Can CBD or Doctor Robert’s Young PH Miracle Diet Detox Vaccinated People and Protect against Shedding?


If you have been following my blogs for a while you would know that I have been collecting all articles and links, I could find to help people who took the Covid vaccine to remove the bioweapon from their bodies. Initially I was hoping to find a way to help my family and my two oldest children detox. It became a little bit more URGENT when we later learned that this is a self-spreading bioweapon than can be transmitted from the unvaccinated to the vaccinated. Translation???? The entire human race is at stake as we know it. Most people especially the vaccinated refuse to believe the danger we are all in especially the vaccinated. They hope they can bury their heads and it will just be proven a conspiracy theory.

The problem with finding an antidote to this bioweapon is that nobody really understands what kind of technology we are dealing with. Many mainstream researchers like La Quinta Columna out of Spain has already determined that it is reverse engineered ALIEN technology as crazy as that sounds but from all of my research I am going to have to agree. See.


There are lot of doctors and scientist telling you how bad it, is, what it is, and how the vaccine effects your body. At this point i don’t care if its manmade, alien made or AI made, I just want to know HOW TO KILL IT. The major problem is how can you tell if you have rid the parasites and nanotech from your body since most people who have lethal doses of the vaccine are asymptomatic like this teenager with obvious clots in his body? 


What you need to do immediately if your vaccinated or think you may have been exposed?

First you need to get tested, so far right now the cheapest and fastest test we have heard of is the eye retina scan that can be done by your local eye doctor for under $70 dollars. And this is testing for micro clots which can be seen by their equipment.




Second Thing to Do for The Vaccinated.

Second thing you can do is get a live and dry blood analysis from a qualified NON – PAID Off doctor who knows what they are looking for and won’t lie to you. If you think any of the doctor or medical institutions that gave out the vaccine are going to tell you they see nano tech in your blood GOOD LUCK. If you would like to get a live blood exam from a Robert 0 Young from a mailed in analysis kit to your home and help support our detox research, you can click here. Also, if you need CBD products that we use for our test and would like to help support our research please consider ordering it from our website by clicking here.



What do I do If I am Infected?

Here is the GOOD NEWS, some doctors and scientist will tell you that your screwed, however we in military intelligence know that EVERY bioweapon is developed with a cure or antidote in case the weapon goes wild and comes back and kills the attackers, right??? it’s called Blow Back. Makes sense right? We think we are VERY CLOSE to finding that antidote and have documented the research on our SPECIAL TELEGAM channel. Here is the link to our research here.  

There also is a STRONG POSSIBILLITY that this Vaccine is a RACE SPECIFIC Bioweapon. As crazy as it sounds the Russian and the Chinese have already PUBLICALLY DECLARED that, even though you don’t hear it on CNN. Even RFK got caught on HOT MIKE saying the vaccine was designed to kill WHITE PEOPLE FIRST, THEN BLACK PEOPLE…ETC. Click on the picture and watch for yourself. You should follow Bio-clandestine on telegram to learn more of the origins of the vaccine. You are going to Be in for a BIG SURPRISE. Next you did to do your OWN RESEARCH and come to your OWN Conclusions on what to do with YOUR HEALTH. Fortunata tally for you, I have been collecting every detox procedure that I have found online, and you can find the link at the bottom of this blog post. The rest of this blog is about one of the most promising treatments I have found and TESTED do far with one of the world’s top research scientist Dr. Robert O. Young. We believe this method is going to be one of the cheapest most readily available methods available for the masses. And if you would like to invest in our CBD research and new custom lines for COVID detox with Dr. Young or donate to our cause, contact me here




blood clots in asymotmetic pateing


And I don’t care what they’re telling you those are not blood clots. Blood clots don’t move with little, tiny fingers and continue to grow after you pull them out of the body.

For the full video above, you can watch it here…..>


Listen for yourselves, I’m not making any of this up.


So, to make a long story short I figured out only way one could be for sure that they were clean was to have their blood analyzed by an expert, and what better expert is there in WORLD than Doctor Robert O Young, the world top Microscopy expert with over 40 years of experience at looking at people’s inner bodily fluids. Believe it is not easy to find a doctor or a scientist who is brave enough and smart enough to even help you, because the government has a FUNNY WAY of shutting people up who speak the truth about this BIO-WEAPON attack, most doctors are cowards, and they don’t want to risk their jobs or their reputations to go against the mainstream narrative. Even know i would tell you GOOD LUCK in finding a doctor who will tell you the truth of what they see in your blood. Most of them wouldn’t even know what they were looking for if they seen it.

So, know that I had the right Doctor picked out the next step was to find a treatment that could be VERIFIED with before and after live blood analysis to make sure the detox technique was working. There were many articles and people claiming to be able to detox you with methods ranging from eating dandy lions to blasting yourself with a EMP pulse, The only problem is they never showed ANY PROOF. We finally got our first clue from Dr. Thomas E. Levy MD JD in October of 2021 when he proved with before and after live blood analysis that Vitamin C infusions cleared the blood of Roulette damage.

When antioxidants can donate electrons back to oxidized biomolecules (reduction), the normal function of these biomolecules is restored (Levy, 2019). This is the reason why sufficient antioxidant therapy, such as can be achieved by highly dosed intravenous vitamin C, has proven to be so profoundly effective in blocking and even reversing the negative clinical impact of any toxin or poison. There exists no toxin against which vitamin C has been tested that has not been effectively neutralized.


