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Update 1-29-2023 ——RED ALERT!!!

Full Peer Reviewed American Heart Association Article

435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster – Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the “Vax”

American Heart Association Report: Vax Spike Proteins Will Kill 50% of Youth, All Others With 1 Shot & Booster Most Will be Dead by 2027


You can download the full PEER REVIEWED article here  The 11 Most Important Things You Need To Know About The Current State Of The Covid Vaccine (

American Heart Assocation Spike Proteins

This blog is for Hackers, Internet Marketers, Website Owners, Affiliate Marketers, Wizards and Warlocks: Others are welcome to participate.

Warning: Most of this information will shock you to your core. Do not believe ANYTHING I say, do your own research and come to your own conclusions

If you Took the Vaxxx, Doctors are saying you have less than 2 years before you die.

Dr. Peter McCollough: Vax Causes Spike Proteins and Blood Clots (


Mission: To use Internet back channels to BYPASS the Mainstream Media that are hiding the dangers of the Covid Vaccine which include the following.

Self-Assembling Nano Crystals

Aluminum-Based Life Forms

Massive Damage to the Red Blood Cells.

Parasites that attack the Immune System and Cause Aids.


  • Find a cheap method to test for nano tech in the blood. 
  • Find a method to Protect children and Non-Vaxxed from Shedding and transmission.
  • Find a Detox method to remove Nano Tech from the Body
  • Find a permanent Cure for Vaccine Injured.
  • Remove all Nanotech from the Environment


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Live Blood Analysis. Agent Midnight Rider






Emergency Update 10-10-2022

Multiple Doctors are saying people who got the vaccine have less than 5 years to live.

They Lied To Us: “Deadly Vax Turns The Human Body Into A Spike Protein Factory With Micro Blood Clots”



Emergency Update 10-10- 2022

This is the FIRST Government Official to say that they COVID SHOT is increasing HEART ATTACK risk of men aged 18-39.

We are thankful for this first step, but this is BULLSHIT, it is increasing the heart attack risk FOR EVERYBODY including children. Case in point, an Illinois Vaccinated 17-year-old daughter died of a heart attack in her sleep. Have you EVER in your life hear of teenagers dying of heart attacks with no previous condition.




BOOM!! The first MSM outlet has reported on the Alumium Creatures found growing inside 93 percent of DEAD BODIES….

Save Our Children Save Humanity

Quote From:  Dr. Anna Mihalcea MD PhD

As a Physician, I am HORRIED by this information. I want everyone in the world to see this. this is not normal. This is UNDENIABLE EVIDENSE. This is transhumanist AI agenda in full force. The vaccines must stop. This is being injected into CHILDREN.  My heart goes out to those who have this in their bodies. DO SOMETHING, SHARE IT, SPEAK UP. Save humanity. Thank You



This Blog is Divided into Four Parts

  • Evidence of Vaccine Damage and Adverse reactions
  • Known Treatment methods and possible cures for the Vaccinated
  • How to Earn Affiliate Commissions on Products that Treat Vaccine Injuries via your websites blogs and social media shares
  • How to evade Internet search engine and social media Censor Algorithms

Exhibit A: Massive Damage To Red Blood Cells of The Vaccinated

THERMOGRAPHIC Imaging & LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS Post C19 INJECTS (Felipe Reitz; Ana Maria Mihalcea) (


Exhibit B Parasites That Attack the Immune System

The Ingredients Of The COVID Vaccines By Dr. Robert O’ Young – Red Emperor Collective (



Exhibit C: Aluminum-Based Life Forms

Alien Aluminium Life Form Found In Vaccine: (

Screenshot 2021 10 10 at 14 12 56 Dr Carrie Madej First U S Lab Examines Vaccine Vials HORRIFIC Findings Revealed


DRFranc 7

DrFranc 9 1




Exhibit D: The Vaccine Attacks The Female Placenta


If you need to know if you a friend or a family member got a HOT DOSE of the COVID Vaccine, we have Home D-Dimer Blood test available. Don’t ask any doctor who gave you the SHOT, they have LIABILITY ISSUES SOON and might not give you the correct results. Click Here To Order.

Exhibit E. Self Assembling Crystals for Mind Control

Agent Freak Nasty Intelligence Report EMERGENCY ACTION BRODACAST for LEO and Military


Exhibit G Routers, Mac Addresses Self Assembling Computer Circuits Found in Vaccinated.

The Mask and Covid Test Are Also Contaminated

There are numerous reports that the COVID PCR test are contaminated with Nano Particles and Morgellons. Also, if you watch the video of the aluminum-based life forms the electron microscope test of the swabs reveal that they are DNA collectors.

COVID Detox And Removal Methods Discovered So Far.

