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The Adventures of the COVID Cat Lady aka Dr. Ariyana Love By Agent Midnight Rider

Dr. Ariyana Love

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UPDATE 3-31-2024





This blog completed over the weekend will show you how to detect FALSE PROPHETS who claim they can cure and detox you from the Covid Vaccine, including text video and testimony from FORMER CLIENTS…Check back tomorrow or click yes for updates from the site for more Exclusive videos, TESTIMONY, and EVEN a look at. The COVID cat ladies’ containment blood with PREGNANT PARASITES crawling around inside her UNJABBED BODY… But she is the DETOX EXPERT, right???

I will be showing the Blood results of a Vaccinated Person, My Own Blood (Un jabbed), and Dr. Ariyana Love [Claimed Un jabbed] that I recorded on my own phone in her presence. The content is the property of


live blood analysis

Update 1/12/2023


Antisemite Ariyana Love Crazier Than Ever – Israellycool

One of our patients sent us these links on #AgentCovidCatLady , looks like this isn’t her FIRST CON JOB RODEO, she got BUSTED stealing money for Donations for Palestinian Children and just a FEW years ago she was looking for jobs as a BABYSITTER, but she’s a DOCTOR RIGHT????

Is Dr. Ariyana Love a misinformation agent? (

bitchute 1



job descirption

Update 12/15/2022

Wozers, this woman is defiantly a professional CON ARTIS, it turns out she lied for the last week about losing here keys to the car. She told people that including Dr. Young so she could make people feel sorry for her and SCAM more money and donations. After she was informed, she was being EVICTED from La Jola Del Mar she came down from the room of a guy she conned with her doctor story and drove it off the lot. Now she is somewhere in Mexico driving a Mercedes that IS NOT registered in her name and WITHOUT and ID. No wonder a certain PERSON DUMPED this LUNATIC off to me…. Now my poor senior citizen nurse is terrified that this crazed woman will come back and assault her.


Update 12/12/2022 The case of the COVID Cat Lady and the Missing Car

Notice she is a Narcissist, after getting completely caught red handed lying and assaulting a Senior Citizen, she still insists it’s me me me!!!

Then after telling everyone the CBD research was her INTELLECUTAL PROPERTY, she claims I am trying to steal her work. ALWAYS accuse the other of YOUR SINS. sounds just like a Demo RAT, doesn’t it??? Yeah, right like I will risk my business on defamation charges on her silly ass. If she wasn’t homeless and broke, she would be after defaming The Red Emperor Collective. Not worth paying a lawyer to sue a BROKE FRAUD. But she’s a DOCTOR, right??? Ask her to show you videos of where she’s living. Or her car. She can’t even get on the property to get it because she’s wanted by the police. There is one thing about the internet. It is perfectly legal to post TRUTHFUL information and TRUTHFUL reviews, that’s why I ALWAYS come with the RECEIPTS….Q-


Update 12/11/2022 The COVID Cat Lady Goes Nuclear


Dr. Ariyana Love



in case you still believe this LUNATIC FAKE DOCTOR ask her to show you HER LICENSE before you let this DEMON poison you like she already did to Kim. you should thank the for EXPOSING this devil. CBDA and CBGA are the only peer reviewed products to block spike proteins order some now before people find out and the RUSH is on…. Q- Here is a link to ALL detox methods we find updated weekly. Do your own research, come to your own conclusions.

Go to her channel and ask her what STATE she got her FAKE DOCTORS LICENSE FROM and then see if you can do an EASY INTERNET search to find it??

Naturopathic Medical License Lookup – Health Guide USA


dr. ariyana love covid cat lady


The neighbor’s security cameras got her the Local Police are now looking for her, the weird thing is she left her car still parked at the land Ladys condominiums. It’s not even registered in her name, and so called Dr. Ariyana Love has no ID. She is so screwed.

