CBD & Delta 8 THC Wholesale Sample Pack



Infinium Product Sampler Package Contents

Wholesale Sample Pack of Zorro and Imperial Green Delta 8 THC and CBD product lines.

Infinium Products:

Delta 8 Gummies (25mg each) – Assorted Flavors:
– 5 One-gummy packs
– 2 Five-gummy packs
– 1 Ten-gummy pack
1 Delta 8 Cartridge
1 Delta 8 Disposable

TryTranquil.net  Products:

1 50 MG Nano Delta 8 Drink Beverage

1 CBD Roll-on Arctic Edge scent Menthol
1 Pearl Cream CBD Lotion
1 Trytranquil CBD Tincture (1000mg)


60-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied with products.


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