So far, we have found several methods that return the red blood cells to normal, and we believe reverses the effects of the Vaccine Shots. These methods are the following.



Vitamin C Infusion

Electronic Magnetic Pulse

Various other Supplements for Graphene Removal

These methods are all covered in detail with reference links here.

How To Remove Spike Protein From Body Using Ivermectin & CBD – Red Emperor Collective (


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Recently the University of Oregon discovered that CBDA & CBDG stops the transmission of Spike Protein from the Vaccine. Other Studies have shown that CBD is beneficial for the Coronavirus. See Oregon State research shows hemp compounds prevent coronavirus from entering human cells | Oregon State University

We’re Ignoring What CBD Could Do for COVID—at Our Own Peril (



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How to Avoid Censor Algorithms When Promoting Links Related To Covid.

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a massive censoring program by western governments on Covid and specific treatments. Let me show you an example.

Here Canadian doctor Nagase shows one of the aluminum creatures found in a vaccinated patient under an electron Microscope. You can watch the video below.

MODERNA & PFIZER Covid INJECTS = NOTHING BIOLOGICAL ! Carbon, Nanotech; Thulium (Dr. Daniel Nagase) (

Dr. Nagase


Now watch what happens when you Google His Name.

Dr. Nagase Google Search


Now when we enter the exact same search term in Bing look at the results.  I also own a Search Engine Optimization company and I can tell you the ONLY WAY that those search results can be that different is if someone at the CIA eh hmmm I mean Google went into their systems and changed the algorithms to make him disappear. Now ask yourself a question WHY would they want to do that except for nefarious reasons? You can use this verification for EVERYTHING. Try these keywords Aluminum Based Lifeforms. Ivermectin. Mass Psychosis Covid. Google is so bad you can almost use them to VERIFY what is true and what is false.

Dr. Daniel Dagase


I am the owner of this website and I go by the Hacker Alias Agent Freak Nasty. Since 2014 I have been launching Information Warfare attacks against government corruption and crimes. My First SEO Attack was launched in 2014 after my medical marijuana dispensary was robbed by the DEA and I was set up with Fake Marijuana felony charges by Prosecutor Google [ Mark Lindquist The Grand Wizard ] My mission was to warn people about the dangers of the deep state. It is NO COINCIDENCE That this same POS Lawyer was one of the first to offer a FREE CORONA TEST. I knew at that very moment that COVID was a scam. When is the last time you saw a lawyer do something for free.??? Before being the owner of the Red Emperor Collective I worked For Microsoft the NSA and the CIA .

Microsoft was from day one a CIA Front in order to collect all your electronic data. Bill Gates is NO GENIUS who was so fucking smart he figured out a billion-dollar company that no one else could. His Father was the PRESIDENT of Planned Parenthood. They ran the same playbook as Mark Zuckerberg. A Harvard dropout that formed a Billion-dollar company no one else could figure out. Facebook was a DARPA program called LIFELOG. A government program designed to record EVERYTHING about you. Works a lot better when people don’t know it SPY OP and think it’s the next KILLER APP. You can read all my intelligence blogs on this site and including what really happened in Las Vegas and 911.

IT’S ALL CONNECTED. If you have any questions email me [email protected]. You can also follow me on Twitter @laconic93 if it says no user found try it again in an hour, I am shadow-banned for a reason. You can also follow me on truth social under Agent Freak Nasty.

Mark Lindquist COVID 19




In conclusion. If you read this, you should at minimum share this blog with 10 others. This is not about making money but saving the human race as Dr. Anna Mihalcea said at the begging of this blog. When you share MAKE SURE the people you sent it to receive it. The government is known to block emails, private text, and posts with certain keywords Our primary goal is to STOP THE DEATH SHOTS and to hold those who are responsible for the greatest crime in human history responsible. The COVID SCAM is already collapsing worldwide, PRIMARY mission is to find a cure for those who already took the shot, especially the children. So far, we have a few promising candidates including Vitamin C infusions and CBDA & CBDG. All of us have friends and or family members who were conned or pressured into taking these shots. DO NOT WAIT, we are hearing from doctors that those who took the shot only have 3 years before they die. I bullshit you not. Sign up for our affiliate programs and use all your marketing, affiliate, and hacking skills to SPREAD THE WORD. Thank you for your time…..Q-

Website Owners, Please Link.

They Can Ban or Block You on their platforms, but they cannot Ban YOUR OWN WEBSITES and WORD Of MOUTH. We are at war. We have been attacked. Do not let them win.

Do your part in this Information Warfare Campaign and help save humanity.


Operation Zero Cool is a reference To The 80’s movie HACKERS

Hack The Planet Hack The GOOGLE…..#Agentfreaknasty