Follow me on Twitter @laconic93 for the latest updates. If says account not found, try again every 30 minutes. I’m SHADOW BANNED for a REASON…..Q-


Click here to skip to Part 2 which includes the full video of all three test by Doctor Robert Young

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HHC Vape Pen For Sale

Fake Dr. Aryana Love Gives out Fake Illegal Prescription and Poisons Client. Kim Dells on Telegram. Ask her yourself. She gave me permission to repost our conversations and she gave me other recordings from #AgentCovidCatLady

poison Contorl

My oldest son and oldest daughter, my mom, sister, and whole family all took the vaccine and I have been researching Detox methods when Dr. Ariyana Love showed up on a Stew Peters show. She seem to at first glance know her shit and had good information. I know because everything she was saying was in my research blogs on this site. I knew through my intel connections that COVID-19 a CON-JOB and is being used to force people to take the injection so wrote a blog on my other site titled The Corona Virus The Greatest PSY-OP In human history. on March 25th, 2020 only 2 months after the first supposed case of Corona landing at SEA-TAC airport in January 2020. I worked at Microsoft for 10 years as a database engineer I also worked at the NSA for 10 years because Microsoft along with many other companies just a front for the CIA. You see Bill Gates and Zuckerberg were so smart ONLY THEY could figure out. They are just puppets and it’s the same reason they put him on TV like he was the vaccine, GOD, with ZERO medical training.


agent covid cat lady


She is a CON ARTIST. She claims to be a doctor but cannot show proof of a license. Ask her and see what she tells you. Her game is to steal detox methods from real doctors and scientist and claim it as her own. Then she charges $300 dollars an hour. She has already POISONED at least one person. It is a SERIOUS CRIME to give prescriptions without a medical license. The day after I helped her find an apartment to rent Dr. Ariyana Love didn’t need me anymore so she starts a fight makes up a bunch of lies so she can back out of our deal.

I could of let it slide, she’s really not that important, but would that be the ETHICAL thing to do??? She fooled a WHOLE lot of people and thought she was pretty cute until she ran into #Agentmidnightrider

Tip of the day!!! Never Piss off someone who OWNS your domain name….Q- 




covidcatlady information warfare


Look Like this isn’t Dr. Ariyana Love’s  FIRST RODEO in going BAT SHIT CRAZY …..#Superspy

Antisemite Ariyana Love Crazier Than Ever

agent Covid Cat Lady Dr. Ariyana Love

Your a VILE one ☝️ Mr Grinch
You have TERMITES in your smile Mr. Grinch….

Dr. Ariyana Love Termite Teeth MR Grinch Song

Dr. Ariyana Love


You see the CIA uses their front puppets like Bill Gates to go test their BIO-Weapons in Africa like AIDS. I bet you thought Warren Buffet was so smart, They call him the ORACLE of OMAHA!!. and you are poor because you are stupid. What they DIDNT tell you is that Warren Buffet, Obama, and Bradd Pitt are all COUSINS. You would be a BILLIONAIRE investment GOD too if your COUSIN was head of the C!A CLOWNS. Let Judge Joe Brown break it down for you here. After getting my dispensary robbed by the DEA they tried to set me up with fake murder charges and tried to kill me three times. I trained myself in the fine arts of Psychological and information Warfare and went to work exposing Government Corruption. I knew they were trying to set me up because the dumb ass cops got caught stealing $1500 cash from my grow house and got put on the news. My FRIENDS in military intelligence informed me he was on the way so I set him up and posted the video on Youtube. Now notice he completed a full felony by offering me money to take out his roommate, I even have the name and address of the target yet no police or FBI ever contacted me. Want to know why?? Because it was THEM that sent him.  You can watch for yourself. That’s a whole nother story but just giving more background about me so you know what I tell you is not made up. yeah, it’s that screwed up.





