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  • Avoidance of First-Pass Effect
  • Simple and Convenient
  • Long Duration of Action – Up to 8 hours
  • Controlled, Constant Administration
  • Targeted Delivery
  • No Interference with Gastric and Intestinal Fluids


CBD Patches For Sale / THC Free Topical

Red Emperor CBD THC free 40 mg Topical CBD Pain Patch is an advanced infusion transdermal CBD delivery system that combines pure cannabidiol with lidocaine and menthol for maximum efficacy. Sold in a 3-pack (120 mg) sealed foil zipper pouch. CBD patches are an excellent alternative to delivering CBD to the body with benefits that include ease of use, long shelf life, time-release delivery, avoidance of the digestive tract, and metabolism by the liver.

CBD Pain Patch

CBD Patches

Description of CBD Patches for Pain

CBD Patches are transdermal or transferred to the skin patches that contain cannabidiol or CBD. These patches slowly release the CBD profile directly into the bloodstream via the skin. CBD can also be ingested orally, inhaling vaporized CBD, though drinks or edibles.

CBD patches are considered more beneficial for certain persons experiencing pain, although a personal preference of intaking CBD such as vaporizing or oral ingesting may be better situated for some users.

How Do Red Emperor CBD Patches Work?

CBD patches and other similar products containing CBD are medical devices that people apply to their skin. They are similar to nicotine anti-cigarette patches that deliver the pain-relieving CBD compound into the users’ bloodstream.



The primary delivery method will administer CBD quickly to the immediate area around the patch. From that position, the pain-relieving properties make their way through the bloodstream. In contrast, when CBD is ingested orally the compound must initially go through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. The body may then use it, break it down, or even simply excrete it as waste. As such, much of an oral CBD dose can be diluted in the digestive system.CBD Pain Patch | THC Free

Our CBD Pain transdermal patch applies the CBD directly to your skin,  As a research study in Molecules notes, this particular application allows the CBD to bypass the human digestive system and improves the bioavailability of the CBD product.

Our CBD pain patches are also able to provide a more consistent solution than other CBD topical methods, such as massage oils topical CBD creams. Once the skin absorbs topical creams, their effect wears down. Therefore, using these CBD pain creams for relief would need to apply them multiple times during the day.


CBD Patches stay on the skin when applied, which allows the delivering CBD over a longer period of time, and potentially providing a steady stream of relief from various pain symptoms.

One of the issues with the CBD  transdermal delivery system that it is relatively slow compared to other delivery systems and not all of the CBD can pass through the skin. For this particular reason, CBD pain patches typically also have in addition some form of permeation enhancer to increase the permeability of the skin and allow more of the CBD formula to get through to the bloodstream.

4 reviews for CBD Patches For Sale | Best Relief for Pain

  1. Florence

    These little pain relievers are just wonderful. The effectiveness lasts many hours, so will easily get one through a night. They have a slight scent, but I think it is pleasant. They are unnoticeable under clothing and are just So Much Better than dealing with pills. No side effects whatsoever.

  2. Wade

    This is one of the best products out there. It’s a great pain reliever. Great for joints

  3. jeannie

    these pain patches are super helpful because i can apply it straight to the spot that hurts the CBD is great

  4. Deaguo

    Extremely interesting. didnt know they had CBD patches

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