operation Warp Speed?

I struggled with the answer to this question for a long time, then I realized the answer was right in my face. The white hats don’t control corporate media YET, if they did it would be on CNN and MSNBC that COVID is a Bioweapon. That means whatever you see on Tel-LIE-Vision is WHATEVER THEY WANT TO TELL YOU.  They could post on CNN using DEEP FAKES that Trumps humps goats and everybody would believe it.


You believed that a goat hearder in the middle east launched the most sophisticated terror attack on US SOIL from a cave in Afghanistan because the Tel LIE vision told you.

You believed that a 64-year-old retired millionaire all of a sudden woke up one day and decided to pull a TERMINATOR and murder 60 amacrines because the Tel LIE vision told you

You believe that COVID virus was Safe and Effective because the Tel LIE Vision told you

It was NEVER about the virus; it was about the election.

election virus


Conclusion, with new report of the virus shedding and data saying the vaccinated only have 3 to 5 years to live, if we don’t find a cure it is over for the human race…..Q-