Note: I call any UNKNOWN Nano Bot Creature in this article #AgentSPOT

Please share because they are finding #AgentSPOT in not only the vaccinated but the UNVACCINATED, we are all at risk and we need to find a way to detect #agentSpot and to get it out our bodies, they are not going to stop growing by themselves, I’m just saying….#AgentMidnightRider

Update 7/3/2023

New inexpensive way to test if you are at risk from blood clots using a retinal eye scan.


What Are These Mysterious Blood Clots Growing Inside Our Bodies?

About a year after the first vaccines came out coroners from around the world started reporting mysterious clots in people who died. Most of them died suddenly and were vaccinated. Some in the alternate media community like Mike Adams attempted to analyze the clots using sophisticate scientifical equipment and found that they did not consist of organic material but more Metalica material. He even put it in nitric acid, and it would start to combust. See Clots Inside the Legs of patient with no symptoms.

What is so alarming is that these same Clots are being discovered in the Body of the Unvaccinated. Recently Dr. Ana’s colleague reported this on her sub stack page.

Dr ana

Here is the big problem, these clots do NOT STOP growing, it is like a ticking time bomb, sooner or later it will grow big enough to cause a stroke or a heart attack and kill the host. We are not fully sure how the unvaccinated are getting contaminated with these same clots. It could be from transmission from other vaccinated people through touch or even breath. It could be that they are putting in the other injectables like dental anesthesia, flu vaccines, depot shots or insulin shots. It could be as Dr. Ana’s friends suggest being inserted in the meat and milk supply. Wherever its coming from we need to find a way to kill it and do it FAST.

blood clot alien 1 laura JEffreyThe most alarming intelligence is what we hear from Dr. Jerigan where he reported that his entire family go sick after eating meat. He then used some type of special equipment to determine the meat was emitting a frequency. He then went to the supermarket and detected the same frequency at the grocery store. Notice him or Dr. Ana didn’t BOTHER to tell the rest of us WHAT grocery chain it was and what brand of meat. Something that might come in HANDY if you didn’t want to poison your own family. Either they are STUPID, or they are trying to protect the grocery chain over your health. I will let you make that determination. I recently took a regular nonmagnetic coin to a Wall Mart here in Rosarito Beach Mexico and tested it on several pieces of meat. Some meats it didn’t stick, others it stuck like gang busters. Watch for yourself.


What struck me ODD about this test was that most people I have seen do in online used magnets, I just used a regular non-magnetic coin. Now if there was just regular metal in the meat it still shouldn’t stick, that would be like putting two quarters together. So how is this possible? The answer was recently solved by this photo provided by Dr. Robert Young of graphene inside the body that CLEARLY shows the emission of some type of magnetic or electrical field. This is the first picture in history showing this.

Graphene Creating Magnetic Field Courtesy of Doctor Robert Young

Graphene Creating Magnetic Field Courtesy of Doctor Robert Young


Notice that the red blood cells are being attracted to the magnetic field. This matches Mike Adams assessment that the mysterious clots are attracting heavy metals from the blood. I am not a scientist, but does it take a rocket scientist to figure out the REASON they are putting magnetic graphene in our food supply is to provide food for these metalic creatures? You tell me? Take a look at this live blood analysis done for my triple vaccinated business partner. All of that black material you see is graphene. The question you need to ask yourself is how can a organic lifeform attract a metallic substance like graphene. The answer is it can’t unless the lifeform is made out of SOMTHING ELSE. Again, I am not a scientist or a doctor, but I’m not a moron either. It seems to me that this lifeform emitted some type of magnetic signal to draw the graphene out of the red blood cells onto its body.

Agent SPOT 1


#AgentSPOT removed from the arm of an individual. Notice the SHAPE???? Coincidence???? The picture above is a baby #AgentSPOT, I suspect that it is using the graphene as food to GROW BIGGER, that is why I believe they are putting it in the food supply and every other product you can think of. The Graphene emits a magnetic field in your body to pull more of it from your surrounding blood cells. Translation?? TEST YOUR FOOD for magnetism.

clot monster arm


Notice the shape of the life form, it is very similar to a Trypanosoma Cruzi Parasite that causes AIDS found in the vaccine by Doctor Robert Young. See clot shot tranpancruiz

Trypanosoma Cruzi Parasite

Trypanosoma Cruzi Parasite

This is one of the only public videos in existence showing #agentSPOT moving inside the human body of a 17-year-old child in Australia by an associate of Dr. Robert Young in Perth Australia. You can watch the full interview here.  Breaking! Blood Clots and Embolisms Caused by Graphene Oxide & 5G Affecting The VAXXXed & UNVAXXXed (

In this next picture is #AgentSPOT pulled out of the lungs of a DEAD vaccinated individual, notice how it forms to the same shape as the vascular system, this is similar to what we know about BLACK GOO, which is an intelligent liquid material that forms shapes at will.

Agent Spot

This is a must watch of Mike Adams and Dr. Jane Ruby Analyzing the chemical composition of #AgentSPOT. Warning, I do not trust Mike Adams because he is connected to Alex Jones a KNOWN CIA CLOWN, He is always trying to divert from the fact that this is a LIFEFORM. Take notice when you watch his interviews how he always tries to steer the audience away from that fact.

Dr. Jane Ruby and the Health Ranger Reveal Post-Vaccine CLOT MYSTERIES with New Lab Results

There is a big censor movement going on for any scientist who investigate these clots, you will notice that most of them go silent or disappear entirely after touching the subject. Coroners are reporting that they are scared for their LIVES for reporting this information. What the hell is there to be scared of?? They are going to insert more alien chest busters into our food supply like they are ALREADY DOING? Now listen to this audio of a coroner describing how #AgentSPOT has fingers and starts moving when they pull it out of the body of dead people.   here

Almost 2 years ago a Polish Scientist by the name of Dr. Franc Zalewski studied the vaccine under sophisticated scientifical equipment and determined that that #AgentSPOT was an aluminum-based life form. Here is the problem. There are NO KNOWN aluminum-based lifeforms from planet earth. Do you see where I am going with this? He to disappeared and hasn’t been heard from for almost 2 years.

Dr Fran Zalewski #AgentSPOT

Dr Fran Zalewski #AgentSPOT

In conclusion, so far nobody knows what these mysterious clots are really made out of, but it is clear they are designed to kill. It is only a matter of TIME before they get big enough to block an important artery. We need all hands-on deck to find a solution to destroying these especially since we are all at risk and there is no definite answer yet to how the non-vaccinated are being infected. I suspect the food supply, but it could also be human to human transmission. Send this blog to your friends, your doctor, you mother, who ever will listen.


Dr. Jane Ruby and the Health Ranger Reveal Post-Vaccine CLOT MYSTERIES with New Lab Results


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