Dr. Ariyana Love The COVID cat Lady

Dr. Ariyana Love


Back to the Covid Cat Lady. I have been in the CBD/CANNABIS business for over 20 years and was one of the first medical marijuana stores to open in Tacoma Wa around 2010.  I hired one of the top scientists in her field to help our dispensary test different plants for CBD because I would see sick customers barely able to move or walk get better after smoking the cannabis that we grew ourselves. She was the first scientist to prove that humans and plants have common ancestors You can read our interview done in 2013 here. And that is the reason hemp and cannabis have so many medical benefits. It literally cures cancer. So why do you think the DEA RATS still keep it a schedule 1? Because they know you are going to go ape shit when you find out your loved ones who died of cancer could have been saved. Just like this  little baby….Q

After news of COVID injuries starting to explode scientists at the University of Oregon discovered that CBDA & CBGA blocked the Spike protein from replicating and entering the cells. See:

Dr. Richard Van Breeman Discovers CBD Can Prevent COVID-19

I talked with my partners and we immediately began to manufacture the formulas/. One of the big problems you face in the CBD business and talking about anything COVID is government censorship. They hide your tweets, shadow-ban you, and erase you from search engines. So we added a free affiliate program to our site where we pay 15% commissions for life by using links that track your sales and leads. So I started emailing scientists and doctors about the CBDA study and see if they would promote it. For bigger influencers, we pay 30 percent commissions. One of the first to answer my emails was the so-called Dr. Ariyana Love.

So, for this blog, she would get a link like this and post it to her telegram channel, Facebook, Twitter, etc. if she tweets this and 100 people hit the site it will track them and add commissions if they buy any of our products. it can add up fast if the article goes viral, and she was making good cash that I paid her once while she was still in Finland via her PayPal account, and when we first met with Doctor Young in California last week I handed her a stack of cash for her referrals. By the way, if you can get hold of Dr. Young he can verify I everything I am saying is correct. The next thing she did was weird. I asked Dr. Young a medical question, and she butted in and said, oh he’s IGNORANT. Most of you should know that a white woman calling a black man ignorant is borderline racist, and just plain disrespectful to anybody when you first meet them. I now remember that a couple of times when I was talking to her about my plan she would giggle like a schoolgirl and say. I’m going to be famous. Then she would ramble on about how she’s a descendant of a royal family. Yeah going to be famous all right, you met the RIGHT ONE… Is it a bird? is it a plane? what do yall discover? It’s the #agentCOVIDCATLADY lover….Q-



CBDA & CBDG Prevents Covid Shedding

An earlier paper in the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry described tailoring the novel method, affinity selection mass spectrometry, to finding drugs that would target the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

In the later research, lab tests showed that cannabigerol acid and cannabidiolic acid prevented infection of human epithelial cells by the coronavirus spike protein and prevented the entry of SARS-CoV-2 into cells.

“These compounds can be taken orally and have a long history of safe use in humans,” van Breemen said. “They have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2. CBDA and CBGA are produced by the hemp plant as precursors to CBD and CBG, which are familiar to many consumers. However, they are different from the acids and are not contained in hemp products.”

You see that means that CBDA and CBDG can return the blood to normal but no need for shots, or doctors, just take it orally. Now just so you know, regular CBD does not have the high level of concentration as our specifically formulated tinctures.

#informationwarfare agent freak nasty #C007NSQUAD relay on Qanon[dot]pub

I Collect a list of ALL DETOX METHODS I find here. I find it unethical for anyone to sell or promote detox methods without showing them ALL plus proof, either by a peer-reviewed study or before and after blood results like the one published by where you can see in before and after pictures after giving a patient VITAMIN C infusions the blood returned to normal and stayed normal. Since CBD is 3  times stronger than vitamin C  and 50 percent more powerful as an antioxidant we hope to show the same results that’s why Dr. Young did our blood test for free.

vitaminc cbd compare

and on top of that, we also have some research that says CBD can reverse vaccine damage and remove the gene expression changes


How To Remove Spike Protein From Body Using Vitamin C & CBD – Red Emperor Collective (


At first, she seemed pretty normal. But I noticed she would go psycho when you asked her did she have any proof that her detox methods worked. There are a lot of influencers slinging all kinds of detox solutions, but NONE of them showed any type of proof. And how could they when they don’t even know all the ingredients of what they are finding? I found one promising cure that looked to work, which is vitamin C infusion. The great thing about this study is they showed what the damaged red blood cells looked like BEFORE the treatment and saw them RETURN to normal. The bad thing about that method is it is not easy to do and requires you to find a doctor you trust to stick needles in your body. Here is the key. CBD is three times stronger than vitamin C and I wanted to work with Dr. Young to get before and after blood pictures as proof. and then we would also gather other data like how long would it take and how much CBD you would need. When I met it only took me about 30 minutes to tell something was off with this woman.