All the above looks great, but not everybody can afford expensive vitamin C and Saline infusions, even if they can find a doctor who would treat them. What if there was ANOTHER option to vitamin C, one that was even a more POWERFUL antioxidant and was cheap and readily available to the masses and could be taken orally without the help of a doctor? We believe we have found. that answer in CBD, CBDA, AND CBGA.

cbd more powerful than vitamin c

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Doctor Ana recently did a test with three blood samples, 1 untreated, one treated with vitamin C, and one treated with EDTA. and determined that both vitamin C and EDTA prevented the blood from clotting, however she did not show before and after live blood analysis like Dr. Levey. You can see her experiments here. (1) C19 Unvaccinated Have Same Blood Clotting Problem As C19 Vaccinated – EDTA And Vitamin C Prevents Blood Clotting In C19 Unvaccinated (  

Instead of using Vitamin C We placed CBD in one blood sample, and the other blood sample was left untreated of three different individuals. Two unvaccinated, and one vaccinated. Instead of letting it sit 4 hours we let it sit for 11 days for the unvaccinated sample and 5 days for the vaccinated samples. One thing to note, we did not see any of the yellow hydrogel clots that Dr. Ana reported and also the blood samples did not coagulate Here are the results in the video below.


Conclusive Evidence that CBD Is Love Potion Number Nine? Can Vitamin C or EDTA Do This????


photo 2023 08 16 03 37 45

photo 2023 08 16 03 37 39


photo 2023 08 16 03 37 34

photo 2023 08 16 03 37 26


photo 2023 08 16 03 36 53


Must watch this amazing video, according to his interpretation of this scientifical report by Doctor John Campell not only can CBD protect the unvaccinated from shedding, but it can REVERSE the damage done.

Follow the Science!.…………….> Cannabidiol inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication through induction of the host ER stress and innate immune responses | Science Advances

Did he just say CBD is a cure for the COMMON COLD, THE FLU and all these OTHER RNA infections at minute 20:00???. You tell me????

Cure for common cold


common cold 2


Can CBD be used to protect the unvaccinated from vaccinated individuals?

What about your children who were unvaccinated? Are they at risk from catching myocarditis and blood clots from being around vaccinated people? We have CONCLUSIVE evidence that this is true. First let’s go back in time during the heart of the PLANDEMIC when everybody was freaking out about catching covid. A very WEALTHY private school reserved only for the SELECT FAMILIES notified that all teachers who were vaccinated would be FIRED. and on top of that they blocked their school windows from 5 G signals. WTF does that tell you???? See:



Centner Acadamy fires vaccinated teachers

You, see? if you can afford 100,000 a year tuition for little 8-year-old DAMIAN you too can get that INSIDE INFORMATION. How did they know that shedding existed so early? And how did they know what we ALL KNOW now that 5 G Signals was a part of the SCAM???? I think we know where PFZIER EXECUTIVES send their children to school DONT WE?


The next question we need to ask are unvaccinated children being INFECTED by the vaccinated, and what do you know?

vax 2


vax 3

You can read more on shedding including the links to the above shedding study here ……………..> COVID Shedding From Vaccinated To Non-Vaccinated – Red Emperor Collective (


Are you starting to see BIG PROBLEM WE have? Children are still the development stage, if they get myocarditis that’s IT, they have only10 years to live max. If we lose our children, WE LOSE THE PLANET… Extinction Level Event.

The big question is HOW ARE THE SELECT FAMILIES protecting their children? Watch Doctor John Cambell explain it here………..> 

Why does the United States Government have a PATENT on CBD specifically for its ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES? But still maintain THC as a schedule 1 that doesn’t allow medical research? I will tell you why because TMFROT know that it kills their DEPOPULATION BIO-WEAPONS. Mainly CANCER, which I believe is ONLY administered through vaccines.


cbd anti-oxidants



no cancer



In conclusion, both the unvaccinated had pre live blood test done and once treated with CBD via the vials and orally the red blood cells returned to health round vibrant live specimens even after sitting in a test tube for 11 days. We didn’t have before test for the vaccinated individual who we plan to put on a CBGA, CBDA and CBD Protocol on next and test him again. We also need to perform multiple tests over year period to see if the CBD treatments or the Miracle Ph diet prevents re-infection from shedding. Please join our telegram channel for the latest updates, links and research and share with those you care about. Thank you for reading…and SHARE, especially with members of the military…Q- Click here to join our telegram covid news and chat channel

CBD is available everywhere and it is not expensive especially for 4-day treatment. CBDA and CBGA is harder to find except for here.  If you would like to support our research and testing of COVID DETOX with Dr. Robert Young, consider using as your source of high quality third party tested Cannabinol needs . CBD Oil & Tinctures – Red Emperor Collective (

We have discounts for unvaccinated children being tested. Contact us here for a coupon.

Help Support our Detox Research by Getting a Live or Dry Blood Analysis directly from the World’s Top Microscopy Expert with over 40 years of experience. Doctor Robert O Young. Give it as gift to a child or a friend. Completed from the comfort of your home and more importantly you will get truthful results from one of the few doctors in the world who called out the bioweapon before anyone else. Learn more about Doctor Robert Young at his website.






More Peer Reviewed research from the University of Oregon on the effectiveness of CBDA & CBGA and remember the extra A is for ACID.  Oregon State research shows hemp compounds prevent coronavirus from entering human cells | Oregon State University

Check out our blog for tons of research and references. 

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Oh, if your think your safe because your unvaccinated, you might want to take a GANDER….Q-

FYI…There NEVER was a virus……Q- …………………….>  Agent Midnight Rider Weekly Intelligence Report. There is NO SPOON (