Agent Midnight Rider Weekly Intelligence Report 12-10-2022

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This blog is to prove to normies that the Corona Vaccine is a not what they are telling you. This will present the video blood test of 3 individuals by one of the Top Scientist in the world Doctor Robert Young who agreed to test our blood for free.

The first Blood test was a mailed in DRY sample by an unvaccinated woman who wanted to see if her potential vaccinated partner was a danger to her through shedding.

The second blood test was of mine the owner of this site 50-year-old male never PCR tested never vaccinated.

The third test was of Dr. Ariyana Love who claimed to be unvaccinated but later I found out she confessed to my neighbor she was vaccinated to see her son who had a lobotomy.

IMG 2776

live blood analysis


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Test subject 1. unnamed vaccinated female. (Dry blood)

This is the Microscope Doctor Young used to test our blood.

IMG 2591 1

This is the dry blood samples of the vaccinated test subject.

dry blood test






End of first test subject. I will offer no conclusions because I am not a doctor. Do you own research, make your own conclusions….Q-



Test subject 2. My Test. I am an Unvaccinated 50-Year-Old male.  No PCR tests.

I didn’t pick up on that laugh until after I reviewed the video, but that should have told me right there she was coo coo for cocoa puffs, what kind of so-called doctor laughs at a patient’s blood results with glee in it??? Then it turns out hers was 10 times WORSE than mine with pregnant parasites. You will see in test three what I mean…..Q-



That is the conclusion of test 2. So, i learned something very important. I am pre -diabetic, which I am not surprised because it runs in my family. My father died at 55 from diabetes and so did my grandmother. The GOOD NEWS is its mostly diet related damage and I can change that. Also, the good news, is I have no to very little graphene and no parasites or hydrogel which is being found in the vaccinated.


Test subject 3. FAKE Dr. Ariyana Love age?  40’s claims to be unvaccinated before test.

Just for comparison this is how Healthy Red Blood cells should look. and also compare it my red blood cells, My blood looks CUTE compared to hers. And also notice the big round pregnant parasite in the middle.

Normal Red Blood Cells





Conclusions, all of us had graphene in our blood. Mine was the miniscule compared to the other two. We know that somehow the vaccinated are shedding onto the non-Vaccinated. There are several theories of how this shedding is happening. One is physical contact, the other is electromagnetic radiation poisoning the other is the Graphene is the environment and we know this for sure because it has been found in rain, animals and plants. The MAJOR problem we must fix first is to find a way to protect children from getting shredded on. If our children get poisoned it’s OVER, I hope you understand the gravity of this situation. You can read my blog are the vaccinated shedding to the non-vaccinated here. COVID Shedding From Vaccinated To Non-Vaccinated (

We know directly from Pfizer documents that during the test phase they told men to where condoms to prevent shedding during sex, and we know that the ELITE knew about shedding and 5 G dangerous because they protected their schools from vaccinated teachers and blocked 5 G from the school’s windows. The elite knew something we didn’t know don’t you think?

There are a lot of TRUTH TELLERS and FALSE PROFITS out there selling COVID DETOX methods but what they are NOT TELLING YOU is even if you detox what’s to stop you from getting shedded on again? You see the problem?

I have been researching all of this from the beginning and I have kept track of ALL known detox and supposed cures for those who were vaccinated. How To Remove Spike Protein From Body Using Vitamin C & CBD – Red Emperor Collective (

So far, the only methods that I have seen with either PEER REVIEWED studies or before and after blood samples that returned the blood to normal are the following

Vitamin C Infusions


EMP Pulse 

This is SMOKING GUN PROOF they knew that our children would be attacked by the BIO-WEAPON….Q-


graphene in childs blood



We are in a war, the human species itself is the target. This is called a 5th dimensional war because it consists of information warfare, psychological warfare combined with a BIO-WEAPONS attack by our own governments. The Doctors, Universities, and Government agencies are not going to help us because they are the ones who did it to us in the first place. We need to ALL ban together and share data and test results with each other. As more and more people realize what has happened to their bodies more and more FALSE PROPHETS and Doctors will try to prey on you. Dr. Ariyana Love is one of those. I am not going to go into details here on this blog, but you can read the first part of this series and get more details here including video testimony and links to people she has poisoned already. I started a blog called Operation Zero Cool which calls for the immediate suspension of COVID shots for children.

What you can do to help.

Share this blog to as many people as possible.

Do your own research and make your own conclusions.

I use code names because it’s easy to remember and you can tell your friends word of mouth to bypass censors who want to hide this critical information.

Tell Your Friends and Family to use BING.COM not Google when they search these following terms.

Operation Zero Cool

Operation Young Blood

Agent Covid Cat Lady

If you send them a link via social media or email, MAKE SURE THEY GOT IT, because government censor blocks will block the links

If you would like to support our research purchase some of our third-party CBD products.

Operation Zero Cool Priorities

  • Priority one. Find a cheap and effective testing method to check vaccine damage and shedding especially for our children.
  • Priority two. Find way to protect children and adults from shedding
  • Priority three. Find a Detox for the Vaccinated
  • Priority four    Find a Cure for the Jabbed.

Form your own neighborhood groups and get a microscope.

Train and research on Microscopy

Test different detox information

Share your information on a blog and send a link to [email protected] and I will add it to a master list.

Test done November 19th Marriot Newport Coast 2022, but remember according to #COVIDCATLADY I can’t enter the United States

IMG 2623

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