The first clue we were talking and she picked up her phone and told me to shut up. I’m like what kind of adult tells another adult they just met to shut up, especially one that was putting money in your pocket? This immediately told me that she looked down on me or was racist. Then I thought maybe she was always used to talking to her kids like that and it was a slip. The same way my mother always calls me Reggie to this day. Reggie is her brother. I even asked Dr. Young, if there was something wrong with her head and he replied she is just high from the weed I gave her. You know doing drugs as she berated me for on her channel.

the greatest psy-op in human history


Now you know why she got all excited and all of sudden for IVERMECTIN on her TELEGRAM CHANNEL don’t you ????…..#Superspy

This is what that BIG PARASITE IS GOING TO DO. Why didn’t she TELL YOU she got her blood tested???? She is a LIAR and a FRAUD. The reason she said I beat women is that I know where she lives and tried to make me look like a dangerous criminal because she was scared of what I would do once she started lying about me and my business. She is probably the one who is wanted by the police for fraud. Always accuse those of what YOU are guilty of. sounds just like a familiar huh?????…..Q-

Don’t forget to SHARE so we can expose False Prophets and fake Doctors preying on victims of this Bio-Weapon attack. join our free affiliate program and create share links that will pay you to SHARE our site, products, or even blogs.   if there are sales. Believe me, by the end of this blog you will know that EVERY on the planet will need CBDA AND CBDG

Update 12/5/2022


I guess ACCL got word of my blog and decided to post about it. This nut job keeps forgetting I have VIDEOS and PICTURES of me and her dumb ass in California getting our blood test. That’s coming out SOON. Wait until you see her BLOOD. It’s beautiful let me tell something to you. Hey if you want to have some fun, go to her Telegram Channel and TROLL the hell out of her. TRUST ME. OH YEAH!!!! and he puts guns to people’s heads and robs them but he’s the owner of this website and a Government Agent. You can’t make this shit up!!!  I got the GOODS on this FRAUD and will be posting the VIDEOS SOON!!!!

Agent Covid Cat Lady



Dr. Ariyana Love

Dr. Ariyana Love


You, see?? I’m an evil Government Agent Stalker who beats women who SUCKERED her all the Way to Mexico and yet I just forgot to beat her up, even though she lives NEXT DOOR renting a room from my friend who’s a retired nurse, and she STILL hasn’t paid her rent, that’s why Shes begging for money and increasing her fees. She’s trashing my business even though she knows we have the best third-tested CBDA and CBDG. She would rather see you SICK than admit she’s a FRAUD.

I am also the owner of and, here is my blog from March 25, 2020, WARNING EVERYBODY about the COVID PSY-OP before any of you had a clue.

The Corona Virus The Greatest Psy-Op In History By Agent Midnight Rider (

psyop 101


Here is my EMERGENCY BROADCAST to all Military and Police Officers to NOT GET VACCINATED due to the Mind Control Technology. But remember!!! according to Dr. Ariyana Love I’m an EVIL GOVT AGENT STALKER!!

Agent Midnight Riders Intelligence Report EMERGENCY ACTION BRODACAST for LEO and Military


Meanwhile Somewhere in Mexico …..#SUPERSPY


See what she did, she attempted to character assassinate me and my business before I dropped the ball that she’s a big FAT FRAUD. Plus, she’s crazy too. Cat Lady Syndrome never used our CBDA or CBDG she just promoted it, and I paid her just like anybody else can sign up for our affiliate program and earn 15 percent FOR LIFE forever sale. Not hard to figure out. You can tell how crazy she is when she says I’m a women beater and wanted in the United States plus I’m Q ANON and passed a background check to work for the NSA.GOV. When Everybody knows I picked her up in California and BROUGHT HER TOO MEXICO. The video above proves that. Many more to FOLLOW, let her dig her own grave.

Dr. Ariyana Love

Dr. Ariyana Love COVID CAT LADY

Don’t forget to read all my TOP SECRET NSA.GOV Intelligence Blogs Like What Really Happened in Las Vegas and what really happened on 911. Kind of weird I put CIA and FBI agents on BLAST but still cross into the US every week huh???? I must be a SUPERSPY!!!!!!

That’s ODD, Obama, Melinda Gates, and Fauci ALL at the WUHAN LAB….. Must be an Ancient Chinese Secret….Q-


Want to Learn More? Click on The Picture…..#Supespy


Want to know a SECRET.???? Obama is a CIA CLOWN and a Cousins of George Bush. His Mother Was a CIA CLOWN and so were his Grandparents. Tomorrow, I will tell you about BILL GATES and his EUGENICS Father’s connection to planned parenthood.

What if I told you that Obama was responsible for building the COVID BIOWEAPON while still a Senator and C1A agent????

for more of that #goodintelshiznit follow Bio Clandestine on Telegram.....Q-

Click on the picture for that #goodintelshiznit

Agent Cat Lady Gets BUSTED AGAIN in a BOLD FACE LIE.

Here she says I secretly recorded the blood results, and she asked me to stop but I didn’t.

Dr. Ariyana Love Smelly Pirate Hooker

Dr. Ariyana Love

Smelly Pirate Hooker Dr. Ariyana Love



Now WATCH the video for yourself, she knew I was recording I even said THIS IS FOR EVERYBODY, did you see her stop me?? You can’t HIDE them LYING EYES…..Q-



Also, the same person who said she was poisoned BY Dr. Ariyana Love said she STOLE HER SMS DETOX METHOD from Kim Dells. I asked permission from Kim to post her interactions with the Dr. Ariyana Love…Q-

Kim Dells Covid Cat Lady

As she has an entire Papertrail of her sharing my research blogs she claims it’s HER intellectual property.

I contacted her FIRST and told her about the CBDA and CBDG and I got all the EMAILS TO PROVE IT…


Thats right, #AgentCovidCatLady SAY MY NAME!!!….Q-







Google Mark Lindquist The Grand Wizard


There was only 1 intelligence service that WARNED us about CON JOB 19, every other of our 17 intelligence services failed to warn us JUST like they ALL said Hunter’s Laptop was fake. If you understood military comms you would have NEVER taken that BIO-WEAPON….Q-


Pierce Co. Prosecutor Mark Lindquist, Gov. Inslee and WSP … | Flickr

Mark Lindquist COVID 19


Do you see how Put LAWYERS ON BLAST for corruption since 2014???? If THEY haven’t sued me WTF does that tell you???? And if you don’t believe me Google [Mark Lindquist The Grand Wizard]


What are the odds that the SAME POS Corrupt Prosecutor who is BFF with DEMORAT Gov Inslee would be offering FREE CON JOB TEST???? You know the SAME ONE who filed FAKE MJ charges on #Agentmidnightrider and tried to have him killed 3 times, when is the last time you saw ANY lawyer do something FOR FREE????….#Agentmidnightrider it’s ALL CONNECTED….#superspy



If you like  #SPOOKPORN you came to the right place….#Agentfreaknasty

#spookporn Obama bragging about his JP Morgan Card. must have a net worth of 10 million or more to qualify. What’s the name on that card again found on hunters laptop with the blow lines????…. Solve for Q When the is done and you want to run ……..Q-

obama privilage cartsmaliah obama


hunter and maliah

That #GOODINTELSHIZNIT brought to you by #AgentMidnightRider NSA.GOV COUNTER CAT LADY DIVISION…..Q-

Just tell your friends and family to BING! Agent Covid Cat Lady so they don’t get POISONED AND CONNED by FAKE DOCTORS…INTEL COURTESY of #AgentMidnightRider


NSA.GOV Agent Covid Cat Lady


Bing! Agent Covid Cat Lady


I’m a SPY but on YOUR side you see????….Q-

Clues everywhere scraggy, all you need is the right KEYWORD…..#Superspy